How to send sexy pics

Inmates asking you to send pictures of sexy models? Must be their side hustle ?

Inmates asking you to send pictures of sexy models? Must be their side hustle ?17 Jan. 2020

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What men really think of sexy pics || STEVE HARVEY

What men really think of sexy pics || STEVE HARVEY19 Nov. 2015
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Steve Harvey welcomes two

Steve Harvey welcomes two women who post provocative photos online to show them how men really judge them.

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Tiago El Hariri

Jessica is in real strong denial


Modesty empowers some women and nudity empowers others. As long as they're consenting adults, no one should have a problem. Stop trying to shame those girls for being confident and comfortable with their bodies. These just enforce misogynism in society. A woman CAN post booty pictures and be respectable. Men sexualize women and have a problem when they take control and sexualize themselves ?

Russ Kent

Steve Harvey using all his mental power to not look at the blonde girls huge rack ?


Just 5 years later in 2020, telling these women the truth would be shut down by me too and feminists.

Pamela evm

If you're going to be showing everything you're going to get judged. I definitely think women who dress like that are seeking attention but they're going to get the wrong kind of attention. No dressing like that shows who she is. The fact is do you have to show off your private parts that is who you are don't try to sugarcoat it with your personality that is part of your personality

Soraya Esfandiary

These girls don't have a lot going on upstairs.


Women, believe me or not but this disgusts me to the fullest. In no way I would think of having a relationship if I had to look at those pictures. I am a relationship type of guy and not a fkboy. I have been raised by my supportive and wonderful family, so that's definetely what I am NOT looking for.


“I do model so I’m not surprised” cough, is there a black leather couch involved?!

Rena Mills

I thought looks were in important when looking for a relationship that's what guys would tell me

Badara Badara

That's the point Steve, we won't tell you the truth to ruined our chances to get you. The truth is when ladies posted some pictures like that or dresses like that, we only see you as a sex object! Men's like bad girls but don't like to keep them period!

arnela bih

I disagree with this I met my first husband in bikini European we love looking sexy and beautiful. We don't judge people by their clothes.


But you aren't respectable...

Dave J.

There's a big difference between sexy lady and trashy.

Nashwin Zain

Its great that these girls are open minded, considering to make changes and not being defensive about the whole thing. That is a respectable and admirable quality.

Michelle Moulton

Yall so jealous of these pretty women

brown bmann

These guys are full of crap lmao. I know and have been with plenty of women that dressed all conservative and they given it up on the first or second night and females that dress provocative have been more respectable and have been wifey material there's nothing g wrong with looking sexy maybe that's just me. And not hiring somebody because of what u see online depending on a job they apply for is terms of a lawsuit for form a discrimination does anybody else realize that.

Saufi Suria

Whether they mend their ways or not, that is their choice but all I will say is this. People need support. So, find the right kind of circle to get you there. Life isn't perfect but positive people can help give direction & purpose. Yes, they are decent men & women out there even in this era of risque uploads that will have us believing that everyone is messed up, NO that's not true. Change your ways, change your circle, change your life. For better. Peace.

Simon Hansen

I must say, I like them more in person.

M Mo

If girls coming on paternity court saw this experiment before getting involved with men they got involved with, most probably they wouldn’t need to come on paternity court.


Those type of females be on their high horse until they come across mature minded men who aren't impressed by their looks at all.....

joann Loves CountryLife

Hot pics led to millions dollars$$$ for Kim Kardashian!....but that doesn't work for everyone


What the guys said when they knew they were being filmed is the polite version of what they'd say with their mates down the pub. I'm no prude, but no self-respecting woman wants that being said about her. Cringing.

Ruben Whitter

Why is there always harp about women's bodies? Men post shirtless and sexy and the time and no one seems to say anything

Divine Feminine in the 5280

Or she can. She can do what ever she wants its her life experience. It doest make her insecure. It make the people juding her insecure. What are You afraid she can do?

Ty the misfit

So what if you dnt post pics like those and u still get looked at or approached as such?... I'm a pretty modest woman and it seems like guys just want to "have fun" or just want me for my body and it's sooo annoying?‍♀️?

