Heath ledger hairloss

"You Want To Know How I Got This Hairline? "| Joker Parody | Heath Ledger The Dark Knight Batman

"You Want To Know How I Got This Hairline? "| Joker Parody | Heath Ledger The Dark Knight Batman28 Oct. 2020
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Bronx Joker strikes

Bronx Joker strikes again, this time terrorizing the hairlines of Gotham City underworld

Feat @jmassiah90 @jaykirk___ @comicsara @miztik_mza ⁣⁣Film by @frenchy.babyy⁣

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The Man XX


Damion Alford

Came from tiktok haha. Subbed

cold hearted

R u related to the guy from the new girl?

Crypto Grease



Omg! This was too funny! I literally was laughing with tears...so on point. Love it! Keep it coming.

Mo' Breezy

This was clever! Hope you get more exposure!

Cameron Manning



Yooooo this is genius ???


this shit was funny ...
mickie d’s sign lmfaooooooo

Edward Garcia


rig kmu

Genius ??


on point lmfaooooo

Aaron Cushinberry

How about a line ?

Jeron Hill

@IdrissTv awesome video great ? funny video


This was really funny?I’m here from tiktok


Hahahaha see you on Friday!


You're a fool for this one! ???

Talking Gear


Lildude21 21

Original and funny, I fw it heavy ?

Jet Strange

Now I want a shirt of the bronze joker


That was a good impression. Great sketch.

Ibby Kargbo

tiktok brought me hete


this is genius


Those faces tho

Kevin Rubio

This is super funny!!! ?

Nathaniel Cela

Bronx Joker is legit!

Heath Ledger Hairstyle Tutorial | How To Style Men's Curly Hair | By Vilain Silver Fox

Heath Ledger Hairstyle Tutorial | How To Style Men's Curly Hair | By Vilain Silver Fox4 Jun. 2013
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In this tutorial we show

In this tutorial we show you how to get a Heath Ledger inspired hairstyle. Slikhaar recommends By Vilain Gold Digger for great hairstyling result. Haircut and styling by Slikhaar Studio.

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Sides: 20 cm

Top: 25 cm

Music:Fabian Mazur - Minthood

Best Regards

Emil & Rasmus Vilain Albrechtsen


Send all requests to: [email protected]

Salon website: http://www.SlikhaarStudio.dk

♥ Slikhaar TV is a hairstyling channel for men founded by the twin brothers Emil & Rasmus. Every week we give you new hairstyle inspiration: Tutorials, how to videos, celebrity and footballer hairstyles and professional tips to optimize your hair and overall style.

Stay tuned and remember to tell us what you want to see next!

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Sange Sherpa

His hair was almost at the beginning so it was easier

Unnatural Selection

Did he really say Heat ledgah?

Dane Logan

never blow dry curly hair


He fucking said Ledger's name wrong omgs.

Discreet Alarm

0:18 he said "silver ****s. hahahhaaha
and 0:26 he said "gold digger wan*s.

jack smith

hey slikhaar tv when is silver fox gonna be released?



OK Goonie

Led grr ??‍♂️


We want Jean Andre- This Girl is so arrogant.Teach her to smile

nguyen dong

i love your hair style very much 

Mr 54Y3D

Do Neymars 2013 haircut!!!


You said ledger wrong

Insaf Muhammed

Do the 'Joker' hairstyle on him!!

Ro Costa

Do the new Cristiano Ronaldo hair style 2013 !


Macklemore,Marco Reus and Bradley Cooper haircuts! Thumbs up for it!

low -

Zinger at start. HA. He's dead...


Shit, du snakker Engelsk med Dansk accent.. lyder forfærdeligt.

Abraham Rodriuez

macklemore hairstyle please!!!

Ryan Taborete

Omg who's this man!!

Kyky Nomoline



Marco Reus is coming tomorrow :D - update on facebook


Avan Jogia style?


OMG ! What's his name ?!! He looks so much like Ledger ! Did he make a Joker cosplay ?


Ive got wavy hair, with too many texture (I want less texture, but not too greasy). My hair are brown which tend to bright, I want to showcase this natural light. Would u advise me to buy SilverFox or GoldDigger ?


cristiano ronaldo haircut against russia and croatia in 2013 ! and marco reus


Cristiano Ronaldo new haircut?


