How to be a confident man in a relationship

How To Be A Confident Man In A Relationship

How To Be A Confident Man In A Relationship19 Oct. 2020
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Being confident in

Being confident in yourself means everything in the world. You get to be more successful with the things you take on, even in relationships. How do you become a confident man in a relationship? Stay tuned, I got some quick tips for you!

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Brannon Patrick

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01:33 You know who you are

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Ask Aja | Relationship, Jealousy, How To Become Confident | Aja Dang

Ask Aja | Relationship, Jealousy, How To Become Confident | Aja Dang3 Oct. 2017
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Aja DangSubscribe 438 721

I'm Aja Dang and this Ask

I'm Aja Dang and this Ask Aja is about long term relationships and how to deal with jealousy. I am not a relationship professional but these are my feelings on how to sustain a long term relationship, how to overcome jealousy and how to become more confident.






Snapchat: ajadang

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Jane Slay

I loved this video! Especially the one where you say that you need to have your own shit going on to be happy. So true! Thanks for your wise perspective and sharing it with us! Cheers beautiful!!!

Savannah Graham

Awww that doesn’t seem like an easy video to film. You’re a sweetheart love ya Aja!!

Miss Aliyah

yaaas! love the topics you covered and how you approached the jealousy issue! it got me thinking how the ego can get so big if goes on supervised! great video Aja


You are right about 5 o’clock somewhere because it is 5 PM in France when it is 10 in LA✌️


Aja, how did you overcome the cheating? Without going into detail, I hope you understand what I'm trying to say. I'm with a man I deeply love (10 years), and has done a lot to reassure me it was the biggest mistake he made. Although it's been some years now... every once in a while, I still get a little insecure. Thanks!

Jane Herbelin

love you AJa !!!! <3

Winnie Wang

You are so beautiful Aja! <3

Emilya Zehr Burkhan-Do

i love yr vlogsssssss yessss



NV Leah

More Ask Aja #Inspo

Cat L

Where is your dress from?


Aja dropping some real knowledge. Thank you for posting this!

Darian Rose

Love this video thank you! ❤️

Elle _

this is my favorite series! your wise words are always so real. i love that you don't sugar coat real life issues. thanks for bringing it back and being like an older sister figure!

Michaella Nichole

Love the new series!!!! ❤️

Jason Wright

i dunno understand why u need to have confident when your already fucking hot


Love this! I think the biggest misconception which puts relationships at risk before they even begin is the idea that we "own" our partners. We don't own anyone...ever! It's that unrealistic expectation that the person we're with has to fit into a box of ideals, whereas the reality is much simpler than that. There are 2 choices: We either accept a person as they are, or we leave until we find someone that we can accept as they are. Anything outside of that is the ego talking, not love.

Crystal L. Glenn

You're so stunningly beautiful

Madison Heck

I have a question.. What about stay at home mom's? :/ this is what works for us right now and I hate being so dependent on my fiance..


i'm so glad this is back!!

s me

Wheres the dress from? :)

Sara G

Loved your video ❤️?To all the women and men out there, if you feel your significant other is doing something behind your back, TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS ??

Justina Woo

so. true.


Speaking truth! Keep sipping that wine haha

Be r

ugh i ve been in a 4 year relationship now and ive regretted it for years. i started dating him (truly, actively persuing him) becuase i had nothing going on in my life. it really makes me wish i hadnt. hes a great guy and all, but i know we both would be doing even better if we had never gotten together

