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Fun Factory Vibrators and Toys

Fun Factory Vibrators and Toys1 Apr. 2012
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Fun Factory produces made

Fun Factory produces made in germany trendy and high quality, adult toys that really speak to both men & women.

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Shart Bake

It's kind of amazing this video isn't more popular.

FUN FACTORY adult toys in Canada - Duke , the p spot massager

FUN FACTORY adult toys in Canada - Duke , the p spot massager22 Apr. 2012
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Robert Nuti

What the fuck

Conan Talks Sex With Sue Johanson - "Late Night With Conan O'Brien"

Conan Talks Sex With Sue Johanson - "Late Night With Conan O'Brien"20 Aug. 2020
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(Original airdate:

(Original airdate: 01/16/03) Sex educator Sue Johanson shows Conan, Big Show, and Tom Selleck what sex toys are in her "Hot Stuff Bag." Watch more classic clips @

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She owned the floor!!!

Shelby Morrow

Does anyone else feel like that necklace was also a vibrator???

eno c aquaowo

One of Conans most notable interviews lol!


I hate how these shows are directed. "We are running low on time", "only time for one more".... sure, this bit is timeless even after all these years but sure, keep cutting them short on time to run something else next that no one is gonna remember ever. ??‍♂️

C-anon W

True canadian tresure!

Hoodie Hoo

Big daddy can get it

Culture Addict

This was handled very poorly. All those giggles like they were school kids and Conan almost censoring her explanations. Is she here to educate us or what?

Johnny Guitar

This lady is like Q from James Bond, with all the gadgets!

Putri SN

I wish i was a teenager when she was having her show. I would learned much more from her than my sex ed class

Upside Down Creative Media

I miss being 19 and watching this in my first apartment.


Please upload also the one with Ray Romano! :D

Brittany Redinger

I miss watching Sue and Bliss late at night on Oxygen?❤️ I was in high school so she had some good advice ?

tropical candyland

Women are clearly more mature than men

Jurassic Noob

This was the best clip ? Big Show and Tom added to the humor. Everything went right here


Conan's Irish-Catholic head is going to explode!

Virginia Puente

Omg she was funny


I miss this era, god I must be getting old


This was the greatest piece of late nite television, Conan as at his peak during this era

Jeremy Kennedy

Sue Johanson is a national treasure.


I saw her live at my college pub in Ontario in 2002, I think. Imagine this with a crowd of drunk college kids...


I would believe it if she's actually Conan's grandmother


Does Jay Leno get royalties for the chin one?

Chris Spiers

This interview was hilarious! ???

Pip Girl

The way they're all so uncomfortable..... I feel bad for their wives.

Aqua Dino

This Lady is GOLD


This episode itself is great, can you upload the whole episode, “what in the world” sketch, Tom Selleck visiting his mustache, Big Show hitting someone with a cookie. Please this whole episode is great!

Sashil Anand

Is that the guy from friends

Wysteria Herr

This is the greatest thing I have ever seen. I would love to have her for my grandma. I want to be her when I grow up.

Mr Jee

Th Big Show is not small

James Y

She got her start doing a public access show in Toronto in the 80s. I remember seeing a few of the episodes and it's basically a public access talk show and she has people calling in with very personal questions involving their body.


"Bring out the Big Guns. If you got something in there you want everyone to see-"
"-oh, you really wanna see the Big Gun?"
"Da da da da Boom." tongue snaps twice
"Da Boom-"
(Giant Man)"-oh my God" backs away with other man further down the couch
Crowd laughter

Screw The Net

Hey, if its acceptable for women to objectify men even more by having machines to simulate our parts...then tis okay for men to make sex drones or clone stepford wives. Equal Rights!!! ^~^

Chris Neilson

Funny this was just added. I looked up Sue tonight for the first time in years. I was explaining her to one of my much younger coworkers. back in my University days around 1995, the Sunday Night Sex show was must see TV for everyone on Campus. UNB hosted her for a guest lecture that was ABSOLUTELY PACKED. She spoke for over 3 hours, answered questions and was both hilarious and educational. Considering at the time, so many people were struggling with things like sexuality and had limited resources on "taboo" subjects, she was really great. Great lady. This segment is hilarious. She's so frank and blunt without judgment or being condescending. Glad she's still going strong at 90.


