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My lazy lockdown hair and makeup look and hacks (GRWM)

My lazy lockdown hair and makeup look and hacks (GRWM)31 Jan. 2021
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My Instagram is

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Comments (100)
Maureen Thompson

Rosie l honestly believe you are the loveliest most genuine u tuber and l' ve loved your chanel from the day l found you and then promptly subscribed. A little cryptic message as l happened to see your Instagram- yes block crap people as you would in your life. Only keep positive people about you. X Wouldn't it be great to name and shame these individuals and then your followers could email them with the same kind of support????❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤ Keep strong Hunny.

Pauline Dean

Gorgeous x


Aww but I love a musky biscuit ?

Linda Stubbs

I definitely am jealous of your hair Rosie .It's long as yours but hence my age im 63yrs old and i a brain tumour removed 15yrs ago it's made it fine .I'm very young for my age .I always look forward to seeing you and i saw you and your Gary dancing around the living room. Why not that's what i say sending Big..Hugs..Hun xxx


Loved this video!

Vivien Mcnaul

Haven't watched for a while. . It's good to be back with you.

Son Koster

Hey beautiful creature, Thanks for completing my lovely day! ;-) xoxo

Rebena Q

The empty Elizaberh Arden cream. Cut the tube. If Scoop it into a jar. I always get loads out doing that.
"Baldy locks and the three hairs. Musty biscuit smell". You are hilarious ???
Beautiful as ever. ❤

Teresa Halliday

Hi this video. You're not alone. I've been known to just wash my bangs as well! Love your dress or blouse and your nail color. Looking forward to your next video.

Eileen Boffo

Made my Sunday! X

Karen Roberts

Rosie do you have your lips ? done I do they look like you do love from wales


Love how real you are ❤️ real girl tutorials will deffo be having a play!

Geraldine Cunningham

You look amazing Rosie ?

Jacqueline Watson

Brilliant little video love your blouse


You are truly beautiful Rosie! ?

Cheryl Berridge

Hi the Rosie the hair mask is not working ?

Sandra Thwaites Buckingham

Love the look, you look so fresh. Really suits you. Can't wait for the next video. Stay safe love to all. X


You look fab. Hope you don't mind me asking but have you had lip fillers?

linda ashford

The hair mask page cant be found

Tina Bambina

I love the dress or top you are wearing very nice .

Danielle Mcglynn

Love this video it’s made me want to do my fake tan so and I was eying up the dyson air wrap so might give this a go instead ??

Debra Barrett

Your videos always put me in a good mood. I always look forward to your videos. I wish you could do more of them. Keep them coming.

Sara Murphy

Loved this video! Thanks for sharing Rosie ? Your hair and makeup always looks Amazing ? You are Beautiful inside and out! Hope you're having a lovely weekend! x

Kathy Mounts

I am not a make up expert, but one thing I was told is to always use your ring finger to apply anything to your face as it is the weakest finger and will help prevent wrinkles, especially around he eyes. Also, don't pull down on your skin too much try to swipe up! I know you are still very young, but your skin will thank you when you are my age lol Love your videos! Keep up the awesome work!

Dawn Crawshaw

Rosie Rosie Rosie great vlog as always ,made my Sunday I’ve even put on some ST.Tropez self Tan purity mist on n a bit of lippy ?????

Amanda Parry

Rosie your're such a beautiful lady . thanks for sharing x

Tori S

Your such a natural beauty x

Carmel Deakin

Love this video Rosie. Please could you do one on cleansing routine at night?

Alison Yeo

Thank you for the video Rosie!! You always put a smile on my face! Xxx

Faye Hamilton

Now I dont know whether to buy the babylis brush or the revlon brush ?

wendy banks

which cc cream isit rosie

Emzy b

Loved the hair hacks ?looking forward to your valentines crafts xxx

Davina McM

?Rosie have an amazing day?

Michelle Reynolds

Love your videos and as an added bonus, I've lost over 2 stones since March, walking around the patio whilst watching you, Luke Catlleugh and Mr Carrington so thank you x

Hannah Jones

Can i ask if you have fillers or natural lips ?


