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10 Signs That Someone Strongly Hate You | Signs Someone Dislikes You

10 Signs That Someone Strongly Hate You | Signs Someone Dislikes You12 Feb. 2019
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Sometimes, for no fault

Sometimes, for no fault of our own, people just end up disliking us. The reasons could be many. Today we take a look at 10 signs that indicate someone strongly dislikes you. First is lack of eye contact. If a person refuses to make eye contact with you, they probably do not want you to gauge how much they actually dislike you. Next is arms that are crossed. Crossing the arms is a sign that someone is trying to distance themselves from you. Also look for feet that face away. Body language experts hold that when a person intensely dislikes you their feet tend to face away even when they sit facing you.

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0:32 | Lack Of Eye Contact

1:14 | Arms Are Crossed

1:53 | Feet Facing Away

2:30 | Stiff Tone Of Voice

3:06 | Constantly Checking The Time

3:40 | Fake A laugh

4:19 | Keep Distance

5:07 | Upper Torso Faces Away

5:50 | Things Feel Uncomfortable

6:48 | Refuse To Revert To Contact

The voice is a clear sign of how a person feels about you. If someone you meet sounds quite unnatural and uncomfortable when they speak to you, they probably are not too fond of you. Constantly checking the time is also a bad sign as it indicates the person cannot wait to get away from you. Also notice fake emotions. If someone tries too hard to appreciate your jokes or fakes a laugh, it is a clear indication that they do not like you as much as you would want them too.

Body language experts also say that intense dislike causes us to distance ourselves from the person in front of us. This often happens subconsciously without us realising it. Next, look for signs that a person’s body is facing away from you. Just as the feet face away when someone dislikes you, the upper torso too faces away even as they talk to you. Next, if you get a gut feeling that someone does not like you, they probably don’t. Signs to look out for include an uncomfortable air of silence while conversing, awkward or forced smiles or suddenly looking away during eye contact. Finally, if someone never seems to revert to your messages or always fails to pick your calls, take it as a major indication that you need to stop contacting them as they do not like you too much.

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Bernd Ernst

In time of Corona virus, we're urged to keep distance, even to people, we like.

FeeFee 86

That's true if I don't like someone distance is the main factor plus not talking to them as much it could be at work or home!!!!

16 Signs Someone Secretly Dislikes You

16 Signs Someone Secretly Dislikes You3 Jun. 2020
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How to know if someone

How to know if someone doesn't like you? While some people make their feelings rather obvious, there are some subtle signs someone secretly dislikes you. Figuring out how to spot haters and secret enemies (or frenemies) can save you time and energy (and a lot of heartache). Once you learn the signs of indifference, you will be able to focus more on people who are worthy of your time and attention.

So, if you have a gut feeling that some friends, your boss, or your coworkers hate you, you need to pay attention. In this video, we cover everything from body language to behavior to certain gestures that give away someone's true feelings - no matter how friendly they may appear or how hard they try to make that fake smile seem like a genuine smile. And that's just one of the most fascinating psychology facts about people!

Recognizing the signs people dislike you is not the end f the world, though. And if you’re someone who thinks “Everyone hates me and I have no friends” don’t fret. Not everyone you meet in life will like you - and vice versa. It's human nature. However, weeding out the people who don't want to spend time with you and keeping those who do, will lead to establishing better friendships and interpersonal relationships in the long run.


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Rajani Gurung

This video is for me ?

Nirvacho Ritchy

Amazingly excellent video. Truly very deep, loving and thoughtful


a one way conversation when you fone them. not responding to what u r saying or a one word answer.


Regardless of the signs someone dislikes you in this video, people can still be incredibly deceptive and hence the old saying; "when in need you discover who your real friends are".
As a whole I find dealing with people hard work, never really know what they are thinking or whether I`m doing right by them.
Rarely have I found that people live up to my expectations and over the years as I have grown older my friends have become less and less, because it becomes easier and less hassle just doing my own thing.
My dad once told me, there is no such thing as a best friend who would take the bullet for you or pull you out of the gutter if you fall in, I have yet to prove him wrong.

Figaro Qua!

I’m a guy and a guy I like very much who I’m platonically close to (both over 50), displays most of the 16 signs in this video! He is basically shy and there’s absolutely not touching between us even though I usually manage to give him an awkward hug here and there. I want to but he is not the touchy-feely type so I am torn now between testing him on all these points or telling him calmly about this video and going through the points together and see what his reaction will be. Is this a good idea? Not sure I’m sorry now that I watched this video! Any advice? Anyone??