Zoe Albaran

I’m in a relationship with a wonderful guy but I really do lack self love and there are many times I’ve accused him of something he has and will never do because of my insecurities. I want to work hard so I could get to a point in my life where I can genuinely say “Lexi I love you and you are amazing.” I think it’s a process and it’s hard for everyone to accept themselves. Being in a relationship is tough because when you’re insecure you won’t have the confidence you need to tell yourself that your significant other loves you because you don’t even love you. Relationships around us are broken and married couples are divorced and all of that so how do you differentiate yourself from that? How do you stop fear and insecurity from washing over you? I hope you get more into the topic of self love and really finding the root and source of it all. I love you girl! You’re beautiful and strong and thank you for this video (:


my ex use to hang out with a lot of girls, go to the girl with them......have them over at his place while im at work and go out to eat with them. he never invites, i dont mind, its whatever. i trusted him. them one day he got locked up and i never even looked in his phone until a month later i got curious. he made 64 short porn videos with his stripper lesbian friend. and photos of him kissing on his so called good female friend. yeah im stupid. he cheated on me 6 years and i finally for gave him and took him back and well...64 porn videos lol..... right now, im with a great guy but i treat him so bad bc i dont trust him since its a long distance relationship. but im working on my trust issues bc my new bf doesnt deserve how im acting. maybe im not ready for a relationship but i never had someone love me the way he loves me, im not use to such respect and care. im blessed to have him in my life though.

Mayra Sandoval

omg i love you...hi from Nicaragua

Katie Cao

Thank you for this video! I love your honesty and realness.

Ana Lacktin

Love all your videos! I just recently discovered this few days ago when another person mentioned your name. ? you have a lot of helpful tips! Thanks!

Sue T

I love this video! :)))))))

Clarisse Lee

Yes ?girl ?yes

A truly healthy relationship can only be composed of two independent people who are able to stand alone.

tk2 Ktt

this was way too short

Monica Cuellar

Your skin is gorgeous, what’s your secret?


Hi Aja! What eyeshadows did you use to achieve your look in this video? :)


aja, this is exactly what i needed. Thank you! I loved everything you said. I was wondering what is your advice on your significant other having a best friend of the opposite gender?


Reallllly needed this girl! Love these type of videos. Thank you for making me see things from a different perspective.

Igor Sidelkovsky

This was great, thanks, I been tryin to find out about "how to not be anxious around girls" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried - Beyophia Unimaginable Blaster - (should be on google have a look ) ? It is a good one of a kind guide for discovering how to say goodbye to your shyness and anxiety without the headache. Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my brother in law got amazing success with it.

Angelica G

I needed this video and more like it. I’m in a long term relationship and it will be long distance soon. I really love him and I know he’s a good guy who doesn’t intend to hurt me by speaking to other girls or anything. He’s just living his life, and those girls are sincerely just friends. Something big happened in our relationship that caused my confidence and self esteem to waver like it never ever has before. I’m working on not being jealous and on my insecurities but it has been hard. I want to be better for myself and for him, so that we can both be happy and healthy. I see myself having a future with him, and he says he wants one with me. I know the root of most of our problems though, is my own insecurity

tony j

you don't have to love the one you want to be with forever

Kerry Wehdeking

Yeeeeeeeesss! I miss these so much!

Ngai K

Hi Aja!!! I LOVE❤️ this video! I am in LONG distance & term relationship ! I can so relate on how to build confidence, and focus on myself is the best solution to keep two people happy !
We had had rocky time but we have grown to be the best friends and lovers. You always inspire me Aja! thank you for another great video!!! and YOU looking fabulous ?

Sarah Barton

Girl, yes! ♥️

Krista Feallock

Your skin looks amazing!! Also, where did you get you dress?? :)


Your so beautiful! Am I the only one that s interested in what flavor of wine your drinking!??? Please share :-) love watching your videos!!

Angel Ly

Aja. Dang. ? you should think about doing podcasts. Dont get me wrong, seeing your face is lovely but i wish i could listen to a long one while driving. Thank you!!!!! Gna binge more ?


I love your hair and makeup here!!! ???

Maya Buitron

Thank you so much sharing this video! I actually was the person that asked the second question and your advice about remembering your confidence as a single woman and carrying that with you in a relationship really resonated with me. I recently made a big life change and moved out to LA from AZ with my significant other so she can pursue her dreams and I'm really happy here but I'm not gonna lie, there's times where I feel very lonely not knowing anyone & missing my family...I remember how much fun I used to have just spending time with myself & I'm realizing all this alone time is the perfect time to work on myself and explore a new city. Thank you for being a real, genuine woman & sharing some much needed advice ? love u and your channel!!

