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New Amazon Fire TV Cube (2019) | Setup & Review

New Amazon Fire TV Cube (2019) | Setup & Review12 Oct. 2019
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Review of Amazon's Fire

Review of Amazon's Fire TV Cube 2019, the 2nd generation 4K streaming box with full Alexa support. Costing £109 in the UK, this new streamer is a serious Roku rival boasting intuitive voice controls and full 4K HDR support. This unboxing and setup includes a full tour of the best Fire Cube TV features and a look at the apps, plus a review of the Alexa smarts.

With a fresh Nvidia Shield TV on the horizon and Roku's latest streaming devices just launching, Amazon's 2019 Cube will offer stiff competition. This is the best 4K box I've tested, thanks to those voice controls which mean you can ditch the remote. There's dedicated support for all of the main TV and video services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and iPlayer, plus music apps like Spotify. Of course, it's Prime users who will get the most from this Fire box.

So what do you think, is the new 2nd gen Fire Cube worth the cash? You can certainly save some cash and get the cheaper TV sticks, but the Alexa feature makes this well worth the upgrade.

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Deutsch Mermaid

This was so helpful. Thank you.

Bill Lee

Any chance you can try to stream a movie thru a browser by using a site like flixtor.to and review the quality?


just listen thru headphones

Kid Poker

the box says ethernet adapter included there was no adapter in the box

Hung Lu

Tôi thích nó cũng đã mua Tôi thích lắm thíchBixby !từ một số nước


They say it sucks ass

muttley T

can I sign into my amazon devices (ficre cube and firestick) using one amazon account?

Space Dude

I just got this it is amazing works with any tv with HDMI

munchy 22

is it proper full lossless atmos or dolby digital plus version lossy?

Aditya Ravi

Does Fire TV Cube work in UAE

Mohammad Al-Shuwaiee

It has amazon itself ? I mean like YouTube , prime etc ? No need for the firestick ?


there isnt a real reason to buy a fire cube for the reason all tvs made from 2016 till now are smart tvs so there no point for the streaming and just spend the 50$ if you want the alexa

Damien Lamy

if this is dnla compliant that i can stream a movie from my pc to the amazon cube i will buy it if not i leave it

muttley T

will amazon accept returns of fire cube within a week, if you have opened the device and plugged in already? Many people have been saying how the nvidia shield tv is better at streaming/ picture quality?


Wait.... so when I'm not watching TV, I can use it just for Alexa commands to control smart home devices? Just like standalone Alexa speaker?

# DATszalámi

I dont like it coz it doesnt have Google play :/


Can i use a VPN to watch netflix with this ?

Lonnie C

Cool review Thank You

Andy Dawson

Don't understand why anyone would want one of these ??‍♂️

God teach me to pray your word

Alexa cube is part of their spy Network ! It probably sends your voice even when it is off ! I will be looking for other options !

Ken Franklin

will the cube recognize the stick to download what you already have downloaded or do you have to start from scratch?

Ricardo Ramírez



Can i get perfect player on this

siamska kotka

maybe payed for netflix or free


how do I pair/sync my new tv to my existing cube/settings????


0:43 that’s not nice

Ian Plummer

Am I missing something or are these no good if you use a satellite unit (Sky or Freesat box)

Paul DeAth

Never seen Ash vs Evil Dead before, was that Lee Majors in the clip?

Randy Henry



Man you could of done the video in half the time with all the talking.


How would you like it compares to invidia shield?


Now THAT'S what a product review should look like - informative, entertaining, thorough. My Fire TV Cube arrives today. Got $30 off. Been using Roku Stick+ which has been great but wanted a faster gadget. Wanted to wait for the new Chromecast with remote but this was too good a deal to pass up. Can't wait to set it up and take it for a spin. Your review sold me.

The Reformed Rant

That remote is ridiculous. I had the same problem.

Nirsa Martinez

Do you need wifi at home or it comes with it

Ezra Bufford

I'm getting rid of ATTDirectTV to Xfinity but somebody told me about the Fire sticks and the Cube. My question is if I change to the Cube, will I be able to save favorite recordings like I used to and will Netflix be free now?

Ernest Lawson

How close can the cube be to the TV speakers?


canceled xfinity cable and bought this plus a good digital antenna. My cable/internet bill used to be 245 + amazon prime so lets say 255 month approx. now combined Im paying 80 + prime. so happy.

Vernal Scott

The mics are useless. Will return to Amazon.

