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Rihanna Poses Nude and Wins Sexiest Woman Alive — Footage From the Hot Shoot!

Rihanna Poses Nude and Wins Sexiest Woman Alive — Footage From the Hot Shoot!11 Oct. 2011
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Hi there, I'm Lauren

Hi there, I'm Lauren Bradshaw. Esquire names Rihanna 2011's Sexiest Woman Alive, and we're looking at the hot magazine photo shoot in today's PopSugar Rush.

I've been California wishing on these stars, on your heart, my California king.

Rihanna knows that if you've got it, flaunt it. The pop star has been showing off her sex appeal for years whether it's in her hot music videos, on the cover of magazines, or just dancing around on stage in one of her costumes, and now Esquire is recognizing her as their 2011 Sexiest Woman Alive.

The annual title has gone to some of Hollywood's most gorgeous women from Angelina Jolie to Scarlett Johansson to Halle Berry, and now Rihanna is joining their ranks — and baring it all in the process.

Rihanna poses in the buff on the magazine's cover, and she wasn't afraid to strip down for the sultry photo shoot which shows her rolling around in sand. But the inside interview may be just as revealing, and Rihanna even addresses her ex Chris Brown, saying:

"Obviously, I had some resentment toward him for a while, for obvious reasons. But I've put that behind me . . . I'm really excited to see the breakthrough he's had in his career."

You can check out the cover story on, or get the magazine for yourself. It hits newsstands this Sunday.

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Comments (9)
Mayowa Oluwasanmi

I'd like to see if you can pull that off, jealous. She out there making millions and all you can do is put your grubby envious fingers on your cheap keyboard and slam her.

T #DeterminedB

go ri-ri!



Cinthia Medrano

You guys are so childish shutup... She wont sexiest woman alive that's why she did this. So shutup kids.

hend saleh

Ewwww .. WTF ! SHE SUCKS !

pedro marques

she is the best

Samuel JohnsonIII

@PinkyKardashian No she don't suck and i love her on the front cover of Esquire magazine and also she is sexy!!!

Nadine Taylor

woah..... ummm... this is akward..


ur right she's messed up

Naked Woman Found In Forest Park

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Comments (1)
Quang tram

Iya ya Allah.

Hot Naked Ladies Paint Black Nerd | It's All Geek to Me

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Comments (37)
Black Nerd Comedy

Had a blast doing this... and I can still feel those paintbrushes on my skin :)


Wow Cap was HOT! :D And good job, Andre. You're slowly becoming more and more famous :)

Chad Cunningham

Man your one lucky SOB! Good on you dude!

Chenlee Poulsen


Bernie Backup


Its Ooz


Nemesis T-Type

Wait a minute...Is Capt. America Katie Wilson?


I remember when you were on Movie Mob!


hahaha you're hilarious!


Wow, those girls are so CUTE!

Black Nerd Comedy

No, ha ha.

Lord Zaiden



Andre! Im so jealous...


You looked amazing! They did a great print job on you:) How long did it take to wash it all off?


Bahaha Andre shirtless ewwwwwww

dominick smith


Michael Blackshear

American dream it most suck to look just like the male caption America

Palindrome Paladin

Andre! Hit the gym a bit, bro! =P But wait, I don't have hot body paint babes painting good job, bro! =P


Nice work man, as for the racist punks block them I say.

Vahe Sarian

Artist / Coach Karina Konupek

Really enjoyed creating this segment with you--- Let's do it again soon

Nemesis T-Type lucky bastard!!!!


First nice nips cap and damn ironman looks weird as hell

Black Nerd Comedy

Ha ha ha! Thanks, I guess :)


you sir, are a lucky little gremlin :)

Infinity Stoner 420

I saw nipples

Michael Hernandez

Black nerd for avengers 2 as hulk

TheGeekBoy Purcell

Cap was cool

Angel Rafael SD


Virgo Artistry

i wish i was you right now....I AM A SUPER FAN BRO! im outtie 5000 ching, chomp, yomp!

Quinn Fowlie

You're a bit ticklish, aren't you Andre. :-)

Concrned Citizn

Andre, time to hit some cardio bro.

8bit Gaming

Is it true?

Infinity Stoner 420

The blonde captain america is sexy

Brandon Santiago

andre, you lucky dog!


You lucky sod you got to be with woman that had there breasts on show for all to see.

SimZ ZimS THE DarkLennial

Lolo! Love it.