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Funny Prostitute Pranks Compilation 2016

Funny Prostitute Pranks Compilation 201627 Jan. 2016
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Sex Workers Answer Questions About Legal Prostitution

Sex Workers Answer Questions About Legal Prostitution7 Dec. 2018
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Two sex workers answer

Two sex workers answer commonly asked questions about their job.


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Comments (100)
Raymond Soriano

I'm searching sexworker ..I want sex
Add me on my Facebook Raymond Gagan Soriano


Jesus has left the chat

Brooklynn Jolicoeur

Where do I sign up

yousuf khan

I'm now living in Dubai My WhatsApp number 009710562092790 add me lady

Trevor Phillips

I would disown my daughter to live this way

Gandhi Arun

Legal prostitution is something that doesn't exist in developing nations. May be developed nations have much better space for these women. One thing intrigued me when 1 of the said that men come to them to seek intimacy. If men are seeking attachment, what about these girls themselves. I don't understand how can you provide intimacy to several men. I mean intimacy is personal. Do the girls in the video don't want intimacy for themselves. This whole idea of legal prostitution looks good as women have full right of there bodies, nobody can do any violence to them, but there are other things beyond sexual pleasure. What about that

catus felis

This is suprisingly wholesome

Malay Acharya

The society uses these girls and then mocks them idk whats wrong with them. They are doing good work jeez.


Oh wonderful.

Mohan Kala


Sarah Vlasko

I cant believe they have to pay 6 figure in taxes. They must be making millions ?

Honey Lazaros

Their enthusiasm is misleading. By watching it young girls can think this industry is amazing. I'm not saying that they should've looked miserable but at least not misleading.

Aries Trucker

Yeah thank u

AD Queen

These two are so pretty!


They’re so brave. We are all indebted to them for all their hard work and the work they do for society.

nina carranza

I wonder, why they ended up in sex work though? it seems they had other opportunities especially since they are white

natalia hernandez

If you decide to do this on your own, please be safe. If you can, have a bodyguard with you that's in the bathroom or any spare room. Or have them on a call with you and have them on mute so they can hear if anything goes wrong. NEVER do car dates. If you're in someones house or a hotel you have a better chance of getting away if anything bad were to happen. Always use protection. An extra $200 or however much extra some people might charge for bare isn't worth your health. Never take drugs or alcohol from the person and don't see anyone that's too drunk or high because they might get belligerent. Also, watch your drink (if you have one) as you would in a bar. Yes, this may not be the best line of work and I personally would never but for some people it's how they put food on the table. Whether they enjoy it or not, it's not our place to judge. Just be safe and get tested regularly!

Madam Luis


Laurie LaTour


Faranak Javaheri

So now are we ok with prostitution? Women sell their body

Joshua Ruch

They're both bomb especially the red head.

Ismael I

Six figure


Professional hoes


How can I become a guest on your show? @adamsuzanne


This is disgusting

Scott Smith

I want to see a video about gay sex workers.

Ken Lasso

Are they before and after for wait watchers?

Sumi K

“The devil threatens you with poverty and prompts you to commit what is indecent, while god promises you his forgiveness and bounties, and God is All-Sufficient for his creatures needs and All-knowing. He grants wisdom to whom he pleases; and whoever is granted wisdom is indeed given a great wealth, yet, none except people of understanding learn a lesson from it” (Quran; chapter 2, verse 269)

Kathryn Roberts

I wanna be one

William Smith

Prudes are the ones who have a problem not the sex workers.

Corey Levine

I been to brothel in Nevada back in 2012 and had a great time the women there do have a right to refuse to sex to anyone they feel uncomfortable with but they will call other girls to take her place so the customer don't leave upset

Kamil Klepacki

I would love to make out with Alice. She's so pretty!

Minh Son


amar ali

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Kulvant Chaddha

I am single age 29and my wathsapp no+917830151441 sms plz I am job apply post sex work form India

Φραγκίσκος Παπαγεωργίου

I bet if they looked average many orbiters/"nice guys" would call them sluts. I can tell how these men are like.


