How to pick up chicks at a bar

How to pick up chicks at the bar ????

How to pick up chicks at the bar ????25 Aug. 2018
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How to pick up chicks at

How to pick up chicks at the bar ️???? Preparing for my next charity shows with Mr Cool ? more info coming soon!

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how to pick up chicks from the bar

how to pick up chicks from the bar23 Apr. 2012
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get em drunk

get em drunk

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Awesome Magic Trick: How To IMPRESS ANY GIRL At A Bar!

Awesome Magic Trick: How To IMPRESS ANY GIRL At A Bar!29 Oct. 2013
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What's Up Guys / Gals!

In today's video I get to teach YOU this super cool magic mindreading trick without any props!

Tell me what you think below?

Jay Jay






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What did that girl smoke?

Dane Rigney

Love the DBZ Reference

martijn musschoot

This is more a tip to pick up girls, than a magic trick


Did anyone see that guy who looks when he asks Jesse if he's single


Please reveal melting point by cashan wallace

Faouri -

Jayjay what's that on your neck @freemagiclive

Jay Dawg

I don't get the start of this with the two girls. WTH was the trick??

Heather Smith

"cause every woman" what? right... 

Fernando Arcila

dude, best regards from colombia.. you are awesome!!

Rick Ford

I wouldn't have brought up the money part ...


He should be a pick up artist

Izzet Hariz

Nice hickey



Josh Grant



JayJay, Is that a mark on your neck from the girl from the trick? 04:31 Don't lie you sly dog you!

Curious BH

Can u please teach us how to do the ambitious card trick? Please. You are the best magician I know and I really want to learn from you on how do you do the ambitious card trick. PLEASE DO IT. PLEASE!

Geraint Hopkins

your shit get off my internet

Mr Jingles

The explanation makes them seem even more pathetic. What morons.


Hump day!!!

Waldo P

I don't want to be magician anymore :/

Danny p

So pretty much a complicated wing man


Whats up with this guy calling all these girls guys 0:46, he did it in all the other videos too. 5:05 the guy in the background walks past perfectly. Regardless good vid.

Bill Rundell

I did not see the trick either.

Drevon Thomas

She's hitting on u

Claudio Leal

if the girl chooses money and you finish the trick, you'll not get the date because she will feel like a prostitute with this ending...

Jason Bourne

Did he have a "hicky" in his neck ?


Pause at 7:13 lol

No Signal LongBoarding

Some guy walked buy when you asked jesse is he single and he gave u a wierd look


Nice Hair Lol

Had Enough!

good gag .there is several ways to play this trick on pretty women. been doing it almost fifty years. Met and bonked many a sweety with this hustle..
Just didn't think i'd be doing it in a retirement home. lol

Christopher Avalos

Nice hair

Abraham Chen

Dresscode tutorial?

Russ Wright

For those of you who think this is a trick, its more of a "wingman" type of thing. the magician is the wingman and what he is doing is helping his friend start a conversation with a girl and it's a good ice breaker and a way to be sociable rather than sit across a bar staring at girls like a weirdo. Not hard to figure out...


Error 404: likes not found


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the camera man is idiot

Isaac Teo

Raise the voice volume/lower the music. I can't hear what the women are saying. ?


u look like rufio

Michael M

I feel as if this guy has an underlying, passive-aggressive, sarcastic and condescending tone about him.

Charles Simons


Daniel P Murphy

Time to test it out on the ladieeeeesssss ?haha

Rohan Muhammad

He already did it he sends it to your emails if u signed with free mahic live


Talk shit, signal a mate.
Have you played a game called "Haaaaave you met Ted?"


omg fuckin waste of time. you are completely idiot and full of crap bullshit.. purely nonsense, besides ur body language and facial expression and ur voice omg so annoying..


Lol jessie jay lolololoolololololololololol

Afroza Khan

Yikes! I had the hardest time attracting ladies before using Easy Girl System. Google it. I do not actually want to brag. Okay maybe a little but it's because I can get any lady I want right now. Youll understand what I'm saying after you've read what Easy Girl System does. Search for it.

chanchal sur chowdhury

Sorry to say....You r so Annoying !


what hair wax do you use?

Charlie Moren

i would call this more of a prank


I like your videos, but this one was way too obvious. Once you've seen through some magic tricks that work with psychology, you can basically see through all of them...

Brandon D.

Hump day!!!!!


