How to put on lube

How To Lube A XTerra TR150 Treadmill The Correct Way

How To Lube A XTerra TR150 Treadmill The Correct Way13 Dec. 2020
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Comments (9)
Terry Maccarone

I just bought this treadmill on Amazon. It's being delivered on Friday. Thank you very much for your two videos - very helpful.

Jessica M Munoz

How can I reset the lube on display please help

Sambo Escondido

Thank you very much for demystifying the process. I've been using mine regularly since I got it last month and was not looking forward to doing the first lube. The instructions in the manual are okay, but actually seeing it performed by you makes it much more understandable

debbie contarino

Just put together treadmill today. Very loud annoying squeaking noise. Said he comes prelubricated. Should I go ahead and lubricate to help with squeaking sound.

Aviel N.

How much of the lube did you use (the entire bottle)?? How often do you lube the threadmill?


My new Xterra 150 called for lube after only 6 days, which surprised me. I've been very satisfied with it so far. Thanks for this video.

Siblings TV Channel

hello friend, I bought the same treadmill a week ago, how often should I lubricate the treadmill?


I had a good treadmill years ago and never lubed it. That was a mistake. I just bought this one and will follow a maintenance routine. Live and learn. Thanks for the video.


Your method seems to contradict the instructions in my owner's manual, which says to apply the stream of lubricant in a line "across" the width of the deck "parallel to the motor cover", as opposed to down the length of the deck perpendicular to the motor cover as you show.

How to lube your GAN cube

How to lube your GAN cube30 Aug. 2016
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GANCUBESubscribe 438 721

Remember to clean the

Remember to clean the original lube before lubing.

One more thing to notice is that you can use different types of lube to the corner feet and the contact surface respectively.

Now every can buy gan lube online! Please visit

Comments (100)
Savita Sahu

Hi I am buying a Gan XS stickerless

Micah Francis 2S

you use the Gan 356 rs cause ur cheap. Don't lie


How often do I need to lube my Gan 354 m?

Bert O Bop

Should you clean your pieces before putting in new lube?


"how to lube your GAN cube"

Me: *cries in yulong*


can i use maru lube

Blast Master


Meep Hiang

did u guys only lube 2 sides

Ben Liu

do English I cant read Chinese

jin riku rubiano

hey gancube could you make a stickerless version of the air i get tired of restickering it so make it.

Stormtrooper Tk-4444

Gan Cube/Puzzle My cube started to feel dry, so I added gabs standard (I use that lube a lot)one drop and my cube started to slow down. what happened?

Aditya Krishna

you should fix the focus problem of your camera

Eddie Just Eddie

will you ever make any stickerless on your cubes in the future?

Irina Olaras

Why you dont have lube in your magazine

Shut up

It kept going out of focus


can i us a maru lube


Does the Rubiks brand Lube work on Gan or Will it get destroyed (i have gan air sm)? Must i have gans lube for this?

ruchir rawat

Should I wish this was in English or should I wish I was Chinese

Logan McCulloch

Can other lube work on gan?


How about someone just lube it for me?

Aryaman Verma

GanCube can you make a video on lubing different cubes


Only at one side of the cube?


Oh wow


Can you make a video on how to lube the Gan 356i please ? ^^’

The Tech Dood

Finally i know how to properley lube my GAN cube.... I was lubing my old one too hard, I abandoned it and got a GAN 356XS.

Konrad C

where is the lubricating notch located

Jiayi Wang

Chinese....Yes Very Helpful



Rhett the Cuber

To understand in english turn on captions.

Leonardo Gualandris

Is it necessary to lube the core?

Arnel Pijuan

The best way to lubricate your cube is to use WD-40.


tbh gan lubes will make ur non gan cube worse.

Asem Nirmal Asem Nirmal

Could u give me a gan cube it's very expensive I can't buy it I'm very poor lol


does gan lube work on moyu or any other brand?

Evelyn Verano

Is that water based?


I used some other lube for something else and now it's kind of hanging up what do I do? Get some Gans Lube and lube it or take it all apart?