Love all your videos, they´re awesome. :-)

Crocodilul Siberian

robert downey jr

Jitse B


Ayman Salah

By vilain   !!! it's not exist in egy 

Lennard Dussel

what hair style suits me

Ragey Ryan

Wow butcher the name




Jean Andre ftw!!


The guy getting his hair done is Ledger's doppelganger.

7 Lucky Sins

He looks like ledger lol


have you ever danced with the devel in the pale moon light

Denis Danailov


k hyun

Joker in batman...awesome...good acting



Lucas M. Caffre

Fellaini please xD or Skrillex xD

Sean Meagher

Gaz beadle or gary beadle from Geordie shore, his new hairstyle please and thanks.

cuong ngo

Sam smith plz!

Steven Gosset

Matt Bomer please ! ( Neal Caffrey To White Colllar )

Juan C.

looks like him haha

Bo Ran S.

please do a rhinoceros-unicorn type hair style tutorial, it's the one I am sporting now. it's a like a horny curl and not so much a pointy point. it's not a mohawk either. it's like your pull hair in the front and it stays there.

Zirach HellCode

0:49 HE does look like Joker even without haircut. Just his face and smile :)


If she was my girlfriend..she would do my hair all day xD


OMG that guy is the clon of Heath Ledger ?

cris tina

I don t like.


Where is Jean Andre???


Hehe led-gar


These videos are so awkward..

Qifsha Serbin

Xherdan Shaqiri from Bayern Munich!


Mario falcone hair

Eduardo Reyna

Ora si viene lo shido

Eduardo Reyna

Luisito comunica

Asad ul hassan

like if you have curly hair

mark niggz

Do a gary beadle "Gaz" inspired hairstyle!

Melisa A.

He really looks like heath

Peter Pagh

knyt sylten snotskede

Daniel D


Vinnie Fabian



He look's like Heath Ledger actually.

jay a

They chose a great model

Erick Tumux

I was born with curly hair and now I'm tryna get it back, so should I just let my hair grow and try to make my hair curly? Any help please.


Hello, sorry for the question I'm going to ask, but what kind of haircut is it? 1:52


Heath led-ger hair

Sharar Sifat


Shalini Cavalleri

The voice, and body, similar, the heath ledger, ❤️.


i can make this hair without using product only water lol


i think i need to get a perm now...


Jean Andre not this cow girl.

Alx Rayn

He looks like Heath Ledger

Huynh Gemini


Jay K

Paul Wesley hair please!


Heath Led ga

Poop Pee

Does this work on Curley hair?


Hi guys. Ive gotta question which I hope u can answer. My hair is very thin and I cant find good styling products to get my hair in the right model I like. Got any tips for products to try?

Joshua Francis

Silver fucks


Can anybody tell me the name of the song, pleeeease? listened to it several times and it´s amazing! (;

Joshua Francis


Jemo Akhobadze

Before was more batter how to make for myself?

Rodrigo Rieper

Please make a video for those who have curly hair

Teo Papadopoulos

He look like more to David August


It's pronounced lejer not led ger hahahaa great video anyway


Blaszczykowski please!


He actually really looks like Heath

cheap harry

i have shorter than the joker. can clip on extensions work to ger the joker hair look ?

CCP is a Virus

Holy awkward, Batman!

Josef Mrázek

Macklemore hairstyle, please! :)

Kristoffer Tobias Abrahamsen


Namelus Marka

Heath led gerrrrr

Dani Gotti

Wow, he looks like Heath.

Young Republican

That IS heath ledger!

Jemo Akhobadze

First time hair style is soo coool i want for me please help me to do it


i'm confused it's it led ger or leger

Josh Johnson

I have curly hair so I aint’t doin it.


Which of your products is best for thick curly hair?

Isaac Cantador

Heath hair is more long that it

Can You Still Grow Your Hair With A Receding Hairline?

Can You Still Grow Your Hair With A Receding Hairline?1 Jul. 2020
47 323
Trav WhiteSubscribe 438 721

Do you have a receding

Do you have a receding hairline but want long hair?

