How to start a beard

How To Start a New a Beard Line

How To Start a New a Beard Line1 Oct. 2016
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Comments (100)
Jon S

I also hate oily feeling stuff, use barely any beard oil or balm in my beard because of, what lotion do u recommend for skin that's not super greasy, I get super dry in winter and hate using lotion because I can't find a non greasy one lol

Wodi Alexander Dennis

bthebarber. There's this aloe vera shave gel. You can get from dollar general if there's one in your area.

Kwame El Akeem Bey

I learned alot bro, glad I found your channel. ???


One side is lower than the other

Teige Parkinson

Appreciate the video especially the eyeliner part I'm going to try that.

johnathan stith

I use palmers cocoa butter lotion on my beard so I can moisturize my skin under neath my beard

charles montgomery

Love this damn beat.... just plain smooth

Moe Scott

Great vid. I had to teach myself how to create a new beard line. I like the 70s, 80s high and thick and mutton chops beards. My favorite is Clubber Lang on Rocky 3. That's how I fashion my beard now. Thanks again for the helpful information

The Bloop Sound.

I got some Creamo too, and yes it is greasy. That little can you have is enough to fry up forty chickens.?

johnathan stith

T gel shampoo helps with the hair bump issues after you shave your head


Appreciate You Showing Me How To Bring In A New Line. That's What I Struggle With.

Pedro Karsan

Great video man

Luis Ballesteros

I use that shaving gel as well and it’s really good learned a lot thanks for the video #BeardUp

Eric Cisneros

Just liked your vid. Have you tried using the Andis foil shaver? I highly recommend it for shaving your head!

Robert Anthony

Greetings,I am new to the Beard game, and was unhappy with my Beard Line. i will try this method.Thank You!

AK Chicago

Hey bro I know this is an old video but check out suavecito beard products! My girlfriend hates the smell of the cremo stuff as well. With suavecito I feel like Dan Bilzerian with how she always wants to touch and smell the beard. Beard on bro. Great content.

Art m

I'm a white man and a Donald Trump supporter. However, I'm growing my beard out and your information is great. thanks

Emile Spearman

Hell of a tip with that eyeliner pencil. Right on!!!

corey smiley

Never a dull razor also get a brush an mild facial scrub to break then skin to allow the hair to grow out an not curl tuck back into the skin this will eliminate all bumps , face an head ,trust me been doing it for years


This is a great video. I bought down one side way past the other and instead of evening it out, I'm just not touching it and going back to drawing my lines before it. Great video.

Ycnsme 360

Back 2 barberschool on the YouTube

Global Vision

Coconut oil works great in the beard!

Jose .Salas

What brand is your straight razor??

Hermilo Garcia

Do you re-use the same blade for your straight razor, or do you have to change it for a new one every time?

Great tips and great video!


Good video. i usually start the line free hand and start as high as possible, but the eyebrow pencil is a good idea. I might try that sometime...

Larry Fazen

DAYUM bud. how long did it take you to become comfortable using that straight razor?!.....I was sweatin' bullets just watching you....

Rafael Vega

yo my man, i tried it and it smells good at the beginning, but when you sweat...DAMN is smells bad!!!!!




what do you comb your beard with

i got gas yo

yo did you get the side of your beard to fill in? that's where I'm struggling

Harry Style

Nice one! Check out my beard vids!


Thank you bro your tips are always very helpful??


My man nice vids

Matthew B

Lmaoo the more i watch him talk its like the beard is still growing.. crazy growth

DDomino Geronimo

I wanted my beard like that but washing it when I wash my face in the shower and playing with it thins it out. Love beard waxes or whatever but ugh. Plus winter will be over in like two months so I'm gonna have to trim it during spring and summer for my bday anyways

Lionelson Auguste

I want those beard so bad. Every time i try to grow sum, my girl make me shaves my shit tho

Richard Bernard

This is a damn good tip for a DIY cheek line. Well done my man


Shave with the grain in the back. The top and sides doesn't matter. The back is where the bumps come up. I found that out the hard way. Been shaving my head for almost 20yrs

Kyng Symba

Whats a gud product to help the beard grow??

Kyng Symba

Plus i get razor bumps.. When i use a shaver or Razor.... What u think i should do?

