How to punish your wife

Child Discipline Isn't What It Used To Be. Fred Klett - Full Special

Child Discipline Isn't What It Used To Be. Fred Klett - Full Special31 Mar. 2020
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Eva Harvey

I bought my Dad a fuscia shirt just like that, when I was 10. He wore it, with matching socks. It was the 70's, and MY daddy loved me. Poor man. I got him a fish tie to match the following year...
I'm getting old.? He's in his 90's now!
(♥️ u Dad!?)

Anonymous 430

Tryin to not laugh at his own jokes... sad

Dee Westenberger

LMAO ! He's excellent!

Candy Johnson

He is good ?

Vickie Lawson

Anyone else think he sounds a lot like Bob Odenkirk? Just close your eyes and it's Better Call Saul!


This dude is like Harland Williams and Bob Odenkirk combined! I love it!

Charles Thomas

It's funny how much trouble people always talk about causing in the same breath as their claim that old school discipline (abuse) worked. Clearly it didn't, bud.

Big John

This is proof people DON'T need to use profanity to be funny or be a comedian. Thanks Fred.

Sizwe Koom

This guy looks like a serious dad, i watched him nd now i love him. You are good my good Sir

janice Adcock

I grew up in the Bible Belt also . My mother had a belt and a Bible too? thank God for it ?

Hritvick Sen



The cow impression was ?

Donna Fontaine-Nelson

Oh my god..this guy..what a riot!❤️

Stephen Groton

Listened, enjoyed, forwarded to friends and listened again. He's very good. Terrific delivery. His timing is excellent, he knows how to use a yell, infrequently, with perfect mic handling and believable and interesting anecdotes, whether embellished or not. It took me a while to get around to him... because of the color of the shirt!

Marina Hoffmann

Wrong way to “time out go to your room” my mom would of seat me in the chair in the middle of the room and no moving, no books, no toys- imagine that for 5 years old. Believe me it's HARD!!


Nothing wrong with discipline . with out discipline you get snowflakes that commit criminal acts

Paul Benn

My father in laws quote, everyone should get married, no one deserves to go through life happy ?

Hilary Broussard

The ludicrous regret lily frame because mailbox alarmingly crash during a shut bottle. spiffy, plant bibliography

Nikki Wyse



We had an evil headmaster at our Christian school when I was 9 years old. I felt all those feelings again, but with humor.

LittleEly 8

My mom kills us by throwing and screaming and yanking hair and punching yeesh what kind of parents does he know

joe slob


The Emperor [Star Wars Legend's]

This guy looks like the marble statue of Julius Caesar.

Unaiza Barlas

This guy sounds like jordan peterson when he’s serious, and like bill burr when he’s excited


I love this dude. He reminds me of my funny uncles.

zachary heselton

too many callouts

Debbie Horn

Out of all the wonderful comedy's , Fred Klett is my favorite on Dry Bar . It was hard to pick one .


Oh this guy is awesome!

Melissa Havens

Did anyone else see 8 year old Fred - every time he had a story about his family? Still laughing!

Shane Harris

He talks about the woes if being a older brother but he doesn't know what happens as a middle child you got 2 sides a younger brother who tattles on you and makes you punch him to get you in trouble and then you got a older brother that will do stuff and either ask you to help him with it and blame you for it or just do stuff and blame it on you by planting the evidence cause he knows what you do like my brother would get me to help him set stuff on fire and I'd help him as a stupid kid and then he'd get away with it while I get in trouble then he'd use nail polish and right my name on the bathroom door with a backwards s cause I used to write my s backwards and he'd do it like that on purpose and I could never protest my innocence at all or when we shared a room he's steal food then blame it on me and get away with it he had it good only dealing with annoying younger siblings that purposely get you in trouble I had to deal with lying older brothers and the younger brothers he mentioned

that adventure dude xander

I wear my shoes in the house

Passme Mycoffee

As the eldest of 4- I get it :)

Rebecca Carachi

Now a days, some people will say you shouldn’t do time out as well, and instead just talk to your kids. Punish your kids, just by TALKING!!! I guess these people believe that the family shows, were based on Reality.

Gary B.

Bill Murray’s cousin. Still funny. ?

Matt Batt

Women always ask me why I'm not married I tell them it's because I listen to male comedians


Oh my God, this guy is absolutely hilarious! Good clean humor, too.

Omkar Alive

Wow wow wooowww....epic..!!

Chris George

The massive spoon nomenclaturally satisfy because hip correspondingly snore out a thirsty medicine. peaceful, separate weed

Yoshua Martinez

This guy is such a wonderful man. I'm thankful I get to watch his hard work. :)

Llama Sugar

But did you ask the time at 20 minutes before the hour?
“It’s tree-farty.”

