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Scars - Open Letter to Hollywood from Heath Ledger

Scars - Open Letter to Hollywood from Heath Ledger28 Aug. 2011
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Written and performed by:

Written and performed by: Marshall "Davis" Jones

Produced by: Hans Zimmer

Re imagined by: Fiya Divine

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If you're here

He's not

I'm not

And Im sure you'd like to know why we're not

Ill tell you....

He loved her

And she's not here right now because of you

....Fame is a disease

We all got it

We're all sharing needles with it

If you're not careful

You will die before you die

I mean, look at us




Put the suicide note down


Look at all the bottles on the floor

Half of these things I cant even pronounce


Did you notice Xanax reads the same forward and backward?


I thought it was funny


Apparently my apartment on Broome st

Did not sweep enough under the rug

So now you see what you've done

Now you know how I got these scars

See the camera keeps rolling

Like a wheel

Turning your insides

You cant have a normal life

Without a production team

With a search warrant for your bad day

How many tabloids do you think it took to ruin him

How many gossip sites did it take?

How many lines of cocaine do you think we need to forget

That everyday we're getting farther and farther away from EVERYTHING

We love

Oh you thought he was acting?

Oh You think I'm not real

Oh Im real


And when you 're sick with fame like him

You need people like me to keep you laughing

So when the lady left with everything

I said Why So Serious

Just take two Ambien

Those are good for the nightmares

Take one of these

Two of those

A whole #%^#$%& of these

I kept the bathroom cabinets jokes coming

Because Painkillers can shove your mistakes off a balcony

And you can still smile about it

You think you know him

You don't

I was there

I was there to tell him that if were gonna go anywhere

We were gonna go out with a bang



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Fetfas 21

VENOM?? Is That You????


I can't get enough if this

charlie gascoyne

lets get this bonfire started and here we go .hahahahahhahaaaaaa


Heath Ledger r..i.p bro.. will be mist

Jolly Swagman

When I'm depressed this makes me feel better...

Mani Bharathi.S

Whose voice is it


"painkillers didnt do it to him, xanax did. xanax should be banned" ? what kind of statement is that. i use xanax for severe anxiety and it keeps me functioning. according to your logic if he was using painkillers and they killed him then painkillers should be banned and everyone who needs them should just live life in severe pain? it would really be best if you stopped trying to control the way people live or die because you arent putting thought into what you say, you think with your emotions.

Seth NJ

One of the most creative poems I have EVER heard in my life... Its sheer brilliance. It gave me goosebumps listening to it, its so captivating...he's absolute genius!

Becky J

Scary....just...scary...awesome though.


painkillers can push your mistakes off a balcony and you can smile about it..... WOW best line


Thank you Marshall!!! And the whole Jones family ;)

Burning Spirit

This is pure eargasm !


Your mind has to be incredibly artistic and free to have written, read and performed this they way you have. I think it was wonderful. And like so much of your art... Had great depth. Thank you for sharing.


love it!


check this out ) sorry for my english /watch?v=8T4HFT1ESxE&feature=youtu.be

Stefan Lucien

What's the background music called


How on earth do you sound exactly like the Joker?

Jolly Swagman

Actually his comment makes perfect sense to me.

Bella Rose

Hi, would i be able to use this for my gcse dance piece about the interactions of the joker on actors e.g Heath ledger. Thanks x

era gon

Who is the voice?
De quien es la voz?

Zak Corsi

@Talli732 Please explain why that would be in poor taste and/or false?

Tay Franks

Go Innnn


This some "Trippy" shit.


Okay, now this creeps me the fuck out. I am pretty obsessed with Heath Ledger and his role as The Joker, I am sure that he is a genius, an absolutely brilliant actor. The last few days I've been watching his scenes in Batman over and over again, trying to wrap my head around how perfect this character is. One of my other obsessions is poetry. I didn't find this related to batman, only through slam poetry (I was looking at Marshall's channel). The Joker is following me.


=D Why so serious?

Jolly Swagman

Description has lyrics.

