How does it feel to bottom

FTM bottom growth - what does it feel like?

FTM bottom growth - what does it feel like?12 Apr. 2019
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Smile Empty Soul - Bottom Of A Bottle

Smile Empty Soul - Bottom Of A Bottle21 Jun. 2008
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lyrics in video. bottom of

lyrics in video. bottom of a bottle by smile empty soul.

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high raven88

ive seen too many die from this shit.. Ive been down that road, and some went farther than i did. good ppl at heart with strong friendships, regardless of the addiction. now the ones left...we still suffer. its like being lost in a tempting fog, trying to pull out who we can. i survived...but i also died.

Jake Zilla

Song still claps in 2020 ???

Charles zaruba

I don't think I'd ever get through life with out green I can barely go a single day without wanting to drink

Sam Greenaway


Preston York

I’m still on weed

El Yonny

I can't stop drinking. Just helps so much. Sick of this stupid life. I don't mean to be edgy. I just see this all ending with my fucking death real soon. I'm just....I'm tired.

BrathanBrucasBrase Fan92

Been clean off of meth & coke for almost 4 years and this brings back memories and I've been sober without alcohol nearly 4 years as well

Clayton Volner

Never done drugs and I’m not an alcoholic, but man love is like this for me. Love is the most intoxicating thing in the world for me. So I do it for the love I give from the bottom of my heart.

Brandon Vessell

I'm German,Slavic,and Native American there's no going back.I drink like a fish

Mrs. Sharilynn & Mr. Dave Webb

2021' and Forever~ever


Still listening 2020

Flaturiah Borborygmus

Y'know guys, the best reason why we feel so connected and heartfelt toward this song is because he's been there too. He conveyed that feeling toward something that could be broadcast to a huge variety of people. If I could go to one of their concerts though, I'd love to hear this song live.

Mister E


Kelby Radley

God Bless everyone. I remember when this came out??‍♂️Pointfest 15 St Louis Mo the pit was dope af

Mereduth Grubb


Estado Grave

This song needs a metal version

Archangel 15

Angel's never really die. They only fly...

Matt Hybel

Summer of 2003, young 17 yrs old handsome, had friends then working at Marcs, not a care in the world! Miss this time in my life. Now my life is full of misery and emotional pain ?

These my Playlists


Nicholas Touchet

LMFAO I'm in rehab ???

Michael Boesch

67 Days Sober . This is my using song btw .. good reminder .. I do it for sobriety

professor tentacleanus

"I'm always fallin'
I guess it's just gods way of making me pay"

Spiritual Ascension

The people listening to this song must be my long lost family.


2020 and this is still my shit minus the drugs now tho ?

Anthony DeLauro

I deployed to Afghanistan 3 times. Despite all the death that surrounded me I never felt more alive than when I was there. Why do I do the things I do now? To get that feeling back. "I do it just to feel alive"

C. Bug Brook

For a P.O.S! Weed Is probably the safest D.O.A. Ive ever done, worse from it: Tar, red or hazy eyes ,Forgetful, Cotton Mouth, Speeding tickets for driving too slow! lol.!!!!!!!!!! DaZed, Couch Potato! Geek Gamer!, !Plain ol' Stoner of the Weirdos. The one plant' in this world thats good for the strange and unusual' .and the raged and outraged! For the spirited! In the one True self! Its better than taking a pill that has worse side effects that makes you more Prone to being hospitalized due to any kind of change to you or prescribed other pills to take.. Soooooooooo, this is for the weirdos. Aint nobody gonna take care of you but you! Worry about your own damn self! Absolutley love this song! Gives me the balls to worry about my own damn self! Love your whole goddamn face!

Itaru Nodaguchi

Well I have any drug addiction but still shit to me.

Alex Reed

Proud of you man!!

Nathan Bestwick

He is proud to be a alcoholic

Buddy Dson

I do it for the love these days✌️

Queen Vanessa_666

I do it for the drugs.
I do it just to feel alive.
I do it for the love.
That I get from the bottom of the bottle.

Daniel Evans

I'm at the bottom of my bottle right now

Mike Lampman

As a recovering addict this songs sounds familiar

Angela Everett

I do it just to feel ALIVE!!!!

rick burns

Seen those guys in concert few years ago and they kicked ass

Bdeezy 229

yesss my childhood right here!!! i miss fuse


One of the greatest songs ever!!

Menthol Moments TV

I'm starting to use and this song reminds me of my teenage years when I was sober and unhappy and it feels good to come full circle. Sometimes there's no winning and people like to make encouraging optimistic passes to your situation but that's okay too. It's like that sometimes and i hope to find my way.

