Girls that play hard to get

How To Play ❁Hard To Get❁ With A Girl

How To Play ❁Hard To Get❁ With A Girl24 May. 2018
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Discover how to use Mind

Discover how to use Mind Control to play "hard to get" with her:


Alright, so you're wondering if you should play "hard to get" with a girl, and if you should, then what are the things you should do. This video will answer both questions for you, and more!

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In this video, you'll learn the subtle art of playing "hard to get" with a girl -

1. Two biggest needs that a woman has (and what you MUST give her)

2. Why you need to balance between "easy to get" and "hard to get" with her (five examples each)

3. How to take things to the next level with something even stronger and more effective than "hard to get" tactics

Details on all the above are in the video.

Watch all the way till the end because I will then share with you a sneaky "mind hack" technique that works even better than your regular "hard to get" tricks. Remember to take lots of notes!

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Good luck!

Fred "Hard To Get" Hill

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Comments (14)
Karina Daphne

It’s good to play hard to get but some of these examples are harsh and would make most women leave

Furwa Gyalzen


Vardas pavarde

What if i guest want to get laid?


well, true

Alpacino Godfather

Girl use this to seduce us.


Is this satanic in any way?

Fares Boki

Should I make her jealous by posting pics with another girl?


Loot at all these simps here, i am one of them.

Fredo Hill

In this video, you'll learn the subtle art of playing "hard to get" with a girl. Comment below and let me know what you think, OK? :)
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Sebastian R

Imagine if their was a class name GIRLS 101. Every guy is trying to pass that class

Shattered Knight

I don't understand the one doing the chasing part. I rather be in a relationship. So there's no chasing involved.


I hard to get withy hisband. As there is one person always in our way.


Today Both sides are "playing and being" this childish "hard to get" routine out there and it is failing miserably,, And the statistics show it! We live in a world where everyone is trying to be the first one, to beat the other to the "ignore"!

Sikander Azam

Man i love ur objectivity...ur scientific approach..n the accuracy n precision of ur research...

Five Signs That She Is Playing Hard To Get

Five Signs That She Is Playing Hard To Get9 Feb. 2017
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Clay AndrewsSubscribe 438 721

Five Signs That She Is

Five Signs That She Is Playing Hard To Get

Guys LOOOOOVE the chase - at least this is what most dating coaches have been telling their subscribers. Hence why girls felt the need to fake their attraction and pretend that they don't care about the guy to make him like her more. But the reality is, playing games can end up badly. Know the signs that she is playing games with you in this video!

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Comments (52)
jake alexander

Hung out about 10 times the last couple of months. Great connection, had sex on multiple occasions.
Barely responds and I cant tell how she feels about me whats so ever....
Hard to get or not interested?

riza cas

I hate playing mind games becuase I am natural and confident woman but then when I noticed he was playing mind games to me I will outomatically mirror him......

Jason Quinones

What the crazy thing is, is that the girl I'm talking to even admits that she plays hard to get

pluggods zoe

What about she dnt want to have a drink with me she said she ofraid thing going down after

dave lightSaber

I think more direct Women Are attractive . confidence is sexy , not Games lol

moorthi arumugam

Y can't this be a video on she's not stringing you along?


The way men fuck and dump women these days, your video makes it sound like "play hard to get" is a bad thing.
And it is not called "hard to get" it is called, earn our trust first.

Miguel Santos

Hello again Clay, I liked this video because I have a feeling that this girl I told you about on another video doesn't want to talk to me, sometimes when I say "good morning" to her she gives that "get lost" look, it might just me but that's what I think, does she really hates me that much or is she just playing that famous Mastermind board game with me? Have a great day.

Jeremias Anglero

This is what I am noticing about a woman playing hard to get, correct me if I'm wrong but first sign for me is the texting, when I text her, she'll probably take a while to respond but she responds, if I don't text her she won't text me is that correct?

Prolific Pops

Been talking to this girl pretty much since the first week she got hired at my job place a few months ago. We kicked it off nearly immediately after we met, being the nice and friendly person she is. But after talking to her more and more I've realized that she's not the easy type that most would think she is based on her warm personality. I've tried giving off signs that I'm interested but it's like she's not rejecting me but she's not exactly inviting either. We flirt quite often and joke around nearly every time we see each other at work and after watching this video, I'm convinced that she's definitely playing hard-to-get with me. All the signs you listed I've seen from her except the 2nd one since she can't exactly "look her best" at work. Anyways, I'm pretty sure she knows I like her at this point. My problem is that I don't know how to get closer to her and do things with her out of work because of this confusing game that she likes to play. I want her because she seems like she'll be really loyal and a keeper, but I just don't know how to get her.

