How to talk to a woman sexually

How to compliment a woman (and turn it sexual)

How to compliment a woman (and turn it sexual)4 Sep. 2015
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Comments (100)
Chun H

My problems with compliments is what do I say after she says Thank you.

HotRod Aallbbaa

YouTube boobs lol

Timothy Murphy

You look like a modern day Marilyn Monroe

Samantha Sosa

As a woman I hate when anyone compliments my make up clothing or adornments. I feel they are underhanded saying I’m ugly it’s the dress up and make up. It’s like “ you clean up nice “ a nice way of saying your ugly and you need to dress up to look decent

David Rogers

Just be genuine! Just is just silly.

Fire Praise

A REAL woman whom actually has REAL,
BIBLICAL standards.
The very standards and principles I have personally been critizised by many over the years by American men and women, collectively.
I thoroughly appreciate your efforts, Kezia,
To free us men from the negative and highly - charged sexual atmosphere...
That serves only itself, and...
How many men it can devour before it implodes upon itself.
Your straightforward delivery is helping me heal from a very brutal marriage that stripped me of my very manhood...
While giving me the confidence to rediscover the very manhood that God hard - wired into me.
I began to wonder about the mechanics of even thinking of holding a normal, intelligent conversation with a woman, such as yourself.
Thank you again, Kezia,
For delivering an awesome and straightforward jolt of confidence that was stripped from me years ago.
May God totally and richly bless you.

P.S. - Let me know when you will be coming to the States in Reno or Sacramento.
I would like to attend your seminar and...
Shake your hand helping rediscover the man that God intended for me to become.
God bless you, Kezia.


Good tits.. i mean tips*

Dennis Kissane

To pull a woman do you need to wash every week?


Nice vocabulary, using the word "elucidate". I think you owe me $0.50 on that one: I had to look it up!

Albert Demarco

A man is always seek women for sex. However a man seek women for long-term relationship ( include sex ) to enjoy the present , company of her. She emitt a feel to the guy . He want need to stay enjoy her forever.

Clive R

Yes. You DO have great make up around your eyes.

I wasn't looking anywhere else. Honest. I know, I did just say that. Rubbish techniques, pt1.

Totally get what you're saying. If something is too easy, or comments crass and dull, they're not valued.

The best things in life, are NOT free. There's a cost. To everything.

Neo Cowboy



Stupid advice. Tell a girl you look like a young Hepburn dumb dumb advice. The girl will say who is Audrey Hepburn. Then you look like a fool.


Utter bullshit. The only thing that works is to treat her mean to keep her keen.

Saif Ali

This is total nonsense


I love your voice.

Cexi Lai

Kezia is very very astute.

siynce gogo

Kaita me that you exspet M.r Ali...
I love specail love...
Dreep your beauty stove...
I now after godness me to you gove...
You before in sexy hove...
So don't wary you dove...
اللهم امين...
الله يفتح عليك فتحا مبينا فتح ما قبله فتح وما بعده فتح في جنات فردوس ارض القمر وفي جنات فردوس السماء ...

Matthew Bulic

(After 3 days of dating ) THAT SHE ONLY
Goes out with guys with a 7 inch penis and no smaller or larger! I said there is no way I’m going to surgically remove 2 inches just to please you ?

Fredrik Hotanen

You have a cute style Kezia ;)

G Keller

She wanted to say arse so bad.

Fun TV

Too good dear. ......

Gary Boyce

HI Miss Kecia Noble. I studied women and men and relationships for over twenty years and have read many many books on the subject as well as classes in college. and consider myself to be an armchair expert. I was working on my own books but have put that on hold ton mourn my Father's passing. Anyway to the point. You are awesome! You are so correct in all your videos. I take your advice seriously. We have the same advice! It's amazing! It makes me feel like I am on the right track with my relationships with women. Thank you.

Gary Boyce

Xavius Americus

If you complement a woman on her make up or her clothes she’ll think you’re gay.

Theodore Sweger

I tried this I complimented a women on a beautiful green sweeter that goes with her eyes. This was a very beautiful woman. Long story short, she was many miles ahead of me she explained all about the color and how and why she used it. This lead to quite a conversation, it was like dance I managed to follow her lead. I personally loved blue, but suddenly green became my favor beautiful color. Things went well after that but be carefully women are very cunning and I love them for that, I love the challenge. Vile la difference (Not quite correct spelling for French)!!!

