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Lesson 2 Firestop Through Penetrations

Lesson 2 Firestop Through Penetrations19 Mar. 2014
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Firestop through

Firestop through penetrations training video.

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Jason Griffiths



Jason Alexander's relative?

Tyson Bangham

Hi! firestopper here.

im rick james bitch

You have to be careful with scabbing drywall over holes in firewalls in ambulatory and business occupancies it is not allowed

Jay Gonzales

Hi sir.
How about if the the pressurization system duct riser per floor is enclosed by concrete hollow block.
I would like to ask if it is needed to put a fire stopping sealant every floor in duct riser.


Rich Hyland

Very interesting

Best Choice


Mike Normandy

Man, Only if every pipe that came through a wall was this easy to do - Most are stuck up in a ceiling with fitters, ducts and wires blocking it and you can barely get your hand up in the spot to stuff rockwool in it! lol

Arther Casillas

Thanks ++Georgedalan for taking the time to make this video.
Grinding through code books is taking its toll. :(
adjective: intumescent
(of a coating or sealant) swelling up when heated, thus protecting the material underneath or sealing a gap in the event of a fire.
"intumescent fire-retardant paints"

dg indc

I've been told that Great Stuff Fire Block is not the same thing as Fire Stop material. While remodeling my home I wanted to block pests (roaches, ants, etc...) from getting through the holes where the gas stove pipes come through. Home Depot associates suggested Great Stuff Fire Block (foam) to fill in the area between the sheetrock and external gas pipe. So I've had the contractor spray the foam. I want to mention that I had capped and shot off the gas pipe since I chose to purchase an electrical stove. However I'm concerned if I sell the home in the future and someone decides to install a gas stove, is there a possibility that the outside of an active gas pipe can reach temperatures over 240 degrees? The manufacturer mentioned that the Fire Block foam can combust when the temperature is over 240 degrees.So far the home inspector can only suggest talking to an expert. The Great Stuff customer service representative is too careful to make any mis-statements (most likely they don't know) and will only mention to make sure the contractor knows the surface area cannot reach 240 degrees. The contractor has a fairly short answer that the outside of the pipe shouldn't reach 240 degrees. It would be really helpful if someone could respond as I'm trying to be proactive.

Open Relationships & Double Penetration

Open Relationships & Double Penetration7 Aug. 2018
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While in a relationship,

While in a relationship, are you a 1 ding-a-ling/ coochie kind of person or...

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Keisha LaShae

I miss y’all please come back! We love you guys and hope y’all are doing well.

Денис Самчук

Annoying voice, sorry

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Glad to see y’all are back in business lol


Yess, got damn it. FINALLY THERE HERE. I love u guys!!!!

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yassssssse and Im only 10 seconds in ❤❤❤ love yall!

U-kno Breezy

And Facebook bitch asses locked me out for sharing y’all vid. Due to the thumbnail pic in y’all vid! Seriously no nudity at all. But whatever still support y’all.

Yanks & Brits.

Hello guys, No idea who you are.

Do you guys think it's easy being in a relationship or getting into one in the states?

I can't seem to find anyone interested in me here in England, but in America younger and mature females like me.
Maybe that as a lot to do with Americans like my accent, but I would like to be in a relationship.

I would love to date an American.
I would love to live there also.

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Wow this was already 10 months ago


This video got me ??

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she want a man in the back & one in the front....


Miss Y'all!

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I’ve done a few dvps and dps sooo it. Every woman I’ve done it with loves it too. Dvp creampies ??

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omg, the fire alarm beeps...

Penetration Island 01

Penetration Island 0110 Feb. 2014
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SOTB, Comedy, Fodd = Dylan

SOTB, Comedy, Fodd = Dylan , Oranges , Urchin , Arbuckle.


J Vader says to Watch Penetration Island 02 and 03

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I remember :)