George Kush


Clinton Mailula

Am I guy, so agree with Steve because the kind of image that they put shows a woman without any self respect, a woman who is despite for attention, a one night stand kind of woman and a woman who ain't loyal. Lady's it's a bad idea to bad idea to show too much skin in public and the image you put on social media will automatically portray an image of a kind. You were attract the best/ good guy with such and I have a lot of respect for women, I ain't happy to see young women slowly taking naked on social networks

william medina

They are women with a lot of insecurities.

armin arlert

Do not change yourself for men. Steve Harvey just admitted that men will lie to you. I never tell you the truth in your face. That is way worse than just posting a picture. Ni**as ain’t sh*t

john dodd

If I had a vagina heck I could have anything


What's the insta for blonde with big tits? I want to check out her "personality"


That's just low self esteem of these women.

We were here

If all I can see is what your sexy photos show, then that alone is your value. If you want men to think beyond what they're seeing in those photos, give them something else to see. Let's see how educated you are, let's see what your beliefs are, etc, etc. If all you're offering is sexy photos, you're only going to get those lustful responses. Her friend says people don't know her - she's right - they only know what they can see - sexy photos. Show us your full value, not just sexy pictures. If your looks are the only value you have, then make yourself valuable in other areas.

These women are so out of it.


Steve : Here's what I think...
Audience : APPLAUDS!!!!!


I guess I dont feel bad when I just post pics of my face ?


Hearing they can lose career opportunities should have been the wakeup call. Also understanding the men they catch with that bait are not the ones they would want to stick around anyways. Normally the guys going after them the hardest don't want anything else from them

James Fralick

comes off desperate


"But...but Steve, we're making money here"

Denise Sander

Exactly! Cover up girls


No respectable women will dress like you and expect people to to know real you. JESUS.

Ulis Ses

Steve keeps deceiving these women.


Some women don't want him to stay lol. or trying to keep him for life. how about men learn women and what they want instead of the women always worrying about what a man wants?

jilo kizito

Foe me, it's only sex and that's that. No more.

Lia Pagan

Preach it !!

Abilash Sam

Most women r insecure

Baby Chi

This is suddenly on my home screen after I started taking pictures of myself showing my cleavage. I suddenly felt sexy and everything when I had a BF. A BF makes you feel sexy and everything.

Blossom Menezes


Charmayne Frazier

I really wish they didn't cancel Steve's show!! This man be spittin that REAL real, smh. These young women need to hear this especially these days! They think being naked and literally dressing like a prostitute is being liberated and pro self-love, no it's always gonna be looked upon as lesser than, aka Trashy??‍♀️ So don't be surprised when you're recieved that way.


The blonde girl was definitely starting to get it. She learned something from this.


That guy at 1:10 just told the god damn reality about what I think! Yes. Instagram models are hot, but I would not date them, just pass the time.

Johnny Blaze

There’s grown ass women who present like a nicely dressed woman on social media, but in real life dress like a thirsty, low hanging fruit hoe, in the street!

evangelina grey

"Attention seeking ? wreck" ?

Wayne Harris

You're not a respectable woman.


“Attention seeking train wreck” #accurate

Denise Sander

'Have fun' honey means have sex!!!!! Wake up

Dark Scorpion

Dude Steve out here helping people better than Dr. Phil...

Delightful Dixie

It's now 2020 and this advice will always be relevant ✌️

F00k White&Black People racism war sh0t

Both aren’t very beautiful or very pretty.!
Just average looking.

Getting hate comments in 3.2.1...

Mary ann Cable

It does not matter the man think u are a poota he want u to spread your legs nevet take u home to moma

Ra Vi

I really would like to see the reaction of a feminist mother when her son brings such a girl and says she is going to be my wife.

Unknown ????????

They seem like good people. Just bsing influenced by society...?

Dhoy Alahoy

"It always positive"
She's no meeting real people ?


That's descrimination to not hire someone over pictures like that... what did they do wrong

Gem Stone

attention-seeking train wreck ????

Logan's Hot Rod & 4X4

Do these women have fathers in their lives? A good father would’ve had this talk with them a long time ago

ben oscar

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Tomoko Soap

We are not gonna ruin the chance by telling the truth.....that's ma boi


The more respect women have for themselves the less they need to show because they don't need validation from strangers to feel beautiful

Habe Tesfagabir

y’all know nobody will change


These guys best gtfoh. U r allowed to have ur opinion but they must have just been from the Vatican

Matthew Coast

It's a lot harder for a man to take you out of the category of "just a casual fling" than it is to put you in that category. Always remember that.

