How long are sperm viable

Sea Monsters Size Comparison

Sea Monsters Size Comparison2 Nov. 2018
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Let our friend walk and

Let our friend walk and show you the vast size and collection of many sea creatures from the Plesiosaurus to the Blue Whale and beyond! They include Jurassic World featured Mosasaurus, Prehistoric Whales such as Basilosaurus and Livyatan, and even the Meg Megalodon.

Included in this comparison is a walking human to show the sizes, as well as the largest and biggest shark, largest animal, largest whale, largest fish, largest marine creature, largest crab, largest squid, largest ray and many more!

These are the list of animal featured in order of appearance: Swordfish, Japanese Spider Crab, Ichthyosaurus, Plesiosaurus

Archelon, Metriorhynchus, Xiphactinus, Dunkleosteus, Great White Shark, Manta Ray, Liopluerodon, Killer Whale, Cameroceras Giant Orthocone. Onchopristus, Kronosaurus, Helicorpion, Pliosaurus, Tylosaurus, Colossal Squid, Elasmosaurus, Shonisaurus, Livyatan, Basilosaurus, Mosasaurus, Megalodon, Shastasaurus, Leedsichthys, Blue Whale, Lion Mane Jellyfish, Porteguese Man-O-War.

Note: This video is educational and meant as a reference of visual sizes. The sea creatures may come in various sizes. Most size listed here are the upper limits of the species.

Source: Dimensions taken mostly from Wikipedia, cross listed with BBC and National Geographic.

Models Used: Try spotting which from where (Ark, Jurassic World, Jurassic Park, Sea Monsters etc). Other models taken from 3D warehouse. All rights goes to their respective franchise. Walking Person (Vannaheim - Sketchfab) Licensed by CC Attribution)

Music Used: Cycles - Jason Shaw (Audionautix, CC3.0 license)

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Trang Nguyễn

D bạn ỵuu. Hừ

xavier alvarez

Where is cthulhu

The Sir

Looks like the backdrop won that one.


Haha megalodon food is blue whale

Umer Ayazshuja

It's like BTS unfair line distributions ?
Swordfish is Jin and The largest one is Jungkook

Puja Kumari

Just to think an Jelly Fish is the largest creature. I was thinking of an snake like monster to be the largest creature but nO. Lmao.

Tuyen Nguyen

The megalodom was suppose to be f___ink bigger

Ольга Иванчикова


Jace White

No respect for my buddy the oarfish

Sports Bar

Awesome video I subscribed to Ur channel

Mali Mali

dunkleosteus is 10 m

The Kopykater

On your mark...
Get set...

Iwona Stefaniak

who knew jelly fish so bigg

Victoria Kelly

uhhhhh I thought that plesiosaurus (also preadator x ) was the biggest pliosaur, but still good anamation

UNITED beast Gaming

This is not true because Arcelon is bigger than 100 feet long or more .They are the most biggest

Iwona Stefaniak

hold up why is liopleuredon so smoll

Cliffjumper CC

Helocropion is so fake looking tf is that 0:49


Wow ????

guzle daweirdo

Colossal titan was named after the colossal squid


Its an orca stop callin‘ them Killer whale

Peyton Sutton

little sea boi to big sea boi yes

Christine Joan

imagine, swimming at the deep sea and bumping onto them

UNITED beast Gaming

Are the animals dwarf they are so much bigger

Gacha characters But in PicsArt

The man O war is the 2nd biggest
But it's the most sus one cause it's tiny but than stretches REALLY long to get it's food


who else was just vibin to the music?


(sees the bloop coming out of the atlantic ocean)
Bismarck(me):yep im not going there into that thing im just going to scraped instead of being eaten alive.
(Pov: ah s#$t im so dead)

Jeffrey Medeiros

The helicoprion has its jaw facing the wrong direction. It curls out not in.

Izod Dozi

This is fake

Gel Joint

anybody else saw mosasuar instead of tylosuar

Faris Sabil

Saiii. Waaaaaaa


Shasta sharous??

Dimitri Wright

a sword fish isnot a monster


Man o war vs blue whale


LOL the megaladon was proven to be bigger than the blue whale but ok

Georgi Georgiev

синия кит е най големия това не е вярно

offical ak 47



I came back here just for the music

The Joke Ruiner

Funny how a blue whale is a sea monster

Nimesh Kokate

?jelly fish........


i'm pretty sure the megalodon is big than that..


cool video ?

