Girl masturbation survey

Do girl masturbate by kk entertainment flim

Do girl masturbate by kk entertainment flim23 Feb. 2018
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Do girl

Do girl masturbate

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By kk entertainment flim

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Bandh karo Laura ye sab

Soham Parmar

3:22 the reporter !!!

Umer Dar


sharik bilal

Loda lasun

Aminul Islam

Randi grils

College Girls On Masturbation

College Girls On Masturbation1 Nov. 2016
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John Keenan


Mohsin Hossain

IMO number. 00966551070967

Marc Baetens

Most girls lied


I feel so guilty after masturbating lmao

Waterborne Nineteen

A couple times a day, I enjoy doing it and it feels so good!

luol deng

stop asking waste yute quesitons and ask something clever

mo Bi

So honest

buzz buzz

College girls on denial

In The Beginning Was The Word

Howdoyoufeelabout Masturbation? Guy talks so weird.

uneeb ur rehman

you should give there Instagram n twitter for sure some of them r hot

krishnakumar Menon

I'm single and I do daily

James Gore

I like it when I I masterstroke

buzz buzz

2:24 smug bitch. And she was probably lying herself

Scott Fisher

Girl at 1:21 probably just did it that day lol
And the girl at 1:36 definitely still does it once a day, she just looked at her friend who was like "once a day?!" And then made up that thing about being in a relationship so she doesn't do it as much LOL


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Paul2015 paul

Single and girls let chat on whatsapp..

Felix Hudescu

How'd you guys get Drake to interview all these girls?


Why do people think its a taboo topic? Every time I hear anyone talk about it, they say how awesome it is..."oh, but there's negative stigma about it."
From who? Very very very very few people think of it negatively. I've never met a single person who thinks it's a bad thing.
So stop saying there's negative stigma surrounding it.

Justin klay

Man , ya got a Drake haircut right there! Haha

What people think about MASTURBATION | Public Hai Ye Sab Janti Hai | Jeheranium

What people think about MASTURBATION | Public Hai Ye Sab Janti Hai | Jeheranium15 Dec. 2019
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sachin jakhar

cap guy is pro?

Adil Khan


Shailendra Gendle

Right hai br

yaduvanshi R,k,y

Muthmarra paglo kuch nhi hoga tumloga ka

Rizwan Rizzu

1.6 hilana????

Prasad Shete

Why memers doesn't use your video .

Ur action after saboon .

Ohho fuck 0:55

Moin _mr.awsome

Basically masterbation is for poor ppl ,reach are those who have hf or bf available to have sex .



Arun sangale


Ali Mulla


white shadow

3: 15 what a savage surprise ??

Ankit Lamba

5:03 ? side effect puchai thai .....this show #girls have no opinion


I can't Stop my laugh????

True Lines

how many girls known .what is masterbation ? ??


Apna Hath JagNath ???

Kritiraj Choudhury


Vinay Malav

You should have to watch manthanhub YouTube channel's all will get the right way

AXI 666

Yeha per jaganathaa ko mat lau ?

Bibhas Dev

The vital energy, the virya that supports your life, which is the prana of pranas, which shines in your sparkling eyes, which beams in your shining cheeks, is a great treasure for you. Remember this point well. Virya is the quintessence of blood. One drop of semen is manufactured out of forty drops of blood. Mark here how valuable this fluid is!

A tree draws the essence or rasa from the earth. This essence is circulated throughout the tree, its twigs, branches, leaves, flowers and fruits. The shining colors and life in the leaves, flowers and fruits are due to this rasa. Similarly, the virya that is manufactured by the cells of the testes out of blood gives color and vitality to the human body and its different organs.

According to Ayurveda, semen is the last dhatu that is formed out of food. Out of food is manufactured chyle. Out of chyle comes blood. Out of blood comes flesh. Out of flesh comes fat. Out of fat comes bone. Out of bone comes marrow. Out of marrow comes semen. These are the sapta dhatus or the seven dhatus that support this life and body. Mark here how precious is semen! It is the last essence. It is the Essence of essences. The virya comes out of the very marrow that lies concealed inside the bones.

There are three divisions in each dhatu. Semen nourishes the physical body, the heart and the intellect. Only that man who uses the physical body, the heart and the intellect can have perfect brahmacharya. A wrestler who uses his physical body only, but keeps the intellect and the heart undeveloped, cannot expect to have full brahmacharya. He can have brahmacharya of the body only, but not of the mind and the heart. The semen that belongs to the heart and the mind will certainly flow out. If an aspirant does only japa and meditation, if he does not develop the heart, and if he does not practice physical exercise, he will have only mental brahmacharya. The portion of the semen, which goes to nourish the heart and the body, will flow out. But an advanced yogi who dives deep in meditation will have full brahmacharya even if he does not take physical exercise.

