How to give a vaginal orgasm

How do I Give a Vaginal Orgasm?

How do I Give a Vaginal Orgasm?7 May. 2017
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Relationship Counselor &

Relationship Counselor & Clinical Sexologist Dr. Martha Tara Lee of Eros Coaching answers how to give a vaginal orgasm to a vulva owner.

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Dr. Martha Tara Lee is Relationship Counselor and Clinical Sexologist of Eros Coaching. She is a certified sexuality educator with AASECT (American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists) as well as certified sexologist with ACS (American College of Sexologists). Martha holds a Doctorate in Human Sexuality, Masters in Counseling, Certificates in Sex Therapy, Practical Counselling and Life Coaching, as well as two other degrees. She was recognised as one of Top 50 Inspiring Women under 40 by Her World Singapore in July 2010 and Top 100 Inspiring Women by CozyCot Singapore in March 2011. Her complete profile is here

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1) Overcome premature ejaculation - Ready Get Sex Go

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1) Overcome premature ejaculation - Ready Get Sex Go

2) Increase sexual communication and intimacy - Sex Jumpstart

3) Oral sex training techniques - Tongue Twisters

4) Overcoming Vaginismus (fear of penetration) - Sex Possible


1) Orgasmic Yoga: Masturbation, Meditation and Everything In-Between

2) Love, Sex and Everything In Between

3) From Princess to Queen

4) {Un}Inhihibited


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gue st

subtitle :
0:00 vaginal orgasm how can i give vaginal orgasm
hi my name is martha a clinical sexologist with
doctorate in human sexuality
and i'm from eroscoaching in many ways
in which a person can not have orgasm the most easy
and common way in which the person's vagina can have an
orgasm is through clitroral stimulation the clitoris is the
part of the anatomy that is most sensitive and it's packing
with 8k nerves and most people get orgasm that way
however there are people who would like to have experience
or have or give their partner a vaginal orgasm.
a vaginal orgasm is what happens when an object a vibrator
toys finger or the penis penetrates and then the sensation
of the friction the rubbing of in and out causes that orgasm
and many people i know of can not have a vaginal orgasm
and when i ask people how it feels like when they are being
penetrated i get this answer where they can feel something is
inside them but they are not deriving? pleasure from it
they feel it but they don't feel good about it
and so as i start to ask further i start to realise that
a lot of people have very different first time sex experience
than i did and so at this point i want to share a little bit
of my 1st time sex experience
1:33 i was with my partner and he wanted me to be comfortable
and relax and enjoy sex and so what he did through the weeks
let me repeat weeks of practice sessions is that he got me to feel and notice what it feels like to have something in my vagina and not freak out
be?? relax and and focus on receiving pleasure so at 1st
he would play with me with my underwear on and then he
would put his finger at the entrance of my vagina and
promise not to penetrate and just encourage me
to see? what it feels like to be relaxed and to have
a finger at the entrance.
then he started to move his finger back and forth
little bit not even going in but just at entrance and really
encouraged me to feel and enjoy the sensation and you would
do this for quite long periods and so much so that i was able
to then relax into it fully and receive orgasm in that way
and gradually where we thought that we were ready for sex
there he would start ??? practice with his finger going in to my vagina and then gradually from 1 finger gradually by then i was able to have vaginal orgasm and then
moving on to 2 fingers and later on i really ready
we had penetrative sex so i'm sharing this because
i'm a sexologist and i strongly believe that
there's a kind of trauma and a numbing that can happen
when the penis is just shoved into a person's vagina
3:17 when they're not fully ready so there's this tension
that fuse when we know someone creeps up on us from behind and we get scared right until we know who that is and maybe we need to relax.
3:25 what if to ??? repeat repetition with the penis
just going in and the woman is not fully relaxed and she's
experiencing pain in her vagina and she's her body
is locking in all this tension in her vagina she doesn't know
how to relax and feel, in fact she wasn't encouraged to feel
sensation is assumed that it should feel good and so what
what can happen is they're having they're having fear
they're having pain they're having numbing they're having the lack of focus and on their own pleasure and arousal and you need to be really fully relaxed in order to do that so
this is the reason why i strongly believe that true genital
massage 1 can begin to relax
the vaginal muscles more and more but to notice and feel
and allow relaxation relaxation and pleasure to be in inside
the vagina the noticing of sensation is so important when it comes to learning about their bodies especially their vagina
and a lot of women that i know of do not have that experience
of learning about the vagina so i was very fortunate i was able
to learn about sensations and relax and control the muscles of
my vagina through the practices that i did with my partner
and that i was was extremely loving listening and really supported me in really claiming my sexuality as a woman and so what i feel needs to happen for a vaginal orgasm to happen
is that a lot of stimulation and massage and relaxation
need to take place.
the pattern is to be fully noticing what sensation
feels like then let's talk about that pleasure and then
that is built out of sexual tension that can happen inside
the vagina and then of course through the rest of the body
so this video is not about vaginal massage but this video
emphasises the importance of vaginal massage and you may want to refer to my other videos talking about what is the orgasm and how an orgasm happens and so i'm going to recommend a resource here and this video is called 'fire in the belly' 'fire in the belly' and you can find it on my website under products\category\products and you'll see the video 'fire in the belly'. 'fire in the belly' is a video that was produced by joseph kramer my teacher online video and it teaches different woman? massage technique and i teach these techniques in my workshop in my workshop though there's no ??? there's no nudity i teach using visual aids using sex toys and using a line drawing handout? to explain all these things to my students so 'fire in the belly'? is explicit it's online and it's educational ??? point so this is a great resource for people who would like to learn how to have a vaginal orgasm or who would like to give a vaginal orgasm so i hope you find this video useful and if you have any question thoughts? comments and?
always post in the comment box below also you can email me
and ask that's where? i'm looking for questions relating to love sex and life so this is martha of eroscoaching