I got one of those hair dryer/ curler about 9 months ago. Came upon at TJMaxx and decided to try. Total game changer. Best thing EVER

Julie Spencer

fab vlog Rosie, you look amazing and always so bubbly. loved it. xxx

Angel Angel

Thanks for the tips Rosie, especially grateful for the dewy skin look, I can do with some of that ???? xx

Shell Belle

Hi, what do you use on your teeth to get them so white? xx

Being Penny B

The cream blusher looks so pretty on you xx

Lynsey L

Just ordered the big hair ❤️

annemarie gracie

love the video Rosie, made-up looks really nice how are you all doing hope you are all well. x ♥️

Angie Price

Love you Rosie! You never fail to put a smile on my face, despite all that's going on at the moment. Thank you for just being you xx

Emma's Lifestyle

Hi Rosie, your hair always looks so nice xx ?

Denise Quinn

Cut the empty tubes in half, there is always loads left inside that doesn't push out. Then push the top half over the bottom to keep it fresh until finished. Hope this helps x

Marion Macelli

Luv yur content rosie..... really refreshing. Just a tip dry shampoo is a girls best friend for fine hair. My go to for body and in between washes. Luv the lip stain and fake tan gonna give them a try.xx

Clair Dutton

??? baldy locks and the 3 hairs!! Love your sense of humour. Very much like mine!! You look gorg! X

jayne milbourne


Mandy-Jane Considine

Hi Rosie love your vlogs hope you don't mind me asking my lovely how do you get your teeth so white? Do you use a product? Xx

Being Penny B

Whatever fake tan I use I end up streaky I always have visions of being a bronzed goddess but I end up looking like a half baked wotsit ??? xxx

brenda Wilson

Hi Rosie, once again you’re a real pleasure too watch, and your video’s are just perfect entertainment, a breath of fresh air, thank you for sharing xx

Tara Gould

84k now ROSIEEEEE!!!! Wowza!! ???

Greedy Jo

So pretty X

Debbie Morris

Omg ..vaginal crack me up !!!???

Hayley Turner

You are a stunner Rosie, you could wear a bin liner and still look beautiful! ?

Claire hughes

This is fab and really perked me up. I've been neglecting myself I can't remember the last time I put make up on. So tomorrow I'm tanning and will pamper myself!

Lina Boden

I love the Max Factor 2000 calorie mascara too Rosie xx

Sophie Dunlop

Loving your top or dress. You look beautiful. Your hair ?I wish I had your hair. Mine just does not grow. Hope you have a good week. Take care xx

Claire Stuteley

Oh Rosie, I used to love my hot brush. I had exactly that one, took it into work to use on my clients and broke it. Id totally forgotten about it until now. Have used your code and repurchased. I often use your hair hack from your easy hair tutorial to create a bouncy blow-dry look. Shall be giving this heat free one a go.
Beautiful as ever...

Julie Mc

I could see myself getting in a knot with that I'm so clumsy ?

Lisa Marshall

You never fail to make me feel human, you are incredible and I want you to know and I am sure lots off people feel the same too, love you Rosie xxx

Eileen Boffo

The Malibu dancing was great craic!! X

Lesley Tozer

Fab stuff looking gorgeous as always xxx

Liza Prideaux

Hair envy! You always look gorgeous. X

Frankie B

Your are brilliant!! I love you! You are so down to earth!

Lorraine Wilkins

Hi Rosie, lovely to see you today really enjoyed watching your video. You alway look amazing with your makeup and hair. Thank you for listing the goods. It's nice when you can spend time on your own and have a good pamper makes your feel better. Take care see you soon. ???xx

Gill Wynne

Always amazing, Rosie where is your top/dress from? xx


Hi Rosie, what was the CC cream you used? x

brenda wilkinson

Just ordered the Bondi sands thanks for the discount ....i got the mitt aswell because it was cheaper xxx love your channel you are THE BEST YOUTUBER OUT THERE XXXX

soheil 84 Psoheil

خیلی خوبی

Pamela Dutton

Hi Rosie, started to follow you and subscribed just before Christmas. Enjoying your vlogs they are so full of variety, think you mentioned crafting also I will have to have a look at your previous vlogs and catch up. I do love a craft/diy myself so bring on your valentines crafts! Might have to buy that big hair babyliss how clever! I am all for quickness like you...busy lives! Enjoying the vlogs just wanted to say Hi :) Have a great week, just off to watch your next one! x

lorna burgess

I'm turning 66 in March and my lips are going thin, any tips to make them look fuller without overdoing them with lippy. ?

