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Real World Power BI Experience with Kimberly Marie #RealPowerBI May-23 Pre-Kickoff

Real World Power BI Experience with Kimberly Marie #RealPowerBI May-23 Pre-Kickoff23 May. 2018

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Andrey Pustovoy

If we had couple of years of data we could use Holt-Winters for forecasting with seasonality.

My *UPDATED* Experience on TRT (Losing hair? Lowering my dose? +Full Bloodwork)

My *UPDATED* Experience on TRT (Losing hair? Lowering my dose? +Full Bloodwork)28 Jan. 2021
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How to BeastSubscribe 438 721

➜ Peter Uncaged MD (the

➜ Peter Uncaged MD (the clinic I use):

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Inside this video: My experience with TRT therapy for 1.5 years (HRT for men). Plus, TRT side effects I have experienced including hair loss and male pattern baldness (finasteride for hair loss).




My name is David de las Morenas.

I'm a strength coach & bestselling author based in Houston.

I upload new videos every Monday & Thursday.


➜ Poylow - Victory (feat. Godmode)

Comments (100)
Bilal K

Hey bro,
Can you share what you take to keep your cholesterol level low if you do take anything.
Would highly appreciate that

Josh P

I will voich for peter uncaged md. I just started but its legit. I was skeptical at first!

Thomas Clarke

just use stuff to keep it

Connor Patterson

Need to get of the trt and start propecia!

Gregory Ferraro

What about body hair?


You're way to young to be on TRT. Now you're committed for life to use it.


Thx for the vid . Tell me don’t most try doctors prescribe estrogen blockers with the test ? (So isn’t that beneficial over all ???

(Hope u reply , I am 48 and very fit so I am considering )

da tae

this is brainwashing


Is TRT the reason this man is so goddamn confident??

Christian Ercegovich

I go through Peter uncaged md and it’s been a great experience so far I’m glad you shouted them out in your previous video.

at s

I personally feel that if I injected something to artificially improve physical performance I’d be cheating and wouldn’t feel as accomplished as I would doing it natural.


im bald already. JUICE ME DOC

Srdjan Stancetic

wait wait u are 5.11 feet tall? That is 156cm??? Correct me if i am wrong, but i don't think u are miget :O


To all comment readers: DON’T TAKE FINASTERIDE!

I took it for 10 days 2 years ago. I’ve suffered the consequences ever since. You have been warned.

N4ked God15

how long did it took you to become a successful person?

Kenneth Henderson

When did buddy start using gear? I havent seen a video of his in years. He was all natural and he looked good... What happened?


Hey Buddy who did you use to get your blood work done with?

NGU Fitness Motivation

@6:30 how are you getting that test cyp (oil) even in that diabete syringe?

Also that number of 1400 on T would also spike if you injected and 2 days later got bloodwork.

Mike Adams

Would be interesting to see how you feel if you take finasteride - I had horrific brain fog, such a shame because I want to use it! Also would you consider a hair transplant soon? People love hair transplant content. A bit like Mike Thurston did. You know Mike Thurston, the fake natty.

Michael David

What is the product name said about shrink the prostate at minute 14:14 .. it sounded like you said, finess dry. Could you say that again... Ive never heard of that before.

johnny option2

Are you gay??? Be honest?

Lutaaya Emmanuel Victor Levi

bro David, Jesse James west must be happy after watching you eat the French toast with the sugar free maple syrup

Binance Exchange academy

How old are you sir. I am planning for trt when i am 30.


I started loosing my hair in my mid teens, shaved it off in my early twenties and never looked back. It's just hair and not valuable to me but everyone is different. In fact, the money I save from not having to buy hair products or paying for haircuts could go towards trt.

Joshua Stam

Just go on topical dutasteride bro. Been on it for 18 months, saved my hair. No sides like oral finasteride, it just wipes out your scalp DHT and leaves your hormones alone.

johnny option2

Beast. Be real. Are you gay?

