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Ilana Glazer Covers Topics from Baby Foreskin Cream to Wanting Dick Pics in her DM | Sway's Universe

Ilana Glazer Covers Topics from Baby Foreskin Cream to Wanting Dick Pics in her DM | Sway's Universe28 Apr. 2016
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Ilana Glazer Covers Topics from Baby Foreskin Cream to Wanting Dick Pics in her DM | Sway's Universe

Sway’s Universe

Comments (53)
Shane Riscen

Get Russ on here


Ilana is a fuckkin baddie, but heather b was fuckin tooo funny in this one loool


What, the, fuck,?

GreenMatrix 30seven810172324

plastic meat rubbing smashing up against your cookie that shit is not safe

i was pretty much done after that

Jonathon Hang


M* Emma.

Jus had to ondemand broad city and check it out...good interview tho.

Steven Candelaria

This one was hilarious!! I Love Heather B!:-D

Ally Vee

Heather for the win with the steups (aka sucking teeth). I was literally doing the same thing when that talk started. Mad scene.

Pj Walker

wat my youtube now sub

Sober Life

Love this Girl and this show

Carlos H

she is awesome. wish this interview was longer tho. ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ


So she's Jewish ? Thought she was Hispanic

Lilo Faoa



YEA Brother Polight had a debate with they jews on that , He was bringing some fire

Biggie Shakur

lol I fck wit Heather B.

Stipe’s Right Hand

Get Abbis big booty self on here

Riding With Ralph

she is so fine 2 me


Heather B had me DYING on this interview. She was on a roll son ???


she cool and all but the other one is the brains of the duo. Get abbi on the show sway!

jon deere

bouta send her a DP

Nick Brooks.

Ilana can get it man. That's bae lol.

Toya V

love broad city!! so funny

DJ Gary

I still got my foreskin ☺


Heather B is too real haha, kinda sad for Tracy that she invited Ilana in her house but Tracy never been there lol

Smokey Da One

First Here??


haha fur. you definitely aint got the answers sway

Raharmon Nelson

Where is Abby......either way she was a dope interview....... This season was great..... even down to the guest stars...... Tony Danza..... Traci Ellis Ross...... Hillary..... and shot out on that traveling time bong...... I was high and could have died....


Heather b gotta hold it together , she comes off arrogant when dirty comedians come thru

Christopher Van Buren

Sway tryna smash. Can't blame him tho


Sway is such a genuinely nice man, he just seems like such a good person overall.


Man, her vibe is off for me. And she voted for Hillary? Bad, bad vibes.


Is this the girl from time traveling bong? If it is she is hilarious.

Michael Cooper

Heather B. is hilarious

Juan A. Tena

season 3 sucked, hope the next 2 get better.


Illana Glazer can get it man. Exactly my type.


I just saw that episode yesterday WTFFFFFFFFFF

Malika Zaiahna

I loooooove Heather B!!!

Elijah S.

Ilana I absolutely love u. Ima marry this girl one.


Why Heather B look like a woman who's really mad at the DMV


this interview escalated quickly

Edgar K

Ilana is hot as fuck


Whats the name of the show

Randy Galeano

Ilana's the best.


my boo


My baby mama Ilana. I was just watching Broad City last night.


Literally who?


Broad Fucking City!!

Creative S0ul

Love her ?


Pretty sure Ilana is my soulmate. Funny interview.

Epi Ramirez

heather b's always judgn


she can have my baby's

Robbie Rob

Great interview! I love Broad City! - I hope I win Sways contest

Brooklyn Born Creative Agency

Sucks that she is cuffed up.. ?

Glen Callender on Square Off 11-Apr-2013: Oprah's foreskin face cream

Glen Callender on Square Off 11-Apr-2013: Oprah's foreskin face cream24 Apr. 2013
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Canadian Foreskin

Canadian Foreskin Awareness Project (CAN-FAP) founder Glen Callender discusses Oprah Winfrey's foreskin face cream and circumcision/genital mutilation with Mark Hebscher, Liz West and Lorraine Sommerfeld on CHCH-TV's "Square Off" on April 11 2013.