Jordan Kennedy

I love a blowdrying brush

Destinie B

A very enjoyable vlog Rosie. Wishing you and family a lovely weekend and week ahead.

Naomi Doherty

Ambre soleir tan spray is good thanks for your videos nice to watch busy mum soldiering on xx


hi Rosie, love the brow pencil..must invest in one ty x you look so gorgeous , and love your hair xxx

Michelle Olsen


Rachel Ginge

Love the blush. I’m 40 but still suffer with spots especially during a certain time of the month, so I try to avoid powder as much as poss as it can stick to them and emphasise them. I’ll have to give it a go

Leanne Hart

Just ordered the babyliss big hair. Thank you for this discount!! Just had 12 inches cut off my hair xmas eve and gone shoulder length, but it doesn't feel right. I'm missing the volume. This is going to work a treat! X

Being Penny B

"So I don't smell like a musty biscuit all week" hahaha Rosie you crack me up ??? xxx

Little Vampire

Beautiful Rosie ❤️ might try the vadge conditioner ?

myra Connelly

Great vlog Rosie such a lovely lady ?‍♀️❤️

Janine Plimbley

You always look gorgeous Rosie. Love your bubbly personality.

Caroline Casey

Can you please tell me what make the cc cream foundation you are using as I can’t see it in the link below. Thank you. X

Karen Tompkins

You have lovely hair. We’re you a hairdresser? ?


Gorge Rosie! I have practically the same hair style and always do the bun thing to give body and curls, I also use that L’Oréal longer lengths product on my ends! But I’m really tempted to get that Babyliss Big Hair tool now ?

Mandy Jameson

Hi Rosie, great get ready vid, absolutely loved the dewy look on you, you look beautiful, my skin is so so dry top to toe from lockdown an wearing masks, I just feel like a crusty ole woman, I think it would take a miracle to get me looking dewy!!? can't wait to see yr next vid!! ?❤

Sophie xo

Literally put me in the mood for a pampering sesh! What teeth whitener do you use x

Crazy life of a single mum

Lol ? peanut head, love it!! You always make me laugh, thank you for always brightening up my days.

Stefania Genevieve

lovely as always!

Lisa Floyd-Beckham

You are just adorable!

Remain Anonymous

Do you have the link for the Clinique product please?

Adrienne Jelley

Brilliant,have a great weekend ☺️

Julie Lennighan

Rosie you’ve inspired me to shave my legs I think I’ve blocked the sink ??? can’t remember the last time I did them ???

Eva sperling

Love your videos and I am just one day in here ??

Antonia Yallop

Just got my baby kiss big hair for £35.10 thanks to your promo code! Been after one for ages but couldn’t justify the 50 quid price tag for myself


I bought a babyliss big hair on Friday and then you uploaded this ? loved this GRWM

Being Penny B

There was nothing wrong with your brows I remembered you being trolled about them but I think they were fine there was nothing wrong with them xxx

Sandra Langley

Loveing the spots your wearing anything with spots like you I love is it a dress or top you look lovely xxx

Jordan Kennedy

I love cc cream ?. Your hair is so pretty ❤️

Willow Smith - Whip My Hair (HD)

Willow Smith - Whip My Hair (HD)10 Aug. 2018
1 390 675
Breno BiazinSubscribe 438 721



Willow Smith - 21st Century Girl

Britney Spears - Boys (DVD Live In Las Vegas)



"Whip My Hair" é a primeira canção lançada pela cantora norte-americana Willow, originalmente pretendida como o primeiro single do seu álbum de estúdio de estreia, Knees and Elbows (não lançado). Foi lançada em 26 de Outubro de 2010 pelas editoras discográficas Columbia Records e Roc Nation. Foi composta por Ronald Jackson, Janae Rockwell, e Willow, que já chamava atenção da mídia devido ao estilo "extravagante" de suas roupas, chegando a ser comparada por Mariel Concepcion, da revista musical americana Billboard, com as cantoras Cassie e Rihanna, que a Billboard diz ser a maior influente da intérprete.[3] A produção foi feita por Jukebox, Obanga, e Tim Carter.[4] Ironicamente, no mesmo dia em que "Whip My Hair" foi lançada, o single "Only Girl (In the World)" (2010), de Rihanna, também teve seu lançamento.