Tonne Meissek

Could somebody tell me why I owe Haiti and those that practice black magic and voodoo?

Timea Walsh

Who cares I don’t like everyone either not even watching this

Weblight Studio

I can hear it. I am a crippled artist with a Jewish surname. And I am a cheeky disrespectful asshole. When they dont like me it blows smoke out their ears. For what its worth that person reveling n their ability to shit on you from a great height will have a real smile and look you right in the eye

Vanilla Ski

This confirms what I already knew I don’t like anyone ?

Carrie L Johnson2112

I used to walk into a room & wonder who liked me now I walk into a room and wonder who do I like

Marlon Amos

I've had that feeling numerous times over the years,alot of times it's best to just move on,it might hurt but it's for the better?

James Baker

This is why I became an introvert 15 years ago , people will always use or and hurt you,it is what it is .justsayn

Richard Leclerc

i don't care . so , they get no power


It's true; if someone talks shit about other people with you, they will talk shit about you behind your back too.


If a person likes me especially if it is the opposite sex it is very nice. But if they don't like me? I couldn't care less.


Why would someone follow you on social media if they don't like you.


What if... it's a member of your family? Like a sibling?

Bill Rener

#17 is that someone who doesn't like you won't say your name,when you're talking to them.


People are struggling to like themselves! I don’t care

deborah barry

16 out of 16 my daughter does not like me! How sad is that...

Maria Cortez

Yes the relativis! Is happen to me and I ignore them I pay no mine they only need what they can grave

John Devin

I remember all old friends kindly, but some think l deliberately dropped them because l went off them. Sometimes people have disliked me intensely for years before l even realized it.

Come to Jesus Ministry

They don't look in the eye bc intimidated. Or nervous. Dust your feet off and move on

Debra Harris

I don't give a damn who dislikes me the more the better

foxy gotcha

what if they talk really welln carry on a long conversation, then da nex time they jus totally ignore?

Ilona Psiuk

Strongly dissagree with most of the vid. Most of the behaviours are sooo typical for introverts... and you wouldn't say intros dislike everybody.

Evelyn Carrillo

My gut.?? is the biggest indicator.


I don't know why I'm watching this....I rarely like anyone.

Nancy Maldondo

I used to have a so-called friend that I would help as much as possible but it was never reciprocated. If someone would compliment me, she would, in an indirect way, belittle the compliment. I finally had enough and let her go. I realized how I just could no longer be around her. Some of these signs I have been aware of.

денис баженов

First, check your family members. They can be your worst enemies. Even parents.

Even if they don't understand it.

Then - "close" friends.


hm I dont care I dont like him and I dont think were even friends anymore, I can stick to my 27 friends and 1 best friends, ugh I'm gonna block him.

Leonard Gibney

Sounds like narcissism again.

Jamille Collins

I enjoyed this video and most of all the background music was very good.

Glenn Sankey

COULD CARELESS. You get what you see and if ya don’t like it walk away.

Lea Devaney

Good thing everyone here knows that I could give a shit less about them. Except for Cameron Diaz. And Oprah.

Grace Manaloto

Paano pa magiging secret kung alam ko na... Mga plastic kase

audiophile man

One of the first things I told my son when he was a small boy was, "Not everyone will want to be your friend." The best advice here is to move on and find people who want to be your friend.

Teresa Dudman

I just got rid of a emotional vampire. Just wanted to talk about themselves constantly ❤ X x

Cheryl Thompson

Yep. Sounds like my best "friend!!"

Baraka Smith

Number 6 All of my family.

Sharon Langford

Some people dont like you your not around the wright people
There is that meny different personality s one is wright for you

david hofferbert

Years ago a coworker always treated me badly. I had tried several times to befriend her but it didn't work. Finally I asked another coworker who seemed to be friendly with her why the woman treated me badly, She simply said "she just doesn't like you" I said "thanks, I didn't know that".After that I never never spoke to the woman again and totally ignored her. The problem went away!!

Sandra GREG

Touch during COVID19? Yeah right

Do you know when you made this video?
I have not dated on aging time. Update your video please cuz no one wants to date now since everyone thinks everyone ELSE has COVID19

Michelle Isle

Besides my parents and my sister.. I only had one friend... in my 57 years and she's not here no more. I miss you Michelle Paige Isle . I cried every day. I cry everyday everyday.....