credit : 'cc' button

How to Give a Woman a Vaginal Orgasm

How to Give a Woman a Vaginal Orgasm27 Feb. 2020
Ben DoverSubscribe 438 721

To find out more on

To find out more on vaginal orgasms

★ ★

There are many different forms of climaxes you’re able to give the woman in your life.

Men and women as well are most familiar with clitoral orgasms.

A clitoral sexual climax is achieved from direct stimulation to the head of a woman's clitoris.

However, there's a problem with this type of orgasm.

While this kind of orgasmic pleasure feels great to the lady, it's often not extremely intense.

Actually, it's more of a local feeling to the genitals only.

To give women a really intensive female orgasm, we should take a look at stimulating a different spot.

Our goal for giving a woman a powerful female orgasm is really to give her a full body climax.

A thing that she can feel from the tip of her nose down to her toes.

One of the best approaches to give the girl this sort of orgasmic pleasure is to give her a vaginal climax thru g-spot stimulation.

A lady's g-spot can be found about two inches inside her vagina along the front wall.

It'll have a rather wrinkled feel to it.

To stimulate the g-spot, place your index finger inside her vaginal area with your palm facing up to about the second knuckle.

After that begin stroking the wrinkly region with a "come here" motion.

As you continue stimulation, you are going to feel her g-spot begin to enlarge.

After several minutes of stimulation, you will feel her vaginal walls start to pulse on your finger.

This means the girl is having an orgasm.

If you want to give your woman vaginal orgasms:




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How To Give Women Vaginal Orgasms

How To Give Women Vaginal Orgasms29 Oct. 2016
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SexIsMedicineSubscribe 438 721

Vaginal Orgasms are like

Vaginal Orgasms are like the holy grail of sex. They are so elusive to so many women that Western science actually states only 7% of women are able to orgasm from vaginal stimulation alone. Before Tantra I too believed that vaginal orgasms were a myth, available only to the few lucky unicorn- type women roaming the planet.

Then I discovered these 4 Tantric sexual “secrets”, which support your body, mind, and spirit in having the vaginal orgasms your body is actually hardwired for!

Learn more about the 11+ orgasms for women, 3 common blocks to bliss, and 4 keys to unlocking your full pleasure potential in our Female Pleasure Guide video series:


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