Pete Williams

the old saying is true, everyday u will definitely learn something new especially when u keep ur eyes open 2 see it...
BtheBarber keep doing what u do bruh, u just don't know how many people ur inspiring out here in the world...
I'm definitely a new scriber of ur channel w/the bell 2 alert me of new content of urs...
I'm in the process of growing out my neck & cheek line but once there I can't wait 2 try this technique...
thumbs up on the vid...



patrick zeno

How do you tell the barber that you want it full so that they don’t dig into it

Brendan Ohara

hell yea good shit man I be linein my beard up right now


how the new hair is groing ?


good job bro!

Chase Morgan


Ojore Bushfan

Thanks for the eyeliner tip!
Have you tried the Cremo shaving gel?

george erhabor

Your beard is fire man. If i had a beard like that ill charge people to look at it

James Robinson

Just subscribed


Great beard.

Shawn P TV

Good video. I thought I hit that like when I watched it a first time I guess I didn’t. Great tips I don’t use a straight razor not skilled like that lol. Well not yet anyway. Keep the good work brother.


Cremo makes great shaving cream as well. I got it from Target and it's really smooth and smells nice.

Nicolas Rosario

That eyeliner tip was cool, ima try it out next time I line my beard up, thanks man

Steve Joseppy Greaves

like the video man, suffer the same problems goin too low with my lines. Definitely gunna try the eye liner pencil to bring my lines higher. Also when you said about getting hold of some clear shave gel, have you ever thought to just using beard oil? That's all I use on my face when doing my lines. works a treat.

Nunya Dambidnis

This is some good stuff right here. Very helpful


Great video. Exactly what I needed to hear... recently REstarted my beard journey ‼️

Get Some

A D like to say know one have a video’s like your show ppl how to do your beard the right way thank you

Lavar Cole

Can u line me up bro bro for my birthday

Reggie Paul

Do you let the barber line u up then maintain the line?


Yo whats that song?? Great vid

David Whitsett

yo, u pretty surgical wit the straight razor...I just started using it a few weeks ago...gotta get use to it...but using the eyeliner is key is keeping it straight...I use one of the beard guides I got off tired of the barber shortening by beard...great video though...

Devon Bradford

Your videos are on point, my friend. Thank you for putting these up!

Frankie Smith

The Murray's Balm is good. Not too greasy!


this video is right on time. been needing some ideas on shaving cream

Anthony Johnston

check out creative culture lifestyle beard product.

Goldfish Crackers

nice vid. looking sharp.


Hey man, nice video presentation. I totally agree with you that its a Great idea to outline exactly where you want your beard line so that you don't push it back too far! It never fails, each and every time I have tried to do it without outlining it first, push back way too far! Every single time. I finally learned to take the extra time and use the marker. Its fool proof. Great tip for new and seasoned beard lineup attempts. Take care and Thank you.

Crystal Clear

use cocoa butter lotion put it on in a thick coat let sit for 5 minutes reapply then shave best shape of your life

Andre Stanton

thanks for the jewels

Adrian Culbreath

You should try the Wahl balding clippers, they cut super close.


use a hot hand towel before u start shaving your head softens up the hair

Khemet Bey

Thank you taking the time to share your experience and process. I just by happen to have the same type of straight edge. I am just waiting for my beard to come in thicker

Mayur Pande

whats pencil do you use to mark the line, I have bought some of some other people but it doesn't draw anything on my face!

Karim Xyz

left side look a little bit better for my eyes

Xavier P.

Nice beard

bruce bruce

m too dark i need a white eyeliner pencil lol

Didi Dometilie

I've been getting great results using coconut oil instead of shaving gels. Thanks for the eyeliner tip.

Splash Onya

I gotta regrow my neck line & I'm hoping to see results like you did in the next 3 weeks. Your videos are awesome & I definitely take notes on what you say... You're like my beard professor! Ha. Know this video is kinda old but I'm glad you made it. Sad you decided to stop making videos tho & hope you pop back up with more tips on beards.

Alex Cosentino

This video's a couple months old now, but if you still have the beard balm that you didn't like, you could always use that as a shave gel/creme alternative. That's what I would use it for if I didn't like it and the smell wasn't right lol.


Whats the Name of the Background music?

Will Smith

Due to my job I had to cut my beard to wear a mask (hospital worker)I'm growing it back out is it major when you push the line in a little on the jawline can't go to my barber yet what should I do or nothing

Chase Morgan

Great tip!?

Big Beard Jefe

thx for the info .


After this, I definitely did the line up with the pencil last night (I always use black), and I put Vick's on (from another YouTube video I saw) and I after a week of no growth in that area, I saw immediate growth from midnight to this morning (sleeping on my opposite side). I'm not sure if it's working or dumb luck, but I'm a believer now for anyone curious about it.