My cube came with magic lube (I’ve got a video) does that work


I have a GAN356 Air just saying lol

Edit: hi again
Edit 2: I didn’t edit this comment at all lol

Neel Gajera

Did u notice that when he is scrambling, the turning sounds kinda go along with the music

Leonardo Gualandris

What about white GES + GAN standard lube?

Big XFaDerX Vevo

Wtf likes

34 Kubes

can you compare about Gan lube? Sorry for my english.

Lorenzo Pistacio

Im planning to buy gans air standard on your website. Does it comes dry?or lubed?

Sun Rise

Hi Mr. Gan, where can I buy the Gan Lube, on line?


Do you have to use Gan lube to lube it

NKF` Gamer ツ


Super Crackers

how to lube your GAN cube

*valk3 user has left the chat

Luis Torres

thats the sticky lube?

Oh Yeah Yeah

Can anybody tell me about how many times GANS lube lasts

Shital Ingle

I hit the 1000th like and made this video a 1K hit

El Rednaxela

Bruh atleast do a tutorial on how to open it.

Bamboo Ntertainment

Please tell me how to open the bottle

Vcgf Ough

what different between gans magic lube and gan standard lube

Cubey Speedster

Thank You! I Have A GAN 354, A GAN 249 V2, and some GAN Magic Lube On the way.

alex olaras

i bught a gan 356 air master on your websyte can you give me a track number

HTD Cubing

Hold up I can't read chinese

Taco Cat

Where can i buy the lube online

Shard Phoenix

Where i can buy gan lube

Fachry Reifandri

i cant open the gan lube....


OMG This vid is posted on my brithday :D :D :D


I can't open it!!!

It is treason then

How often should I do that?

dainiel maldo

what do I need to do because I put many drops in my cube and it became slow pls answer


Is it work with a different cube?

Anthony Robert

those chinese words

Alif Farrij

Is GAN lube can use for the core to?


I ordered the lube for my gan 356 air and it made it smoother, but its also has a bumpier feel to it that I don't like. Someone help me with this issue.

Adarsh Patil

When to lube the cube weekly, monthly or daily???? Please anyone reply me???

riyaan hussain

is this the same for a gan 356 air sm

Khalid Qureshi

When are you going to do 1k subscribers giveaway.

Ex Beast

How many solves to break in the lube?


Can i use qiyi lubricant in my Gans 356v2?


Can you do this with the X?

Meep Hiang

what type of lube was used

Venny Novriani

Your hand is so fast XD

GD Arlkalus



is there another lube that is similar to this one ?


How can i stop the spring noise?

David Marchan

que hago si a mi cubo rechina la 354


I’m kinda a new cuber. What do u mean by corner feet’s and contact surface?

Alejandro Marquez

when you buy your gans 356 air grandmaster does it already come lubed?


Can you make a video how to dissasemble the angström research gan

Khalid Qureshi

How should I lube the core of air.

Jyotirupa Dhal

I wAnt a free air um


im in malaysia the websites in malaysia didnt have gan lube...only have maru lube???

Jay XD

Hello, what does the gan lube did? Slowing a cube or make it faster?


Can I apply Maru lube to my gan 356 air um. Please reply

Xavier Ramirez

Which lube should I put in my Gan 356 XS??

Jochen Pflüger

I use my new gan air 356 air um daily. How often must i lube/set up my Cube?


Can We Use Coconut Oil In Gan cube ?

Shital Ingle

1000th like


My gan air sm is so dry after lubing idek why

It is treason then

Is the hab 356 air um already lubed?

ApeX Spectre

Why does there need to be a specific lube you need to lube GAN Cubes? Can I use DNM 37, Lubicle Silk and some other lubes instead of GAN Lubes because its pretty hard to find them.

Leonardo Gualandris

Hey, great video! But I have a question: I would like to lube my Gan not only to have a smoother feel, but also because I’ve heard that lube increases the life of a cube. It actually makes sense, because after hundreds of solves the plastic begins to wear out because of the friction. So I planned to lube the pieces, but what does lubing the core exactly do?

Haies 09

How on the 356 XS Cosmic Magnetic?


