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HOW TO ACCURATELY MEASURE BODY FAT PERCENTAGE Accu-Measure Body Fat Calipers Review Does it WORK?16 Feb. 2017
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HOW FAT ARE YOU? HOW MUCH BODY FAT DO YOU HAVE? How To Measure Body Fat Easily Accu Measure Body Fat Calipers Review Does it WORK?


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Comments (46)
Hansi Hans


Kim Novak

Very informative

Kiara Thomas

Thank you. I just bought mine on Amazon and you're the first tutorial I watched!

Jivan Shrestha

Good video, but u need to enlighten yourself with “ The obesity code” by Dr. Jason Fung to know more about crabs and diet


My body fat caliper is just like yours except it doesn't have the thing that you slide to the right before use so I have look at the measurement while holding it on the fat fold so I have too strain too see it. It only has chart for women. I'm a man

David Ehresman

your body needs carbs to survive - lol


This thing sucks. I can measure the same place 20 times in a row and get 20 different measurements.

Uriel Enrique Vazquez

“If you are excessively fat, this might not work”??

Gwendolyn Foster

This was helpful, thank you.

Man In The Box

We don’t need carbs in our diet. Our body releases glucose via gluconeogenesis, which is enough for our brains to work off of.

Ko Cho

How many centimeters should I grab between fingers? Result depends heavily on that.

Greg Stokes

Respectfully disagree with your idea of nutrition man, stick to showing how calipers work brother.

Free Speech

The accuracy isn't important, but keeping track of progress

Daniel Ghanbari

This video is so funny!

Mike Nicholas

Awesome, thanks for the info.

eyevin cast

For carbs I suggest potatoes sweet potatoes/yams rice/brown rice and quinoa with other Vegas like broccoli ?......that’s plenty for your carb needs of coarse add your choice of proteins. Stay away from carbs like regular breads such as white bread donuts and pretty much all pastries......cutting all the sugar and fake sugar will be hard to do at first but not impossible eat food with natural sugars like in fruits.
It’s hard to change your life around but not impossible it can be exciting at first and then scary when you don’t get the results that you want right away but don’t give up.......that’s the test the moment you fell like giving up.....DONT! Keep going keep moving forward!!! That’s part of your test because soon after you fight yourself from giving up that’s when the real results come in that’s when your body says ok fine I get it we’re going to do this together. Once you get that first achievement that first little bit of change that first good feeling about yourself that’s when your goals become possible!
Good video! No BS straight to the point......I just bought a pair of those calibers to see my progress.....don’t care how accurate it is as long as I can see physical evidence that my waist line is getting smaller.
Went from 236 to 175.....took me 2 yrs to get to this point. My approach was slow I had to re learn everything from eating to what are my real goals to what exercises I need to do how to do them to sleeping is very crucial as well. I didn’t want to loose a ton of weight real fast and have very loose skin. Anyway I’m ranting but I hope everyone the best in there journey!


Dude stop looking at me with your bellybutton


You need at least 100 carbohydrates per minute to run 100 feet

Sophia Mace

very informational


This is what your navel looks like: ?

Kristine Thorndyke

This video has me cracking up. Thanks for sharing the tips.

Akbar Rejep

Thanks for sharing this info. I have always thought how much should I press it to have right reading if I purchase one. To my surprise now I know it has a ‘click’.


"that shows the millimeters of thiccness"

Shuvam Sarkar

How much amount of the skin should we pinch?

Bob Sullivan

Your navel looks like it is whistling.

Burgertown RAR

Dietary carbohydrates are not essential for human life.

Everyday Debbie

THANK YOU! I didnt notice the little slide.!!!

Daine Scott

thanks for the honest review.???


I’m 16 how do I get my reading?

Andre' Bettinson

Why would glycogen storage depletion cause diabetes? If you have insulin resistance, you already have it regardless of glucagon levels.
Fasting and/or a Ketogenic diet would be great in that case if insulin resistance was the ultimate cause of the bodyfat accumulation.

apples oranges


drew mack

Is this not eddie bravo


Several years later..what is your current body fat?

Erica Smith

Thanks for this video on the caliper use. Btw... my research and personal experience proves that fat people don’t need carbs. Now lean folks, they do need carbs because they don’t have fat stores to tap into (very efficient source of energy). The brain loves ketones. There needs to be much more education on fasting. It is GOLDEN! The fitness industry teaches/trains us from a lean perspective and that’s why fat people never win the battle collectively.

Mohamed Salah


tiktok tiktok

i found that exact skin fold for 10 bucks

naryrokobs 1

Well, Carbs retain water, so when you cut out carbs, you are losing a lot of water weighy faster instead of fat weight which leads to people being disappointed in how they look in the mirror ecen tho they lost 10 pounds. So you really just need to maintain a healthy balance of carbs, lipids, and proteins in order to properly lose fat.

izzy saki

Thanks for explaining.


Btw, a high bf% does not necessarily mean you don't look good.

If you lift weights, your body will have a nice shape even with a higher body fat %

This is especially true with women, who tend to store fat evenly around the body and not all in the gut like men.....

As with anything, the mirror and camera do not lie.

SirArjun Singh

wow man...made my life..
Nice one Subscribed...Keep'em comin....

Jorge Perez

Man great video and detailed. Now that lever that says press on it. When it clicks is that indicating not to continue squeezing because theres already a bodyfat measurement? Thanks

Eda Bean

How could anyone need a tutorial for something so simple? Duh, I needed a tutorial. Thanks for posting.

Madhurya B

This was very clear and well explained. Thank you so much

Scott Schneider

Im not super fat but mine broke attempting to do this...LOL


+ or - 1% is pretty accurate.


7 weeks ago I was 213lbs with 34mm. Now, I am 198lbs with 26mm. Thank you


7 525

Hi everyone! This is for

Hi everyone! This is for a performance task in PE but I'd love to share this knowledge to you as well. In this video, I computed for my Body Mass Index and to which classification I fall under. Hope you enjoy!

I realized there's an error, it's supposed to be weight (kg) / height (m) ²

Comments (23)
Pinky Barman

I was skeptic about Agoge Diet because I thought that I would have to eat only broccoli to lose weight. I am eating only food I like and still losing weight.


Underweight Hahaha....btw paturo mag English.

Vito Cruz

Share, support and know your BMI guys
We love you and miss you Cole?❤


sana lahat 167 cm :(((

Ardan Gaming

Oshi cole req lng gawa ka po ng content playing among us with mnloves ^_^

cedrix reyes


Tine Rubio

wow sana ol mababa bmi ?




Cute mo talaga oshi Hahhahaha

Marjon Dorado

Halaaaaaaaa may bagooo

Jonhcarlon Rango

thank you for better explanation

Rohit Navgire

2 months ago, I was fat and had single. Now I have great body and a girlfriend. Coincidence? I wouldn't say. Trust me guys, all you need is training and diet plan. You can get both from Agoge Diet



interest thing

i always support cole ❤️

Piolo Dominguez

kailangan sa P.E

Austin Gershom Igot

Underweight gang lezgow HAHAHAHAHAH.... Yung kain ka ng kain pero di ka tumataba... Blessed or cursed? HAHAHAHAHHAH


goods nayan lods bawi naman sa ganda mo hahahah

LaZe 09



Ataya Underweight HAHAHAHAHHA

PS;Nakakagana mag turo si ms.

El Alderete

kg/m2 or lbs/in2

Jofferson Hipolito

Beautiful girl

Vhin Moreno

1:00 bang! Nakalimutan pa more hahaha