Jer Berus

Is anyone else hearing, "You look like a modern day ORGY Hep burn"? [Hep as in Hepatitis]

Great One


Onix Torres

Oh I get instead off saying to a woman you find attractive you have beautiful eyes or a smile all I have to do is tell her she reminds me of tweety Bird mum..

Steve SSBtsi

Thank go for strip clubs don't have to say a word

Jim Peace

Indirct complent take more time , just say direct and clear, Otherwise indirect compliment lead her more boring ..

Vida Bajasur

Dating expert for men my balls!

Lawrence Obiekwelu

You d best

Rob Brown

What algorithm did I enter in which I'm now getting inundated by female dating coaches?? Guys, do not ever take dating advice from women.


I tried the bygone movie star thing, it didnt work, i said she looked like free willy...

Hugh McHuh?

I tell women (with long hair) their hair looks very healthy (for being so long).. I follow that up with, "oh, that sounds a little gay... I just have a daughter and the related hair drama". BTW Kezia... you have really healthy hair : )

2dble fistn

Who's Orgy Headburn?

Brent's video journal

So true

Oscar Gomez

This is how excuse me are those real because they look tasty


That lamp is about to fall off.

Geoff Sheehan

Great, I'm going into the office tomorrow and try the 'leg' line on my female colleague sitting next me. Should work out just peachy!

Chris Russo

Has anyone ever told you that you look like a cross between Barbara Bach and Lauren Bacall BUT with the most amazing English accent.

Joel Granado

Love your voice

Timothy Murphy

The way you do your makeup really compliments your eyes

Nars Son Garcia

don't ask a fish how to fish. ask the fisherman.

Gary Twitchett

You are correct, I told a young woman she looks like Kirsten Dunst, she smiled and said "Yes, I can go with that".

Jesse F

Thanks for the tips darling.

Sagairaj Sunder

Kezia has noble ones..

antonio velasquez

What about if your compliment the ass and own it like a man!!!And who cares whether she likes it or not...


Thanks a lot Kezia. this is quite helpful and you've got a nice personality.


hey Kezia ... , so your tips didnt help me what next ?


Well...I love your........MICROPHONE......Im just saying..

Three Green Charms


jesse amartey

This is great ?thank u?

rajesh sharma

kezia.....Nice info n my god how gorgeous , sexy n hot u r

Adam Miller

Kezia, your legs are driving me crazy... Now would you please pass me a trumpet...


ever time I get a black girl white supremacist always gotta breaks us up or either jealous just like they did on Instagram with me and cerisue I don't destroy other peoples relationships me and cerisue was making out just finne nothing but pack of jealous scrum bangs just like David Simmons including niggahs are jealous of me

Joe Kelly

The power of your strong voice slaps me cockeyed with desire.


So put everything shes said and do the opposite in ANY situation you dont want her causing any shit. Like work for example.


Kezia, I love your beautiful eye's and the way you present them

Paul vigil

Never change subject. Have you been sun bathing


The way you are dressed makes me want that one thing you mentioned.

Barry Gattenhof

In todays world of sexual harrasment when men try to compliment women and get clobbered with law suits ... what would your advice be Kezia
Boobs nearly falling out of your top will always get a comment.
It looks cheap and somewhat tarty.

Abdullah Khan

Good tips

Terry Stringer

Interesting. Very interesting!

Timothy Murphy

Your legs are driving me crazy, anyways what were you saying?

Guy Greening

Could you please do a video about keeping the spark in a long term relationship ?


No validation on first date.

Xavius Americus

Best policy is definitely not to compliment a woman on anything until she’s already under your spell. If you ARE going to compliment her, it has to be a back-handed compliment. Deep down, a woman wants you to tap into her insecurities.

Subba Naidu

can i date you.if you are single i am single by the way i like foreign women a lot.i like open minded people.

kareem Mohammed



So I was able to see a girl’s underwear because of her short dress and complimented it. She called the cops, what do I do now?

Sandeep Sinha

My cats enjoying sex on roof of my car :

Timothy Murphy

Your legs are ducking driving me crazy

Alshareef Ahmed

The tips are so helpful ??

Eddie Ohearn

I often give a nice compliment then switch topic mostly because the compliment is over but I will often look at the girl again and claim that she is trouble and I can see it in here eyes. I will come back to telling her that she is trouble a few times maybe over an hour. Later I find out she really is trouble is a very good way.