Can I use vasiline?

Matteo Malcoci

How to cube your GAN lube


Can i use any other type of lube? Not GAN lube

Amandog 44

I have a exam tomorrow but I am trying to learn a skill when I do not even have the tools

How and When to use Thin Yoyo Lube for yoyo bearings

How and When to use Thin Yoyo Lube for yoyo bearings31 Jan. 2015
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Learn how and when to use

Learn how and when to use Thin Yoyo Lube on your yoyo bearings.

Get the Thin Yoyo Lube in this video:

Thin Yoyo Lube will protect your yoyo bearings and allow them to play unresponsive.

Comments (100)
Ngurnunzauva Sailo

Lubing oils are very costly in India ?


I'm a bearing killer. Instead of doing it proper I just buy cheap bearings in bulk from ebay (30 for ~40$, the golden center trac 8-ball ones) and use them dry until they die. Usually one of those lasts me a month or two so the bag should last a while. Even tho they are cheap they work well, thanks to them being open and running dry they have an ok-ish sleeper time (consistant 3+ minutes but ofc this heavily depends on throw and yoyo too).
Only thing is, they are loud. Rattling during tricks and a whining spin.


Can I use trumpet valve oil?

Road to 11 sec 5.7

I dont have a bearing tool, how do i get it out?


Wondering what are the best yoyos today? Check out our up-to-date list:

Senkaio Dude

So, i was playing with a new yoyo i got today and after about 2 hours playing with it, it began to feel gritty and made a loud sound, i lubed it just now and played with it for a couple minutes but the sound is about the same. Is there something up with it?
And can we just appreciate how YoTricks is still responding to comments to this day

Dinesh Parashar

Can we use another thing in place of lubricant. If we are not able to get this lubricant.

Aaron Wong

I just tried and cubing lube works well too

Davids Bergs

its really hard.


Why is my unresponsive yoyo coming back?


What if I put olive oil

leonid eman

What if i use wd40 for my unresponsive yoyo? Pls help.

Gab Mortel

Yoyotricks can you bring thin lube to the Philippines?

Kavyan Mirsalehi

Hey Adam, when i lube the yoyo like you show, I put the bearing back on the yoyo, and I spin the bearing. It will spin for a second or two, and then stop. Is that bad? Or do I need to give the lube some time to kick in?

Gab Mortel

Yoyotricks If I order the lube here in the Philippines,do I pay you dollars or Philippine money?


Yotricks, can you use sewing machine oil for unresponsive yoyos?

Jason Peck

My Duncan reflex makes s grinding sound when it sleeps does it need lube?

Glass Half Nothing

Help I may have over lubed my wedge Yoyo and now it doesn’t spin as long

Chase Prest

How many times should I lube my yoyo. Ps I use the yyf flight


thanks for the helpful vid yoyotricks, is it better to take off the shield n C clip n apply the lube directly to the bearing? only asking as my friend does this, thanks...


Yotricks, I add nothing to my yoyo but it turns responsive, it is a bit loud too

Raymond Ostil jr

i used yo tricks thin lube and lubed the bearing exactly how he said and it didn't work my bearing is still super loud should i clean my bearing or is my bearing dead?

Ngurnunzauva Sailo

I have the magic yoyo m001


How often should you lube it?


My friend is asking if you can use rubik's cube lube such as z lube etc.

thanks in advance...


This does not ship to india what do i do

Anthony Rivera Estrada

how do you unscrew the cap

Soren Stachniak

Should I lube my Yoyo out of the box?

Gamer Tag

I accidentally put too much lube

Mazen Albanna

Is like automatic transmission oil a good lubricant. Or motor oil

Power Duper

Finally.I've been waiting for 1 years after this month I will buy a thin lube.....?

MaTThew's Vlog

Can you deliver me yoyo lube in philippines

Don S

Great vid

Nikolas Sumonthee

I don’t want to use thin lube anymore

Sprig Battles

Yotricks I ordered a velocity so should i lube the bearing out of the box or should I lube the bearing once it gets messed up

Zapter 9

I really love yoyoing but you don't just buy a yoyo you need to change EVERYTHİNG and that makes young more expensive


This is out of stock at the moment. And can u please show me some alternative to this lube

Zbot 132

what if the bearing is stuck on the screw side and the multi-tool doesnt work


Can i also use bones speed cream for lubing my bearings?