I whip my hair back and forth

I whip my hair back and forth (just whip it)

I whip my hair back and forth

I whip my hair back and forth (whip it real good)

I whip my hair back and forth

I whip my hair back and forth

I whip my hair back and forth

I whip my hair back and forth

I whip my...

Hop up out the bed turn my swag on

Pay no attention to them haters cuz we whip em off

And we ain't doing nothing wrong

So don't tell me nothing, I'm just tryna have fun

So keep the party jumping

So what's up (yeah)

And now they don't know what to do

We turn our back

And whip our hair and just shake 'em off

Shake 'em off, shake 'em off, shake 'em off

Don't let haters keep me off my grind

Keep my head up, I know I'll be fine

Keep fighting until I get there

When I'm down and I feel like giving up

(I think again)

I whip my hair back and forth

I whip my hair back and forth (just whip it)

I whip my hair back and forth

I whip my hair back and forth (whip it real good) (2x)

I whip my hair back and forth

I whip my hair back and forth (ok, ok, ok, just whip it, ok,)

I whip my hair back and forth

I whip my hair back and forth (whip it real good)

I whip my hair back and forth

I whip my hair back and forth (ok, ok, ok, ok)

I whip my hair back and forth

I whip my hair back and forth

I whip my...

I'mma get more shine than a little bit

Soon as I hit the stage applause I'm hearing it

Weather it's black stars black cars I'm feeling it

But can't none of them whip it like I do

I, I get to the hmmm yea I go hard

When they see me pull up I whip it real hard

I whip it real hard, real hard, I whip it real hard

Don't let haters keep me off my grind

Keep my head up, I know I'll be fine

Keep fighting until I get there

When I'm down and I feel like giving up

(I think again)

I whip my hair back and forth

I whip my hair back and forth (just whip it)

I whip my hair back and forth

I whip my hair back and forth (whip it real good) (2x)

I whip my hair back and forth

I whip my hair back and forth (ok, ok, ok, just whip it, ok)

I whip my hair back and forth

I whip my hair back and forth (whip it real good)

I whip my hair back and forth

I whip my hair back and forth (ok, ok, ok, ok)

I whip my hair back and forth

I whip my hair back and forth

I whip my...

All my ladies if you feel me

Do it do it, do it whip your hair

Dont' matter if it's long, short

Do it do it whip your hair

All my ladies if you feel me

Come on do it do it whip your hair

Dont' matter if it's long, short

Do it do it whip your hair (your hair, your hair)

I whip my hair back and forth

I whip my hair back and forth (just whip it)

I whip my hair back and forth

I whip my hair back and forth (whip it real good) (3x)

I whip my hair back and forth

I whip my hair back and forth

I whip my hair back and forth

I whip my hair back and forth

I whip my hair back and forth

I whip my hair back and forth (just whip it)

I whip my hair back and forth

I whip my hair back and forth (whip it real good) (2x)

I whip my hair back and forth

I whip my hair back and forth

I whip my...

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Comments (100)
deja oakly

No Shane Dawson comments..... OK

Itzur_gurlAri101 101

We got haters


whip your fro back and forth you mean??

Sara Games

She was only nine

Kaleb Bethel


beto 1


Svein Grimstad

Some said this song is annoying, but I don't think so. It's really cool and original. Painting the walls with her hair is simly genius!

Nah'Jere Williams

my favorite part of the song is hop up out the bed turn my swag on?