Nando n Nando



Thank you for the help : )

David Magnuson

Hey Kezia, you have no idea how hard it is to talk with you with such distracting breasts...?

Gregory Keithe Channel

Why is that lamp about to fall of the table?

Alvaro Goenaga


Hasan Hefas

hi cool host u r so entertaining

Joel Granado


sharad singhi

Helped me 100 percent

Paul vigil

Wow your legs are driving me crazy. Have you been working out

Ram Sharma

I don't no why but I want to kiss u....

Bobby Lopez

Kezia I think you look beautiful as soon as you get out of bed. I had a girlfriend like that once.. No makeup just natural beauty ur amazing

Deepesh Jadhav

You look Gorgeous

Weldon Arnold

Hey kezia i like your vidios,they are helpful. Im subscribed,im hooked, you are drop dead gorgeous ?

Herbert Lincoln

Sorry your not you

Woody 2502

She’s absolutely gorgeous ?

Justin Harkey

Why don’t you ever come to Iowa ?????

Ivan Lisboa

You must be in to music, I love the way you say tayming.?

Ivrish con-Abarth

If you now the girl already, just tell her you had a dream where she was in, and give a long look at her. If she´s interested at all, she will ask you about the details. Just look a little hesitant, and answer within the lines of "it was slightly... sensual", and there you go. Worked for me about 90% of the time, but it might not work with complete strangers. Sometimes it took time to sink in if the girl hadn´t thought of me that way, or if they didn´t want to know immediately, they might take a drink or two, or come and ask about it next weekend, or even months after. The thing is, the seed is there, and as I said, if they are into you at all, they´ll feel special, wanted so much that you dream of the her... She WILL come to, if you just don´t talk about a rape fantasy or such! :)

Rickard Österholm

I think you're spot on here, Kezia. Compliments should always be tailor-made for a woman so she will feel special. I've read an article on a blog before I landed on your video that discusses the importance of complimenting women and it also touches on tailor-made compliments as well. I think this guy knows what he's talking about.


Audio is good but the lighting is shit an what's with the 70's curtains?

Dwight Jenkins

Very classy presentation. You embody class. All the best with your consulting business endeavours.

Varun Rode


Willy Wonka

I never lied to any of the women I've been out with,I always used to tell them they looked liked pigs,in the end ,ha

R Kalos

Dont ask a fish how to fish...
ask the fisherman..

sulian debois

I'm trying to get this advise..example..." I'm hungry", I said..if I come home can we get a room? She said" why?" I said why else sex." Then the phone hung up.

Why I Froze And Apologized During My SEXUAL ASSAULT | Mansi Poddar | Josh Talks

Why I Froze And Apologized During My SEXUAL ASSAULT | Mansi Poddar | Josh Talks2 Apr. 2018
1 148 673
Josh TalksSubscribe 438 721

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Mansi is an award-winning psychologist in Kolkata, West Bengal, who sees adults and teens for individual, family and couples counseling. She herself faced a very difficult childhood. Sexually Abused and Sexually molested during her childhood, she felt neglected and at times broken. However, she stood up against all odds and now runs Watch her Josh Talk to know her heart-breaking story.

The origin of the metoo (#metoo) movement bought in many frightening stories of sexual assault, rape and sexual abuse in real life. All this made us realize the importance of why it is very necessary to be vocal about sexual knowledge and information from a very young age for children to be safe from sexual assault.

This Josh Talk was recorded in January 2018 at Josh Talks Kolkata.

Josh Talks passionately believes that a well-told story has the power to reshape attitudes, lives, and ultimately, the world. We are on a mission to find and showcase the best motivational stories from across India through documented videos and live events held all over the country. What started as a simple conference is now a fast-growing media platform that covers the most innovative rags to riches success stories with speakers from every conceivable background, including entrepreneurship, women’s rights, public policy, sports, entertainment, and social initiatives. With 7 regional languages in our ambit, our stories and speakers echo one desire: to inspire action. Our goal is to unlock the potential of passionate young Indians from rural and urban areas by inspiring them to overcome the setbacks they face in their career and helping them discover their true calling in life.

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#JoshTalks #SexualAssault #Metoo


All of the views and work outside the pretext of the video, of the speaker, are his/ her own and Josh Talks, by any means, does not support them directly or indirectly and neither is it liable for it. Viewers are requested to use their own discretion while viewing the content and focus on the entirety of the story rather than finding inferences in its parts. Josh Talks by any means, does not further or amplify any specific ideology or propaganda.