Random avgeek

I'm saving one of my bearing for later. Do I still need to lube it? I'm not going to use that bearing for about a month.

Sky- Icy

Thank u so much I thought I was going to need to get a new One because I flooded it lol


Which ingredients are used in thin yo-yo lube?

Mehmet-Can Islenmis

I got a Shutter on Saturday and it worked perfectly fine but now it got responsive. I don't know if i should buy a new bearing or try lube. What should i do? It makes a little "Ting" sound.


I use the Yomega Xodus II, and it has two bearings, what should i do? Btw, there is one big bearing (regular), and then the second bearing is split into two smaller bearings. Sorry if to complicated?

Lewys Cousins

I've got like 12 or 13 Yoyo's now of all different shapes and sizes, different play styles etc and pretty much all of them are really noisy. I've had most of them for about a year to two years and only a few days ago did I ever get my first bottle of Yoyo lube ?? I think I've ruined pretty much all my bearings just because I didn't know how important lube was!!

Honestly, they all still play well including 3 Yoyo's that I've had for like 8 years almost without ANY lube whatsoever so I've not noticed a significant difference in spin time only noise and vibe. However would any of you recommend me getting new bearings for my main throws I use all the time because I don't want to be using bearings that are holding me bck...

Tainan Xoumphonphackdy

My one drop gradient is being really responsive. I bought new response pads. Should I lube it as well?


How thick is Yoyo Factory Lube compared to your Thin Lube? I recently had some come with a yoyo and after applying my yoy started playing responsive. And after an hour of play they are still a bit responsive. I'm having my Shutter respond due to it while doing grinds.

Lad7 _

Video starts at 5:50

Y_ rush

Yeah I'm going to buy some lube bc my bearing has been loud for about a month now so this will come on handy


I didn't know I need to lube the bearing at the first time. I thought I can just play it out of the box.


Hello yotricks, does it matter what side you lube it

Evil Hutdug

I never put loob in my yoyo because my parents would never buy and its still working well but im worried because its meeting its end


Does this fix unresponsive bearing that is play responsive?

Parker Hebert

I think I over-lubed my unresponsive bearing as it’s basically responsive now. is there anyway to fix it

Huy Pham

What does gritty sound or feels like

Имя Фамилия

Is it ok if i only wash bearing with zippo, but don`t lubricate it?

Vishnu Kuppuswamy

When to lube fizz yoyo

Awewewe7 Playz

Recently got a p. Lotor. It became responsive quickly. If I try to do side mount tricks it returns and hits my wrist. How do I make it unresponsive again?

Jim Moeing

I am getting the onedrop eclipse (new!) but I want a concave bearing in it where should I get them


Is low viscosity lube considered thin lube

Wadia Abushanab

I let one of my bearings sit for a couple of months with out using it and when i put it back into a yoyo, it was loud, so i lubed it but its still loud. What should i do?

Admiral Baguette

what would happen if I used responsive lube on an unresponsive yoyo?

Cameron Sisson

I just got the sage pro pack. After about a day of using it i decided to lube it, but i only had thin lube so i used it on the responsive Bering. Ever since i did that its been making a gritty noise. How can i make it silent?

Daniel Ang

Hi yotricks could you make a video on shielding bearings?

Don S

The time the video has gives me ocd lol

Keyifli Zeytinyağı

I haven't played with my yoyo for around a year now it extremely wobbly and it spins for max around a minute. So my question is will cleaning the bearing then lubing it properly will ensure that the bearing comes back to life. Btw I have a shutter. (Sorry if my english is not great)

Sahida Parveen

Why does my yo-yo get loud 10 minutes after cleaning and lubing it

Huy Pham

What dose gritty feels or sound like

Ivan Garcia

The day after Christmas Eve I ordered a Duncan roadrunner form I’m in Canada I’m so excited for it to arrive!!!?