WeThePeople Hi

This Christmas I celebrated 4 years without alcohol. This song was my high school anthem lol. I was 15 and used to love that girl Emily with all my heart lol.

Brandon Vessell

Would be nice if we could understand eacother for time to time.


I'm here cause I heard this on Y100

Bmx 410

I remember my father fucking jamming this growing up and then years later I’m a dope head alcoholic. But you know I been clean for over 2 years and I feel more alive then ever. Anybody out there that thinks they can’t beat that shit. There is plenty of proof just reach out and make that step. You got this.
?????still a badass song lol

Brandon Vessell

Natives and alcohol

Zac Davis

Shit, I’m 34 years old? I still can’t get clean, been in and out of prison, and I’m telling you, this song defines my life; not that I’m proud, but it’s encouraging to know I’m not alone in this struggle of life

misur luci Fer Diablo

y'all got this

Brandon Vessell

Sometimes those othely emotions need to stand at bay.

Grammar Nazi

No one gives a fuck if you're listening in 2025.

Russell Brown

I feel like this every day I used to do coke an pills I was picked on bullied an jumped by females in high school sometimes I feel why do I fucking bother an people wonder y I cry

T recon

I create my own words i do it for the love n i do just to piss you off. I do what i want

misur luci Fer Diablo

f#ckin quitters

Dakoda Ryan

Heroine l
Ccoking meth doing coke smoking wet eating acid mushrooms top it off with that 5th of jack headed to walmart to get another 100 pack of needles

Jason Turpen

Those of us who've felt compelled to comment on this have all experienced this feeling. That's the common thread we all have in common another is we all found something else to live for. # Learn from the past but never forget.

Samantha Long

literally no one cares that youre "still listening in 2019" lmao like seriously music doesnt die out


So you're not supposed to do drugs or are you?

According to this song?

Gilbert Bermea

This song has true meaning.


This is Down and Out by Tantric. Weird title considering that he also has this song titled correctly as a separate video.

King Fartquad

This song sounds has too much relapse reverb.

BigBen Blevins


Robert McAllister

It still kicks ass,????

Brandon Vessell

Still drinking.Fucking genetics!

Wood Dweller

I feel so old now.


Childhood crashing back into my mind ?

Chris Smith


wakingohiomama 91

3 years 5 months ago I died of an overdose on accident. A little over a month ago I died again on purpose. Why can't I just walk away from the coke and the booze??? I thought my life was reclaimed after stopping the needle. Praying everyday.

L. Haine

This song is horribly relatable

chris bayer

I just love the sound and rhythm and how hard it rocks

Brandon Vessell

Know your place we are only human

Kyla Montisanti

Does anyone else hear the difference between this song on Spotify and Youtube? I'm sure its production but at first I thought I was crazy until i listened to them each a dozen times


I do it just to feel like bla aa ahhh

Zachary Deweese

Swear I was asked one time why i drink so much. I told them just to listen to this song and maybe they'd understand.

Joshua Boule

Me. Drinking every day.

Karen Carney

My son's father just died on my son's 5th birthday. I saw him pass. Drinking myself into a deep pit of nothingness

Joshua Smith

My parents came to my house, and my dad cried so hard. I hold a job and pay bills but I'm 25, I have not even had a gf since highschool, I just drink, I'm always drinking and they are sad for some reason that I only drink. It's been a long time since I actually remember a day off work, and they are so upset because I just drink. I want to stop but I don't know what else gives me pleasure.

Logan s

Heard it for the first time today, just over an hour ago. Stuck in my head bad rn. 3rd time listening to it in about an hour lol.

Aaron Gale

Drug are good I'm mm kay I would be here if there weren't about

Jeff Kellogg

Everyday. Especially when my girl wakes up pissed off at me in the middle of the night. Don’t know what I did while we were asleep but now I can’t sleep so I’m drinking at 3:30 am

Chad Mullins

@leigha frye


Been clean from powder cocaine, methamphetamine, and alcohol for 2 months.

Leander Mate

Wow! 2020 and I have a new favorite Band

Mike Schmitt

Who still jammin this in 2020?!? MERRY CHRISTMAS bitches! And a HAPPY NEW YEAR'S!



Brandon Shoemake

Why I... I go through all this trouble.

Really felt those words when wanting to quit and get sober for good. Clean now and still feeling the words like it was only yesterday.