She's now my second favourite Johansson/Johanson

Sarah Boulet

Most Canadians who were teens in the 90's got their moves from Sue!! Lol

Bailey Clifford

Conan's show has just been completely taken over by the guests in this bit

Slev Aunyafeist

Commitment, dedication, perversion. All the same.


It’s funny because it’s an old lady showcasing sex toys !lol I don’t think I’ve heard people stomped their feet!

Madison Rose

is perveted mcgyver mcgruber?

muja MR

This whole interview is amazing


"So you're like a perverted MacGyver." ...
hahhahaha im not here.....

Cherrylistha Arora

කිසිවෙකු කවදාවත් කියන්න මේ රහස් ඕනෑමz


It's a bit sad honestly that people are this uncomfortable talking about sex

lis te

the dude in the middle was hilarious :D

Kartvya Sheth

Make 1:28 a meme plz. This is just golden??

Melissa Ann


Frank Parent

So, i had an xiat attack tonight. Thanks for cheering me up!!



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Danny Klimt Art

I welcome this clip to the meme era

Janae Marie

I wanna be bffs w this lady LMAO

stevie b

ah the 90s were a much funner time


O love her! Bring her again to your show please!


Conan The Legend


I love this Granma....she's tooooo awesome...she made 3 grown men , cringe and hide their faces.....

Kamron Thurmond

I remember when Talk Sex was on TV when I was a teenager. I'm 31 now. Wish it was still on the air.


What the hell is the Big Show doing there?!


nothing sexier than a 90 yo granny talks about sex toys.... yep life is good

Christwo4 TV

“Perverted MacGyver” .

Kelly Bo Belly

Love her...

Mr. Person Humanson

We need her on the podcast


4:53 When Jay Leno felt personally attacked by Conan's show.

Stella ella ola Mindyourownbusinessmissy

Well, whatever floats your boat like they say.

Ricardo Velasco

That man is enormous.

Doris Dickson

I am surprised a guy that is as classy as Tom Selleck would sit thru that kind of garbage.

Johnny Young

She's great hahahahaha

Muhib Rehman

I was born the day it was aired.

Francisco Bustamante

The funniest thing, with this video, in my opinion, is watching Tom Selleck, who is fairly a big guy being shortened by the other bigger dude, whose name escapes me but I have seen him in a movie or something. And both of them get absolutely humbled by " vibrator lady".You know what would have been awesome. An interview with this madame and the "Church Lady", from S.N.L.


That was so ridicoulous that the guys tried to expose her.
They felt so uncomfortable??

Joe Mixon

3 "tall" men and 1 perverted lady.


I remember watching this back in the day, this was the show that completely sold me on Conan, wish he never left New York

I Share U Watch

Haha I am sure Conan is getting hot haha

Brandon Wei

"Rubber ducky, you're the one..."
"Ernie...where is your rubber ducky?"

Mike Stankovich

Conan's face, you can't fake that expression

Christina Savannah

Tom Selleck and Big show and Sue Johanson wow what a show om Conan

Makayla Rose Patty

Wow she is old but funny
Btw, conan really felt uncomfortable like if you agree

Little llama Reborns

Now this is how Richard will win monica back ?

Juan Carlos Florido

Big Show is a funny guest

Annick N

I love herrrrr so much


men are soooo uncomfortable with women talking about sex, it's sad :/


She's lovely!

daniel lehmann

One of.the funniest segments in my opinion. If this was today it would be beyond epic!!!!!

Noah Glickman

I love how the Big Show and Tom Selleck are just going along for the ride.

Shark Snack

?? how do make a group of men uncomfortable? Look like a sweet ol mom/grandma and bring out a bunch of “toys” and talk about how to use them?

Renan Dias Rennó

Thar vibrator should be called the Aspargasm!

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Cutie S

?rubber duckie, your the 1? ???

Heath Halbrook

I love Conan but he was being a little bitch in this one

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The Drummer Dude

When did Carrot Top turn into an old lady

Gianni Stella

She's AMAZING, those two guys suck, and Conan gets through

Stella BellaRue

2:55 Tom's face - Adorable

Fayaz Karim

Who’s the guy next to Show?

Cap’n Davy Jones

The funniest part is that this is basically my grandma selling vibrators with no shame.

Autumn Rain

This made my night. Love this woman!!!!

Ashish Satpathy

The kind of grandma we wish we had.


One of Conan's best interviews definitely??????

Emily Ford

They should have given her more time! She had more to show.

Mat S

Tom Selleck is contemplating his life