Jonas Romer

LOOK, TAKE FINASTERIDE, ITS FUCKING EPIC BRO. There are like no sideeffects what so ever. The side effects results are taken from people doing 5 mg a day. U get the same results but no side effects what so ever from only 1 mg a day. so many of my friends is on it now after i started, no side effects. ONLY SIDE EFFECT: litterally the first day ur on finasteride, ur sittig there like expecting something to happen - but nothing is going to happen lmao. its safe completely man, take it, get on it, everybody should, on trt or no.

Bruce Williams

Doesn't matter how many steriods you take David! I will take Julia from you!

NoShow .

my medical advice is ;
V a c c i n e


Your diet hasn’t been great?? Huh you document your diet here we see what you eat it isn’t bad

Nour Ayoub

david my man.... your renal function test should be are a young man..they should be lower than this...monitor them every 3 months.


Hey guys derek from more plates more dates

Siphosakhe Sangweni

Thanks for the heads up David ???

Shawn Ellis

DEFINITELY AN INSTANT SUBSCRIBE. ??? I've been following Alpha M for years and I'm not sure how you didn't pop up instantly. Anyway. Great content my man I can't wait to watch all of your videos. Thank you for the inspiration and motivation. Keep killing it ???. Stay Safe, Stay Strong My Friend.


All this juice and only hitting intermediate numbers lol Juice 495 deadlift ???

Ngozi NnadozieJnr


Andrew P

You want to know my cycle let me know- you used my question in the intro. Hahahaha

Ramon Galvan

After i had COVID, i lost a lot of hair, who else noticed about it?

johnny option2

Just come out the closet already!

Zach Nunya

Haven’t been by this channel in a while. Dude still got the girlfriend?

Kevin Wittwer

Luckily my hair didn't thin until my early 30's and I've been un-natty since college.

Also being married with a kid, I just give myself the classic military buzz cut twice monthly, you can't even see the baldness anymore haha.

Note: If this happened in my 20s I would be crushed though. Sometimes being an old man has its benefits.

johnny option2

When I grow up I wonna be you!???✌️


Bro u have a workout playlist that u can share .... spotify playlist wld be grt .... hmu bro


Keep up the good work bro. Love the video edits!

Yan D

You look much better

johnny option2

Bro. bro. bro... please stop, your pretty. Your pretty. Ok & your special!!! Just stop. Bro. Bro. Bro.


Did Derek upload yet

Cooney. B

Appreciate the honesty & showing your labs! It's cool to see how other people's labs look while also on trt, educational & entertaining.


That dmm tik tok leaves of three ad...grrrr

Dillon Maher

Supravideological levels of production quality.


Don’t mess w finestride David. Will ruin your life. Lose your hair or do a surgery. Speaking from experience. Btw where is the intro music no more ?

Nathan Bowman Official

Greg Doucette is currently breathing super heavy at his desk right now

Luis Madrigal

Bruhh do you take HCG??

Matteus Haugland

Wtf happened to you


Bro u dont have a good diet. You eat all sugars , your enemy !


Which panel did you get from Ulta? I'm looking to get my blood work done and am also in Texas. Thanks bro!

Random Citizen

this is the problem with trt. young guys basically doing a low dose steroid cycle constantly. his was never "low" to begin with.

N4ked God15

how long did it took you to become a big muscular guy?

Zac Smith

Mrs. Butterworth’s is not maple syrup homie... and you’re from New England?


Holy shit, you sound exactly like Rich Rebuilds!

Pure Quality Ice

supraphysiological algo

- Rock

Check out topical finasteride. You'll avoid the negatives and have even better results. Kevin Mann is a youtuber and has a bunch of good info on the topic

Jorge Cruz

I didn't see any Raycons in them ear holes, bruh. LMAO

Sup, it’s Steeeve

“You super-physiological fuck” lmao that was hilarious.

Kurt almeida

Good to hear another update, about TRT can’t wait to see how you are with lowering your dose, think I’ll stick to intramuscular, I can see why you went other route as your dosing every other day, once week has been perfect for me for the past year so I’ll stick to that for now.

N4ked God15

please make a draw my life video please !

Robert Kennedy

This is for Derek's algorithm.


Doesn't creatine increase DHT too? Or is that to a very low degree?

Christian Wesley

Just go bald David! Look like a badass

toney joseph

Do trt need pct

Jhaf101 ESO PvP

Everything makes more sense now.. Testosterone for the win LOL

How to Beast

Thanks for watching bros!! Appreciate you all so much ?