Matei Aplugaritei

Roomie: what pre-schooler did this?
Me: acktualy

Wisani Sambo

6 year old she witps
Ha hear back and fourwed

Raquel Ramos

Deve ser muito bom ser filha do Will Smith kkkk

Material Girl

She had 13 yr old me whipping my tracks ?

jay deeen

she formed my childhood

Lil Peni

What if Willow Smith Performed At Your School But You Were Absent

Charlotte bliss

, I used to sing this song all the time this just brings back memories.?

Рандом Челик

When I was kid.. Im was thinking that's a girl xD. Yeah, Im Russian, so I dont know who is Wll Smith.. Sad and funny..

Pia Maria Brodalen

am I only one waiting for more music??

honey corporation

2020 e nos aqui kkk

שרה מוריק

Willow happy birthday


This song makes me want to rip out my own ear drums

Liyah Opper

2021 anyone?????

little_monster _DadoL

2021 with covid-19 here

evinha dele

2021 e eu escutando willow

Erika Luciani

Y'all didn't notice Cameron Boyce in the video?

Jayden Johnson

I love the beat

Reshia & Willie Minggia

..1010 to Oct 15 2020 King Jordan Venus Shield at RiCon & Spoon Bill.illusion & NM Find Up 1960- Sky & Gravity Truth Sanctuaire ??
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Family Reunion
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.1020 to Oct 14 2020 U tube videos
Spoonbills Feeding UHD
It's A Dogs Life
New to the Future Game Channell
Kevinn Campbell Can we Talk Song

Beautiful bird in flight
Woman caught on camera
Ms Medina
Larkin Darter

I'm Jess The Bot.

i swear them teachers are professional at hair whipping 3:15 - 2:56


The last time I remember listening to this song was in 2014 I’m now 15

Felicia Wilson

Willow Smith say hi I said hi to Jaden Smith bye-bye my name Jeremiah Jeremiah judge


Why it get deleted?


Like her father

Dahjaze Powell-Williams

Wsp from 2021

Lil Darney

Willow Smith: I whip my hair back and forth
Baby Dolls: I break my neck back and forth

I see you

Bruh I remember watching this a long time ago and was expecting it to have over 1 billion views

Girard Fitts

She can sing wonderful????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Shiyao Tong

10 years ago omg ?

Elianna B.

Looking good with your hair ????

Autumn Whitfield

I love her

We are One

Ain’t gonna lie the bass slaps

Malia Daughtry

When the fake gets more views than the original


Maddox’s Vlogs

Dude my sister was listening to this song the day before picture day when she was little and she fell off the bed face first


I love our friendship, Willow!!!!

Paige Shoup

This song is my happy song ? I’m 15 and when I’m sad I listen to this, I damn near gave myself whiplash at one point ? I love this song and I don’t care what anyone says ????

gacha pop

I love you❤?

next krispy

Keep fighting till I get hair, and im down and feel like giving up. [Me hearing this] sucks having no hair.

Thomas Faulkner

2021 gang

Kevin Rodstrom

Whip it real good...wusoby


I remember listening to this when I was younger i used to whip my hair everything my mother said do that dance

Mia Murillo

not me singing this when i was in 2 grade and know im still singing it in 2020 BRUH

Dr Pepsi

Willow rlly went through it as a child (she/they used TW to cut when this song came out because of all the stress)

Tyrese Lifestyle

Talk about young talent...9 year old willow, and to this day this song is still buzzy

Zack and RJ’s Channel

I think my mom knows this song

Remo Niederer



This video is 10yrs old now. ?

daddy shewey

This songs sucks

Nappyhead Deedee


Julian Herrera

???? ??? ??? ? ??? ???

Alyssa Stankovic

Whos still here after two years?
I remember listening to this with my dad and i just danced thru the whole song

brother to entity Mogotsi

I lessen to this song almost everyday. Willow Smith is crazy dang good

brody hoy

4 yo me: plays 1000 times on repeat
14 yo me: plays 10000 times on repeat


I whip my hair back and fourth !

that one kid who is bald

Just Waddlemore

2021 still crank ????

GGR Makes

This reminds me of when my hair finally reached the top of my shoulders.