ISU alum2010

Great review. Thanks for the info!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jays Mart

Check out the Fire TV Cube price now - https://amzn.to/2Xh0NBl - affiliate

Wayne Harris

I still have a Fire TV Box 2nd Generation, but it doesn’t have HDR and doesn’t have the latest audio codecs to match my AVR receiver, I’ve ordered a TV cube box for a low price, can I not still run KODI on it?


Just got mine 79$ prime day Score
Great Review ?

Amazon Online Store


stranger ll

Does anyone know if amazon prime will work on the cube even tho im outside the US and the app itself doesn't work in my country

Daniella ifesiokwu

2018 Oct 21


Fire TV Stick streaming media player with Alexa built in, includes Alexa Voice Remote, HD, easy set-up LINK: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0791TX5P5/ref=as_sl_pc_tf_til?tag=dima03-20&linkCode=w00&linkId=f7805ea7d68c1e2d08025efeb920d5c1&creativeASIN=B0791TX5P5

Mike Bennett

If you mute Alexa on the cube, will the microphone voice recognition still work?

muttley T

can i not use amazon alexa?


Do I have to unlock it or is it ready for whatever?

Loretta Stevens

Does anyone know if don’t want to stream context can you set this up without internet and get Alexa to turn tv on off. Change channel ect. Or do u need wifi

Idan 101

Can i install Cody with this?

Jordan Nacu

Does it have Disney + already?

Nolberto Cales

After loading the few applications that I do use on the Fire TV Cube, there hasn't been any problems. No buffering, no hiccups, no crashing. Just great no error streaming. I don't know how others have problems with the performance of this unit. I was skeptical when ordering it, thinking it was just another fire tv product. How wrong I was. It's is much faster.

Wild Haggis

Wonder if you can change alexi accent

Good Fellas

This one is using a Chinese chip which doesn't support real 4K HDR 10-bit video, it outputs 8-bit video on 10-bit HDR video - cheating.


Finally alexa cube fire tv is arrived in italy too and I would like to try it. Thany you again

shweta sethi


claudia lopez

How can I restart my Alexa it has yellow color across the cube, is not working the voice command, please help me?

Maureen m

So it has exactly same stuff as the fire stick only this cube is much more expensive. U can get alexa on the fire stick too. Too dear this cube.


Thank you for the excellent review. I most enjoyed how you were quick through each point presented! Very clear, concise no BS and got it done!

Kid Poker

basically a 4k firestick with 500 megs of more ram and double the hard drive


I just can't seem to get the youtube hdr working on this thing. Help anyone? It works on my fire tv.

Daniella ifesiokwu

Washers on a lot to be said for you can see in this video of the other hand and I don't when I was 3 my mom do everything


Is this fire tv cube better than the fire 4K? I mean cuz the cube is “4K ultra hd” but is it realy?

Blake Taylor

I’m 12 and in self isolation and my dad is asking me to set 1 up


This is a great product. But the only issue I have with it is that you cannot connect an ethernet cable directly to it. I use it in my living room and my tv is right next to my modem.

May Aybar

Lol...I started laughing when you couldn't open remote lid....because same thing happened to me....lol ??


Apple TV kills all of them,

Jason Harding

I thought for a second that Murray from Impractical Jokers was reviewing the Fire Cube ???

Mohammad Azzam

Thanks for the video, very helpful - Just a quick note, playing your video on speakers is kind of annoying because my Alexa devices keep responding to your commands ?

The Real Slim Boy

I’m a simple guy when it comes to electronics

100k subs no vids Challenge please subscribe

So this comes with Netflix and youtube tv and all that included?

Shayne Anderson

Mine doesn't even get to the Amazon log in. It keeps saying unable to update

Rich Martin

Does anyone know how to turn the cube off using the fire remote control without turning off the tv as well. I found the sleep command on it but I thought there might be a permanent solution to my problem

pam leach

It would be very helpful if you would read through this thread and answer some of people’s questions

Jack Meginniss

I bought one of the 2019 cubes and I like it overall. Occasionally though, it emits a brief hum through my speakers while displaying a narrow blue strip across the top of my screen. What causes that please? Is there a way to stop that without turning the device off?

Loretta Stevens

Is there a tv that has it built in and will recognize voice command without pressing button on remote trying to do simplest set up for an 89 yr old where can ask to change channel ect having trouble using remote


thanks for saying your going to use the most common wake word. I don't put up with that crap anymore. Your video is very well edited and you want me to mute all my nearby devices. NOPE! You got 24 second view time form me. Next reviewer!