A common argument I hear men make is that they don't think their long hair will look good because they have a receding or mature hairline.

I hope this video shows you that receding hairlines and long hair can look amazing.

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https://youtu.be/JKBGjEKeCIA - Click here to check out Greg Berzinky's video - Going Bald Or Mature Hairline?

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Please note that I'm not a medical doctor or a qualified cosmetic chemist. I do my best to quote credible scientific studies and link to all the studies in the description so you can fact check me, but I can't 100% guarantee that all my info is error-free. It's important to consult your doctor and do what's best for you individually.

Comments (100)
Dze ko

He just mentioned Bollywood and Saif Ali khan

Javier Martinez-Pais

I have a shitty hairline since I was born. I have to have long hair so I don't look awful xD

gokul k

Got shocked when he told abt saif ali khan

Cam MacDonald

I don’t have a receding hairline, but great info as always ??

James Berryhill

This kept me going on my journey. Thank you

Tom Johnson

go visit the Seesters and get a curly update for us guys!
I be they would love to have you bro!

from feriluc

Should of put some soccer players like zlatan ibrahimovic... pablo maldini... carlos puyol just to name a few

Abdelrahman Elsharief

Great video! Answered a lot of questions that were running through my mind. Keep up the good work.

manjith nandhu

Quick question, how many hairs do you loose a day? Do I need to worried if I loose 20-30 a day?
Ps love your channel ❤?

Abdu FM

thank you so much Trav!! you keep posting this GREAT video, its gonna blow up a lot of ideas in a lot of mens! I just wanna say Undertaker have noticable mature line, but he keeps rocking long hair, thank you men, see you with another GREAT video!

Ram Vinayak

Definitely as my hair becomes reallylong after few months so it is a yes

Cionca Mark

Since i`v seen Peter Stomare, I got a lot of confidence. Not worried at all.

Wilfrey Will

Thank you so much trav white your my inspiration love this channel makes me happy ?


my hairline all a sudden changed in high school to mature,so the hair i rocked changed and looked like balding but then it went back,so weird

Trav White

Who are some other guys that I didn't mention? Someone mentioned George Carlin (GREAT example)...who else?

Benjamin Bertrand

Great vid.

Craig Morrison

WWE's shawn Michaels had long hair and a receding hairline and rocked it for years while wrestling

chinken nuget

Hey Trav! I'd love to see some tips to take care of dyed hair

Myles H1995

Meanwhile I’m dealing with an issue with the hairs on my scalp are only 1/2 as long as the hair on the back & sides (collar bone length).

Makes styling extremely annoying with basically having shorter/awkward-phase hair on top with really long on sides.

Like I can headbang & the hairs on top barely move where the sides fly around. Idk what treatment to even pursue for that

Xfiles Megaman Ten

My hairline's messed up because I hit the bottom of a swimming pull one day I went to swim, it's not receding but it's not straight

Vizzy T

end of the video message was really nice, thank you for posting :)

Beejay Albindo

Thank you handsome


I don’t have a recedy hairline, I just want my mane to get longer, it is shoulder length now.

My father, and both grandfathers died with full heads of hair

Alexander C

If receding was the only issue. Can you pull off long hair when thinning on top though? That's a tough sell.

Brendan Brink

man, I was so bumped out that my hair was thinning out and now I think it might have been because I was wearing a man bun for about a year every day. Thanks for the video.


Middle age in your 50’s??? fuck me your optimistic! ??? Love the vids ???

Hemisuper Zee

BUT it will look better tied back in a "old school" tail. When hair is "down",the bare temples are exposed more with long hair, looks noticeable then. .

Evan LeClaire

Moreplatesmoredates is a guy I follow. Highly recommend his channel ?

Nithin Menezes

Thank you so much
That was motivational
I am 20 and suffering from receding hairline in the crown region


With that said, doing everything to prevent receding hairline. Literally do not want that shit bruh lmfao.

Sponge Kun

Straight up answer, liked it ?

Micah Bell

Damn my dad has a juvenile hairline with a widows peak so I’m lucky Latino by the way

Resty Santos

I have receding hairline but i grew my hairlong. Thanks Trav for motivation!

yung hörn

Hey trav! Whats your Opinion on apple cider vinegar? Do you use it?