12 years clean and the urges never been stronger. Trying my best to keep pushing but im just out of energy and god i miss how much simpler life was when i was just gone 24/7

Rayne Boes

I do it because I followed your shadow

Storm C

2020 still ROCKS sad but SOOO TRUE

Santi S

2020 <3

Kris Bishop

I remember hearing this for the first time live. No one knew who they were that day but by the end of this song everyone was screaming “I do it for the drugs”. So real and powerful even now...

Esoteric Jesus

Can this go louder??


I do it to escape the pain .. cptsd.. pain from reliving everything when I blink .. they pain that internal that was healed by the most beautiful creation ever made . Then abruptly destroyed . Oh well . I carry the burden and cross on my back of pain gladly as long everyone can smile and be happy and know real love . The once a life time love . Celestial made in the heaven for you love .. so what ppl numb out . A functioning cognitive / compititent person can only handle so much . In order to keep carring on and burden the cross one needs an escape . That’s this song and it’s core meaning . Sometimes every option leads to road blocks and one does find refuge at the bottom of a bottle or two and some well substance. Way I see it . We are all gods in a way . We have will and self restraint and power . If one drinks or whatever instead of knocking him down why not ask why he goes that route . Why not actually stop being coincided and think you fit in his jump boots or whatever and just listen . Offer a healthy alternative. Not make issues worse by demonizing and demoralizing that person. We all have trials and tribulations. Music is a way for the soul to find comfort and peace and memories to situations . Moral is . Be here for each other . Offer a shoulder and don’t assume! Or it will be the bottom of the 6ft trench for some. Life is beautiful . I pray all y’all great souls many blessings and peace love and prosperity

̛̀ ̡у̶̕͝ ́͞б̷̕ ̶͝и̛͟ ̸й̵͟ ̷ц҉ ҉̸͘а̨́

I wanna get off heroin but it's the only thing that's ever made me content, made me want to get out of bed before 5pm, allowed me to work a full time job without wanting to die, helped me be around other people without wanting to crawl out of my skin, gave me the desire to engage with others instead of isolate... the list goes on. But I'm too autistic and depressed to hold my shit together sober. I want to so badly but I just can't. I can't go to rehab - all the upset strangers, socializing, and inevitability of roommates shoots my anxiety through the roof and makes me feel trapped. Without fail, it drives me to seek out any ways to get high and escape within two weeks max. So it's not for lack of willingness or desire to go get help. What others do every day effortlessly, without so much as a second thought, is a dreaded, major ordeal for me and incredibly exhausting, both physically and mentally. And I'm so fucking lonely but socializing terrifies me and it empties my mind of anything to say in reply. Nothing has ever helped and I've lost the few friends I had in high school from lack of contact, too many messages left unread because I was too apprehensive and anxious to commit to a conversation. The depression is horrible and it sucks but at least that's treatable to some extent. Being autistic is what I really fucking hate. That's what is ultimately keeping me back, and unfortunately, there's no treating it. Doesn't matter how hard you try.
Probably going to OD in 7~ years, only thing stopping me now is my cat. I couldn't leave him alone and confused and sad. After that I'll be gone within a week.
What I would give to just be normal...

T recon

Punch ur fists together thats the pain i feel every waken moment. They beat on me so i beat on myself to deaden the nerves to be prepared for war..i beat myself with mini scrappers bats in the face n now steel..

Gilbert Bermea

Dam this song still hits hard I remember this in my car in middle school in the parking lot

John Myers

I'm not doing it for that I'm doing it because I wanna take my soul to a different realm

Bobby Vance

Been clean from heroin fentanyl and crack for about 4 months. That life is a crazy ride dude! Stay safe everyone, stay blessed!

Charles Jacobs

I got wasted many times rocking this song back in the day. It's still a great song that so many people can relate to.


I’ve never related to a song more than this

Logan Spence

wHO is LisTeNINg iN 2019?

Dasha Prosolow

As well liked we prevail along side of cheveley and eminem

Joshua Kidd

This band isn't called smile empty soul. Anyone know what the band is named?

Struggles of being a bottom??

Struggles of being a bottom??22 Mar. 2019
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Also I know I cussed a

Also I know I cussed a lot I’m trying to work on that?

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Spill the till like Derrian at McDonald’s


i hate anal fissures :(

Mason the polar bear

I'm just a normal bottom boy not a femboy

Eddie Lachica

My fave types of bottoms are the sassy ones LOL ?

Carlon Caldwell

Can we be friends. Can we keep in touch

Bianca Da Drummer

loyal sub ??‍♀️

DJ Oldsoulkid

Idc bout the cussin but u talk fast asf??