Muneeb Mashadi

So after a really awesome first date, I sent her a text next day afternoon saying it was nice and we should do it again whenever we both are free. She hasn't replied and it's been four days. Not interested or playing hard to get?

Jeremias Anglero

People often Tell me that I should put her interest for me to the test by not texting her for a day or two to see if she texts me back?????

Damian Earl

Is it good if she is hot and cold clay?

Voxo Diaz

i think a few times she has been (correct me if i'm wrong) do some woman use their "ex husband" or ex boyfriend 4 hard to get?

John Krainyk

I have this woman in mind that really likes me a lot from the crushing signs 1 I told shes beautful and her eyes dilated and she leaned over counter at job to me and the she couldnt talk with out sounding messed up then I try to ask her out she says I cant I have a 7 yr relationship 2nd time I tell shes gourgus then she blushes face red another time we talk as shes doing garbage at her job then I tell she has really beautful eyes then she was talking like snow white with a higher pitched voice and couldnt look at me and she walked away with a very cute laugh now she sees with a big and pink in her face and she loves when I call her princess and she let me hug her she has smiled with a jaw drop and red face from blushing after I call her beautful or gourgus she loves when I talk to her the get to know and looks very happy when I'm around she does admit a connection between me and her

Naomi Hu

i only play hard when i really like the guy. if that is just a random guy, i wont put any effort to play this mind game and in the end, the guy will normally feel too good about himself and believe that im so into him... omg...


This video is a real fishermen's advice

Michael Hall

William blake says it best.

Never seek to tell thy love, 
Love that never told can be; 
For the gentle wind doth move 
Silently, invisibly. 

I told my love, I told my love, 
I told her all my heart, 
Trembling, cold, in ghastly fears. 
Ah! she did depart! 

Soon after she was gone from me, 
A traveller came by, 
Silently, invisibly: 
He took her with a sigh.
-William Blake

Chetan Sawant

Thank you. Ur advice is perfectly correct

Cecilia Caller

After a few dates there should be honesty and openness, I agree.
But I find it problematic & a bit victimblaming when friends and the world are telling a woman to Be Honest with a Stranger (online dating),
give out our schedules & availability.
We often get very poorly treated and often abused, if we honestly say that we are free to meet today/tomorrow (asked out last-minute) or if we honestly tell that we'd like to be asked out a few days in advance,
or admit that we don't feel ready to go to his home 1st/2nd date.
Guys often get angry and text-bully when we do, if we give the slightest polite criticism.
For women online dating chats very often turn into receiving harrassments, dpicks, we're treading on eggshells, while looking for a boyfriend.
They are physically mostly much stronger, so saying that we shouldn't say white lies like "Sorry can't make this evening", is a bit like saying "You should not avoid going into an elevator with a strange man at midnight, because he might feel offended"
Emotional connection is important,
but it takes a little while until we feel safe enough for it.
Though Playing hardtoget is often exaggerated, as in your examples.

ps. Last time I was trying to level (in Aug), show vulnerability, emotionally reach out by writing that I really enjoyed meeting him, would love to see him again, am really attracted, but more ready for restaurant than his place for 2nd date, he got monosyllabic, standoffish and suggested late night cafe very far from me & close to him. I ended up cancelling with "Sorry, can't make it Wedn"

Start Game

She looks at me and smile in 1 week the other week she dont even look at me at all wth is happening


OMG ur totally right. There is this girl that i really liked but she played hard to get on the phone. I texted her and she never replied me. The only reply i got was one time "dont ever text me again u creep", iknew it right there she is try hard to get with me. She played hard to get when i saw her, like she would totally ignore me i knew right there and was excited.

Even after 10 years i think she is playing hard to get with that husband of her's and their 3 children. I really like the chase.

Imad Yc

hey , i was talking to this girl every day for about a monthes now , i always make her laugh and we talks about a lot of subjects ,,, i never meet this girl on person ,,last night i told her ,,u know we must meet someday she says i dont think soo !!!!!!! does she playing hard to get ????


