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STORYTIME - My funniest (and worst) sex story ever!

STORYTIME - My funniest (and worst) sex story ever!18 Aug. 2020
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Comment down below and tell me what your funniest sex story is! I'd love to hear them! Maybe I'll do a video where I read them out and we can have a laugh together?

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Comments (6)
Mick Dundee

I think you dodged a bullet to be honest. If his aim is that bad, it could have been a different whole experience.

random anime shit

:D funny content gj hope ur channel hits 1 mill subs and above

Mick Dundee

You needed a tenant for your 1 bedroom, red walled apartment? I'm picking up what your putting down. Way to dance around the subject ?

James Smith Salty Army

Damn lol poor guy..

Mick Dundee

Sounds like one of those dogs that just go to town on your leg like it's the alpha.

random anime shit

lmao misses the fcking coochie and hits the thighs im deaddddddddddd