Semen is the quintessence of food or blood. One drop of semen in manufactured out of forty drops of blood according to modern medical science. According to Ayurveda, it is elaborated out of eighty drops of blood. The two testes or seeds that are located in the scrotal bag are called secretory glands. The cells of these testes have been endowed with the peculiar property of secreting semen from the blood. Just as bees collect honey in the honeycomb drop by drop, so also, the cells of the testes collect semen drop by drop from the blood. Then this fluid is taken by the two ducts or tubes to the vesiculae seminalis. Under excitement, it is thrown out by special ducts, called ejaculatory ducts, into the urethra where it is mixed with the prostatic juice.

Semen is found in a subtle state in all the cells of the body. Just as sugar is all-pervading in the sugar-cane, butter in milk, so also, semen is pervading the whole body. Just as the butter milk is thin after the butter is removed, so also, semen is thinned by its wastage. The more the wastage of semen the more is the weakness. In the yoga shastras it is said:

Maranam Bindu Patanat,

Jivanam Bindu Rakshanat.

Falling of semen brings death; preservation of semen gives life. Semen is the real vitality in men. It is the hidden treasure in man. It imparts Brahmatejas to the face and strength to the intellect.masturbation destroys a man physcially,mentally and spiritiually

arvind gupta

Iss see ghatiya koi bimari nhi .... Insan ko khokla bana deti hai..

Raju Chauhan

How many girls love this videos

Mahjabin Oyshi

1:31 what’s wrong with that girl?????

Fkhan Khan

Ye. To. Andar ki baat. Hy.

Aditya Das

3:05 I liked her, man. ??

Harsh Chauhan

अपने ल* को चोदू बनाना उसे कहते है मास्टरबेशन


05:17 best answer ?? I was waiting for someone to say this

Rakesh Rocky

Legends wl come to read comments ??....



Mahmood Hussain

5:29 his sound and tune like Pakistani

Siddhesh Berde.

3:32 Aaaaaaaaa ?????

Aditya Das

4:45 ??????



Ajay Kumar

Girls is going to watch this video

Chetan Shirole

Marega tu pakka marega

Yash Terase

Kon Kon nofap dekh ke yha aya??

Dheeraj Gahlot

I m say in Hindi
Apna haath jagarnath

arvind gupta
Yeee link dekh Lena sab clear hoga ki yeee kaise barbad Kar deta hai insan ko

Biplab Dutta

What the fuck ?????


It’s harmful for health.

ImranHusain Husain

Good idea to make this video. I liked it.

salman Khan



Aapna haath aapna jagarnath

Dlog viewer

Masturbation is the sexual stimulation of one's genitals, usually to the point of orgasm.Some religions consider masturbation to be a sin .Immanuel Kant regarded masturbation as a violation of moral law.According to him , a man gives up his personality when he uses himself merely as a means for the gratification of an animal drive.

The side effects are:

1.Long term Memory Loss

2.Lack of Concentration

3.Lack of focus

4.Lack of ability of thinking

5.Impaired Problem Solving skills

6.Impaired Decision making Skills


8.Lack of self-esteem

9.Lack of confidence

10.Weak vision and sight,fuzzy vision and eye floaters

11.Fatigue all the time

12.Muscle cramp in legs and arms

13.Short body

14.Short and thin penis

15.Lack of sleep

16.Semen leakage

17.Pain in testicles and abdomen

18.Back pain

19.Shoulder pain

20.Thin sperm

21.Falling and thinning hair

22.Weak bones

23.Lack of interest in anything

24.Guilt and shame, regret, depression.

25.Regular thinking of suicide

26.Silent death

27.Life becomes hell

28.Premature ejaculation

29.Enlargement of Prostate

30.Sexual impotence

31.Premature aging

32.Magnetism loss

33.Sexual frigidity

34.Loss of vigour

35.Loss of vitality

36.Loss of strength

36.Loss of muscle

37.No medicine,supplement can have any effect

38.Ruined career

39.Cannot produce children

40.Various mental disorders like depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, madness, insanity etc

41.Acne and pimples.

42.Bulkiness in body.

43.Dark circles around eyes.

44.Eyes become small.

45.Ugly faces.

46.Imbalance of mind.