Angela Myers

16 signs that I secretly do not give a F***

Emily E

It's like the older I get, the less I could give a rats ass whether or not someone doesn't like me/thinks i'm weird or thinks they are "too cool or popular" to be my friend, graduating high school was the best day of my life

carmine caputo

Half smiles - fold arms - strach neck or any silences or rude comments or brief answering with no conversation engagment is definitly it * and most is when you ask a question and they stay very silent or moving away is most

travis Johnson


joel yazell

Only doubt in yourself would have you looking or care

Heather Costello

Not everyone can like everyone we all differ


Tell them: “You’re fired” and move on...

Monkey see- Monkey do

You don't need a book for this

Jon Toering

Feel your intuition- it has no reason to lie to you.

Bernie Cohens

I understand because I really don't like most people I meet lmfao

Cecilia Villarreal

Lmao I’m sorry, but not smiling doesn’t mean that someone doesn’t like you or likes you LOL Smiling is never an obligation. You don’t have to smile at someone if you don’t want to lol it’s your body your smile.

P Pumpkin

In reality we should be less concerned with who likes us or doesn't like us, and just do what we like. Be less concerned with other's feelings and more concerned with what you need to do.

Eric Green

If people don't like me for whatever reason that may be, they weren't my friends to begin with. How can you like someone if you don't like yourself?

denise bond

GET ...A ....??????????

Margaret Swartz

I'm pretty gregarious and like to joke around. Since my young adult children died I've lost just about everyone I had been "friends" with. It must have been inconvenient for them. Others have asked me "aren't you over that yet?" Go figure, huh...

Tracy L13

#16 is by far the most important- and i have to live and pay for this butt head! They are all true

Cory Olson

the whole touching thing isn't necessarily mean I dislike you. It's incredibly rare that I allow anyone to touch me as it bothers me and causes me to become anxouis.

Lady Grace

I like animals better than people.

Joan J. Clear

While I think the things the narrator is saying here are indicators, I usually feel vibes that tell me things without the person saying anything.


Fake people. All have a habit with manufracturing their personality.

Besides "friends" Family members are not too far behind with this.

Craig McVay

This is a mix of my Dad and some one that i got to the match with, well pre-Corona

Bethany Lemley

I have bad social anxiety

Nakajima Merlina

It doesn’t matter for me ! Unless they don’t disturb me or else ...

Olivia Harris

I don't give a DAMN

Abdul Fatau

They dont laugh at your jokes or your jokes plainly sucks!

Cherie Smith

Does that mean that bullies pick on a certain person because of why? I've been bullied all my life and continue to in the workforce any ideas?

Heather Costello

That make me normal if l don't like some people wish someone those take a hit back off those one l can't stand

Bethany Lemley

I had gut retching feelings unfriended a lot of people on both accounts of my facebook

Violet Frankson

This is definitely good to know, thx.

Frank Albarran

Sometimes information hurts!?


according to this video mostly people in my family and friends dont like me but i cant leave these relationship


Narcissists do a lot of these things.

Agent COCO

Hurts when its from family. When they treat you like they don't care BELIEVE THEM. Took me a long time to realize that and stop trying

Alpheus Joseph

the dislike or like signs will happen human beings are designed to social, business and in personal relationships interact that's how people can tell whether it's a go or not anyway good learning video for me

XO Network

Just be your own best friend.

Gail Jones

My best friends have four legs.

Darlene Gantt

They don't ever initiate contact with you or call you. They rarely or never invite you any place. They let you do all of the calling
Inviting etc. You get a negative awkward feeling around them.

Daniel Selk

Not sure how we can get sincere smiles today since we're all masked... =P

steve castleberry

I have to keep to myself that I have an IQ around 190. People get so jealous. Now you are probably jealous. That`s okay. I can handle it. It`s a lonely life i lead. Being so intelligent, I can`t just be friends with anybody. In fact, I`m so goddamn intelligent I don`t have any friends. Oh well, there can only be one top dog so it`s a lonely life indeed.

Kathleen Cavender

Don't give a Rats Ass if someone doesn't like me! Have a great day!

The Backstreet Philosopher

They only talk to you in certain forums and act shifty when other people may see or hear what you say to them. Being double faced.

Deliciosa TV

I like this video, feels like something in 80's or 90's I think.. love this good info too!

Heather Costello

Who cares if don't like me

Alan Gardiner

A good friend will give you an alibi. A Great friend will help you to hide the bodies.

Nurse Jenny

I don't look people in the eyes except maybe briefly. Feels seductive to me, I don't like it.

Reuben Cantrell


Phillip Begay

Pick your friends carefully.