So how do we counter a hard to get woman?


Who am i kidding... She's also changing school! Just so i know that i'm gonna miss her so much :(


To me, she does the no. 3 sign, alwayyyyssss mysterious...

Italian Stallion

how long might a girl be in that "cold" stage when she goes from hot to cold?

Lee the boss

3 & 4 i blev true 5 she ask me to help her at home then change mind


This was a very clear and great video from this guy!
Their was a slightly older lady than me who was gorgeous on the subway who has checked me out on several occasions by looking at me, smiling, and even waited for me to get off the subway. Problem was that stupid me is shy & this lady took my breath away & couldn’t gather courage to say anything. She threw several opportunities at me to approach her and now I haven’t seen her in a month. Trust me I’ve been glancing around but not to obvious. Any tips on this?

W K Cyrokin

I would never play hard-to-get intentionally, but just the way I am as a shy, socially-impaired person, a guy may easily think I was. :'D Which is not good for me, as the guy I like right now is really into honesty and straightforwardness. I am too, but I'm often too shy to say anything and I really don't want him to get the wrong idea... or the opposite one as it may be, that I DON'T want to be around him. When really I want to be around him as much as I can. Being majorly shy and a terrible socializer are things that definitely are not working in my favor.

Darryl Greer

I wouldn’t call it “hard to get” I see it as “being strung along” don’t be fooled lads

mgm boy

number 1

Alphyz Qrw

Tired of women thing

Anton Skymbäck


Jose Robles

Why do women play hard to get? I HATE THIS

Davy Chung

What about my ex keeps on saying "Sorry, I'm busy. Let's hangout next time"? What to do to get her back? I want to meet her up. We have many classes together.

Craig Richardson

This man no damn well he don’t get no pussy?


this is helping me cope

michel Guevara

'Playing', the operative word. Mindgames. Leave that narcissist to her cat collection.

John Smith


Let us Reason

If you are an average dude, she will play hard to get.
But if you are a 9 or 10, some women will open their legs on the first date.

Madi June

I never ask a guy to hang out even after some time, in general, yes I do all those things all the time, i have to admit. The reason is that I just want to see that he really wants me and not just any woman.

Abhilash Mudgal

she shows every sign you just told us about .. she provoked me by telling me that her parents have chosen a guy for her. i begged for a chance..
she blocked me again
P.S - she reached out after 15 days of active no contact i got into

Bert Mau

Conservative woman maybe..n leberated no way..

dave lightSaber

girls Only play hard to Get cause they hav options lol. they could literally Hav anyone they want. As men, We can’t. So playing “hard to Get” is Only fun for ya’ll .

Ronald Schmal

The only games I like are the ones where the rules are clearly defined, like monopoly, or halo. Playing games might work for a little while, but after a bit, she's just going to come off as irresponsible, unreliable, and dishonest. The fragile trust that should be there will be worn away. Ladies cut the shit and say "no". A simple no will tell you everything you need to know about a guy. They'll either be adult about it, or a child about it.

Lion 94

Great video.

Grand Anse

I feel sorry for u men this is ALL WRONG lol

R k

spot on this girl i like played 2 hard to get signs you mentioned today.. 1 was im going out of sheffield for uni placement for 1 week all on my own . and to she said im going out to my mates house to chill and i can do what i like now im 18 lol.. what do u guys reckin does she like me and trying to get me jealous honest comments would be appreciated

Will Wheaton

I get something very similar to sign 4. She was snapping me a bit yesterday cute selfies with a guy friend in most of them, and then today, I got nothing.

Akbar Ali

Nice video. You may also want to checkout the review of Hard To Get on my blog at paulreviews. com/hard-to-get-review/ Thanks. Ddt Ruby.


Ima let’s her play hard to get with her damn self, u ain finna waste my time

❤ How To Play Hard To Get | COCO Chanou

❤ How To Play Hard To Get | COCO Chanou16 Dec. 2015
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In this video I teach you

In this video I teach you how to play hard to get!

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Comments (100)
beluga Vito

Best way to make me run on the opposite direction, when i meet a girl like that.