Colin E

Hello sir, I just received the civility yoyo in the mail and I was wondering should I lube it or does it come oiled

Steven Westfall

So should we lube a brand new yoyo? I got one from magic yoyo. Do companies ever pre lube bearings?


And is cleaning and lubing to yoyo the same???

pubg lovers

Can we use oil as lube

Anthony Rivera

ummm, I was doing my brain twister combos, then my Atlas started making a gritty sound. So I got out my thin lube, did what you did in the video, but it still sound gritty. Did I break my bearing? Did I lube it to late? Please tell me, I'm competing in a talent show on Friday!!!

Maria Ziolecki

When I lube my yoyo, it plays unresponsive then responsive then unresponsive can someone help me with this issue?

Aaron Ecklund

What should I do if my unresponsive yoyo (Winter solstice) is starting to respond when being pulled up? I've only had it for a week or 2 and I can't get my grinds going because whenever I pull it up to my hand to grind, the string just begins to wind up the yoyo/snag without me doing a bind. This only starting happening about 5 days ago and It's really frustrating and I've tried switching strings and cleaning/lubing my bearing but it just made it worse. It's too responsive is my point. I've been playing with it responsively practicing my other tricks for several days now and it's still too responsive. All the videos I could find talk about a yoyo not responding well enough but I can't seem to figure out how to stop it from snagging/responding. HELP!

Andreas Gregoriou Ioannides

If I don't have a multy tool what should I do if the baring doesn't come off??

Huy Pham

Pls respond


Can I use fidget spinner bearing lube?

Anton Shkabara

I'm sure you can do it too. Just look for Woodglut plans.

Duckie GamersYTs

Lol when I got myself an Oracle it was slightly louder than a nuclear explosion


How often should I lube the yoyo? Days, weeks or month? Can I clean my bearing with water and dry it? I use replay pro.

Joshua Bock

I found that if you over lube a bearing, that if you play it for 5-10min then take then bearing out to drain. Due to the heat inside the bearing thins the oil. Repeat a few times over because the bearing is cased in the yoyo housing not alowing oil to escape.

Travis Browning

How can i tell what kind of lube i got i ordered some from yo yo factory and it doesn't specify if it's thick or thin...


When he says a small amount of lube he means a VERY small amount of thin lube. When he says half a drop, its barely anything. I use a needle to apply the lube. Make a small amount come out of the tip of the applicator as he describes, then use the needle to get some of the lube on the tip of the needle and apply to the bearing. There's a very defined threshold where it becomes too much lube and the bearing will become responsive. This is why this needle technique works well, because you apply controlled small amounts at a time.

Elwlrma _

Yotricks This may sound dumb but I put wd40 on the bearing since i thought it is a lube and now my bearing is as bad as ever. Can using this lube fix it or not?

jelassi ghassen

Can i use thin lube for responsive yoyos


Can I use trumpet valve oil to lube a bearing


What ways are there to make the lube in the bearing break in in a fastest way possible?

Leandro den Hoed

Which oil should i use for my velocity? It is responsive and unresponsive sso which oil should i use?


How many day after we have to look Replay pro yo-yo ? How many days?

Mud Guts • 12 years ago

I put thin lube in my YYF Flight and it started making an odd noise

adeel xv

Can i use Q20 oil to lube my bearing?

The IOS King

What bearing should I buy for a shutter?


is thin lube for unresponsive yoyos only

Pandoran Bias

Jut got an oracle and after a while I started to sound like a fast201. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Davids Bergs

how do you even open it?


Hey what would happen if its been 30 mins of playing with it and it is still responsive

Taylor H

How long for yoyo lube to work in and settle so that the bearing spins a long time again? I lubed my bearing with super lube hobby lube that you guys used to sell and my bearing is slightly slower but doesn rattle as much


I just ordered a velocity and it’s my first time trying to get into serious yoyo playing, so I’m practicing in easy mode for responsive play for a while. The starter pack came with thin lube and the yoyo is starting to make a bit of noise after just one day, will the thin lube compromise the responsive mode on the velocity at all?