Gemma Edwin

This isn't secret, this is all pretty obvious.

Andi D


Cynthia R

I do all of these things when I’m with some people but mostly because I’m shy or feel insecure ??‍♀️

Yvette Dobies

I was surprised about the keeping your enemies close. Another great video! Thank you!?

Butterfly Love

I feel like this about my parents??‍♀️

Srividya R

Those who don’t like you will crack jokes on u in public to your embarrassment. They will pretend it is done for your good.
They seem to join groups and parties that talk behind you.

p hoch

How about they don't introduce you to their other friends who are standing right next to you?


Just tell someone that you don't like them. You don't have to be mean about it. Honesty is liberating

Prayer on the Go


10 Signs You Have Awkward Body Language

10 Signs You Have Awkward Body Language30 Oct. 2019
60 138
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These are the signs of

These are the signs of awkward body language that you may have. If you are socially awkward, don’t worry about it. That’s normal. We all are to some degree. But there are definitely some helpful tips you can use to seem more relaxed and happy around people, to make sure everyone feels comfortable around you.


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Music: “Cute” and “Ukulele” from

Thanks to Tristan Reed (writing) and Troy W. Hudson (VO) for helping to create this video!

Comments (56)



I have awkward body language at times. But I'm not afraid to admit it.


3:50 "hello jackie"

Jokberry 3000


Jaiye-ola Akindipe

What about talking to someone and he/she moves his/her foot touching yours or trying to put his/her foot or toe to scrath yours or on top of it under the table ?!

Blast Orange

I hate how so many people hate me cause I don't smile like I can't help that I don't know how to smile unless I am truly having a good time or I am laughing

Gilberto Chaves

That's nice! What tool did you use to produce this fantastic video?

Claire E

Don't close the gap! I repeat. Do not close the gap! ?

Jim Crabb

This channel needs timestamps...

Mark Dupree

I have extreme social anxiety and it's seemingly getting worse. Maybe a handful of people I'm calm around. This is a good video and I'll try to avoid doing these things

hanad xxx

I have checked 6 signs ???

Eduardo Larrachea

I think it should be the other way around. Why should someone who's awkward suppress those emotions? It doesn't really help. If you see someone who feels that way just relax and try to make that person feel comfortable

Loui V. 'Star Boy'


Drew Sims

This info is priceless.

Sonia S

Why have you followed me throughout my day and made an animation of it!

staygold 1017

I walk with my head down and i don't know why.
I dont know what to do with my hands so i always put my hands in my pocket.
I'm constantly checking my phone.
I'm socially awkward.
Oh plus my whole life I've been quite, observent & shy.

Random Dude

This is a horrid video based on opinion ? it’s how a set of people view these particular traits. This is basically a video on how to be the way we want you to. Fuck off

daniel spell

I walk with my knee bent
And talk with a speech impediment

Isa Veiga

This is funny cuz I resolved to not care so much about what people think at the expense of my comfort level. So if a person is a close talker spitting on me I'm stepping back way back. If I'm not interested I'm looking all over the room. So many things you mention I do and on purpose. Some though can't take a hint regardless lol.


If someone tries to read your body language and feels uncomfortable just because your eyebrows naturally shift, or you stand a certain way — that’s on them..! It’s one thing to have creepy demeanor or if you’re being rude by interrupting someone or checking your phone, that’s one thing.. but there’s no such thing as being awkward or appearing awkward by just looking a certain way or standing a certain way, that’s something the person (who thinks you’re awkward) needs to work on. It’s a little snobbish to judge the person you’re talking to by thinking they look awkward. If someone is standing “awkwardly” according to you, and it makes you uncomfortable, that’s something you need to work on. Someone shouldn’t feel shamed for possibly looking a certain way. If people tell you you’re being awkward, that’s other people being rude to you. You’re not being awkward, unless you’re doing something that is actually kinda rude, creepy, etc... and if you think someone appears aloof, there’s a difference between trusting your gut vs. being defensive just because the person you’re talking to appears a little more reserved.