When a girl plays hard to get then the guy plays hard to get so he doesn't come across 'needy' meaning BOTH get nothing....guys need to LEAVE these types of girls to play games on their own!!....Plenty of fish in the sea

Steve Vesotsky

I think I'd rather just communicate from the heart and hear with both my ears when she speaks than play these mind mess games. People aren't property, and this may be a 'game' for younger people, but years of missed opportunities, broken hearts, and unexpressed feelings, will only cause heartache and misunderstanding. Dropping the hard to get game and communicating honestly will lead to a position of stability with freedom of expression between you and your significant other and you'll realise that playing hard to get really only causes hurt and confusion. Playing hard to get is cruel and in no way conducive to a meaningful relationship. Perhaps this is why guys are such dicks to girls these days, and girls have no idea how to treat a genuine guy? Find your match, express your feelings, cultivate a meaningful, communicative, and loving relationship...otherwise you're just playing with peoples emotions in a possessive and shallow way. FACT.


This girl is so young and yet got instantly how life works. Stop listening to guys saying "we don't like hard-to-get girls". Yes they do. The moment they get you and you're taken for granted, they lose interest. I'm old enough to say that. Listen to this girl. Also, loved the comparison to expensive items.

Mauro Leonardo Mondal

Don't! Good, honest and hard-working men like me don't like 'hard-to-get' mind game. Oh we can play hard but not interested in hard to get mind get with the woman we might like. You will get some and few guys who will pass but it won't necessarily mean he will be perfect for you, Or only the good and heroic guys will pass...

Chris Hardin

Guess what girls... You're not special.

chistain nyanten Gaye

"People want what they can't have," I write this also for any female or male going through this game. The game is not in of itself evil, it can be use as a tool to teach someone patience, as long as it does not involve lying, cause when lying gets involved than it because a blood sport. But the problem is that people often think that lying make their game stronger, which it can if the only thing you are looking for is control. What is the question one must ask themselves, are you looking for love or control/power/sex, the latters are fleeting, and chasing after them will lead you into a pit. But in any case, do people want what they can't have.These premise is so destructive that its funny. Basically what you are saying is that once the person "GETS" you, they will no longer want you. So, then the game is pointless, because you want them to work to get you, because you know if they don't have you, they'll want you, but once they get you, then they won't care if they have you or not. There is some truth to it though, that's why no creature of GOD is completely stupid. People cheat when they are in relationship. Which is why I say this is a problem of greed. The solution then is to teach or train the person you are with to be humble and content  with what they have. Which is why this game is the opposite of the solution. She stated a problem that is reality, that people are greedy, they want what they are told they can't have, and want way more than what they have already. That is a problem that needs to be address before you enter a relationship because you will treat that person as shit and look for more and more. But the answer to solving this problem is not the hard to get game, as I said earlier. If the premise of the game is that people want what they cannot have then once they have you, they will want something else and would care much about what you have given them.

Zejnie Gashi

I think here are more boys than girls watching this video?


Halt einfach dein Maul.

Artist SG

Girls don't play hard to get, us guys hate that. If you like the person show the guy that you like him. As a guy myself, i would just move on and lose feelings instantly
Btw don't play easy to get either, He will think he too good for you. Just show him you like him but don't be all clingy

Deepuraj Aaryanparambu

No love = u have other option


It might work on ugly, idiot guys who chase all the girls... but if you will play hard to get with a good looking guy who is already getting approached by other girls for him its an instant turn off and you will just throw away the opportunity , And to be honest if any girl plays hard to get with me then i just stop texting or calling her, does not matter even if i am into her .

Fav honky

Sometimes it goes too far... It only works for a bit, but you gotta come around in the end and tell em how you feel

Freddy Castellanos

It worked with my cat

kaylynn schaub

if u like someone , you like them you shouldn’t try to make them not attracted to you

Nic V

Guys reverse the role, make fun of her interests and her talents, then compliment her on them and joke about them, don't take her so seriously, then take her somewhat seriously, let her chase you, don't let her get the upper hand.

Juraj Tirpak

only girl i can actually follow on youtube, really smart, good video ?

e car

If you don't completely ruin your chances by ignoring someone that your supposed to be there for, for no good reason. You will still have to make up for that because people don't forget stuff like that and it's just going to be one more reason for them to drop u like it's hot but you will be bringing that on yourself if ur too inconsiderate for no good reason


You think a girl would play hard to get with brad Pitt? Think of it as a sign of disrespect and never talk to the bitch again, she will come back after you ignore her because you passed her test. Don't engage, if she plays games in the beginning, she will play games during the relationship. You dodged a bullet, leave at that. Also don't take advice from women.