Hsiang Chen

You look so gorgeous in pink Aja!

Alison Wilson

I love these videos!!! Please do more ❤️

Sara Ojut

I remembered bing watching a bunch of askaja when I found this channel and now they are back??

Delfina Hoxha

THIS IS WHAT I SIGNED UP FOR- Aja's thoughts+wine hellllll yeaaaaaaa

Emily Grasso and Isla the German Shepherd

Good points . Relatable


I can tell you've gone through a lot and hope you've had healing. You're such a strong and admirable woman!


you're so beautiful Aja ??


So happy ♥️your doing these type of videos again; And you look absolutely Gorgeous ?

Saraí Kashani

Your hair! Wow?


great work girl !!! felt like i had a conversation with my friend :) loved it

Nou Cha

Please do more of these type of videos! It helps a lot! ?


I've been in relationships since I was 15 years old and now I'm almost 23. I really felt like I defined myself by my relationships and would push them to last despite being entirely happy. I had a brief end to my relationship run in July 2017 while finishing up my last semesters of my associates degree. When I was single it was really bad foran entire week. I was obsessive leaving my last relationship but finally did it as the relationship was riddled in lies and stress. I felt like I'd spent so much time being a 'girlfriend' that I had no clue who I was... I felt soooo alone and sick for a whole week and then it slowly got better. I hid that I was single for almost two months especially on social media. I didn't want anyone to step in and pause my self growth. By the end of a month and a half so much greatness happened. I got a car and didn't by need to rely on a person, got a second job, finished my semester with straight A's, and focussed on having
fun. I felt awesome- high on life- glowing. I felt that others sensed a change in me too. Now that I'm back in a relationship I'm feeling some insecurity and jelousy lurking in. I'm getting a lot from your video and think maybe I'm losing myself again. I worry so much about if my partner is happy with me and what they find attractive that I can't focus on just being a person. Deep down I know I'm lovely but worry about another's opinion before my own.


Well said! We bring baggage into relationships

DoomProject Gaming

Yea its been so long since you did an ask Aja. You did one on your stuffed animal a school teacher gave you.

Lupe Becerra

I’m in a long distance, long-term relationship with my guy and I was a carefree girl when he met me. He did some minor things that hurt me and has caused me to become more and more insecure about myself. I’ve forgiven him since then and we have been doing great with each other, but my insecurities have caused me to feel horrible when I hear that he talks to his female friends. Sometimes I have good reason to say what I say because I feel that certain things should be done at appropriate times and some not, but even when he’s not doing something wrong I feel like he is and I see now that it’s my insecurities. I’m glad I found this video because I’ve been reading so many things to see what I could do to boost myself and be the old me and this has spoken more than any of the others. Thank you :)

Francis M Wong



Thank you for this video. Very inspiring. For the whole video I could not stop looking at how goergeous you look with so little make up. Can you please make a tutorial with the exact same product please please pleaseeee :-)

Charlotte Hollihan

Love ask Aja- so happy it’s back ❤️

Ro & Miu

Really needed this, thank you ?

vibe withlou

That first topic hit hard! I'm going thru the same thing

Karen Ng

Thank you very very much !

Emine Kastrati

I think that was all we needed to hear, great talk <3

Eden Salilig

I love this! I miss your talking videos Aja. I was just thinking how you should get back to it! Those were my favorite!

Jennifer L

I really love your channel. Right now I’m in the beginning stages of dating someone (technically 6 months - off and on) and this video helped so much! Should be off!!!

Sarah CA316



this episode was great!!

Ivett H

I needed this. I love you and your wisdom <3

jasmine uribe

You give the best advice ? this video was so helpful ?❤️

Mo Mas

Nail on the head, min 7:15ish. It's so crazy how we feel confident while single then once in a relationship, it becomes a giant mirror pinpointing any underlying insecurities that may have been there. Blessing in disguise I suppose. Great video!!