Comments (100)
Kay Khan

Thank you for having the courage to share your story. We desperately need these discussions to make a change. Too many suffer in silence while many others would rather ignore the reality around them as it is uncomfortable to accept the darkness in our society.

Kishlay Shrivastava

Dear government, plz legalize torturing such teachers till they lose their mental stability and commit sui...
Make earth a better place to live, SAVE CHILDHOOD

Dark Light Energetics

Truly an inspiring video. understanding the trauma and psychology of a child is very important for every human. I am sure Only those who are guilty & are the people who did such a thing to children, are the ones who have DISLIKED this video!!!

A. p.S.

Aunty and bhabhi really very bad

Marzy Art

“because I carry it well, doesn’t mean it ain’t heavy”
- Unknown

Puja Sarangi

Kisne tumse kaha tum khilona ho khelne ka


Its so difficult for me to listen

V Priya

This is how the teachers are. And these teachers shape up kids to good human beings. How ridiculous it is. This is the reason why boys become rapists and girls become schizophrenic. Children spend more time in school than in their own house. Teachers are responsible for kids behaviour.

Save Mankind

Punishment for sexual assault should be very severe and punitive without any form of leniency. It can be lashing with the cane or whip and must impress on everyone that this is wrong and punishable severely. Secondly, girls should be taught self defense at an early age because we live in a crowded and hostile world. Thirdly religious teaching should be started at a very early age before going to school so that children know what is dharma and will recognize adharma instantly to act on it. Barring all these there are also the Karmic consequences where "we reap what we have sown", this will certainly affect our life tremendously. We must learn to introspect constantly to understand "who am I" through constant and come to terms with ourselves. Naturally Boys too need the same training that all are divine creations and not our property. The early childhood training is vital for the upbringing of the child. In todays world of, maids bringing up children, drunken fathers, irresponsible family members, lack of dharmic teaching, half naked filmi stuff and other pollutants, the world is potentially a dangerous place. It is the duty of every parent to be responsible for the children they bring into this world. Hare Krishna & Om Sivaya Namaha.

Mohit Chandel

Indian teacher is totally useless

Atiq Rahman

Child molestation is common?? I do not know. Is it common or uncommon? Do not know. She has been mis-treated in childhood definitely.

Kuldip Xaxa

Very bad

kanisetty venkata swathi

Touched by her story.. It's a fact that we are living in the same place.. I know what's her feeling when everyone bullies us for low academics.. Even I faced it.. But now.. I'm no longer facing problems.. I also got so many helps and healed myself.. Also trying to compliment others and heal them..

unique Gamerz

U r a brave lady. thanks for sharing your experiences

Manglesh Dobal

Ye hindu mai bholti to saram ati kya pata ni kya bhol ri

Atiq Rahman

Is it really molestation so common? Do not know.

Romi Dogra

This video is an eye-opener! This woman has a lot of guts! God bless her for her courage. If you want to change the world, speak up people ?

Hawk Hawk

I am literally crying hearing your story. You are a super brave lady.
My prayers for you.
God bless you with more & more strength day by day. Amen


The way she's ❤️

Rainbow diamond



Loads of respect for opening up. But still you're wounded. I'd love to see you someday as a fulfilled person. Move on!!

A. p.S.

Friends,who faced this type of experience

srinivasaraghavanan ms

We must have strict rules or public punishment against people indulgent in any kind of crime . With so much crime happening something more efficient must be done .For example you take Arab countries people doing sexual assaults r given straight forward death .there is nothing wrong in killing such people in public .

Prabal Rai

Hallo madam I am Yogesh 26age from banglore so nice msg thanks madam my watsapp no +917975069221


എവടെ!!! മലയാളികൾ എവടെ! പ്രബുന്ദർ ഇവിടെ വരൂല്ലേ!!!!

Suriya Suri

Congrats for all those girls and boys who overcame the odds of life you people are truly inspiration for us

Asif Mahmood

We Asian(sub-continent) had have some social limits in daily life... That was safety and beauty of life.... Normally, kids know their parents name.....
As we leave our social norms and adopt new (western) normal by every means.... Punishment is in front of us.... Still we have a chance to move on our own social norms.... We will be back on credible society...... Hoping so

Shreya Sinha

I salute you. Period!!