I just be like "it's hump day, let's get on with it" the low odds of getting a yes are worth a few hundred slaps


5:37 Godwin from duck dynasty??

Ahvé Star

Nice hickey! Must've got it from the blonde...

Arley Morton

Not magic

Ben Jordan

If I was single....this is the last guy I would take advice off!!!


I like your tricks JayJay. I pull "The Impossible card trick" on my guests at my restaurant. I also do the carrot mind read trick. It is a riot for all of us. Thanks for sharing the goods! :D

Hadri Zharif

diego costa




wohhhhhhoooo arizona


He'll yea he is so fucking awesome

Jensen Franco

Hump day!!!

Pauli Nikkilä

What if they both would be single


What is the trick...?

Khader Abdi

I saw Kathrine in one of your previous videos. Good memory :D

Sir Casino

I stopped watching when I realized there was no trick. Guy just enters the picture.

Nishant Mudgal

I'm still waiting for the trick. Where???

Ahmed Elbalboushy

Jay your awesome!!


How do you get you're hair like that


So stupid. Where's the magic...


what's name intro song ? someone pls :((

Josh Watson

Whats up with Magic Mondays not being up to date? I look foward to Monday for this reason alone and when I dont see a video it just puts my Monday back into the cassual slump..

Justin LaVine

I'm 34. My inch and a half inch dick requires Viagra I can't afford because I live on a low, fixed income. I have almost no friends. I suffer from urinary incontinence with kidney stones. I lost my family due to a rape, and lost my last girlfriend to an asshole mentalist group like this. Ignorant frat boys like these two can burn in hell for all I care. I don't talk to people because this kind of ignorant bullshit is exactly what attracts people from my generation.


Come and subscribe to me I do cool magic tricks

Hardik Kothari

dude i m going to show u one trick now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kk ..
choose any no.which is not zero  nor negative
add it to 50
add it to 150
subtract it to 73 
add it to 34                                                                                                              
now subtract it to the no. which u chose first ie the when i started the trick
and your answer is...............161!
thumbs up if u got the answer right


That nose tho


encontramos a la novia de federico XD


That head turn at 5:06! hahahaha!

Cameron Blackwell

Another good one jay jay!

Puerto Riconnect

How is this a trick? Is the trick the fact that I was expecting a trick
and so I got tricked into watching this. Is that the trick? Cause if so,
good on you, mate. You got me. If that's not the trick then fuck off
cause this is fucking bollocks.

Anyone reading I just came up with a better way to make this a trick.
First, take 3 cards write Confident, Funny, & Wealthy on them. Slip em in your pocket.
Next, ask the question and pretend you're writing a prediction on a notecard.
Slip that card into the pocket with the other ones. Then based on whatever her answer is pull out the appropriate "prediction".
There yuh go. Already better.
Obviously you'd have to come up with some system to figure what card your taking out of your pocket without looking at it.
Maybe put a strip of tape on Funny, bend the corner of confident, WHATEVER. You figure it out.

Now, I'm sure this guy is a brilliant magician. I just don't like this particular trick is all.

Edit- Easier, just slip it in your wallet.
Your wallet will have a few slots. Top slot confident, so on.
When you slip the card in your wallet just make sure they don't see what slot you picked.
Do the prediction BEFORE you even ask the question, put the wallet in your back pocket, and be like already made the prediction, can't change it. Gonna ask the question.


Just buy it. It's $25 and you get all the materials you need (except for a shirt). Just getting the materials will cost you $10 at least. Plus you have to go to several stores to find what you need and you also need to order some things online most likely

Jed Hassell

whats the trick????

TrafalgarD Kevin

That nose tho.. Jesus

Troy Mason

How is it Wednesday. Wait. Ohhhh. U're In Australia.

Nathan Keeler

Dat guy behind Jay at 5:37........Lobster alot?


youre tricking us.. lol

Brandon Dunn

thumbs up if you don't like this guy, and think hes annoying

The Cassady Gaming

Jj can you show a body levatation trick please

Omar H.

5:06 all the guy hears is :your single :Sure

Lol Lol



All of these mean comments are making me really sad >.< like honestly guys just respect him, this is what he does. No one asked you to watch the video. How would you like if someone put down your hobby/job?

alexander russell


lisa winwood

Not keen sorry ja ja;(


I love your hairstyle!!!

Coley Wambold

pause at 1:03


Hump day

Josh Grant


Jaime Calle

woman heart beats according how thick is your wallet