Rhys Lloyd

Multiple leviathan class creatures detected, are you sure whatever you're doing is worth it


Title of the video should be "No Shit I Didn't Realize Those Fuckers Were That Big."

Nothing There

Hope you like leather

Afiq Hafizan

Where Kraken & prognathodoon ? -crtd ey


A lot of these models were ripped from Jurassic World the Game and Jurassic Park Builder.

Ninja Boy

The megaladon is bigger and weights more than the blue whale


I was terrified looking at the size of megalodon and then you threw us the “Bloop”

Debajit Hazarika

Fuck is this


And he forgot a lot of them

Alex Kim


Kuya Baboo

Where's The Sea Serpent ;-;

Ahd Ahd


《Lazy Haylz》

0:06 daddy long legs has been quit their carrier when they saw S p i d e r c r ab

Ludivina de Jesus

Rrtg. ppptppppygv v. Plrt

Hook Life

Захотелось скачать Hungry shark

pedro santos

I watched all your videos
But execpt 3D Virus cases comparison

Шуақ Құрманғазы



Is it me or the music is fire ?


Music reminds of some sorta up beat music from megaman

Exotic muffin juice

Image being that person walking. That would be scary as fuc

sudhir sharma



What about whale shark ?


Man O War : im largest

God : how about me?


Who else bobbed their head to the music??

Haaris Khan

The monster on 2 legs walks beside the other sea animals.

Tee Sense


Zeus But shaved

ah yes, the HKM bible

Faye Valentine

The Bloop ?

Guinevere XIV

Its a liopleurodon, Charlieeeeee!

Коварный Утюг

It is fake; where is Kraken?

DigBick Shogun

Bullshit, if bloop was real we would have real footage of it, since blue whales r so big u could see it from the satellite and bloop is that many times bigger u would definitely have a real satellite footage of it.

Suraj Fact


Alex Kim

the blue whale was cool

Шуақ Құрманғазы

мегаладон ??

Rashid Ibrahim

This music ?

Anushaa Maheshwari

Dammn! I thought meggaldon was the biggest of all!


Wow dude you are so cool at videos ?

Fly Gaming

Why I was vibing to the song...


He forgot the kraken!

aanchal saini

you hv taken mosa and meg from ark survival evolved yes

samsuar sam




Hatsumi Rou :3

Who knew that theres a giant turtle because of Doreamon?

Gian Christofe James Orca

Fun fact:killer whale is not a whale it's a dolphin


Megalondon are more bigger then blue whale

Anula Verma


bredant hernadezcuervo

why the megalodon look like the model from the game ark survival evolved

Ishani Nuwanthika

Thank you brow.?????? O M G ????????????????✌️✌️✌️????.


Did anyone notice that some are fake, or is it just me?


Ichthyosaur and megalodon are both bigger than a blue whale

amber woods

I just found out that the guns and names in codm came from marine animals

Emil Jensen

Fuck me the music is beyond horrendous.


pluhg waulk

Denis Pichitphol

The bloop looks like a whale shark



Karl the Consumer

Megalodon smol



bloop is just a sound form the sea,not an animal.

Dreadful Aiden

Blue whale is still in the earth with us btw- and Man O war is the champion? Cool name breh

Frozen Sperm vs. Fresh Sperm

Frozen Sperm vs. Fresh Sperm6 Dec. 2013
26 618

Dr. Hal Danzer explains

Dr. Hal Danzer explains the differences in using fresh and frozen sperm.

For more information, visit

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Anan Baban

Dude, so I can just freeze some sperm and than take steroids with no fertility risk? Life hack?

Vic. Usrey

Jesus loves you ❤ ? ? ? ? ?


Does frozen sperm effects the gender of baby please reply

How long does sperm last? Can my girlfriend get pregnant another way besides intercourse?

How long does sperm last? Can my girlfriend get pregnant another way besides intercourse?12 Apr. 2013
168 441

It sounds like you have

It sounds like you have some questions about whether or not your girlfriend could be pregnant, and you also specifically asked how long sperm lasts. Sperm can last up to three days, but only in the right environment. If it's outside of the body it usually doesn't last long--it has to be the right pH, the right temperature, and all those other things for sperm to survive for that long, which is usually an environment inside the body.

In direct answer to the question of the scenario you described, it's not likely that she would be pregnant because pregnancy usually requires direct injection of sperm into a woman's body. And that usually requires intercourse, or artificial insemination which is a medical procedure that introduces it, because the sperm and the egg have to meet inside the woman's body.