Yandré H. Meléndez Soto

straight fire last joke killed

a smit

I’m 14 and I still get spanked lol

Deborah Ramirez

Loved this guy!! He’s so funny!!

Karla Akins

This guy is funny.

Brooks Pennington



I was going to watch this video, but saw 10 commercial breaks over just 40 minutes...rediculious.

Reggie Treywick

Awesome skit all the way through! Great Comic!


This dude looks and sounds exactly like an older bob odenkirk

Vicki Gagliardi

Where do all these comedians come from? They are all hilarious!

Shane Harris

If I find a sandwich on a hook in front of me I just take sandwich off the hook and yank on the hook to make the fisher think they got something then they pull up a hook with nothing on it I wouldn't walk around it I would take the food off the hook then pull the hook to mess with the person who sent it down

Clayton Kramer

Public schools have serious disciplinary issues and I say that as a student

eunice davis

He is so darn funny. I am coming apart with laughter.

scurra guy

Bro the similarities in are family is so surreal.

Melissa Havens

Fred is my favorite!!!

Brooks Pennington


Daniel Stephens

I don’t know why him talking at the dude with his jacket on had me dead ?

Robert Neuzil

It's not hibiscus it's lightish red. Lol

Neutral Quark

why does the dislike button exist here

Allen Martin

Sorry but I did not get German joke...Explanation please.

Kevin Dice

I’ve enjoyed Fred for years on the Bob and Tom show- this was a great set!

Susan Howe


Patricia Yohn

German tourists are the worst and I did take German for three years in H.S. and my Maternal Grandmother's family were Germans who arrived in America circa 1700. So don't hate me because ich spreche Deutsche ein bichen.

Jess Yates


Barbara T

OMG. Coming from a large family myself, this was hilarious and all true.


I better leave this comment before its ''thiiiirrty'' past 10 lol.
Mr. Fred Klett, what a performance, one of my favorites if not the one.

Gabby Mouse

I haven't continuously laughed that hard and could relate in forever. It's so late right now for me to be watching this and my neighbors probably hate me but I don't care! Fred is my go to guy and I look forward to more.

Chanell Pate

Oddly enough it was that hideous pink shirt and title that made me watch and In glad I did. I had a good laugh.

Jerry Sterling

Actually pretty good lol

Marvin sauder

This was amazing thank you

Mr Picky

when serial killer does a standup special

Captain Gregarious

This was hilarious

Patricia Hurt

While this is funny he has the wrong ideal about time out. Time out is not sending a child to their room. That is totally the last thing to do. Time out is making the child sit in a designated spot for a set amount of time. If the child gets up, you put them back and start the time again. The point is making the child aware that you will not put up with the bad behavior. This has to be done EVERY time the child does something that they have been warned not to do, with no more than 3 warnings. (actually the rules should already have been established, so the child knows what is expected of them) If done consistently, and with out anger! The child will soon learn that you mean what you say.


Time out used to be called standing in the corner.. I had to do it as long as 65 years ago.

Todd Keister

Spent a few weeks with him on a cruise ship in 2001. Great dude. Really enjoyed the laughs we had.

Grady Gaming



Lmao, it's pretty normal to keep your coat on even inside

Robert Payne

The only thing I didn't like was knowing that I caused my mom or dad to take time out of their busy day to attend to me.

Nho Tuy

Love you.

Lorena Akins

he is funny and i love the way he talks.

Patricia Yohn

Halloween was awesome my younger Brother and I used to do the same thing will big shopping bags we would plan out our route before leaving the house and we would work one side of all the streets on our route then hustle home drop off our bags grab two more and then rerun the route on the opposite side of the streets. We would still be eating Halloween candy at Valentine's Day.

Johnny Bravo

This man is a genius! I lived in an age and country where sincere comedy was banned, God help us if comedians are ever censored to the core

Brett Jones

You only had to say British once lol brits after the initial

The Emperor [Star Wars Legend's]

Same for me. Had to wait. There's nothing you can dread more.

Teresa Watson

? " Line em' up..????

Shane Harris

The moment he talked about the cow thinking everyone loves me I knew the joke would turn to the slaughter house side of things

Purab Kothari

I think the first person to speak in a british accent forgot the letter "T"

Chantal Jones- Butt

"How can you not like the terrty?!" Lol.

Michael Taylor

@ kyle klett, the real question for you. Why no umbrella?