Vitaliy Shtabnoy

@ExZakt09 because it assumes that Heath was a schizo?


Shivers... absolutely incredible. The late Heath Ledger would've been proud, my man.

Zak Corsi

@Talli732 How in the world does it do that? This is a concept piece, it is assumed there is some artist exaggeration, the idea that Ledger and The Joker became one in the same, it's merely a suggestion, not an assumption. How do you know he didn't develop early signs of schizophrenia before he passed? You don't. And Ledger WAS using pills, whether or not it was related to the movie role, he had had conversations with MaryKate Olsen about his stresses with the movie. This poem is genius.

Jonathon Drogulus Růžička

Watched this performed live tonight. I still have chills. Truly talented man. 

Marie Myers

wow... I love it

Jeff Lamberth

^ Wish your reply back made sense. It's simply a comment, nothing more. Get your head out of your ass. Btw.. You are the emotional one trying to fend for yourself and others. #Rolled

Rebecca Pankove

Is this poem published anywhere?



kakhi kakhiani

who the fuck disliked this? :@

Vitaliy Shtabnoy

pretty cool creative piece. Although suggesting that Heath was using pills in relation to the role or that he got lost in it is in poor taste and false


once again no thought was put into this comment

Nichet Smith

Goodness!! Wow... it's deep, deep deep... I get it...had to listen twice, but i got it.

Eric Vasquez

This is exactly what happens when one who had never had nothing all of a sudden has everything without sacerfiice and pain and work to acquire such riches and usually these individuals purchase things they never had before to the extent to where they have nothing else to buy to quench their needs so they turn to mind altering drugs that they could not afford before to quench their sorrows and pain to make them feel like they have no pain.you need to be coser to Jesus and except him

Demented Dirt

Not sure what to think. ?????


This is a brilliant and creative display of your talents; absolutely in love with your work!


to the one who made this video: you....youuuuu. you got a gift. yaw good you. yes you are. haht ta ta ta tah, YES YOU ARE

Fasya Bansir

I think this is the best poem ever

Una Kristine Carlstrøm

I see a lot of "we" and "him" like the person who wrote this was a different person. Is this suggesting that Heath Ledger got so into the role and on top of that with his mental and emotional issues somehow developed the Joker as a seperate personality? Heath did apperently dive into this role more than any other, i dont know much about his acting other than it was brilliant, but could that even be possible? That the Joker somehow became another aspect of Heath Ledge's life?


Oooh, speculation.

Harry Criswell

look at us.

Chase Johnson

he plays insane extreamly well....

Christian Welch

Actually, Heath was in fact having very bad issues mentally and emotionally. The speculation is that he got so submersed into the roll that it pushed him over the edge and he couldn't get back out.

C. Williams


Dave Craig

@angrymob96 read the comments under the video. I would've loved to see this in person, the makeup job looks awesome.

Sean Totanes

I'm haunted. In a good way.


this scared me!!!!!!

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Comments (15)
Xx xX

He was too good for that wicked joker character


He was out of this world.. too pure.

David Anthony

Was the poor guy on psychotropics????

he was twitching quite a bit....

Jake Keating

Oh that's spooky, Heath talking about how Ned Kelly died so young...7:31

Monica Possemato

Ti Amo riposa in Pace dolce Amore mio!

Langley Wright

4 hours of sleep...
yine uykusuzluk ve heath ledger.

Riya Rawal

He was sooo hot I luv u heath I luv ur voice amazing yu ❤

Lila Mutukisna

I wish and the world , if today he was saved , he was so young, he was trying his best to reach out by crying i need a break , he was missing home , crying but no one wanted to listed it was shear power

Joffrey JEDI

2:35 4 hours of sleep for the past 6 months

Ceel P

How did this show last so long. Format is pretty annoying


Magda loves the sound of her own voice.

Ева Дубровская

God, I miss him so much ..."-After all this time? -Always"...........


RIP Heath ?


I used to love this show. Now they are creating gold with that pathetic shit have you been paying attention?