How to guarantee a girl

28 MAKEUP SECRETS any girl need to know

28 MAKEUP SECRETS any girl need to know30 Jan. 2021
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0:05 Lip stick instead blush

0:28 Hairdryer hack for laces

1:15 Ice for lips

1:49 Some about cosmetics

2:30 Thin lips makeup

3:26 Tape lips makeup

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Lying about people is a way to get your self trusted thanks callum ????

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How has Callum not reacted to these?


Big Cal myg

Inverse 858

I wish Cal still made videos like this one :(
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These are the funniest videos


His confidence really shot up, this is practically asmr and his new content is practically screaming

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You really think there would be a comment section without me?


He stole my wife using this technique ?

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