Mary Hernandez

Pretty good, I'm very hard to make laugh.

Ray K

Title brings up horrible memories. It was only "disciplinary" from the twisted view of an authoritarian narcissist.

Just The Tips

Hilarious! ?? Love that Special so much! Thank you for sharing! ?

Debra Bennet

I'm still laughing family and i share so much in common with his childhood stories and his humour.
I laughed so much

Gabriel Jacques

Time out does nothing and spanking did something when i was little i was just 5 in 2011 and that was still a thing

Crispy Baguette 2

Congratulations this got on my favorite videos list


I'd say the donations at church was funny


OMG this man is hilarious, saw a bit on FB and had to look him up ??


im 13 and I grew up with both but mainly time out I only got spanked when I did something really bad

outlaw will

3:20 hes giving out my personal info!!!!!!!!

Jessica Harvey

So great.

The FBI Agent

As a kid from now a days (prob didn't spell it right) I can say no, not everyone got just time out

I can still feel the cable smack the back of ma leg and back

Displining your wife is not abusive. discipline

Displining your wife is not abusive. discipline5 Dec. 2018
2 812

Comments (8)
Carmel O'Brien

I will be using this video in my family violence training workshops for professionals. This window into this man’s mind spells out some of the common dynamics of intimate partner abuse, and will also be handy when I talk about early warning signs, so thanks.

Skayda Lee

Also I should apologize for ranting at you. I grew up a child of parents in a domestic violent and verbally abusive relationship so it’s a bit triggering for me when I think I see it.

Eric's fish room

Hey dude , in others words , you grow a pair of BALLS


Sir, you are 100% correct. I use what I call "engineering controls," to discipline my woman and my workers. There are certain roads and paths that are acceptable to travel down. The rest of the (bad behavior) roads and paths have well marked gates and barricades. If they choose to climb over, under, or through the gates and barricades, there are (will be) automatic consequences. Consistency is the key. Bitching, moaning, whining, and complaining are a few of the forbidden paths they dare not start to travel down!

Curt Roediger

She’s FIFTY and STILL putting up with your SHIT??? Unbelievable.

Skayda Lee

I suppose if it works for you guys and she’s cool with it that’s great. It just looks pretty unhealthy and hurtful to me what you said in the video as though you believe that women are lesser beings than men, mentality, emotionally and physically, (some women are stronger than men but they are rare so that’s true) but we are just as mentally (intelligent) and emotionally strong as men and have proven time and again that we are your equals. I guess if you’ve been happily married for so long then you must be doing something right in your own relationship as long as your wife is 100 percent on board and knows that she had self worth outside of her husband and family. You say your “boss” keeps you in check I assume you are referring to your wife. So, you think of each other as the bosses of each other? You have self worth outside of your wife and family as well you know. It’s my opinion so you can ignore this or delete it but I don’t think anyone can have a happy, healthy and fulfilling marriage where both parties think they are the alpha. There doesn’t need to be a leader and follower; you can be great as equals and let your conscience tell you if you need to go another way in a situation. If you crave being alpha and lording it over something and having something cater to your needs while disregarding your partner’s then I suggest a border collie and not a wife. But if it all works for you guys then more power to you both.


This is the funniest fucking thing I have ever seen. Hope your wife stays off the bunny trail. Probably wont be making many more driving videos after your license gets suspended for missing child support payments when your wife LEAVES YOUR CRAZY ASS

Skayda Lee

Does she get to discipline you if you step out of line? A marriage should be about equality, love and respect and it should go both ways. Your wife is not your child; you don’t lump your wife or girlfriend in with the kids when passing out discipline. She is a grown woman who’s allowed to have her own thoughts and opinions and interests and what you think is important isn’t more important than what she thinks is important and vice versa. You married a partner, not a little kid you need to teach and “keep in line”. You say you aren’t abusive but you admit to calling your wife stupid and belittling her and controlling her and then buying her gifts as rewards for “good behavior”. This, my friend, is textbook abusive behavior. It’s verbal and emotional abuse and if you hit her, even just a slap, it’s escalated to physical abuse. She should put the kids in day care and get a job and raise her self-esteem. Hopefully she’ll be able to realize not all men are like you and that she’s strong enough to take care of herself and her kids. I think the 1950s misses you, dude.

Qatari sociologist's guide on how Muslim men should beat wives

Qatari sociologist's guide on how Muslim men should beat wives18 Apr. 2019
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Get Your Deal =

Get Your Deal =

Fury as vile sociologist from World Cup host country Qatar, films shocking guide on how Muslim men should beat their wives.