Arthur M.


afrogurl. celest

hey if ur here from 2022 is there a cure for covid and this days was good

Andro Leguina

I just listened it and I love it... Will smith break up brought me here..

štěpán formánek

Girl: i whip my hair back and forth
The bold guy: ?


dam when she wiped hair almost gave me whiplash

Deon Lowery

I was in love with her so bad I played her music out loud in front of the whole school I really want to be with her she's the love of my heart I did not care what anybody say about her because I was the only kid at school really love her and her music I was crazy about her

Hoff The Great

Shaved her hair after this in protest of her dad trying to help her get $. So spoiled. ??

Diamond Dozier

i just love this song so amazeing


I feel old knowing this was like a decade ago ToT

Itzur_gurlAri101 101

20 years later I’ll be with my brothers kids whipping it

mimi adela butler

10 years ago today

kim dell

2021 ? willow for the fucking Win !

Brittany Nickens

So lit


Bald people: ???

Instagram: swarna_wollicreek1983 Viswanathan

Adison Lanier

I wish kids in 2021 would listen to this still

Instagram: swarna_wollicreek1983 Viswanathan


How the heck did I not know she was will smith's daughter

Brazzzy Mari






Bianca Belair:

Kimberly Vasquez


Itzur_gurlAri101 101



2021 anyone ? ?


I came back to my childhood songs


Fuckin boo. Nobody gives a shit about what you have to say ya little spoiled bitch

Kha'len McCoy

Shane Dawson ruined this song for me
? ?

Allie Smith


Anthony Caramihai

Who else forgot this existed


Played this lastnight just to do the dance and now my neck hurts lol

Nota stereotyoe

Is that?? LEIOMY ??


The best!!!??????❤️

Cookie Cat

2:56 sis is going so hard

Mya’S Life

Anyone else just randomly get this song in their head?

Bradley H

Alyssa Edwards and Roxxxy Andrews are shakinggggg


whip your fro back and forth you mean??

Ahnesti Hall


How I Grew My Hair Back | My Hair Loss Journey and Treatment

How I Grew My Hair Back | My Hair Loss Journey and Treatment27 May. 2020
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Today's video: a VERY different topic from what we're used to, but i've had A LOT of people asking for this (mainly in my weightloss video in the comments and via email and DM). Today I share with you my hair loss journey and how i was able to grow it back! Now, this wasnt a small feat, and it required dedication and regularly using the KEEPS treatment. I am so grateful to have started it and am able to share my experience with you! I hope this encourages anyone out here who felt like there was no hope and have hair thinning, hair receding or any level hair loss. This is how I grew my hair back!


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Laguna Niguel, CA, 92677

Box #504


Social Media:

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Comments (100)
Aruba&CuraHits URM

but did you take the pils? cause you have the hairline problem not the crown and keeps have 3 difrent solutions .. witch one did you go for? or did you take the pils to.? cause im reciding on the front but i dont like to take pils and the side effect i prefer the foam but idont know if it would work on the front

C. Bartee

Did you use the finasteride pills or just the stuff you rub in your hair?

Mpower 60195

Did you only use the foam or the pills as well?


Damm you Look lika freak

1 Cb

Did you take fin?

izzy villegas

How long do you stay on it? Cause i want to try it but i do not want to get sucked into a long term subscription. Also, if you het off of the program, do you lose it?

Yatin Sawant

Did u saw any noticable side effects??


Is it just minoxidil or finasteride as well?

benji benji

That's b.s u had hair plugs be honest


I used your code. We'll see if this works for me.

Project Bolts

How old are you?

Balthazar Batra

when did u start the treatment

Rodrigo Escobar

2020 messed my hairline... imma try this tho.

Miguel Lamas

Okay I’m gonna need to grab some keeps cause my hair line is looking like a W now ?


i am a female i want to start minoxidil but i’m
too scared for my cat, is that true that it will kill him?

Rezz Rai

Did u had genetic baldness

Alex Mena

Did you take finasteride pills as well?

Gaurav Patil

Minoxidil is a harsh substance. When you stop it your hair loss will start again and u will go bald.

Sharron Virginna

I've tried it all this is the only thing that worked for me.