But if there's any question about whether or not she's pregnant, it would be best for her to take a test, and then call the doctor if she is indeed pregnant but bleeding. If you have any other questions for me, feel free to ask them on our Facebook page, and recommend us to your friends and family too.

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utubers vlog

can sperm survive in the tab? or water? or even dry? inshort? outside of the human body?

Vivek Etankar

Can i girl get pregnant if sperm falls outside the body that means on her thigh and slide down to the vagina?

Les Paul Mendiola II

Can a woman get pregnant if the semen made contact in the outside of the vagina?

Tyriq Daniels

How can you tell your pregnant a day after sex


Thanks for this video omg


you people need to take a sex ed class and leave the poor woman alone over your stupid sex questions you only get pregnant by intercourse or surgery she told you people that leave her the fuck alone

Michael O Joseph

ways to help u get pregnant link at

shantanu gamare

My girlfriend do handjob & sperm coming out.. Supposed 1-2 drop in her hand & after few times she get fingerings.. She getting pregnant???

Bobby Brownie

How long is sperm alive in The hand

Diaciridii Fidiisiwic

Can sperm go through fabric? Because my boyfriend wet his pants and i was behind him. Im not sure if his sperm is now in my body

Md Shawon Islam

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Jennifer Sorenson


Aman Singh

what about I left my condom in the toilet and didn't flush?
can she use that used comdom from the toilet to get pregnant?

Mari Ramirez

how long would i know if im prengant if i put his sperm in my vagina with my hands n i finger myself with it would i get pregnat!??

Abella Armstrong

Is it possible to get pregnant from sperm that was left on toilet paper shortly after a guy ejacalated? The same toilet paper I used to wipe myself.


Hello +A Mosley. Here is a video response to your question.
My boyfriend ejaculated near my vagina. I haven't had a period in 27 days. Am I pregnant?


Thank you so much for your advice :)

face yourfears

Doctor i need your help pls answer my question : can a woman get pregnant if after her brother peed on the toilet seat she went to do her business a second after her brother peed then she sat on the toilet seat can she get pregnant if his brother had unconciously landed some sperms on the toilet seat then you unconciously sat on it? Pls do answer

Dope Swagga

Can you get a girl pregnant when grinding naked but you get semen on her vagina ?

John Nhoel Endon

Hello. So I have this scenario where my girlfriend is playing my d*** while we're on a trip to her home. But she's playing it from outside my jeans and during our trip, she stopped playing it midway through our trip until we got home. At her home, while she was changing clothes, I touched my penis because it was not properly positioned in my underwear. After touching it, I wiped my hands onto my shirt. Then after 5-10 minutes, I touched her vagina. But not fingered it. But I did touched it and it was wet. I'm just concerned because they might be precum the time I touched my penis. I'm sure there might be sweat from my penis and hand mixed in the precum if it has any at all. It was 6 days after her last period. What are the chances of pregnancy? Or is there any? Will the precum dried after it rested for the rest of the trip in my underwear?

Alfonso Valle

will my gf be pregnant if she made me cum and i got some on my hand but i wiped it off and then like 5 minutes later i used the same hand but the cum was dried and wiped of then i fingered her can she be pregnant?

Alistair Karisa

lf not have sex but the sprem put down can you get pregnancy


Can sperm / semen last after ejaculation, once been exposed to air? Once I shower if if the semen got on a sore can I catch anything?

Joshua Williams

PHEW life saver... just making sure cause im curious if dry humping also causes pregnancy but I guess not right?


Can you be pregnant if you have sex where a condom was used but moments after you have unprotected sex (where there is still semen from the previous round around the penis) but then use a condom midway ? (No direct ejaculation in the vagina )

lupe Estrada

hi am scary and can you get prengent if you wipe down thier with a towl that had sprem

Kendra Thomas

is it likely that I'll get pregnant after round 2? he didnt pee or anything after the first round but we waited like 10 or 15 minutes til the next round. someone please answer because ive been stressing so much about this

James Sanm

thank you!~


Can sperm move through air? Like when it swims in water, can it fly in air?

Rey Vasquez


tina gupta

I wanna ask uh a question...can a home pregnancy test give a accurate result if we use 14-15 hrs old urine?

spike spiker

I have sex but doesnt ejaculated inside properly will it can make

Adam Smith

Outside the body how long sperm survive???
And if its Dries, will it still Alive?

Yen Gomez

I can't find your facebook page. I just want to ask, can a virgin get pregnant from nude grinding, precum without penetration and without ejaculation?