Hazel Light

Irony of my life is i get to know that i was molested by one of my relative when i was in 8 grade during a seminar on bad touch in my school .

Puja Sarangi

Use kas ke eq tamacha rassid kar dena

puneet pankaj

Proud of you Mam...

mek m

Problem starts with the parents they must ommunicate with their children In Indian culture this is so prevalent and they like to hide it hopefully this changes!!! Mansi you are a brave lady to talk about this, addressing this openly so others dont suffer in silence! Bravo !! God Bless you always!!!


I am sure your classmates who bullied you and that stupid teacher must be ashamed now of themselves

Prabal Rai

Hallo madam

Shreeparna Barooah

How can I connect with you?

Mohammed Naseeruddin

Now I don't want my family in a joint family.

Anushka srivastav

not only in india, molestation and bullying is everywhere in the world. Please don't stereotype india.

Ullu app

A school should be such a place where girls can learn all the dimensions of life.
only then society will see a light of hope

Ruth Louise Murphy

I hear so much of myself in this. It still reaches into my life today. So many of my choices have been toxic to me. Even as a mother of 4 adult children I am still often chained by my very damaged childhood. It's a daily struggle, sometimes I win the battle but more than often I lose. I may fail but ultimately I will be victorious. Thank you for uploading this talk.

परशुराम भक्त

This type of men make other men feel shy about themselves being a man.....


What about all the molestation and insult heaped on lower caste in this country by the so called upper castes ?? Tell me how do those unfortunate lots face it ???

ajay willam

Teachers ko bolne se pehle khud thoda padhai kar lo is baar bhi kya fail hona hai kya, teachers ko bas blame karne se kuch nahi hoga khud se padho bag lekar jaane bas se kuch nahi hoga


She has described the topic with a different perspective and that's quite an admirable thing. Keep going Mansi..

Somnath Mukherjee

I need your help

Amala Rajeev

I am an introvert , I have less frnds ,I talk less but if someone hurts me I will beat them let it be my teachers or even principle ,from 1 std I am that ..... if someone scolds me for show off I call their dad and spit on their face...
People say I am rude ,avoid her she is toxic but literally none talks in my front .... be rude show arrogance, if someone talks anything that affects your individuality teach them at that moment.?

Dark Light Energetics

The worse thing taught in our society is to "Forgive" people... bhool jao.. forget and forgive! These are the same narcissist who exploit people mentally and physically and then they expect people to be good and forgiving in return! its all utter BS!

Madhu pandian

Mam can u have Ur e mail id. My son is facing these kind of issues

Sakhare Jayvrat

What a shame for so called society. Humanity is died long ago. Just few good people are left.

traveling lover

Strong grl

raju bathula

She is totally negative lady , she is try to get sympathy with a convenient way hiding her mistakes. she is thinking that she only knows the world .

Iman Bukhari IB

salute to mansi and her husband who understand her.


Hats off to her 9th grade math teacher.


Hello lady you have no authority to talk about teachers ....


Parents should teach their child what is good touch and what is bad touch

Adnan Cheema

Sad it is dont stand for any kind of abuse GOD has made evry1 of us special we wer not born to b belittled abused or degraded kik the butts if these abusers remember u r special lv urself

dinesh kumar

Brave woman,and great speech by u..this is fact in our society..

Vilas Natu

Mansi potdar mtadam salam namastec 9923441752

Girish N

You are a real life inspiration.. you have done something millions cannot do.. hats off..

Keshav Agrawal

i have no words to say anything. But she is brave and courageous. The most powerful woman I have ever saw.

Happy Haroon

Appriciating to u

Meenakshi13 H

Mam watsapp number plz

Bilu Ahmed

I never heard such a story??


India is not safe for Woman. Take care of Your children, Sisters and brothers. Raise your voice to save your life and your family

Ashok Bhoi

Best is gurukul
Request to all parents send your kids to gurukul for better education

abhinav singh

So many people have lost their childhood in one way or the other.


Sweta Das

vira De

I hope Mansi gets this note, that I was so touched by her story that I cried, I wish her all the best, all the love and I hope she knows that she has turned out to be a very special woman, who is so inspiring, lovely and so well spoken.


I....I just don't know who to trust at this point. From our childhood, we've been taught that a teacher is above all, even god. I don't think this phrase should be used any further.....

Ullu app

School teacher needs therapist. most of them are heartless & rude.

Shruti Kayal


Praveen G

I want to come josh talk ,, definition I will come something day....