Its Edwin

I’m glad that your happy ! That’s all that matters.

Steve Abrahao

Any tips on best way to apply the drops? What worked for you...


U still bald


Is keeps just minoxidil ?

Beautiful Thnigs

Which plan specifically did you choose?

Marc Santos

You think biotin can reduce my hair loss?

Chris Cheong

Instruction said twice a day for the foam application. When did you take yours to get the best result?

ED Phil

Im not sure what is exactly the name of the brand that brought your hair back , is it Minoxidil? is this another supplement ?

Digvijay Chikara

Yeah tip bhi lelo ek baar!

1 Cb

Did you take fin?

shaider black

Marketing strategy

Jack McGrath

I've been on Finasteride for like 5 years and I'm so glad I started when I did. I was going bald at like 18/19 and it was seriously affecting my mental health. Fast forward to today, my hairline is perfect and my volume is also great. I have accepted the fact that I'll probably need a hair transplant at some point down the line, but that doesn't bother me tbh! To anyone with extreme hair loss at a young age, I would just bite the bullet and go for it tbh.

junaid ahmed

So I have also done some research ..and I found out that if u stop using it u might lose the hair u gained back ..I know its too hard a pill to swallow..but its the truth ..

laxus 94

i m using kirkland minoxydil. shits not working bro

Awez Talukder

Did you have dandruff in the process ?

A Machineries Pte. Ltd.

Did you take foam only?

Jorge Suarez

Im 26 and my hair is starting to fall more and faster...


Losing hair make confident drop ??

justine john rojas lazatin

I feel you like a Filipino

Alex West

I been praying every morning and night and my hair line is growing ?


I heard organic shampoo is best for your hair, I’ve alway stuck to basic dove shampoo/conditioner. Did you change your shampoo/cond? Right now I’m looking to find a good brand for thinning while also soon enough buying the keeps probram.


Haahhahaha shave that weak Shit Off ahahhahah

Mike Cirino

Did you experience any side effects from the finasteride?


Most informative and in-depth progression video. Thanks for sharing!

Kashif Nadeem

Finasteride has too much side effects. Its too risky I feel

Sugar Sl

Did u go thro a shading face

Jonathan Morales

I loss alot of hair in the shower not only that but i can see through my head scalp

Somekinda Druidude

Just so you know keeps offers a discount to everyone's first order lol....

Juan Gonzalez

I wanna cry bro I loved my hair and was looking for a remedy to get it back and found your video. I'm gonna try "Keeps"

Patrick Broaden

Will you lose your hair if you stop using the product? Thank you.

K David

When did you begin the treatment? Which month and year? Did you take biotin as well? Also, what is your age?

Forever Great

Which camera and lens you use ?!


Did you had hair transplant surgery while you were on keeps or just keeps?

Jae KIDd N his 508 Cents

I can't never tell if it's genuine or of its just someone promoting a product so they can make money I just want to know a genuine review so I can really feel confident in trying


Im fucking 15 and im losing hair

Young D-FLY

Do I gotta keep buy the pills. Or that one bottle is good enough


Will my hair still grow back if I only use the minoxidil foam treatment and not finasteride?


I believe your results are real but dam i was taking keeps finasteride and taking minoxidil after 17 days on it I had erectile dysfunctional shrinkage in testicular. I guess it’s not for everyone so ill just stick to minoxidil and biotin. Your results are amazing ?

Michael Cooper

I’m 4 months into keeps already seeing my hair starting to come back but it slow like u said the first three months but after watching this hopefully my hair will start to really grow the more I keep using it

Rezz Rai

Even I m using minoxidil and finastaride together and I m seeing tiny hairs, does this means that treatment is working?

Wes Dalton

... Here's a new all natural hair loss solution with a 96% success rate:


Hey brother I had a question about this product! I normally apply this product at the top scalp of my hair but I never put any of it on my hairline. Did your hairline grow and get better after putting the product on your forehead area? I hope to hear from you soon bro and best of luck to growing your channel base :)!