Ohhhh i just wanna fuck the doctor

Jennifer Sorenson

Very informative.

Jessie Bartolo

im asking questions can you get pregnant when the towel is have sperm cell of boy and wipe on the vagina of girl she get pregnant?

Nick Larosa

Hello can anyone help me out so around 11am i had masturbated and then around 2pm a girl came over and i had to readjust my penis could there possibly be sperm still alive on my penis?

Curious Bou

What If I had ejaculated on my hand the night before and only had intercourse with my hand will that still be a hazard or will it have died?

Tyler Schimsher

My girlfriend was try humping me with only panties and I had nothing. I finish after about 20 min of it and sperm got on her panties and I'm scared that it soaked through and got in her, the sperm wasn't on top of the vagina it was above if where pubic hair is. Could she be pregnant from this?

william Mejia


Sir Lucifer

Uuuuhm what are the most affective ways of killing sperm?
Seriously? Its as if sperm is this super organism that's gonna make someone pregnant no matter what you so.
Where ever I ejaculate, I make sure I rub some strong ass alcohol on those fuckers. Not one single lil wiggly shit survives.


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the projezt

if my boyfriend was to get sperm on me (not vaginal area and I whip most of it off) and I took a shower hours later is there anyway for me to get pregnant? like could the water keep them alive and carry them to my vagina? im really scared

Jennifer Sorenson

Very informative. People educate yourselves

Susan Shaw

If I have sex for 10 muint will I be pregnant


can sperm live for months in a women


So when the Semen is cold, Does that mean that the Sperm alone will die?

Harry Boy

Somebody please answer me!!! When you cum in the water then a women takes a bath in the water will that make her pregnant pls answer me i think im gonna have a break down

Zi Si

hi.. by drinking sperm will woman become pregnant? and one more after drinking sperm for 2 month if the woman didnt get the period wats the problm?

Carolina Delgado

Im concerned about pregnancy, we used condoms but some of his pre cum touched me and I ovulated two days later. I used Ella the day before ovulation just in case but Im worried when I take my pregnancy test, it will be positive God forbid.

Sanduni Sehansa

+intermountainMoms Can I Be Pregnant By Swallowing Semen?
I want a complete Answer.

Sheldon Machado

will a girl can pregnant if sperm is washed with water n removed?


Thank you so much my girlfriend made me cum in my pants and I went to the bathroom and my pants were wet and I put the pants on the ground where her pants were and it was still a little wet but it was the wrong temperature

julia morre

My bf barely put his tip in and we stopped, he wasn't wearing a condom, I'm late on my period and I'm so worried. Does there have to be penetration to get pregnant? I heard the sperm can only swim so far and without penetration they won't make it to the egg.

Angelicia Murillo

can you get pregnant if you insert sperm with your fingers?

Shreyash Patil

I really want to talk to you , can you email me on [email protected]

Dedric Silva

I have Contamination OCD and i was scared of touching sperm. So i'm glad it won't get anyone sick unless it goes inside the womans body.

Sebastian Lugo

U save My life

Katey Little

amazing all I needed to know thank u !

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sharon lecha

Thank you for your explanation. If sperms last for three days in the woman’s body, what if I have sex on the eve of the day before my unsafe times. Wouldn’t It be possible for me to get pregnant? Because if for example my unsafe times starts on the 14 day of the month right then I sleep with my partner on the 12 day which is my safe period. Wouldn’t the sperm still fertilise on the 14day of my unsafe period? Just so concerned about this because I don’t use pills nor contraceptives I just use my normal calendar methods

lanakila brown

What what if you fingered her

william Mejia

hi can somebody answer me fast I was ejaculating in the bathroom and I cummed on the toilet and then I touched my sperm and then I touched my gf towel and 3 hours later I got scared to I wet half of the towel with water if she uses the towel in the morning and the towel is still not dried could that get her pregnant

Oliver Rainy

hello i had sex with my girlfriend 2 days early she's virgin, and by mistake without any reason i shot my sperm on her outside body and she said i may get pregnant and now i'm so worry about that she went to the hospital and made a pregnancy test, in the hospital they told her that she have wait at least 6-7 days to make it sure and the pregnancy pregnant was saying not so now i'm a little confused and also worry about this so please can anybody tell me what the status is :(

Jose Reyes

omg lol you just saved me i was soo worried

Omkar Bal

Thank you

Susan Shaw

What happened after putting egg whites in side you