47.Migraines and headaches

48.Death of brain

49.Dark skin

50.Inability to do any work

51.Male boobs

52.Loss of libido or sex drive

AND MANY MORE…………………………………………………………..

But the western scientists and doctors chat bulls shit that its perfectly fine to do it every now and again and it helps you keep healthy and learn the pleasure of sex.


आधिक जानकारी के लिए manthanhub channel देखो और practical अनुभव के लिए comments देखे

Harsh Aryan

Mujhe koi problem nahi hai agar koi masturbation karta ho lekin ye kahana ki es stress release hota hai ye maha bakwas hai can i share you one fact
Kya aap logon ko pata bhi hai how big is porn industry?? According to Forbes annual revenue of porn industry is about $2.6 billion to $3.9 billion. To kya apko lagta hai ki porn industry chahegi ki log masturbation ka side effect jane aagar main apne study ke hinsab se bol sakta huan ki masturbation ka koi bhi benefits nahi hai. If you want relaxation do meditation itana jayada relaxation milega aur apke brain ka neurones bhi acche se kam karega.

Gabu Samajima

9854638105 believe me I am handsome

Sri Mantralaya Raghavendra swamy Jothishya Phalam

aunty mastrubution

Ritik saini



3:35 logical

Vasanth Vatsa

7845358863 cal me girls i show u?


Ladkiya bhut smart hai ?yrr ,, sab malum hai Babu Bhaiya ???

lk naik

mine kharab kar dia


No Age restriction ? bhosidke




Ooo bhai maro mujhe maro???

Valak Demon

2:40 best part in whole video

Abhishek Raman Jha

ब्रह्मचर्य पर भी सवाल पूछें , स्वामी विवेकानंद

Shaon Reddo

Tum chodtti q nahi hoo is ladki walo ko

saktimaan saktimaan

Love from jamshedpur jharkhand

Shushant Sharma

Chii jamana kharb ha purana jamana badiya tha ??

The Visshal

5:17 ?✌️?

Navjot S

Sab bhade ke tatto hai

rishi kumar

Ek larki paka fingering ki hai dhek ke pata chalta hai uska reaction


Speed 480

vin C

Giv like here who all do masturbation daily

Bawaligand pro

No fab

Aapka dost

Hindi me bolo hame English nahi aata

Proud to be a Muslim

Kabhi bhi na karo shakal py lant parti hai ronak khatm ho jati hai

Bawaligand pro


Mood Enhancer

1 mahine ek bar hilao yrr ?

Ashish Bibekar

Anchor looks handsome


Interview on teen pregnancy

Vishnu Rai


shivani singh


Shubham Sharma

2 minute ka maza Zindagi bhar saza

rishi kumar

Koi achi baat nahi hastmathun me

Destiny Matters

Futile videos... Should b Banned...

Abhishek Raman Jha

Hindu nahi hindi khatre mein hai

sanjay malik

Hilanaaaaaaaaa was legend

Destiny Matters

No Matter it gives us a relief for a while...... But ultimately it leads..... To devastate


Hey northies ithne over acting kyu karthi hai
Why don't they behave like normal people ????

Raju Bhayal

Bhai ye video 5 minute Ka bhut chota bnaya

Taskin Ahmed

What A Sexy EPISODE Yaar ? Malik Salute Yaar

Power Solutions


Dhansi Rajahansa

Abe Tu bhai kitna baar hilta stupid girls??? boy porn wife keliye he

Ankit Lamba

4:36 wahhh #bc teri English if people do kafi jada yahi h vo English ke बरसाती मेंढक

xyz 123

Sari batein bhul jaa l**d pakad ke jhul jaa

Vipin Kumar



ye jo supreme bnda h naa ye btayega bc hme itna phlwan

f J

Girls are lucky actually. They won't loose anything after masturbation.

Amit Yooo

Us ladki ko bada pata hai,lakeer mit rhi hain?

Pooja Kumari

All randis are answering the question also. Characterless fake feminists. Madarchod

Surya singh Rajput

I love bodybuilding ??
I hate girls ??


2 minat ka Maza Zindagi bar ki saza

Ashish Official

3:05 Ye Ladki Sb Khela Khel Chuki Hai Apna Haath Jaganaath ???


Bhai pura desh me NRC ko lekar hahakar hai aur aapko mesturbation se fursat nahi mil rha hai

Jaheer PUBG


दिव्य बंसल

Sukranu jeebanu falanu ??

Rahul Pal

Aj hi mene kya hai ?

Kanha Pradhani

Thanks yaa kabhi kabhi karna chahiye

John Thono

Sapoon guy. ..relatable?