It’s always been a pet peeve when someone turns a non awkward situation into an awkward situation just because they can’t handle that discomfort within another person/situation. Exp. When you're with a group of people and everyone is chatting and having a good time. Then suddenly, after hours of non-stop talking, the room goes silent for 10 seconds because everyone stopped talking. Everyone is content with the silence but any moment, someone will say something.. but then, there's the person who thinks silence means awkward. So they make a little joke and asks "why did everyone stop talking?" Everyone laughs and it appears to break the silence. But realistically, it's kind of a rude thing to say. It shows you can't be comfortable within the silence and you feel everyone else should feel that way, which is why silence has become associated with awkwardness. The longest I didn't talk without someone bringing up how awkward my silence is, was 40 seconds. Aside from my family or husband, I'm not aloud to be silent with anyone else, without them getting uncomfortable. This is a problem in American society... You can be rude, you can be creepy but you can't say someone is being awkward just because it's making you feel uncomfortable. If you feel that way, it's you who need to work through your own feelings of awkwardness.. not blame your discomfort on someone who appears more reserved than you do.

TH3 0N3 Gamer

Uuhhhh what about black people


Thank you. Another informative video as usual.



Great more cheesy, generic ukulele music.





juan reyes

Thissounds like some who went over board on the coke or meth lol

Tina doll

Yup im awkward

Tinkal sinha

Can anybody tell me what's the reference?

jey da

Note the racial component of this video, constant negative stereotypes were always associated with melanated depictions. So much for projections, huh?

Kirito kun

I am very awkward but it is how it is

Joudi Omran

I'm always socially awkward

jess lazz

Just trying to control so many parts it would make me look much more awkward.
Sometimes there is the need to hide or to be far from people, and it's OK, but also it's OK to seek for help.

Boa Hancock

lucky 15th comments girl


I find that by pointing out awkward moments that they will appear less awkward and trick people into thinking I am less shy. If i don’t make sense, I titled the video “How to increase your Awkwardness tolerance”
Hope it helps ?

Ebby C

only watching this to see if any of my regular body language is awkward..?

Jason Ong Himself

Don't touch nose
Get closer
No shifty eyes
Don't flinch
Don't move your legs too much


me: mom I have awkward body language
mom: it's cause of that damn phone


Awkward body language is one of the biggest turnoffs for women ?

Kamal Yadav

Can you please tell which software do you use to make these type of videos?

Austin McNair

Other body language things you didn't know:
1. Your eyes shift a certain way to the side when remembering or constructing a thought.
2. People with similar body language will naturally feel more comfortable around each other.
3. Women are naturally better at perceiving and portraying differences in communication (emotional expressions in voice, facial expressions, etc.) This is largely due to brain chemistry and the effects of hormones on empathy.
4. You feel pain when someone else is or appears to be in pain (physical or emotional) - thanks to mirror neurons.
5. Some animals (such as horses doing math) can perceive more body language cues than a human.
6. A person who is either self-conscious (anxious) or very social is less aware of the body language of others. One being focused on themselves, the other focused on the conversation or having fun.
7. Telling stories and personal experiences helps nervous people calm down, which makes them like you more.
8. Reflecting someone's body language makes them feel more understood and connected.
9. The average person only has a 50% success rate of identifying when someone lies, even parents and their own children.

If you know anything else, please share! ?





Phil C greyhounds

You have done well i would like to be as good as you share me this

Sarah V

Thank you.

Shreya TV

I watched the entire video and couple of things:
- there's a lot more general and basic stuff in here which is fine but stuff like scratching the nose too frequently, honestly no one does that as frequently as mentioned here. And if they do, they are physically uneasy which must be addressed accordingly.
- the animation used in this video is not accurately suggestive. On subjects like body language, one does need more informative and clear gestures.
- I make videos on body language and presence. Here's one I made sometime back:
Do check it out and let me know your thoughts!


"Just make sure you keep your gesturing under control" ..beto o'rourke lol

Blue Flame

I’m the 1K like

Doris White

Interesting video. Thank you.



Shubham Nagarji

You'll Be Like Bright Side One Day

Keep ? Working




Hey please, speak more slowly in the next video. Anyway, thanks for sharing!!!



John Jhermie Cruz

my nose itching at no. 1?

myaty uwu

1. Scratching ur nose: when ure nervous the blood rushes to ur cheek causing u to scratch ur cheek or nose too often which can make people feel awkward
2. Growing gap: try to maintain an appropriate distance between u and the person ure speaking to
3. Frazzled glances: moving ur eyes too much: appears like ur searching for something and people don’t have ur full attention: irritating, makes u look nervous
4. Pushing out ur chin: keep ur jaw relaxed and ur chin pushed back
5. Unconscious flinching
6. Peaking/ arching ur eyebrows
7. Attachment to ur phone
8. Restless limbs: tapping foot, bouncing legs—well-known sign of social anxiety
9. Skulking: bad posture
10. Moving hands way too much: excessive hand gesture