About 7 weeks into my beard journey and definitely the most progress I've made so far.

Adam Garcia

Didn't ever think about using the liner to create a line, I always eyeballed it and always felt it was off. Def gonna use this next time

Mohamud Ali

you should do laser hair removal on your cheeks bro thats what i did on my cheek line now i don't need to shape my cheekline. it only cost me 200 bucks !!!

Ken Rivers

Great vid ! One thing that helps stop the bumps is use a hot rag and skin cleanser on your head and face before you shave! Also dont use those cheap razors! Use a shick triple edge razor!

Sports Chi

What up my brother.... you know bump patrol make a real nice shave gel. Thanks for the motivation! Love.

Frank Rodriguez

Using sharpie pens work better they easily wash off also.

brandon Grimes

bro use a single blade razor to control bumps


Can’t believe I never thought to draw the line before, takes out the guess work from lining up the cheeks, great tip man ??

Tony White

+Bthebarber Want to give this a try? I used to have issues with bumps. Get a shower mirror. When you take a shower, scrub your head, rinse and then shave in the shower. Might help with the bumps. Lots of bump issues occur cause of skin and dirt. Worked for me. My two cents

Tony Kinard

I've switched to a 2 blade razor to cut down on irritation on my head. The more blades the more times a blade is swiping across your skin causing irritation. Cremo shave cream is also excellent at reducing irritation. After my shave I hit the skin with some witch hazel and aloe gel. Smooth and irritation free.

James Robinson

Good video CUZZ!

Bryant Mosley

What kind of comb do you use. Or do you use a brush. My beard is super curly. So I have a hard time finding the right combn that won't pull out hairs. I've purchased the Kent comb but it doesn't help.

J. Grandison

Awesome vid tutorial but I cant shave my head using that type of razor..maybe I go in the wrong direction..I always get bumps so I stick to clippers.

Marques Fobbs

Good video bro. Wish I would have seen it before I cut my beard down because I gradually kept lower my beard line.

King Dean

Thanks Bruh, Bruh


took my beard down a little to low smh,now I got to re grow it! great vid!


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That awkward beard stage

That awkward beard stage when you start to grow a beard and how to start it using mini clippers. Always go against the growth.

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3 Tips For New Beard Growth | Black Men's Beard

3 Tips For New Beard Growth | Black Men's Beard13 Jan. 2020
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Success tips for getting

Success tips for getting ready to grow the your best beard the first week.

How you start growing your beard is very powerful. So I have included 3 tips for new growth so you start on the right page.

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Brandon share personal growth, hair growth, and beard growth tips. Leading the way in Black Men's Personal Grooming & Beard Care. We offer in our community the best beard care products that are specifically tailored to fit our needs.






Comments (60)
Troy Addict

Damn bro you look good no matter what huh !

No homo

Estrell Young III

1. Beard wash, beard hydrator, beard oil
2. Scrub/Exfoliant
3. Be realistic about your journey and be present. Take care of the beard you have today and be patient.


I actually cut my beard to reset as well. I actually did it a couple days before you and the other brother did.

The only thing I was wondering is if I should co-wash the stubble everyday as I did when I had my longer beard.

IAm MeloTokeyo

Yyyeeessss sssiiiirrrrr


The stubbles are disgusting. ?

Bigg Papi da Don

Hey B what's good my G...1st appreciate your channel damn good grooming tips & 2nd what's the best way to grow a thicker part of my beard will grow fine but underneath my jaw line my hair will basically nap up...any suggestions?

Preston C.

B without the beard lol

Jimmy Blast

U young niggas look stupid with those nappy nasty looking beards...look like old men

Mike Roch

I know its called Black mans beard, but does any of this work if you're not black? This is the type of beard i want and i want to know if this is possible for everyone because id like to start out right!


Wow lol. I can’t cut my beard off. Maybe next year

Kelvin Nwachukwu



Can you recommend the best washes, balms and oils? I have a great beard but would like to start from the beginning again and do the full treatment

Lovetron Lawrence

Raising the beard line... IS IT POSSIBLE????

Thank You

Minoxidil for grow beard ?

Three Throne Productions

Boy, you look different. I had to check your youtube name to know it's you.


The stubble looks nice man


Woah bro...who the hell are you? ?

JK! New year, new growth

Larry King Bey

U look like a kid now ??

alex deorosan

Did B voice get higher once he cut it?

Zakariya Hassan

3:23 ???? The power of now

Bennie Jackson

Bro I did the apple cider vinegar wash this morning for the cyst in the beard and bro I must say the face and the beard feels great.