Maj-Brit Eisenreich

it shouldn't have be this way...and women should have the right to wear whatever they feel like...but the real world, works different

Lia Pagan

Tell them Steve !!!

We were here

"I want a family man and I probably won't get that unless they change." No, you won't get that unless YOU change.

Johhny VanJohnson

I think a lot of woman are confused as to what attracts a man sexually, and what keeps him long term the this for we look for in a hookup or a short term relationship, are not the things we look for in a serious girlfriend or wife.


Well there’s something call Instagram that pays Money then just need to post it

TLD 78

Attention seeking train wreck. Nice!! ?

Mike Labor

Women claim that they don't want to be thought of as sex objects, and then they do a 180 and project exactly that image.

Michael Essang

Thank you Steve... Educate em


I get the point that those men were making, but I also think it's sexist. If a guy posts shirtless pics, he can still get a wife or that job.

Isabel Rivas

I’m really impressed with those men ? thought they were going to say different things

Joe Wilkes

They say you are what you eat , also true is you are what you what you project


Lets me make it simple and clear
A good high quality man whom u want to marry at somepoint of your life is not gona marry you if a women who sleeps arroud a lot and look too sexy ... he will still have fun for sure, he will date you but you will never be asked to marry him .cas men hate to wake up next to a person n give everything they have to a women who don’t even respect herself n allow a lot of other men to pass arround .its just biology n thats how we are ,only a few beta men may marry you(someone you dont really feel like being together forever)but still a few years later u will be divorced cas you probably cheated on him ...

Darren Rice

blonde girl got shook

Laura Kenny

Ok I get it, I get how they look. I have never had a figure near as good as these ladies so I've never personally posted a pic like this but god if they want to show some boob or a bit of leg does that make them dumb? The women and men looking and getting negative feelings, that's on them. What if the ladies like the pic? To have all these men judge them is so wrong. Change your minds, not cover yourself

edna tyler

You know what, it's nothing wrong with dressing sexy or provocative if you're single. No man has the right to touch you or disrepect you. I met a good man dressing that way and he never tried to change me. But out of respect for him, certain outfits I would only wear when we were together. Inspite of the outer appearance I was a good person and believe it or not very well respected. My dressing does not or will not define who I am as a person. Get to know me before passing judgement.

Maria Hunt

Nice experiment to help these young ladies...sometimes hearing the male perspective is so important. God bless!!!

Wendell Kirton

Preach it brother steve


Good job guys.


This was good

jan jankhot

well i know many women and respectful or decent women would never do such things i mean show off online so everyone can see ! so its not about having a freedom to do things its about being a decent and do things will show that you are respectful ! so there is a huge big differences between showing off which is not respectful at all and doing things for the one man you have which is we can say teasing for fun and feeling sexy ! so basically there is something called private zone where women can do things they like and wear such things ! but not in public so it total different and both ways will give a meaning !

Marcel Powell

Man I’m just paying this woman to lay down and go away. Lol I laugh at these dudes talking about I don’t pay woman lol that’s because you don’t know peace of mind. ? status

Steffany K

Attention seeking train wreck. Ouch

Buddy Muniz

You know lil Lionelle Richey would hit all of that... LOL LOL!

Nur Ahmed

those girls are sexy!! ???????

Simon Hansen

Nice, good ol' Dr. Steve over here.

Pamela evm

When I was 8 months pregnant my husband snuck off to a strip club it broke my heart. So after I had the baby I got him to take me to a strip club so I could see what the big deal was. I was dressed in a long full skirt with boots on a long sleeve high neck shirt. he wound up getting extremely jealous because the men were all paying attention to me instead of the strippers!!! I had never gotten that much male attention but for the only thing showing was my head LOL

Matthew Coast

If you want to be taken seriously, take yourself seriously. Please...

Danu murti

Those guys are hypocrites. "I wouldn't date her but I like to having fun with her", well, what's the point of dating if you're not having fun?

Girls, just be what you like.. if you're not accepted for a job because of your sexy selfies photos, then find another job, don't be so weak. In fact, guys are quickly bored with weak girls who always do what he told.

André Aldeia

Everyone is free to do what they want... if their comment is wrong... call them out , take them to the show and tell them why they are wrong