David Espinal

I’ve been considering this product for a couple weeks now. Thank you for your review. Also, is this a product that needs to be taken permanently to maintain that hair growth?

nesta decosta

Please, how much biotin ( mg ) you take per day ?

Ashutosh Kumar

How many times u apply in a day?
Do u apply on Ur whole head area or jst where u want to grow hair?


Did you take just the pills or you were using minoxidil as well?


I have a lot of hair but my hair is thin. Does this make it thiccer like anime thighs?


Did you find hair growth on your entire body as result of the keeps biotin pills?


How old are you

Davis Glenn

DO NOT GET LUMIN!!!! I originally got the 30 day trial set. It came to me with no issues. This second one was the real set, for some reason it got to the post office and did not deliver to my house. @lumin told me to go pick it up. I got to the post office and they told me that it was not there. I inquire more into this to get a new one and customer service told me they could only charge me to get a new one and the also declined to give me a full refund so now I’m stuck. Unless you like annoying stuff to happen to you don’t go with @lumin. They had me take time to go get it just to not be there or offer any helpful solution. DONT GO WITH LUMIN

haniel mngodo

How long are you supposed to use keeps for?


Did you continue using the product after 12 months? If so, how long?

Luther Mthembu

Bro your t-shirt ??.... Where can I cop?

Ruben A. Mendoza

Which plan were you going on??

The Power Of Truth

Fear of god? What and ignorant slave. This is how religions make you slaves, it puts fear in you instead love, joy and bliss.

Iman Sammy

Great video man. Ordered mine today too. Just wanna ask how often do you shampoo your hair in a week?

Jobin Francis

Please get to the point faster... Really taking too long.


I don’t have a receding hairline. but watched it! lol

Larry Sease

Bro man to man you swear this wasn’t some bullshit ? Like it actually worked and you didn’t do any transplants or anything? Like genuinely you can personally message me if so I just want to know what’s real and what’s not

Puro South

This is obviously sponsored by Keeps... Shit is basically Rogaine with a different name. As long as people keep buying their product, they'll never drop a cure.


Hello my ballsack hair reeceeding will this work over there thanks sir ?

David Mašek

Is Nanogen Serum VEGF really better than Minoxidil? How is it made? Is it better than B-complex + A E C Vitamins + Collagen or Stinging Nettle plant extract?


after 6 months to a year or so the drugs -minoxidil and finasteride will stop working and your hair will fall out again. they dont work. Natural recovery is for the long term. i suggest looking into that

Niggs Rich

Bro just go to turkey

ED Phil

Started using ROGAINE® Hair Loss treatment for 2 weeks now , i have seen a signicant improvement my hairline is getting some hair and bit fuller if i decided to stop, would be a problem? or my hair start to fall out?

Lijo Jose

Jesus can't help with baldness that's why we have science !

Pravi Jebač

How does hair grow back if it's disappeared from the scalp? Don't you need a hair transplant first?


how long does keeps for men last until you start to lose your hair slowly?

TacoHead 666

Bro, i know u r gettin paid, but don't tell lies. Research has shown that finasteride doesn't last forever. It works for a couple of years slowing down the fall but then it progressively stops working. There's no cure up to date.


I started thinning from back of the head.

Page Not Found

tol umiinom karin ba ng fanastiride

John Bartholomew

Unusual that a Mexican was going bald

Daniel Lagrio

Did you get the overall thinning treatment?


Do you just use the minoxidil?

James Brandon To

When 2 year comes up post it your results are not done until 2 years max

Mr Conrad

You guys don’t understand pain?
My hairlines been receding since I was 14 and just been getting worse every year. 17(nearly 18)now and it’s looking ridiculous. I need some serious help man.

jesus ramirez

What happens if you stop using it

Beautiful Thnigs

Thanks for that valuable information bro! Was wondering did you choose the plan that includes Finasteride & Minoxidil solution or which plan exactly did you get (in detail what it came with)?
The reason I ask because I want to purchase the same one you did so I may attempt to get the same results you did.
Thanks in advance dude ?

Ariel Guzman

Side effects

Hunter Haddad

How did you find out what pills to take

Zyzzus Christ

My ass really just sat through a 6 minute ad ?‍♂️