Comments (44)
A Krambler

Is nobody else going to comment on the fact that these people who concern themselves with penises call themselves CAN-FAP? That cannot be on accident. Talk about a trolling win.


If Oprah Winfrey wore beauty cream made of cells extracted from any little girl's clitoral hood, wouldn't she be considered a traitor to feminism, to the "sisterhood"?

Ha We Ha

Every INTACTivist should aslso be aware, if theirt comment had been marked as spam, they will not notice it when they visit the commentary section again. YouTube, in their mind-boggling wisdom, have made it invisible for the commenter. Theys will ONLY realize it, when they watch again either while logged-out OR logged-in by another account AND "Page refreshed".

Sandra Hippink

That woman makes me want to hit her so bad, and I don't hit anyone ever. Liz West was awesome, I'm glad she tried to shut down that completely irrelevant comparison between immunizations and circumcision. *APPLAUSE* for Glen!


When it comes to the forced genital cutting of a child female or male there should be no debate. If the female guest on this program would be willing to allow herself to be held down and have a part of her genitalia cut off, without anesthetic then I would say she had a voice. How can she,or anyone else for that matter speak for an other human being? Foreskin removal form a healthy minor for any reason is a violation of human rights. Why is that such a hard concept to understand?

elmer fudd

Lorraine is a hypocrite & Bigot. Typical for women who like circumcising boys especially when they are babies..


Where can I find skin cream made from that b!tches labia?


Mark : "you're not going to get the consent of the baby..." Really, Mark? Thanks for pointing that out. That's why it should be left to the individual to decide for themselves when they are an adult whether or not they want to permanently alter their penis. Idiot.

CircumCrippled TV

Search “Oprah Winfrey Exposed – Penis Facials” on YouTube.


I sense that Lorraine is nurturing some man hate.

Todd Bates

i use to pass around videos of circumcisions back in 96 to 2000, and it got in the hands of a 17 13 and 11 year old boys that are brothers, the police knew it was me  the parents came home and had some upset boys,  the police department told me that the parents were upset and wanted to know who it was that gave their sons that video, if its so good why were the parents upset?  i see why the boys were


What a stupid conversation!! This did more damage then made anything better! There no point talking to ignorant controlling American visitors on that show! Canada needs to get back their on Media and keep things within Canada ONLY! so that Canadians can stop getting brainwashed by all the tons of American channels!

winter.shayne_and_benji Vlogs

@Stefan: The CDC changed its policy this year smash did the AAP saying there were benefits dude. That was in August.

Todd Bates

indeed it is sexual assault, and people get upset over pedophiles?  the usa is a penis butcher

alden penney

I am just glad that Lorraine Sommerfeld is not my mother.

winter.shayne_and_benji Vlogs

I'm with the Tombraider woman here. The way I see it there are alleged proven benefits to both circumcision and immunization. There are none - and have never been any suggestion of proven benefits of female circumcision. The AAP and CDC have never advocated considering female circumcision. Now or ever. Do nope you can't compare the two. I don't care which side of the fence you sit.

Fred Rhodes

Proponents of ritual infant prepuce excision site lack of proper education on the physiological, neurological, and homologous functions of both sexes prepuces, and a lack of proper hygeine/health education as reasons to allow neurologically damaging, sexually traumatic, and function distructive circumcisions on males but not females. They ignor equal rights protection to promote their sexist witchdoctor ritual.

Sheron Windsor

girls can get circumcised? lol

Todd Bates

being a circumcised man by force at birth, im sure u can see why i dont beleive in being an organ donor, and screrw u people that think cutting on kids genitals is ok

Richard Williams

These people are amazingly horrible. Unbelievable. 