Nolberto Cales

I ordered the 2019 Shield TV Pro because the AI-enhanced upscaling that experts are calling the "best they've ever seen." Upscaling is usually a gimmick and current TVs and receivers do a poor job at it nearly all of the time. The norm when reading expert TV reviews is a recommendation to disable the onboard video upscaling for the best picture quality. I can attest the Shields A.I upscaling does make a big difference and newer TV's will see the biggest difference especially in animations. The interface is better than Fire TV Cube, and the new Fire TV Cube doesn’t have two USB 3.0 inputs for extra storage. You can use any programmable or learning (aka “universal”) IR remote. You can use any Bluetooth controller. You can stream live TV with the right apps if you’re a subscriber to that live TV service. It’s fast. It’s small. It looks pretty cool. Not only does it work, but there is absolutely nothing I can think of that anyone would want to do with it as a video streaming device, that this device can’t do. It is far and away the absolute best device for that purpose.


Can you link these into the Alexa app so it works seemlessly? So I could turn the TV on via my echo dot in the kitchen?

pam leach

My fire cube isn’t doing what it’s supposed to do... ie: change HDMI’s. Is it possible to uninstall and reinstall? I have no idea what’s wrong. Alexa will mute the volume on the TV but won’t change channels, etc. if I manually change the HDMI she will respond to requests such as find 4K movies etc. But the cube is only operating at 30% of its capacity. Oh.. and I have to use the remote! Can anyone offer any advice?? Thanks!!

Jon The Horrible

I can not possibly watch a video on smart devices where some idiot is calling out Alexa commands every 4 seconds. I wish you reviewers would use your brains.


"Alexa what's the latest headlines?" ...and it shows you the weather? I guess one concern is how much data Amazon is harvesting about you (if privacy is an issue for you) because the small print will almost certainly have you agreeing that Amazon can use anything and everything it hears/sees in any way they see fit "...improve the service to you, blah, blah". Thanks, good review ??


I dont get why cant british people speak regular english? Always gotta be so extra... its annoying couldnt watch this all the way through ?

Neil preece

Is this worth getting as seen good and bad reviews?


i lost my fire remote like 6 times and my stupid self orders a new one every time but then i froget i have alexa so i dont need a remote lol

F-Tronix Engineering

Deals on Fire TV Devices for Alexa's Birthday

Kid Poker

so the ir cable is only for closed in cabinets so theres no use for it other than that?

Ian Duckworth

Good review just need to drop the ‘as you can see’ punctuation it’s a bit annoying ? ?

Mily Beauty

Does it work with hotspot from my iphone?

Colin Bartowski

Most pros bleep the Alexa word

Electronic Equipment

Great Review Bro, i really love it

wendy jenkins

This was a waste of my time if I had known this my 13 ye could have done it less time you talk to much and less explaining ?


NO ETHERNET port fuck this shit

Keith Wilson

Can you install a web browser on this device? I have a retired friend who wants to stream masses etc from https://www.churchservices.tv and I was initially looking at Apple TV. They don’t have a smart phone so the device has to be able to do it. Can you confirm at all please?


Thanks for your video! Can you switch on or switch off the TV with your voice?

Steve Toon

Is that a Wearside accent I detect there??


Well done Spurt, thanks for the info.

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Deberia haber videos en idioma español

Nagamalleswararao Reddy

Add name jbl link 10

Zoli Timo

App doesn't work on Samsung Note 8... Which machine is compatible with the app?

giancarlo portugal

De donde deacargo la app

Muzaffar Husain

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Dane Henry

Jbl is the best

Anton Kudas

Вы куда-то спешили, когда делали это видео? Какой-то пиздец происходит, даже на замедленной до 0,5 скорости смотреть трудно. И если это видео несет смысловую нагрузку - нужно подробнее раскрывать все нюансы! В том числе и про роутер! Я промудохолся с айпадом весь вечер, чтобы синхронизировать пару субов. Все без толку! по одному работают. Парой не хотят! С такими вот "инструкциями" идите на хуй JBL!

Jovani Gonzalez

i love the wifi password ??

ryan leatherwood

Does the app work on android yet?


these speakers sound great but the wifi set up bullshit sucks, mine wont connect. The blue connect light just turns off. One speaker connected once and the other didnt. not both wont connect. ughh

DJ King

Sad it is only for apple devices

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