Hey bro have you watched this? Say hello to Julia, Love your videos bro.. can you show us a couple exercises to do on the HOME MULTI-GYM as I have one of those all in one machines and want some workouut routine ideas pls :) - also any tips on an allergy free (lacto and gluten free) diet for bulking?? Say hello to the dogs :) -

mosho sihole

Bruh hope it doesnt destroy your body.

S R120

How old are you? 30? Do it naturally! Stop taking trt etc.. it’s only going to hurt you in the long run!! I’m 43 And my testosterone level is at 900. I’ve never taken any supplements of any kind I go to the gym five days a week and eat very nutritious meals.

Mark Rega

Are you still on hcg?

N4ked God15

what are the worst things that you regret doing and the worst things that you regret not doing ? and why?

Panos Raf

why you even take extra testorine if you are absolutely healthy? I just do not get it

Bruce Williams

You taking a cycle David?

Drawde A

Yo what do you think about Dim supplement


I started losing my hair in my 30s and didn't pay attention. Now it's too late. Stay on top of this if you value your hair...

Ja Richardson

I’m trying TRT. Now 7 months in . 200mg weekly if anyone has questions holler at me .. or joint TRT Facebook group. Is really educational

Tyler Durden

David, why did you even take TRT? Is it only for looks? I don't get it when random regular guys, who are not professionals in sports consume it. When you are natural, you can look awesome only with couple of supplements combined with hard work. You look awesome bro, but if you took it only for that... I think it's not worth it. Stay Beastly!

Rodrigo Diaz

Maybe just shave it now so that you can get a feel on how you will deal it with at some point

Phil Gendron

S/O from Montreal, Canada. Love your content bro !!!!

The _ Jatt

How to maintain testis size during cycle


So it seems like your physique is about the same from when you first jumped on TRT. Weight and size wise. Conditioning looks excellent but that could be due to having a structured diet even though you mentioned your diet has been off. But i guess what im asking is what has it done for you? Its not like your 200lbs lean now after over a year on trt so what has it reallt done for you? And im not asking in a hating why i promise im just really curious if it lived up to what you "thought" it might do for you or are you a lil disappointed that you arent 10lbs of muscle bigger or are you happy? Im really curious? Thanks for the awesome content as always!

K.I.N.G Styli

Whats the name of the song.? In 1:20

Moon Cloud

50% of men lose your hair. Don't worry about it

Fresno Cali Fitness

Good video ??




Wtf? This guy needs some help and his advice, horrible

Badzukov Dexx

i like ur honestly. Ur such a big man keep it and crush it my man, cheers!

Mario Maslik

David, what about tribulus terrestris supplements, do you have any experience for boosting T levels? Recommend it?

Andrew R

That’s not hair loss

Jaime Solis

I was on 200 mg a week high bp now suks my free t is 411

Stephen Hurst

Honestly dude.......sometimes you've got to stop watching MPMD because you could have absolutely no noticeable change in your hair density....but after you watch 10 MPMD videos back to back you think it's time to jump on 50mg dutasteride every 8 hours, 50mg minoxidil intravenous, and rectal RU-58841 2x per day, when in reality your hairline probably looks fine. I've fallen victim to this many times!

Isaac Borunda

The Norwood Reaper

Stephen Hurst

Above 60 for your HDL while on TRT is definitely an ideal state to be in, however it's not that realistic for the majority of people on TRT. Anything over 55 is highly favorable while on TRT.

BUN is okay in this case.

RBC and Hgb are definitely elevated - and no, it's not true at all that if you're platelet count is normal, then there is nothing to worry about. I would at least want to know if your blood pressure is in a normal range (preferably 110/80), then I'd feel more comfortable with those numbers for your hematology panel. Having normal platelet counts doesn't mean that your platelets are somehow prevented from aggregating. It also doesn't consider the additional stress that will be put on the endothelium of your vessels, and myocardial tissue of the heart from having to pump against thicker more viscous fluid due to elevated cell counts.

Chris Holt

Bro do you ever drink ever so often??? Huge fan