Kavish Bhardwaj



Voice crack 0:39

⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

I started growing hair out during the quarantine and I have a receding mature hairline
so I think I'll stick with the long hair for now ?
Thanks for the video Trav!

bullet2th 47

Those 10 people that disliked??

Euan Elliott

Mick Fleetwood kept his ponytail despite being bald on top, and he carries it off.
As with anything it's about confidence.

Jonathan Cerda

Thank you for making me feel better about my maturing hair line. I have a pompadour and can blame the pomade along with the hair pulling for my balding (maybe) but it looks like a mature hairline. Anyway, thanks, I feel better on letting my hair grow long! ?

Mustafa Aziz

Does smoking affect the hair?

Faraz Khan

Hey Trav, Watched most of your videos about hair and style but I am so worried related to mine cause I am going through an awkward stage of hair growth which is normal I know but the things are my hair is thick and hard to comb sometimes and they are also wavy even thou I use conditioner but I need something that makes my hair even softer the ends of my hair strands are wavy like super wavy no matter how much I comb my hair I ended up looking like wolverine which is giving me a headache lol brother a piece of advice is need at this point of my journey. Thank you.

Горан Цеста

Thank you so so much for this video man, it really helped push me through the awkward phase of growing out my hair

P Techs PC

Singer Theo Hutchcraft also has long hair and a receeding hairline

rizwan haq

Trav, I have a question, does smoking cause hair loss?
Reply please.
I'm in my awkward stage & I have hair loss but I will not stop hair growing.

Steve Pugh

Thanks Trav. Great video. I already feel better being in the company of some of those greats


I’m a simple man if i see .......... i click

Camilo Campo

Mark Calaway (Undertaker)

Alex Scho’s Vlogs

Explain a receding hairline I’ve had one since birth so maybe I just have a weird natural hairline ?

kasre yototot

Hair loss is the excessive loss of hair. This condition can result in thinning hair or baldness, either temporarily or permanently.

Here are seven causes of hair loss:

1. Lack of protein intake
2. Lack of iron
3. High stress
4. Styling hair with heat
5. Just gave birth
6. Have thyroid problems
7. Taking drugs
The best choice of natural hair care that is meant to solve all your hair loss problems by revitalizing your scalp and bringing out new hair. For more information please visit: https://tinyurl.com/drtadt?vdsrfgz >

- How to use it:

Start by dropping the product on the top of your head, letting the product drain on its own, then gently massage it until the top of your head is well coated with the product. If the nape area still feels dry, drop the product on the area, then massage it upwards until even.

Jakub Klinger

I have hair almost to shoulder and receding hairline (Norwood 2,5/3), I'm using proven treatments (finasteride, minoxidil, microneedling). I would never shave my head if I can save it.

Shahbaz Khan

Make video on white hair

Maester Meep

What do you think of laser light therapy?

Mad Butcher

well 1 day i did an buzz cut and let it grow
my top of the head is shorter than my back and sides
got any tips?


1:45 so if my hairline receded a lot in high school but stopped after a few years (after I cut them and stopped pulling them into tight knots) it's most likely not AA? Oof
PPS Check out jackie welles, a character from cyberpunk 2077, dude's balding af and still rocks badass with that man bun

Legitimate_ XD

U forgot yo mention "Andrew Lincoln" who played the protagonist "Rick Grimes" in the walking dead

Fonz Rivas

Love the material, I appreciate the research, effort and time you put into these videos. It shows! Keep it up man!

Young Acidic

Kevin Mann is also a great hairloss channel.

Rosli Hanafi

Love your vid and your supportive group..keep it up man

capt nemo

You look like jesus?

Carlos Antonio Gonzales Rodriguez

Is this Jesus?

guru shyam

I am losing hair near one temple(whether its mature or MPB) and I want to grow out my hair atleast once in my life before I may lose it, been 6 months and going I'm excited. Goal is to have the keanu reeves hairstyle in john wick and ultimately witcher hairstyle.


i used to grow my hair like a hobby by just waiting,slicked it back with a comb in it,now as an older man patience is so much worse and im tempted to cut when im angry or stressed because i think we all associate a cut with leisure

STIG Lauren

Most guys with a receding hairline also have thinning hair, which doesn’t grow past a certain length.

