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What is GLAN-TAYLOR PRISM? What does GLAN-TAYLOR PRISM mean? GLAN-TAYLOR PRISM meaning10 Oct. 2016
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Source: article, adapted under license.

A Glan–Taylor prism is a type of prism which is used as a polarizer or polarizing beam splitter. It is one of the most common types of modern polarizing prism. It was first described by Archard and Taylor in 1948.

The prism is made of two right-angled prisms of calcite (or sometimes other birefringent materials) which are separated on their long faces with an air gap. The optical axes of the calcite crystals are aligned parallel to the plane of reflection. Total internal reflection of s-polarized light at the air-gap ensures that only p-polarized light is transmitted by the device. Because the angle of incidence at the gap can be reasonably close to Brewster's angle, unwanted reflection of p polarized light is reduced, giving the Glan–Taylor prism better transmission than the Glan–Foucault design. Note that while the transmitted beam is 100% polarized, the reflected beam is not. The sides of the crystal can be polished to allow the reflected beam to exit, or can be blackened to absorb it. The latter reduces unwanted Fresnel reflection of the rejected beam.

A variant of the design exists called a Glan–laser prism. This is a Glan–Taylor prism with a steeper angle for the cut in the prism, which decreases reflection loss at the expense of reduced angular field of view. These polarizers are also typically designed to tolerate very high beam intensities, such those produced by a laser. The differences may include using calcite which is selected for low scattering loss, improved polish quality on the faces and especially on the sides of the crystal, and better antireflection coatings. Prisms with irradiance damage thresholds greater than 1 GW/cm2 are commercially available.

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Glen Hansard, Marketa Irglova - Falling Slowly (Official Video)

Glen Hansard, Marketa Irglova - Falling Slowly (Official Video)25 Oct. 2009
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Glen Hansard and Marketa

Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova's official music video for 'Falling Slowly'. Click to listen to Glen Hansard on Spotify:

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I don't know you

But I want you

All the more for that

Words fall through me

And always fool me

And I can't react

And games that never amount

To more than they're meant

Will play themselves out

Take this sinking boat and point it home

We've still got time

Raise your hopeful voice you have a choice

You'll make it now

Falling slowly, eyes that know me

And I can't go back

Moods that take me and erase me

And I'm painted black

You have suffered enough

And warred with yourself

It's time that you won

#GlenHansard #FallingSlowly #Vevo

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dera __

"Acredita em amor a primeira vista?"...?

Hongchao Liu

2021 still listening?

Ben Kistler

Probably the most boring movie I've ever seen

Nur Hidayah

2021. I don't know you, but i want to..............

Yanyan Capulong

Han Jisung's voice message brought me here ;((?


Still listening in 2021, god i love this movie :)

Smooth Ace Drone Videos

After 12 years 2021 anyone???

linux maximus

Coolest soundguy ever.

Ali Muhammad

This is pure bliss, fantastic movie, fantastic music, it was almost like a real heartbreak at the end.

Soft 4 Channie

so this is the song jisung (and many other idols) sang and the singers are Glen Hansard AND MARKÉTA IRGLOVÁ. why didn't anyone tell me?? wow.. it's the czech crumbs for me



Konstantin Abgaryants

Who is watching this in the first day of 2021 ?

Jason Unsell

His vocals remind me of Cat Stevens

JC Chávez Torres


Network Tunein

I'm ⚫ as hell and this is my shit since I first saw one on hbo in 2009

Pragati Jha

anyone in 2021 ?


Anyone from last man on earth.


I'm gonna be very honest I didn't know about this song but I heard Paris Jackson sing this song on her guitar in one of her Instagram videos and the song was stuck in my head since then. She sounded so fucking beautiful. I tried Shazam and what not to find it but after over one month of searching I finally found and I feel like such a champion ?. It's never too late to get introduced to good songs.

Winter is here

Have they justified why there aren't there any non-white people in this film?

Jody Wyngaard

Last Man on Earth?

noah wilson

when I met my second husband we lived in adjoining states and every other week met halfway. After about a year, I get to the hotel we always stayed in, got my room key and as I entered the room, it was pretty dark but lots of candles, he was at the window with his back to me and as he turned to face me, I saw a lavender ribbon rose I had admired in a shop in his hand and this song was playing. He crossed the room, put his forehead against mine and said noah, I find I am falling very deeply in love with you, is that okay? I musted a whispered yes and he kissed me then said (in his typical way) whewww, now that that is over lets go get dinner. I got 10 beautiful, awesome and perfect years before he passed. I cry everytime I hear this but I also smile at the memory.

Killian McRae

Thank you Phil and Mike for showing me this absolute banger

Riri Hash

Thanks han jisung sing this song

Kuruthum Namaganda

Hear because of got7's jin young.