6 figures in taxes is ridiculously high! ?

amelia klemp

Red head could get a degree but would rather sell her body

only one Mr X Only one Mr y

???? I need to rethink my life...?

Pangea Dei

So lovely to meet all the whores in the comments ??

Pollyn Lyubenova

It should be legal..I see no reason for it not to be. Respected? I'm sorry but I can't respect theese women. No matter how clean or safe they might be..what they do is still disrespecting their bodies. Also come on..this just sounds too good to be true.

Kelly Cushing

How much do these women make?

Ann Reflechi


STELLA Brackelmanns


Chiefaj 47

Pimpen literally


Heck yeah im welcome

Nur Yani

Alice will most likely be an amazing business owner in the near future.. or maybe she already is. Very eloquent and articulate.

Marshall Campbell

I like American girls

Lisa Smith

Lol they seem way to happy thats has to be an act i dont believe they are happy with doing it

get focus

i wonder what king of shirt it is
sinse it's blur

Blademer Paras

Very impormative video! Hopefully soon will break the stigma that sex workers are disrespectful.

Resham Kumar

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saho saho

Kisi bhi madam ke agar sex karwana Ho to mere mobile mein call sex karta hun lamba mera hai bahut mota hai mere mobile per call karo 9198387226

Bholu Bholu


Luis Patron

I really loved this video

mo moni hunnni

so were just going to skip by that podesta sculpture of death the guy upside down 2:30 ? oh ok

Sanaya Dey

Feels fake... umm sorry... very fake smile...
i see through that girl..?

Madam Luis

It’s not a job!! It’s degrading and makes women a commodity that’s sold and bought. Disgusting

Kennedy Hendrickson

anyone know the blonde’s ig?

star girl

very well explained...

Jeep Joseph

Can you say no?

Elizabeth Taylor

I'd love to actually see decriminalized sex work, not just legalized. Legalized means government and law enforcement are still involved in the whole process, and still allows for corruption and abuse of sex workers.

Decrim means they can operate freely, and makes it MUCH safer and more affordable for the workers and clients.

I personally have no need/want to contract a sex worker, but all consenting adults should be free to engage in and contracted work they see fit.

Jeny Patrick

I don't understand this world......

Dude From Hyrule

This is disgusting. Glorifying prostitution is degrading to females because it claims that a woman’s body can have a price???


I've seen two sides argue from a feminist stand point that prostitution shouldn't be destigmatized because it's degrading and takes away power from women while the opposite argument can be said about a women's autonomy to choose what they want to do with their own sexual expression. I'll admit I've been with a sex worker or a few in my younger years but to be honest I was hesitant and expressed my feelings of it towards one whom we had a deep conversation on the matter and that simply she was providing a service no different from the exchange during a date except there are no mixed signals on what is expected and no emotional attachments. I I don't anymore because I was young then and thought the value of my masculinity related too who I hooked up but I've grown more confident and no I don't need that anymore. Essentially it was a women who convinced me that it was alright.

Jennifer Zimmer

They touched my heart ❤️

Dead Candy

Jiraiya wants to know your location

Michael Chan

They made it sound so great, but who truly wants to be a sex worker if they have a choice.

Jeff Riles

If the gov taxes it can you write it off as entertaining guests

Miranda Gilbert

This is the positive outcome of legalizing sex work and protecting women!! Yes!!! We need more of this!

Anddres Torres

I will rather jerk off and save money.

A Spit of Mud

Pandora's box is fully open now...

Siyabonga Skhosana

Can't knock the hustle, but i can knock them boots.

Jordan Shaw

Legal sex worker aka "women that can't do anything in their life but have sex". Literally get pimped out by the brothel owner.

Ravishekar Ravishekar

I love you so much DARLING

Miss Cute

5:52 We don't have Sex Needs. Priests, Nuns, and Monks all don't ever have Sex in their Life.

Cassandra Revels

Notice the eye contact and the body language. They're naturally good but the blond just can't stop wiggling and jiggling haha

jagadish Chauhan


Kathryn Roberts

I want to be a prostitute but I'm too scared to show my body off??