A Qatari sociologist has caused outrage after posting an online tutorial appearing to instruct Muslim men on how to beat their wives.

Abd Al-Aziz Al-Khazraj uploaded the footage to the his Al-Mojtama YouTube channel which reportedly shows him teaching men to 'punish' their wives under Islamic law.

He is seen in the footage demonstrating techniques on a young boy as he tells the camera: 'Some people punch her or slap her on the face… That's not allowed.'

He demonstrates by slapping the child on his shoulders and shouting at him from nearby: 'I told you not to leave the house! How many times do I have to tell you?'

Al-Ansari then demonstrated how to beat a wife on Nayef by slapping him on the shoulders, grabbing him and shaking him, and saying loudly: 'I told you not to leave the house! How many times do I have to tell you?'

He said: 'Dear viewers, many people – especially people who are married – would like to know how to beat one's wife. Is beating your wife necessary? Must a man beat his wife every day? No.

'First, we must understand that the man is the leader of the house. A leader has authorities, just like a company manager.

'The leader of the house may decide to discipline the wife so life can move on.How does a husband beat his wife? He gives her a disciplinary beating out of love. He loves her.

'Now, let's see how Islam teaches how to beat your wife. Let's imagine that Nayef here… Nayef is obviously a boy, but let's imagine that he is the wife. How should a husband beat his wife?

'First, he must admonish her – in other words, he should advise her. Then, he should refrain from sharing a bed with her. If all of this doesn't help, we start the beating as a last resort.

'This is a painless beating that does not leave bruises or cause bleeding. The beating I just gave Nayef is the true gentle beating in Islam.'

Comments (72)
Arno Eeuwigheid

YouTube HOW DARE YOU SHOWING THESE SICKENING TRADITIONS OF MUSLIM FANATICS! It is insulting to women but also to civilized well educated muslim women who despise Sharia Law! SHAME ON YOU!!!!

guts the black swordsman


Shut up Idiot • 16 years ago

I can't wait to get married one day and beat my wife

Griffin The Ghost

Can a wife do the same if she is right , and the husband is not listening , this is also a situation , is something written ? I always laugh at this stupidity where only and only a man is glorified out so many species of life.

Payal ll

Fuckk u bastard


Oh no , i've been beating my wife wrong for so much time. Thank You kind sir !

Kirill Bezzubkine

Holy krrrap.

uncle bill

Bruh imagine out of nowhere he starts actually beating the kid and he starts jumping him

Smell Money

I will take this advice

J Guitar

I love this video.

Lord Zeño

What a gamer

Kudo kun

Fck man i feel ashamed that i was born a muslim
Now im an agnostic ☺

amaterasu mthafaker



Nice tutorial, will apply at my own household.

Mmd123 King

Okay what happwnce if that doesn't help go harder

SamirIsHere •

Bruh I was expecting a beating. If you live in the west and think this is horrible... bruh this man is doing a good deed trying to “educate” actually abusive husbands. Obviously it’s not ideal but it’s a step in the right direction against wife beaters this is meant for.

Mr Fantastic

Thats fucking messed up. Light beating?? I am 14 years old and i think beating is not the option. Some people will think i am sexist but i aint gonna hit my wife not even light beating. Because she is my wife after all. Wives are not out slaves. Poor women that has to bear all this ?

MokAkuma ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

1) man and woman both are authorothies in th house, each one them has responsibility to take care of the house and children.
2) woman is not a child to educate, she is an adult human being with a brain, she has the will, feelings, capacity to think and take decisions as man, so isntead of beaten her, listen each others opinions and think abot wich is the best.
3) why you would give her order, she is not a slave.
4) a husband is not the parent to beat the woman, u are a couple, not a dad and a daughter.

Ay Tumbagahan

When the day of my marriage with Varlene comes, I don't think I have the courage to beat my wife, my wife is literally a war robot manufactured by the PLA military factory. Some robotic limbs is strong enough to lift a truck.

A Kl

Don't beat or shake your wives at all!! You playing it down doesn't make it any better!

أبو معاوية السلفي

western men crying like babies cuz in their households they are the woman in the relationship while muslim men actually act masculine and their wives listen and obey as they should that's why the west is doomed alhamdulilah

amaterasu mthafaker


Matthew Mendes

Beautiful, so much knowledge dropped in 2 minutes. People need to take this seriously.

John Johnson

salaam alaikum this beautiful


Y’all know this is a troll video, right? ?