[Tsunamii] [Wallker]

Gosh this takes me way BK and just today it pops in my head who thinks I should do a cover

The Cubing Prodigy

I was so sad when Last Man On Earth got cancelled. I cried in my room and for two days I didn't text anyone. So emotional when Mike left again.

It's a Plant Life

I saw the movie when it debuted at my local small cinema. Walked out after so glad I went by myself. Drove home with the radio off. Just needed the songs and messages to sink in.

Alecs Ganoria

Hello from 2021 cuz this is 100% still relevant

Sude ღ


Ondřej Havel

Right now, there are people all over the world who are just like you. They're either lonely, they're missing somebody, they're depressed, they're hurt, they're scared from the past, they're having personal issues no one knows about, they have secrets you wouldn't believe. They wish, they dream and they hope. And right now, they are sitting there reading these words, and I'm writing this for you so you don't feel alone anymore. Always remember, don't be depressed about the past, don't worry about the future, and just focus on today. If today's not so great don't worry! Tomorrow's a new chance. If you are reading this, be sure to share this around to make others feel better. Have a nice day. :)

jazhill xo

Here because of tandy& Mike

Cristina Leiva

Linda pelicula . Diferente totalmente

Killian McRae

Is it weird that I like Phil and Mike's version better? It was used as a joke but they have some wonderful voices

qela pyqah

Just being here because of Han Jisung
But this song is really good tho✨

Cashman Drummer

Jesus loves you!!!


Thank you han Jisung for song recommendation

Alizee uwu

Beomgyu TT...

Binibining Edda

12 years later. 2021 anyone?

josephine ayudhita

johnny and mark brought me here about 5 month ago and im still listening to this till now

Gaurang Athalye


Elly's Notes

Who's here after watching Toni and Paul's wedding video??‍♀️

Chantal Unzueta


Jim Hopkins

Just saw Once for the first time and he seemed familiar. (I guess I must have a quirky memory...The Commitments is one of my many favorite movies.) Good stuff. :)


Artist: Damien Rice

Song: The Blowers Daughter

You're welcome

Kelly Interior Design

2021, Who still here?


2021 anyone?


What movie was this in?

Green Potato

im here from last man on earth 2021 anyone?

María Victoria Falcón

In the last 5 months, I've seen this movie more than 6 times. I couldn't help but crying each and every time. I've made my lockdown so sweet that I can't be thankfull enoguh!




I know you are here, do not worry I only love you too..

MyDoG yOuRpRoBleM

The Last Man on Earth brought me here

Cahyani Masnur

JCC from NCT brought me here?

KOŇÁK _schleichCZ

2021 like ❤

simon says be cool don't be such a fool

almost 2021,, anyone?? (eve of christmas 2020)


Here 2021

Kanika Pagoch

11years later. 2021 anyone?!

faith imani

anyone here from 4 spicy crab ??

Eko Nopiyanto

So remember when I was in Solo, around 2007 or 2008. Good movie and beautiful soundtrack

토토야 도망갈까

내가 너무 사랑하는 영화


I absolutely fucking love this and I've listened to this something like ten times this day. This is just so emotional and also relatable to me personally. The lyrics are absolutely beautiful.

Edit: 'Cause everyone else is also telling random stories about their relationships, I'll also go on. We watched this movie in music class, and week after we played and sang this song. That was when I fell in love with this song. That was the day before yesterday, Thursday. Today I had a meeting with my bf and this song had played in my head since Thursday and I had cried to this song due to my complicated feelings about the meeting and all. But I didn't get that sad after the meeting was over, I survived better than last time. I think this song has helped me find new sides to my feelings. It has helped me experiencing my emotion so I don't have to scream or cry that much anymore. This song's just something deeper.

The dude Bryan

I found the blueray of this film in a pawn shop and I bought it cause it was only $2. Man when I finished the movie I was so motivated to write music...I don't even write music??


This song is my best song! He has warm voice And this song's lyrics has feeling to sad and warm likewise. I think I'll listen to this song even after a few years.

Victor Who

Wow! Great song...

Lari Sousa

Alguém brasileira que veio depois da Sandy e Lucas lima

David Ellis

What an Awesome film ! Beautiful ?

Veronica Davila

Recién ví la película, me encantó la historia y aún más la música. Saludos desde Venezuela

Chudchavas Leenin

I'm like this song. It's look like my life...


Is this on Netflix? I wanna watch this Movie

Miles Razola

DECEMBER 31st, 2020 . hours before New Year : i remembered this song, so i came back to this video.. i was young back then, a reckless amateur guitarist who just love to listen music . but, one thing i've realized, its not the music i love to listen.. its the MESSAGE, thats why i came back to this video.. hope i grew up


I came cause of renjun ??