I've been too too kind to do this


play hard to get and you will get all players

Jovan Milic

Just imagen man play hard to get and women also play hard to get it means they will bouth fail..


I’m here because I read that Libra men sign likes when a woman is playing hard to get.
I got impress to find the video but I love him too much to be mean or not or respond to his calls . It is for someone else, perhaps, but I can’t do that to my man.


You can tell this is good advice because she is a teenager ??

elmounadi aya

Guys please don't do this , just give us attention and love , me as a girl a guy playing hard to get like that is a complete TURN OFF

Mihir Kamat

Step 1:


Pankaj Robinson

Holy moly coco wears CK underwears

Mitsu Bishi

Giving something and taking something in your mouth

1 Coin Only

These shit tests are why high value men don’t want to be on the dating market anymore. Not hating you have the right to your opinions I just strongly disagree with your philosophy

Izzy L

hard things to get r more valuable

Chase Kitchens

I don’t understand why you’re playing hard to get when you’re already hard to want.

Patrick P

She ain't helping anyone.


Don’t do this lol


All the playing hard to get bullshit completely destroyed my dating life when I was younger. Just dont do it. Just be genuine

z h

sis i like someone i have on snapchat
he called me cute once when he viewed my story
but he never views my story, texts me, or ever says anything else. someone give me advice

Jaden Schneider

i want calvin klein because it feels better to wear versus some cheap walmart stuff

Congo’s Revolution


AnD SpRiTe

Dont play hard to get before he kicks u in the butt

An advice from ur sis ?

Eduardo Chavez

Oh my God Louis Vuitton!!!!!




Girls this video is deceiving. If you ignore us and stuff while we talk, we're not desperate(usually). On Earth there are about 8 girls to 1 boy. We have plenty of options. Just remember that.

michel Guevara

Instant fail. Don't play mindgames. This advice will guarantee no attention for you.


I love how she explains. She has a teaching competence.

nunu uwu

When someone does this to me I instantly stop talking to them.

Patrick P

OMFG !! Teaching girls to play hard to get ? What the fuck is wrong with you women ? Seriously ? This is such a turn off !!

Kobe Iron

Damn, all these comments from people, presumably men, telling women not to play hard to get. I agree with you Coco. I don't want a woman that's easy. I've had women that were too easy, asking me for a second date the day after our first and it turned me off instantly, signaling to me that this woman has no options and is desperate to lock me down. Needless to say, I ignored these women.

I play hard to get because I know it works, and I'm a busy and attractive man, so I don't need to see a woman every week or get text messages from her constantly. I'm happy with my life with or without a woman and I want a woman who is the same, happy with or without a man.

Scarcity creates value.

jurij 129

This shit is so fucking confusing dont do this shit

Interesting Stories PH

Well said baby ?


I got nothing out of this. Get better at making videos.


i’ve been watching these all day waiting for some miracle advice that probably doesn’t exist. i have a good thing going and i have to learn not to mess it up for the first time. i’ve always hated the advice be yourself but, they could have every quality or thing you want in a guy/girl but if they don’t want you as yourself, they’re missing the most important thing.

chistain nyanten Gaye

You are one of the few, you are something special. Obviously if it was not clear from the get go, I am a Christian. One of the laws of GOD, from the beginning was that Christians should not date non-Christian. It would seem that GOD is saying that Christian are special or better than those who are in "the world." So, the world created its own ideal of what is special, or who is special, (wealth, power, status, etc.). Let me try to explain that Christian are not special in a value sense or even in an absolute moral sense (GOD search the world over and over again, and there is no man that does good on the face of the earth). Thus, Christian only talk and act the way they do because of basically fear of GOD, like fear of your parents. At some point you may learn to understand that your parent were actually right in what they told you to do, but that was not the first reason you listen to them (at least in certain households), you listen to them because you did not want to get a beating. So, when GOD tells Christian not to date other nations(people that are not Christians), it is solely for the protection of both that person, the non-Christians. It protects the non-Christians because in a relationship with a Christian, you WILL see that person sin, both in word and in deed and think that's what GOD is like.It protects the Christian because a person WILL be influence by the ways of the person they love. I say all this to say, no human being is more "special" than another, and that is one of the greatest tragedies of this way of thinking.