Christopher Jernigan

Month 18 now


Love the video. Thank you!!
I had a prominent mature hairline. My hair cuts where becoming shorter and shorter. At 45 I got my hairline tweaked. It was so minor that no one at worked noticed. I still have a mature male hairline but now at 50 I have a Josh Holloway (Lost) or Brad Pitt (war Z) style.

Anyone considering transplants I'd say go for it. Expensive but you only I've once...

Stephen Benji

Hey Trav,
I wash my hair everyday but shampoo on alternate days ... What do you think man?

Pumpkin Seeds

Long hair with a receding hairline gives it a bad ass look . Do it

Medusa Makes Me Hard

i get certain chemicals in my hair from work and have to wash my hair everyday. And thats like the biggest nono, and my hair is starting to thin. any tips or should i just go bald?

Grape Surgeon

I dont have a receiding hairline but a really strong widows peak, which has been Hilding me back from growing it out but now im growing it out for the first time in my life

Shubh Goel

Trav and his hair are super motivating ! Mane mens go ahead.

wassim khalife

I dont even know how to thank you really. Youve given me and am sure thousands of people major relief throughout your well done videos

Recovering Know It All

Looks like a chick with a beard

Alex Kna

I love your channel man:)) just found it recently,i am a guy and my hair measures 81.3 cm. i can relate so bad with many things you often show us

Riasat Salmin Sami

Thank you for mentioning Hulk Hogan. Best hairstyle ever.

Will probably get similar haircut if I go bald.

shikkari shambhu

Fahadh faasil says hai

Jason Miller

You should grow out your hair when you start losing hair because you are going to lose it anyways in the coming years ( more depending on your hair genetics) so enjoy it before it's gone, and you can hide the balding spots with your long hair with many different hair styles, Nature gave head hair for both men and women so there's no shame to have a long hair to your jaw, shoulders or chest you are being natural anyway.

Farshed Navid

Can you do a video on
crown breakage/thinning? Pleaaaaeeseee

KYLO *-*

Can You Grow A Viking Beared ?

Jeremy Rouillard

a lot of the guys you mentionned are receding, but still they look great!

ryan michael

Can we have a john wick hair tutorial

Ping Pong Cup Shots

Thank you so much man. I found your channel today and I've been learning loads. I'm 18 and I've had a Norwood 2 all my life (with no sign of male pattern balding yet). Been growing my hair for about a year and a half now and I really love it compared to shorter hair. My friends also reckon that it suits me better than before. I do still feel insecure about my hairline and I'll catch a glimpse of it in a mirror several times a day, but I definitely feel like this is the best choice for me. Music is important to me and pretty much every band I listen to compromises of dudes with long hair so I have plenty of inspiration :)



Fahim Al Ashique

How to grow full beard...?

Resty Santos

My hairline is receiding, but i grow my hair and its in 9 months. Should i continue to grow my hair long? Any tips? ?

gokul k

If ur hair is receding its better to keep it shorter for longer hair life

Pink Qrow Productions

Damn... Trav Lowkey kind of roasted the three people in the thumbnail ???


how often are you told that you look like Jesus from the Walking Dead?


Man I love you ?

Patrick van Lissum

This gave me hope, thanks!

The VinSa

I’m growing my hair out and I like it so far but my hair like do be looking like heath ledger


I'm blessed that I still have a Juvenile Hairline. All Genetics!


Trav, what kind of condiotioning mask do you recommend to fine, low porosity, oily scalp hair?

A skaters Life

Today is my 1st day of stage 10 of my hair growth journey


Do you still use Beard Brand for shampoo products? I’m not sure about the ingredients. It does have PEGS and fragrance can you help me find the right products for men and also for styling

Jax Pink

im not even balding i just like watching this channel lol

Patrick Cosgrave

7:06 yep that's me right there, like Jude Law's hair line but with pin straight fine hair

taylar sweft

"Man pattern baldness " the only reason why i hate being a man ?

King Of king

Wtf buddy Murphy is doing in the thumbnail?

funny techy #

Love from Kerala ??bro what happens when i apply date expired shampooo