Alma Belhumeur


D Lam

it's kind of fucked up how happy they are. but i guess they want to show they are not ashamed

Jack Jones

I don't care what these women choose to do with their bodies but you will never see me paying for sex no matter how long i go without it

Kirk Engnath

The way I look at this is that these ladies are giving the ultimate in Human Service's. Oh sure the Government, CDC, Medical, and Social Worker's are concerned about your welfare but only to a point. All of those group's are only concerned about getting you back to the point you can function, work, and pay taxes. As far as finding true happiness in life None of these group's really care. These women do care for the people they see and visit within a private room. It is not all about the money it is more about the intimacy these people can not find anymore in today's society. I speak from personal knowledge that the 4 group's I mentioned before will care as long as they gave to provide help, and they will look for any reason to take those service's away with out notice either. These ladies will at least offer friendship, intimacy, and companionship. Of course they get compensated for doing what no one else will do. There are a lot of job's in today's world that some people do and no one else will do that is the way this world work's.

Sisi Jem

I don't support what u do but a support ur freedom

Kajibyf Ghc

Could you have them use sexy hand cuffs to cuff your wrists and ankles to the bed frame?

TheFabulous Maou

People think legalizing sex work will put women at risk. Legal sex work means legal protection for sex workers. We can’t currently put any protective laws in place for sex workers because it’s against the law in the first place. Government won’t take legal action to keep someone safe if it’s for something that ISNT legal.

LEGAL sex work means SAFE sex work!!

Melissa Rehmeier

Sex work should be legal every where!!! Support from me ??????

Umakant kumar

मेरा नाम उमाकान्त कुमार मै नौकरी के तालाष मे ईधर उधर भटक रहा है मै 8 पास हु मै बेतिया के रहने वाले है नम्बर 8292684036

Tyler Montgomery

I’m here because I think it is a sin to sell yours body


I wonder if these ladies have spouses or serious boyfriends and how those guys feel about their women working in these type of establishments.

venky yadav

Address send me


Most of the girls here are completely hideous

Dawn B.

Both of these women are so beautiful and articulate. More power to them!!


the redhead can really find her camera

Niki Fix

I really want to work at a ranch!

Michael Quintana

i had hookers maybee 40 times .

Doxie Mom

I am far from being close minded. I just think they can do more with their life than sell their bodies. Eventually their bodies will give out and that's all they have. I am actually sad for them.

Sayoni Datta

Hei dear can a out of country join u guys

randy roti

The red head is super sexy.....who is she??

m yxcvbnm

Sooo THEY CHOSE THE EASY WAY OUT... i mean its not like they need real skills

Bruce Lee Funny Scene: meet a prostitute

Bruce Lee Funny Scene: meet a prostitute11 Sep. 2013
88 572
hksport1Subscribe 438 721

from the movie " the way

from the movie " the way of dragon"

I cut the nudity in the scene, you can watch it in full movie.

Comments (25)
Kontro Werk

The prostitute is so hot...

James BlackBurn

Whats this movie called again

Jude DeSilva

Bruce Lee with Malisa Longo 1:00

Hiep Nguyen

Whoaaa... Dragon whip that tail....

Karim Gharbi

Beautifull side kicks

#253 GawD

U know Bruce like them snow bunnies lol

alx berbery

he knows that s TRUFA ,just touche a naked italian woman and you ll find urself in jail.

Karim Gharbi


James Williams

I would marry her

liam owen

Don't think she is a prostitute she would of asked for money first before sex lol

Great Dragon

that whore was so loose


2003 ...

Albian Aliu

She is not a prostitute
He is just knows what women wants ;-)


PolAyadi mone

Ian Warburton

That transition.


She's not a hooker no money was exchanged.

sa Diction

many rewinds and jerk offs later

Nirvana One

Hey sometimes martial artists need relaxing too ?

Mad Max

MY fav Bruce lee movie...the fight scenes are brilliant!!


love frighten effect

Marcus Diniz

Actress is called Malisa Longo

Marcello Antonio

I prefer Nora Miao


swore the scene where he goes to her room with her was NOT in my vhs version. maybe it's on the dvd version.

Yeefu lor

This is literally me

Maimom Joychandra

That was a porn when we were a kids, we watch that scene like 100 times.