chistain nyanten Gaye

Hear me, you heavens! Listen, earth!
    For the Lord has spoken:
“I reared children and brought them up,
    but they have rebelled against me.
3 The ox knows its master,
    the donkey its owner’s manger,
but Israel does not know,
    my people do not understand.”4 Woe to the sinful nation,
    a people whose guilt is great,
a brood of evildoers,
    children given to corruption!
They have forsaken the Lord;
    they have spurned the Holy One of Israel
    and turned their backs on him.5 Why should you be beaten anymore?
    Why do you persist in rebellion?
Your whole head is injured,
    your whole heart afflicted.
6 From the sole of your foot to the top of your head
    there is no soundness—
only wounds and welts
    and open sores,
not cleansed or bandaged
    or soothed with olive oil

Alli P Vlogs

Don’t.... let them like U 4 who U R


The title should be: How to be a toxic,forever alone person.


As a guy, girls do not do this. This is a MAJOR turnoff for men. We will think you aren't interested if you play hard to get

Mypark Legend

Girls don’t play hard to get, Us boys will think your to good for us and then we stop talking to you because we don’t want to come off as annoying.

chistain nyanten Gaye

Everything was made by him and without him, nothing was made that had been made. Every person in this world was created by GOD for a purpose, that does not mean every person act the way GOD acts. Now this world would be sinless and painless if we all act like GOD does, but no one does, and that's why we invite evil things(games) like playing hard to get. At  its very roots, its a trust and pain issues, but that's only one side of it, the other side, related, is a greed and pride issue. I did not write this to judge this girl, but the game was created for a reason, because human beings are imperfect, but I will try to take her word for word to see if I can prove that it is a both a trust and pain issue and a greed and pride issue.Because human beings are imperfect, their inventions will also be imperfect, and full with lies. Tie number one: "It is the best way to do life." Like every human made game in life, there are winners and losers, and every body will win or lose at certain times. MJ lost, no matter how many times you "win" in the game of playing hard to get, you will lose at least once and that is end you will realize, "its the best way to do life" is a lie. We live in a generation that likes to act like they do not have feeling, heartless and cold generation. Its a lie, everything that you invest energy into, there will be emotion in it (Durant 2012 finals, Westbrook 2018 playoffs, every girl after they find out someone has cheated on them (with their best friend), every woman that has been through a divorce). If you live your life trying to be a heartless a possible, it will not work, every human being is made with emotions and is capable is being hurt. Even 2pac talk about pain, and the Game, no matter how "hard" someone claims to be, they have things that they care about, and hoes to poke and will bleed.With that being said, the hard to get game is very entertaining for the "winner" that is the person who is controlling the narrative. But what you are really doing when you play hard to get is acting or putting up a front, basically lying, creating confusion and planting doubt or false hope within the mind of another person. All these things are crude behavior. Lets say for example, you were on trail for something you did not do, and the judge was playing "hard to get" with your verdict, lol, and while he was taking his time deciding or pretending to decide shouldn't he, you had to sit in a cold cell. Now this may be a fun time for the judge, the prisoner, he does not know what is going on, not really.

Jacob Lutz

Yeah no lol I'm not chasing anyone.

Roy Mckenzie

Playing hard to get= pycho ......sicko.....wacko......split personality.......

Roscoe Walker

I thought J love was Hott!!?

Kenneth Snyder

"I recommend this guide:
So grateful it exists."

Η τέλεια μέθοδος για όλους

robert starkey

I play impossible to get


"A couple thousand dollars" holy sweet suffering baby jesus!! Just a couple grand.... no big deal...

Lucas FFF

Just to let you know guys are simple human beings. If you play hard to get by suddenly not responding to texts and all that bullshit they are gonna think you are not interested, they get mixed feelings and eventually give up and go for someone else. Love is not a game, it is one of the few things in life that everyone should take serious... idiot

Richard's auditions & monologs

I'm a spy...I'm going back to Dan now booahahaha

Ice Turtle

Lmao, at the moment this boy thinks I’m playing hard to get because I’m not like responding to his flirting or anything but actually, I’m just really not interested and I keep trying to drop hints that I don’t like him like that, but it’s already gone too far and now I’m pretty sure our friendship is gonna be ruined soon

Richard Jeffery

Hard to get,hard to want

Baby .-.