Nerdbama Rich

Thank you as always for sharing the knowledgeable information my brotha..


I've been saying I might cut my beard and now I feel like I should and follow the journey

Supremewunder 1

I just shaved mines off yesterday...did a full body detox and figured I should shave as well....glad I found you channel to help keep me motivated

Ten Toes down In N.Philly


Henry Garner

Solid advice. I usually cut my beard in the Spring and start up again at the end of Summer beginning of Fall. The hydration is DEFINITELY important for me in the beginning when the new growth starts to itch!


I miss the beard look younger now miss the beard tho


Man please don’t grow that big homeless man mustache again lol


He looks so weird without a beard ??? but damn, your shit is already growing back fast. Your beard genetics are fucking amazing ????


I just pork chops and 8 pieces of hair on my chin and I’m 23. I need help!


15 minutes could save you 50% or more on car insurance


Bruh if I cut my beard, I wont have stubble in 3 days like you..try 3 weeks looks at watch LoL

Mal Cozart

Should I just let my beard grow out recklessly and don’t get it shape up?

Paul Bush



Good advice good result

Carl Johnson CJ

Mark my words by the end of this week he will have a beard lol

vashon jones

Good knowledge

Zakariya Hassan

I thought I was watching a re upload from when he first started the journey lmaoo


Great coverage you have, what age did your beard fill in like that?
Tell us man reply

Jonathon Earl

@Black Men's Beard
When starting a new journey to grow a new beard. Why did you shave off the beard with clippers, rather than a razor and shaving cream? Does that make a difference upon how well your beard will grow?

Johnny B Rokket

Who mans is this ? And what you do with B wit the beard?

Marvin Davis

You are a real genuine Brother!!! you are a great guy!!! for you to shave off your beard just to teach others about patience and growth my hat is off to you brother!!! salute the king of beards!!!????

Alan Barker

Yo, my G. The look is fire...when you took off the beard...I thought WOW,... What a rightous move...
I been following on and off...But im definately on now,, Work your show my brother..ONE LOVE.....

Chris Nails

Dang. Wonder what he’s gonna do when beards go out of trend.

Connie Gore

Sounds like his voice got higher when he cut his beard off. Lol jk. More power to you B.

E Gibs

Lol B cut his beard 10 mins ago and has a shadow already ????

Akman Francois

Bruh I didn’t even recognize u u look good with the shadow bro

Zephaniah Yah

No! Use only Jamaican Caster Oil. It is good for the skin and it will minimize split ends. Only cut your beard line on your face to stay groomed... Cut nothing else (including under your neck) for a year and you will have that natural look the way God intended. Peace and blessings brother on your new journey.

Ellen Jackson

Wow, I witnessed you getting your beard cut...its gonna be back next week! ??

j w

These tips apply to any man, not just black men. Just saying.

Ty Evans

How often should i use the beard wash and conditioner. And oil.. How often should i use the apple cider mix

Beetle_ Juice

Yo B I haven’t shaved in 2 or 3 months and it’s getting longer than thick but I also have patches in the front close to my mustache. When I comb it out you really can’t tell but how do I get those hairs to grow in them spots

Terrence Hurt

I respect wat your doing bro... my beard is struggling & im from philly everybody got big beards

Henry Thompson

The way you look you need it back with outlet your mess


When I’m at the barber shop and I’m starting this journey I should avoid him touching the beard just a line up ??

Famously Jaded

Nah we need the clean shave starting off ??.. what factors in to some growing a complete beard no patches.. besides genetics

Iammrgo tv

How often should I use conditioner on my beard?? I wash and clean my face everyday but how often should I use conditioner and beard balm??

Dennis Clarke

I'm thinking about cutting mine off and starting over (my avatar is me from a couple of years ago, clean shaven lol).. I've been growing my beard for 2 years and I look at pix from exactly a year ago today and my beard seems longer last year than this year... makes zero sense but it seems to be getting shorter and completely stopped growing.. I need to start over or at least trim it down to even it out and use the proper beard care techniques..

Black Towken

I definitely was missing hydration for beard. I found a way to lay my beard down and look fuller but is was super dehydrated. Thanks bro I learned a lot

Christopher McLeroy

Yo B, I’ve been struggling with this beard growth to get me some true length. But it’s just not been coming thru and I’ve followed all your tips and it seems as if it gets to a certain length and stops. What’s up and I know some are going to see this and dis but whatever, am I stuck with a short beard?