Abhishek Chaudhary

Proud of Being Indian to nahi bol sakte ab.

Ggbv Cvnn

In this way any girl any accuse anyone and destroy him without any proof

fg gh

हिनदी में बता ओ यह कया बोल रही हैं

Debi Padhi

I identified a lot with teachers belittling you..I have been a victim too

Hats off Mansi..very brave of you to come out with all this..and I appreciate the stoic stable approach you have taken after undergoing so much shit..

Honestly speaking I found it difficult to heart was in tremors hearing what u underwent from age 5 to 14..

I really wish I could make those bastards pay

Santanu Paul

Her life make me feel that how brutal our society can be , how abusive how vulnerable teacher who are the nation builders the most vulgar and cheap thinking they can have that it's all out of my imagination just want to say girls aren't object they have rights to lead their lives in their own way ..

Molestation is not just about physical it's psycological mental emotional in every aspect
Salute to her to come back to the stream of life from where she was

suni mumbai

The best message of all times " Therapy is for ALL"


I think this Video Change Mindset From Porn Because This Also Sex Abuse Porn Site

Moni Das

I can bet she is lying.

Happy Soul

no words for u mam...?

Dowla M.M

Really a proud women

Vishal Jamwal

Today in most of the professions this is happening ....abusive language...emotional blackmail

McDonnell-Douglas DC-10

Mansi, your husband is fantastic. And lucky. Because he is YOUR husband.

Sudesh Kumar Gupta

Past ko bhool jaio aaj ke shocho, development ko he salam hota ha

Jitendra Yadav

My story also same i am keep always kquiet

Vijayakumar Nuthalpati

I wish nobody gets this ducking life what she had... not even interested to listen to this bullshit cause ...

Ashok Rockey

Brave women ???

Laraib Ahmad

You are brave ... everyone needs to be ... I am with you sis.

McDonnell-Douglas DC-10

Mansi, your speech is the best one I have ever heard on YouTube!!!! You are destined to Heaven. Because you are noble.


People who are thinking only girls are molested by the men or as she told by women they are wrong. Boys and sometime even the men are molested by other men or women. For boys or men it is more painful to reveal the truth.

Vinita John

Please share your website.

Navni Chauhan

You are really very brave ma'am . Hats off to you . A big salute to you .

Ggbv Cvnn

Shame on u lying accusing men

Atiq Rahman

Molestation of a child so horrendous.

Vidya Surendran

Very moving, Mansi Ma’m!!! God bless u!!!!??????

Jayakrishnan S

Kids who struggle academically faces these kind of toxic behaviour from teachers parents and relatives. I remember my class teacher telling to my friend and his mother during parents meeting not be in my company and talk to me just because he got 3rd rank in one of the term exam. My rank was 36 out of 48, so this weird conclusion of somehow my company affects his ranking.

Rahul Kumar

sometime educated ppl makes fun of other ppl who are somewhere less educated than them.

Mohanrao Kotari

Fantastic madam hats off

Sadia akter

Salute your courges

Aditya SINGH

I don't understand why people dislike this type of vedio why you are not Human being you are feeling less
Why people dislike

How to Talk to Girls: Creating Sexual Tension - The Fearless Man

How to Talk to Girls: Creating Sexual Tension - The Fearless Man24 Feb. 2015
80 528
The Fearless ManSubscribe 438 721

Learn how to talk to girls

Learn how to talk to girls the FEARLESS way! FEARLESS founder Brian Begin explains the concept of tension throughout life, creating sexual tension with women, and tips for building confidence in your everyday life. ... Subscribe to our channel:

This is the real, no bs answer for how to flirt and get good with women.

Follow @BrianFearless on twitter:

Comments (64)
harshith salian

I love the way you speak. Feels genuine compared to other coaches out there

The Fearless Man

@Rafal Jakubek Sorry I missed your comment until now-Definitely when you still feel some fear with enjoyment! If there's no fear, growth will be minimal if there is any. And work on making that fear into something that excites you. It can still be fear but you enjoy the rush of being a little scared, kind of like going to a horror movie...or skydiving, as it seems you know a thing or two about from your profile picture!

harold wagenaar


nathan tucker

I am terrified of that big booty ?

zeev aloni

This man has really high forehead or very low face. But he is brilliant.


You have to be just a little masochistic to enjoy life..

Steve Smith

1:13 the cup is creating tension by rolling around back there.