This would work for lesbians lmao ( MEEEEE )

Theojames is hot

Y’all need to calm down. This video is mainly based on how to GET a guy and how to keep him interested. It doesn’t mean “playing games with ur bf” it doesn’t mean that you’re being a fake or just being someone that is likely to cheat. When you’re still being real but make the men work a bit harder for ya, then you’re doing it right. Because when used the right way, yes it works.


Watch this video and then do the reverse


This shit is why we have the MGTOW movement!! Too. Many. GAMES!!!

Tom Davies

What a terrible reason to make a video. There is enough bullshit in the world, don't add to it

BubbleBubble Na

Is it ok to play hard to get with ur bf like he asks for a kiss and u say hmmm idk and and stuff like that but later kiss him?

bloomy FL

I'm a boy and letting ya'll know when ya'll playing hard to get we will not chase you around we just going to think ya'll don't like us

Eduardo Chavez

Designer bags and people are equal, brilliant input


Ladies, don't do this bullshit. Not only will it cause a guy with any self respect at all to lose interest in you, but most of the men who play this game are the one's who won't have respect for boundaries. You're only fucking yourself over.

Game on

And then you wonder why bad boys and rapist are all you can get. Real men don't play the game and less and less men are staying emotionally stupid , if they are capable or financially smart.

Fuzail Bandarkar

All these mind games are so frustrating. Love your videos btw

The Golden B

I think females be doing this instinctively do that us guys don’t get in their pants so easily


Can I slide in her DM on YouTube??

Casey Harper

Thank you so much

Dimi Dzam

She reminds me of Alinity

The Joker

TO ALL GUYS, BE UNIQUE, NOT PLAY HARD TO GET, JUST BE YOURSELF, (That doesnt mean be psychotic and me....??.....ill stop) cause girls like guys who are unique, and if they like guys who are just like other guys, they are gonna get their hearts broken

Russia Dawn

Omg girl i love your personality and Im already half way through the video ❤️

Lps PixieProductions

There's this one guy that I like and have been talking to on Snap, and we talked for hours yesterday, but today he won't respond to me, and won't even say hi. Is he playing hard to get? I'm really confused with him.

Tasnim El Moudni

That really helped me thanks girl❤


Who's Louis buton

Bugga Boo

1:40 was all i needed to hear thanks ??


She low-key has a point tho. Especially the point about hanging out w/ other dudes(or girls). Being too available can actually f*ck everything up.(I only say this bc this crap works on me to an extent) Kinda sucks bc I hate playing mind games, it's more difficult for me when I PLAY hard to get, bc I know how it makes me feel, and I'm inflicting that on someone else


Okay here is my advice for girls.
If you play hard 2 get you are bitch and you belong to the streets
And you arev verry arogand and boys will beat your ass


But dont be so hard because he can change is mind if he cant got you.

Gradient giffts


Himmat Badal

Fuck 5 chicks at a time and no more problem in playing games

Caden Lagman


Jaden Schneider



shes an off brand tana mongeau but in a sad way

TheGod 765

If im going to be honest. You might be good looking but thats all you seem to be able to offer because as person you seem quite hard to want and im not saying your a bad person but if your going to make your hard to get then good look finding someone who will give their time for you. There's nothing wrong having some standards like the normal being kind and friendly, supportive, talking care of themselves and etc. But people like you need to understand that life is not a movie and you see all this about the man in movies going through blood sweat and tears to get the woman and getting rejected every step of the way. They need to understand that they are not in a movie and they are in real life and no one is really going waste their time on someone if there going to be difficult. I get they might do it to feel special and knowing the fact that someone is chasing them but they don't think about the men who is doing the chasing, don't they realise they will start to doubt themselves and think they are not good enough and that can danage anyone never mind just a bloke. Getting a man or women shouldn't have to be a some sort of quest because if two people already like each other they just get together instead of playing these hard to get games. And I think if 2 people do get together because it one had to chase and other was playing hard to get, most of the time the relationship won't work because it was formed together from someone chasing soneone instead of both wanting each other.

Dame Chua

Idk.. Wtf playing hard to get.... I know 1 thing...


Youre fucking cute ???❤

javalik tuarsart

Fuckk u ...when u make such a video u just make men life close to impossible...

Noah Weintraub

I have a suggestion. Don’t play hard to get in the first place. It turns us boys off. If a girl wants to do this, I just move on