Fedi Mhamdi

a huge fan from Tunisia
I'm listening everyday

Ann O'Sullivan


Thomas Kirkegaard Andersen

One of those songs, that get's me every time, and that in itself, is a task. Universal song writing sounds like that, and the two beautiful voices on here, is material of goosbumps, and thx for that. This is what music is able to do for us humans.....the great great gift of feelings..!! Cheers from Denmark

TwoRail Studios

I watched this in my high school film class.

Bailey Schauers

We are singing this in my 7th grade choir class and we DEFINITELY don't sound like this.

Dave Shell

This song can be more than just a Romantic song. I have lost a Brother at 47 due to Alcohol.and now I have a Step bro. CCU at 36 ,college degree .alcohol . They show the Budweiser Signs and all is cools for the Party. But do they show you the Lives Lost due to the Addiction of Alcohol. It all starts innocent to be cool,or a buzz,until it becomes addiction .why so many people die of it,is because on every street corner a Store has their lights blinking Alcohol.!. The song says .'' when you've suffered enough enough ''and ward with your soul.. course '' take this singling boat and point it home.ypu still got time'''. Whatever you are facing.drugs /alcohol.divorce/loss of job /loss of home/ Remeber our hope is in God AlMighty ,not the government ,not the president esp one we have I'm office right now..aren't you glad that we have Hope .beyond this Wotld and not set on a individual;/God Loves you .and seeks for you to turn to Him. God Bless

Sal Fahad

2021 :( hopefully a better year ..

MAPerez _

Who's here from last man on earth?


( ˘ ³˘)♡

Jeff Gross

It truly was a Shawshank Redemption.

Luca muppets Pelliconi


cur sue


Bima Fandiary

2021?? I’m alone??

Jonathan Drake

awsome music!!! (my opinion)


This re-affirmed my faith in music and humanity. Still does. Thank-you both! Happy New Year!

Official 홍창우

So wonderful

Maisha Sultana

would like to dedicate this one for my friend. Hope you are fine and willing to live. where ever you are... Know that I loved you more than anything...

Eren Güngör

Türk var mı?


Last man on earth brought me back here. Loved their feat too. Check it out the series and the song.

Fanie Oichalioti

Jisung's bubble message brought me here :)

Daniel Castillo


Fluffy Cat

12 years later-



2021 and this is still my favourite movie EVER

Xavier McClelland

Hes my cousin

Jarah Hansard

this is my uncle <333

C Lee

이노랠 들으면 아직도 네 생각이나. 그래서 지금까지 한번도 안들었는데 오늘 이렇게 듣게됐네. 네가 그립거나 그런건 아냐. 그냥 그때의 추억이 소중해서, 그래서 한번 꺼내봤어.


found out about this beautiful masterpiece because of Han. the song is really good ??

Vlada Kostic

Music made hope...

vivianecarla fernandes

JCC (nct), Johnny and Mark ?!♡


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Gallan Mithiyan Lyrics

Likhe si sanjog sadde tere naal ve

Hasde hasaunde langh gaya saal ve.

Likhe si sanjog sadde tere naal ve

Hasde hasaunde langh gaya saal ve.

Dhanwad tera dil deya raajeya de wang

Raniyan de rakhi hoyi aan

Sohna te patandara tu khaas koi na

Ve gallan mithiyan di patti hoyi aa

Sohna te patandara tu khaas koi na

Ve gallan mithiyan di patti hoyi aa

Viah ton paila photo jadon dekhi si ve teri

Nindgi si tainu tha saheli rano meri.

Viah ton paila photo jadon dekhi si ve teri

Nindgi si tainu tha saheli rano meri.

Jeet leya saanu tereya pyara ne

Main ghulam teri pakki hoyi aa

Sohna te patandara tu khaas koi na

Ve gallan mithiyan di patti hoyi aa

Sohna te patandara tu khaas koi na

Ve gallan mithiyan di patti hoyi aa

Rakhan main khaayal lodd le dewar da

Gall badi bhabi di koi ni mod da..

Rakhan main khaayal lodd le dewar da

Gall badi bhabi di koi ni mod da..

Hunda ve pyaar bada bebe jee da mainu

Deed sahan vich vaasi hoyi aa

Sohna te patandara tu khaas koi na

Ve gallan mithiyan di patti hoyi aa

Sohna te patandara tu khaas koi na

Ve gallan mithiyan di patti hoyi aa

Jiddan da vi ae tu sannu manzoor ve

Kadde Bittu Cheema aan hove na door ve..

Jiddan da vi ae tu sannu manzoor ve

Kadde Bittu Cheema aan hove na door ve..