Bieh Pham

There's robots. No more tension, no more humans.

Climate Change

How does one step into tension when they lived with the tension of family violence throughout their childhood and adolescence?

whileweareliving here

Thankyou man...!


I got used to, mastered and was born in a world of tension. Over came all my tension and here I am today looking like a dragon slayer coming off as too cocky to some people. So how do you overcome all tensions and obstacles and enjoy your new self to not come off as cocky to some women?

Fubsi Pubsi

Hey man! It's amazing how much content and interesting ideas you give us for free! You definitely deserve more views! ;-) Nice greetings from germany!

Rocky Rocks

that cup brought huge tension

James Ashbrook

I like to give girls compliments but some of girls I know are shy which is cute but one of my co-workers did want to talk to me but I didn't get the chance to have a conversation.


Thanks for making this video real, i have been thinking about the lack of tension in my life recently and how I need to work jumping into and creating tension for myself :). What you have said makes me wonder why I haven't thought of it this way before haha

Ross Hillstrom

So here is one for you fearless man. I asked an attractive woman for her number, she said yes. After leaving, I felt this great sense of emotional pain that came over me and, it lasted a couple of hours. what is this? not the first time this has happened

Rafael Mendoza

I got distracted by the cup lol

Josh McIntosh

I thought id hear in "how to create sexual tension" with her is look into her eyes or silence after a conversation...not personal tension...but all is good

President-Elect Kekistani

But really. Don't underestimate writing stuff down. There's a pretty big effect on the subconscious when you write something down. All wealthy people write down their goals. Do it on a piece of paper with a pen not on your phone or computer/tablet.

A Bc

Hey man I wanna start of by saying that this is some of the best advice I have ever had! Thank you! There is one problem tho, the very last thing you said about stepping into tension in the wrong way. I find myself doing this at times, where I don’t have a feel for it and I just step into tension and seem like an asshole. What’s ur take on this and is there any solution or exercise I can do?

Tobias Auseuga

thought u were gonna say something ive heard before but I was wrong haha. love this!!!

michael nolan

Thats actually a very good point never tought of that carry a small note book around and ask myself where am I avoiding tension today,, That's a very good point to pick out there.

also I'm glover fan, I read the book No Mr Nice Guy and doing his Tension course the guy is good at making you more aware about this tension thing going on that us Men have been blinded by or unconious to but it's key thing we need to attract things in life by just being our selfs really and not holding back.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Just wanna say this video is pure gold. Not only for the girls, this tension thing is a life advice.


How to get a date to begin with ? LOL

Driver Nirvana

Man, of all the dating advice/how to...with women videos I've seen (and they're many), this is by far the most profound and eye-opening advice I've head. I used to think conflict avoidance is a good thing (and it is to a certain extent), but when I listened to your point about tension in this (and a couple other of your videos), it made me realize two things. One, I avoid conflict because I'm afraid of it. Two, I generally only address conflict when I'm emotionally hyped up.

Over recent years, I've slowly come to realize that I needed to be more assertive and confident, but your advice just now literally made me self-reflect and realize that growing up, I've absolutely feared conflict, and at some point I stopped trying to force issues because I felt like I had very little control on outcomes in my life so what's the point.

Thinking back on my life I can't help but feel regret because I think about all the things that could have been if I hadn't been such a coward or so insecure that I'd just give up so easily and quickly if a situation gets tough or uncomfortable. Then I'd just have low self esteem, beat myself up, and then blame others for my vices. It recently came to a climax when I realized I've spent much of my life essentially letting others live my life, and I had something of an identity crisis.

It's a sobering message for sure as it relates to not just my interactions with women (which could be more fruitful), but just life in general. Thanks a lot.

Ermias75 Ermis

Do a video about women and men with an age difference..Should men hide their age when they meet younger women if they plan on a relationship and then reveal it ,or not reveal it at all when they simply want to seduce someone?

Benjahmin Koenigsberg

Blessings. i appreciate this video. learning to laugh at myself for all the ways in which i have avoided tension and healthy conflict in general. I'm transforming my mindset and will do approach and courting visualization

yoav Ri

Your ideas are working with bars but testing them in our times when everybody are rushing it is almost impossible .


Your words are wise beyond you years, but dang!  Again great job..

jaime janer

Amazing, hoping to get better on my finances to join your program


No one:

Cup in the background: ???↩↪?


