How to get in the mood for sex

? What Puts You in the Mood? | The Brain Science Behind Sex Drive ?

? What Puts You in the Mood? | The Brain Science Behind Sex Drive ?29 Dec. 2020
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In this brain snack, I

In this brain snack, I briefly explore the neuroanatomy and endocrinology behind all the sex that human beings have.

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Derrick Pigatt

Thanks Vandry, keep them coming. This confirmed what I already believed.

Woohooligan Comedy

Thanks, Vandry. ... Joe Scott said something the other day about banana slugs having a ton of sex (iirc several times per day) which doesn't sound like it could be for purely reproductive purposes and I know a lot of statistical analysis says that couples only have sex on average every couple months or maybe couple of weeks (though that's likely under-reported because it relies on self-report data)... I dunno, it's kind of an odd question because there are several ways you can measure it. We definitely have the widest range within which we have sex (because we don't have a range), and that's one way to measure, though I wonder if we have the most actual sex on a given day or week within the "breeding range" -- which is harder to measure because of the need for self reporting. Among mammals in particular though, probably true.

Mollie Kravitz

you should read the book Come As You Are. I’m about halfway through and it is amaaazing.

DioBurto Photography

Dope video!


Dope video

Laurell Rolle

I loveeeeee this video!!!!!! Almost as much as I love se....nevermind!!!

C. D.

You speaking have peaked my interest, no booty shorts was needed... very informative btw thanks

Laurell Rolle

I loveeeeee this video!!!!!! Almost as much as I love se....nevermind!!!

Tips On How To Get In "The Mood"

Tips On How To Get In "The Mood"27 May. 2020
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Men and Women are

Men and Women are different by design, so our sex drives are probably different. Sex is one of the greatest gifts we get to enjoy inside marriage. Here are 5 tips on how to help you get into the mood!

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How to get yourself in the mood for sex as a wife

How to get yourself in the mood for sex as a wife10 Jul. 2020
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#wives #marriedlife #konji

#wives #marriedlife #konji

Sometimes as wives we get so busy or caught up with work, kids, all types of things. That we end up tired and also neglect our spouses.

There are days one is really tired due to one thing or another or health reasons or emotional stress those days let's be honest with our spouses and tell them nicely our feelings and then schedule to have sex next time.

I discussed some other steps we can take to get in the groove.

Let's connect on Facebook, Instagram and right here on YouTube @spouseaffairs

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kar paradise

Wow this soo informative i have saved this for future reference

Eber Achi

I have really enjoyed watching this. I love the way you broke things down. Interesting how there are so many issues in relationships, but with the right kind of guidance, these issues can be resolved. Especially when you have two reasonable people willing to work on it. thanks.

Jasmin Fearon Ministry's

#Power of prayer

Sindy Akpolo

This is so informative....I love this. Definitely downloading and to rewatch. Also taking notes

Joanna Aaron

Happy couples have more sex, so why not have more sex and be happy? Correct talk oh

Jemima Sure

Yes oh. We have subscribed to all. We love you channels

Velvet and Steel Music

Marry someone that wants sex just for procreation, if you don't like sex. Thank you .

Washment Ipali

Loving this. Thanks for clarifying. Will definitely subscribe to both.

Talk2 Dot

Absolutely loved this video... alot of helpful tips. Women should also learn what turns them on and tickles their fancy if you know what I mean. Same concept as when I woman prepares for a party ... makeup, dressing and all the stuff to shine for her friends.. so also she should learn how to prepare herself for sex. Woman, know thy self ?