Tereyan mohabbataan te maan jatti nu

Ve hanju khushiyan de nitt royaa

Sohna te patandara tu khaas koi na

Ve gallan mithiyan di patti hoyi aa

Sohna te patandara tu khaas koi na

Ve gallan mithiyan di patti hoyi aa

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Ishika Fashion pvt Ltd

Aaliya Khan

Wow himanshi kitni pyari lg rhi ho

Ajay rattan

Love u bro mankrit

Gagukaur 4545

NYC song Ji

Mukesh Devi

Who is parmishian here....attendance lagado ????

Bhupesh Mehra


Akash Kumar

2021 still ? it

golu kashyap

Mankirt and parmesh good friends

Gurman Singh

Very nice song.

Arslan Mushtaq


Meetu Meetu


jiya ratan

Love yu mankirt Aulakh ❤ nice song?

Nathaniel Bhatti

Nice song p

Sukhvinder kaur

My favorite song .Very very very nice??????Superb ...Its my Best song forever & ever????Love u Mankirt Aulakh & Himanshi Khurana.???

Anushka Randhawa

I love this song ???❤️❤️❤️

Sajani Dungriyal

Nice song ????

Ruvi Rajpoot


Dinesh Kumar

Nice ?songs

priyanka Panwar

ye mankrit ka best song he


super song

Mohd Sajid



It deserves 1 billion views


Always my favourite

surender singh

Nice song

Manshi Sain


Ashish Tyagi

Swag hai bhai ki walk & talk mein....

Gurbachan Singh


Vishnu 22


Rocking KGF YASH

This is first song when I started listen पंजाबी song now। I'm addict of all पंजाबी song n i have all knowldge

saumen karan

If anyone from rimorav vlogs

Nabha City

Super song and music

Gudia Devi

My favourite song????

Kiran Bala

Ma apki fan hu


2021 ch kon kon sun reha song

Talah Sekhawat

Yhi se himanshi ka carrer start hua wese toh first song harjot paah ji k sath kiya tha

Farhad Husain

I love himashi

Ayushi Chaudhary

my faviourte song

Dixit Champy

Awesome song

Abdullah Ahmed


Shinam Kakkar

Awesome song

virender chandel


Komal Thakur

Osmm song

lakhwinder singh

Ahlakh hi. Sat shri akal myself having age of 61+ retired from govt. Dept.loving this song very badly . Beauty of this song inspired me such a way that I prepared bhangra performance on this song in this age

Karamat Ali

Nice song

kritagya Kritagya

Watching this daily ?? it's a gem

kanchan soni

In 2021 still a beautiful song

Mansh Suman

Mian Naqash Ahmad


MoHaMmAd SaMi

punjabi song acha

Shikha Gupta

nice song

Neeraj Bhatia

I like this class soooooooo much ?

Vijapal शर्मा



Wow amazing songs by #HimanshiKhurana


Legends are here for parmish verma?

Janvi Thakur

I love this song

Anjali Thakur

Nic song

Gorishankar Prajapat


Gurmeet Brar

Nice sing

Manshi Sain

Very nice song

Gurdeep Singh


Vikram Vikram


Vikas Dwivedi

Kuch notice kiya song main description me himanshi ka koi nam ni h???

Satish Satish bayragi

Super se upar

peak hunter gaming

Gand gana hai ???

Shakha singh

Outstanding video ???

Jas Jasvir

Thode sare song att krvade ne

HaroonAhmed HaroonAhmed

A lot of memories with this song ??

Sanjay Kumar


Nisha Rani

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️??? very very nice song ????

Golu Thakur

I hate himanshi kanji si but I love mankrit

Gurdeep Singh

Jyotikaur love your ?????????????????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ hair song download lagta hai ❤️❤️❤️♥️♥️♥️?

Davinder Garg

Nice song

amit sirohi Sirohi

Beutifull song

Amit Yadav


Jyoti Kumari

Nice Song veer ji ?

Priyanka Sirowa


Suparn Shevalkar

I do not support terror in this country

Nitin sirswal

Osm song thats is my favorite song all time ???

Devender Kumar

I love you you songs ???????

niraj soni

She's really look like ashwariya

Ajay Kumar


Sunil GARG

Hill ¡

Mohini Tyagi


Ranjeet Singh

Nice video

lakhwinder singh

My bhangra is on my face book I'd lakhwinder Singh jalandhar

Khushpreet Kaur


Akash Thakur

Nice song

Mobeen jutt 143

nice song and lovely

Gurdeep Singh


Nitish Nirala

Anyone listen in after lockdown.

simarjit kaur


Mahesh Jangid


Mamta Manu

You are super

Laxmin Kashyap

Lovely song and couple

Raja Ali

Nice song

kritagya Kritagya

Cover changed

Dilpreet Kaur

Very nice ???? g ???

Mansh Suman


Raveen Gadai