Immunisation is preventive action to certain diseases WITHOUT cutting normal part of human body that dismisses the role & function of the body part forever. Parents should prefer good immunisations to protect their babies. Circumcision isn't preventive action, it's a surgery, it cut the foreskin and dismiss its role & function forever. We even can't prevent diseases by cutting normal part of the body either. Foreskin is God's design. Baby boys have the rights to get the benefts of the foreskin.

Mech Para

Women as usual keep deflecting. Especially a Jew


"It's been going on for thousands of years..." So therefore it's acceptable? This is cognitive dissonance exemplified. They cannot allow themselves to grasp or even question the basic human right violation occuring here because it would fundamentally change their worldview.

Kurt True

I googled Lorraine Sommerfeld. It's a little bit of a stretch to call her a journalist. I think she's kind of in that gray area between journalist and mommy blogger. I was curious about why she sounded so angry and why she felt compelled to shout down Glen's argument with a lot of blustery "how dare you?" type rhetoric. Then I noticed on her personal website that she has two sons. So I suppose there we have our answer.

Foreskin Timelapse

Well done. Great to see the female anchor call out your opposition on her misinformation

Spermicidal Lube

Difference between male and female genital mutilation: /watch?v=98f3IavuEgQ&list=PL5Y8v2PMxqzXLp0X4hnvWeBEjrKWKsBOy&index=1

Mech Para

Foreskin was Illegally stolen through sexual assault, not "taken" . Language people


You cannot compare MGM to FGM, but you can compare it to immunisation ???!!!!

Mech Para

You ask a SommerFELD about circumcision? Why ask the offenders of this assault their opinion?


It really pisses me off how such a double standard of genital mutilation is enforced in our society.

That Rabbid Nerd

Wish the rude bitch would shutup and let the man speak....obviously she's offended cus she's can't comprehend what she's probably already done to her own kids lol.


Wow this woman pisses me off! She is so demeaning!

Todd Bates

this lady is a bitch,  cutting is cutting, u immoral unethical bitch,

Zachary Chiupka

Just because its a religious tradition does not make it right.  Doctors would recommend it because it fills their pockets. I was cut and I am pretty mad about it.
I am working on restoring my foreskin.


Q: "What about immunizations and parents' rights?" A: Medical ethics dictates that proxy consent for any intervention is only ethical if waiting for the patient's own rational informed consent would lead to harm, and if non-destructive options are exhausted. Many vaccines pass this test. Forced genital cutting FAILS this test decidedly.


She's comparing foreign FGM to domestic MGM. Foreign MGM kills and maims as many boys as foreign FGM kills girls.


Wow, the stupidity, hypocrisy, misandry, cognitive dissonance, and outright dismissal of reality makes me want to vomit

Chris Hemnis

If they do this what would stop them from drinking their blood?

Todd Bates

i will never let a butcher cut on my sons penis.. i would consider that an assault on my sons life as well, to take a chance on my son dying or loosing a penis,  no way, there is no way i would let a butcher circumcise my sons pleasure organ. the american medical industry is a criminal and the doctors and inexperienced interns that do it


That was nauseating. That female guest, who obviously grew up to think she can never be wrong, and that farty oldman were really obnoxious. Why they cannot see the similarity between MGM and FGM is mind boggling. They don't want to see it. I'm sorry you had to deal with that Glen. Much love and best wishes.

Lorne Holman

You can't justify mutilation in the name of religion. Bravo to those fighting for E.R.I.C. . . . Ending Routine Infant Circumcision

Bart Lee

fuck oprah supporting circumcision by using foreskin from babies that go through permanent trauma

Morris West

They say circumcision could reduces the chance of infection because the foreskin could get infected... Well a woman's breasts could get breast cancer , but we don't cut them off before they get cancer. This new CDC study of circumcision was an African studies were people don't keep them self very clean because of lack of running water !
"The benefits of male circumcision have become more and more clear over the last 10 years," said Dr. Aaron Tobian, a Johns Hopkins University researcher involved in one of the African studies."