Wow thanks!!!1!
This made our my household so ? much better I'm so glad this damned video exists what the fuck

Dominik Kunavar

uzameš metlo ,zdej pa a boš šla v kuhno al boš pa postran gledaua

Regretful Toaster

Honestly, I don't support the idea that the man is the leader of the household, but I believe this man is quite wise in his teachings. All of the points he makes just makes total sense to me. I would most likely apply these teachings if I was in league with his ideals.

Arabic Music



Very instructive. I shall employ this method immediately.

Christopher McMickle

Damn I've been doing it wrong for ages. Thanks for the tutorial.

Dev Shah

I m the balanced like


I went to try this before I could do she gave me a list of vegetable ???

Arno Eeuwigheid

Looking at a monster with a bathtowel!????


Should I laugh???????meme spotted!!!!!!!!!??????????????

Shoham Sen

I had been told that wife-beating tutorials exist on u-tube. I assumed it was a joke. Guess the jokes on me.

CoalMine Conservative

Aisha once brought a woman to Muhammad who had been beaten so badly by her husband that her skin turned as “green as her tunic”. Muhammad rebuked the woman for being an bad wife. Don’t let these men lie to you. Read the Muslim sources for yourself.


This must be a joke..


Some day, some woman is going to lightly smash the bum-fluff off his face with a hammer. I hope she records it for us ?

Louise Cordier

Islam love....beating the weaker partner. How disgusting.

Anoop Bhakuni

Wtf , is this Islam ?? ??

Captain Hawking Empire Forge



Haha, OMG, how sick is that!
The man is the leader of the house, just like a company manager? What are his credentials?
He can "admonish" her? Seriously? Among adults you normally hold discussions among equals. IF you are mature enough and a real man.
The woman has to listen to her husband? Again, the two mature adult thing. Unless of course you are not man enough to have a equal next to you.
Not leave the house without his permission? What is she? A prisoner? Again, who gave you that authority?
Refuse to share the bed? Haha, I doubt that a man like that has any idea on how to satisfy a women.
Getting loud and beating her "lightly"? Time to call the police and leave the loser.

General Shepherd

I guess I do agree with Islam on some issues.

justin case

In the west the wife do the beating and the husband do the cooking washing taking care of the kids and house. while the wife go out with Chad and Tyrone and called it girls night out

deep ga


z Zz

?He is defending the teachings of the prophet/alla of Islam, the prophet ahmed teach muslim can beat his wife ,search David woods video「Mohammad‘s view on woman(Hatun Tash,Sam Shamoun and David Woods)」

Mr House

I love this man. He’s so simple and patient.

Jacqueline Voss

What a weak peace of shit!! I'd love to beat the shit out of him?


What the fuck


Apparently a light tap on the shoulder is mass homicide in the west ?.

Vincent Capo

What a wonderful religion of peace!

Ravi kumar

What Allah says if my wife is a Ploiticain, and She must go without my permission?
Or Allah doesn't like women becoming as a politician at all?

Umalayal Arabi

I hope this video is a joke because if it is not then that is sad I’m a Muslim and I completely disagree with what he’s saying

Ana Bella

This is horrible. I am married to a Muslim man and before we got restraining orders against his psychotic family, they’d say “Control your woman”, “Did you know she left the house today?” ??‍♀️

Ri Li

I mean it when I say this is probably the first example in which Islam's message is something the Western world could learn from. The physical violence aside, the expert described how men and women seem to engage socially and emotionally.


thank you so much. learnt a lot.

palo olap

How mercyful was Muhammad, he ordered to not beat on the face ?
What is wrong with islam?


Based Ahmed

MultiRingtail Brando

Blessed Qatari


Есть топорчане?)

Romantican loverian

Is this beating???what the fuck...I do this daily with my brother...

Rayon Linton

If a Muslim woman go against this

O Prophet, tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to bring down over themselves [part] of their outer garments. That is more suitable that they will be known and not be abused. And ever is Allah Forgiving and Merciful.

Sagar Majillya

Lol , a meme spotted ?? .

Neha Kulkarni

LoL The way he tries to justify it

Fun Languages

Only qatar maybe,,,, but in other muslim countries just like Afghanistan they do it hardcore


Is it haram to waterboard your disrespectful wife? You are not harming her face nor covering her with bruises.

Spades Chaoser



Gamer moment


One more reason to hate Muslims and their belief in "Allah".

Sumya New

In the Quran is written that first speak with words second ignore her so that she can know that she did something wrong 3rd phrase you can beat but not in the face on the back okay buy a little bit harder so that she can fell the strength it's not haram for a man to hit the woman in the face its macro in Islam I'm a Muslim teacher my self

First Naat

A Muslim woman do Muslim wives admonish their husbands?