:25 seconds he mentioned it was like lifting weights ...stopped watching...guy has never seen a weight in person in his life lol

Alex Canby


Big John

he sounds like a chit talker to me lol


Good video


my goal in life is to raise some hell, win lot's of fights, piss as many people off as I can, and gain enough skills to become the most badass people I can become.


if i were you, i recomand you change your glasses they look nice guy


dude's on top of los Santos customs

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Wow, I never thought of it like that. Without tension, nothing happens in life.


amazing n inspiring, thanks Brian.


so intense-ion!

Giraffa Camelopardalis

I think the keyword is: tension

Michael Cole

I recommend the NLP practice of conversational hypnosis. Where as one can create tension from there eyes and or tone. We call it the hypnotic gaze.


4:30 starts the real practice message.

Richard P

Great advice for men. Thank you.



Lufia Daos

More effective trick for sexual attraction is to fart out loud. Your girl nervously will look left and right and be like "what just happened". Then I responded "I just made a blast. Now I have a hole in my pants. " Girls love this shit. It shows you are the alpha male.


Hey, where did you get that bracelet ? I want one like it.

Victor Hugo Bravo

Bro it's funny because
I hanged with this spiritual girl we were painting on top of a hill with a bad ass view and out of nowhere she's sitting across from me with her legs open and I feel her sexual energy and out of respect I removed myself from the tension.Kinda fuked it up.But when we hanged recently at a caffee her feet touch my toes and I said I'm stay in the tension and then she kept testing it and touch my feet and stayed in the tension and she seemed please and I felt good ..

KingLegg iNc

I used to be like you want to get any girl no really like any girl!!!!! get a SALES JOB get a job were people will tell you to fuck of and die get a job that grabs your soul your very being and sets it on fire and dries it off with lava takes a piss and spits on it. from a job that demonizes you I guarantee you will learn to overcome rejection and or commit suicide one of the 2 fight or flight. I am to the master lvl point were I don't give a fuck if the person likes me or not and I don't mean it as in I get mad and don't care because a lot of people will say well I don't give a fuck but are mad because they got told no they just don't show it. I am to the point were it does not even face me like my mood is completely untouched ill smile as you walk away or talk to your cute friend lol.

Metti Sejji

thank you

Jerry west

i like this girl who has a long distance boyfriend for like 3 years she met in her little online admin group.. She's super close to him but we've been hanging out a lot and I can tell there is something there but she mentions him ALL the time.. Idk what to do haha. If I make a move i'm afraid i'll ruin the whole thing.

Rigorous Project

I love this bruh. This is the real deal. ?

All In One 1

Thanks man


Nice Walter White :)Great advise I have never heard before from other channels. Makes sense, will defs purchase your e book


Thank you brother for sharing and inspiring. There's alot of men not being men these days missing out on some good women and experiences. I blame the media videos games and recreational drug use mostly for making people lazy and isolated . People need to get outside and try new things takes some risks chop some wood lol


The part of getting closer is the key, people who never fought in big arenas usually loose the first time there just because they never were surrounded by so many people and lights, it overwhelms them, to the point they freeze. Guys who were surrounded by girls as they were children tend to have none of this, most of us were hunters, competing with one another, while girls were practising their tactics even then.. They sure do have us beaten by default there, it is we who have to catch up big time. And the only way is direct practice and to fail repeatedly, and since public speaking is number one of the fears in general, we can surmise only few will ever be real seducers, these guys practically are actors...

Mando Escobedo

Omg this video is 4 mins too long. He could of just said Tension don't avoid it but step into it


Nigga you’re the biggest virgin I’ve ever seen why you talking

Gudani Rams

Yeah but its easy for good looking guys like you Brain to practice what your preaching, as for us who dont have the looks we are facing recessions when it comes to girls, not that we are afraid of approaching them,but because we know what to expect when approaching a girl ''REJECTION'' just because of not having the looks or money.


trouble creating sexual tension on a date? YOU RE GODDAMN RIGHT

Rafal Jot.

Hi I like the idea of baby steps. How quickly should I move to the next higher level of tension? eg. When I feel fear and enjoyment or when I start to feel only enjoyment and no fear any more of that level of tension?

Gino Curtis

So for me, one form of tension that I avoid is making eye contact with attractive women and letting a girl a know I'm interested. I avoid these things because I'm afraid of getting to a point where I'll be rejected... especially in front of other people. Any advice brothers? I'm 20 years old. Thanks in advance.