Kayo S

Yes yes yes yes! This is what I really needed to hear? Thank you Aja! X

Crystal Chai

Missed these videos so much!

Alexandra Coffey

Ugh, Aja. I have really grown to love you and your channel. You feel like a friend!

Alexandra Hurley

Thank you! ?

Tanti Noor

Girls...listen to this!


damn, she’s good

Emery Miller

I ? how real you always are and have always been real with your subscribers. This video was awesome in every way you provided advice but told an example of what happened to you or what you do. More of these types of videos please!

Audra Garcia

New segment ask drunk aja....lmao get video aja. Even the most secure woman needs little boost now and then. :) self love is everything!!!

Amy Tran

New subscriber and loving your positivity! And you are glowing ! Love your skin here

Cynthia Luna

i loved this!!!!!!!!! more ask aja please!!!!!!!!!!


Haha oh my god this is one of my favorite videos of yours! I love the girl talk type vids, very cozy and real!!! Plus you look amazing, whatever you’re doing keep doing it ❤️

Kieran O'Neill

You're so classy and inspirational! Thank you for your insight <3

Bianca So

These were (are) my fav vids from you!!

Jun Park

your hair looks really pretty!


Your makeup here is gorgeous! Please do a tutorial on this look if you can and also on your favoriting eye makeup please ?


Please do more ask aja ! I love how your so open about anything ❤️️


YES AJAAA ! I've been wanting to see this from you


love the video! What products did you wear in this video? :)

Rochelle Dispo

I think mentioning about learning how to get back to being yourself when you were single but in a relationship has to be one of the best advice so far. Not only does that bring back more self confidence, but that'll also really be a great refresher for any long term relationship. Thanks girl I love you!

Move with Jenna

Aja i was watching web view and just came back to YT app JuST to thumbs up this video- you are adorable and...
Pls more Aja dang video!!! <3

Kim Lee


tony j

I know these make up woman are taken but there mine anyway ?

Sheeza Ejaz

Can we get an AM/PM skincare routine pleaseeeee? ??

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Comments (100)
Sanjukta Nag

Thank you ☺️

Liliana Garcia

Where is the LOVE button? Thank you for this video!

Steph B

I wish l did feel this way

Ana Maria

Wow, I did that! comparing myself with the other.......and then sabotaged the relationship.

Sylvia Metos

Thank you Matt! I've been feeling very insecure lately, and you helped me get out of my funk! I appreciate you! Grin!

Katelynn Lee

You're cool. I like your advice.

Julie A

I value your advice, Matt, because it is encouraging and inspiring. Thank you.

Jiejie Z.

This is amazing Matt!

Andrea Villarreal

Love this and so many of your other videos!


Awesome examples and reasoning

Jessy Huller


LydiaE Harty

the comments r filled of old ppl ???? my gosh

Priyanka Gupta

Thankyou so much Matthew ..This brought me to tears..I so needed this??????
May God Bless you ??


thanks Mat! it boost my value

Valerie Valle

I needed this today. I've seen it plenty of times on my good days, but not on a bad day. It really helped me to remember my worth even though I feel down.


1:40 that is sooo me, thanks a lot, will not act like I'm not enough, that will not be the problem, thanks :)) !!


he may be better than me
he may be worst than me
but he is not me


02:00 on

أنثى الأمل

Thank you ??

Kostina Trnava

This was great, thanks, I have been researching "how to become a more confident person" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across - Monharlotte Ideological Magic - (should be on google have a look )?

It is a good exclusive product for discovering how to become confident and live the life you want without the hard work. Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my work buddy got cool success with it.

Audrey Chou

wish I had seen this years ago :'(

Chaya Chay

thank you so much for making me feel special. You are so amazing. :)

Mooi Jahning

I love you Mathew!

Zoey Goldman

I was in a really bad place emotionally because I had the suspicion my partner was cheating but I couldn’t confirm it. I reached out to a close friend and she introduced me to James Farber. He explained how he would grant me access to my partners’ phone without him being aware, of course I was skeptical at first but I had to erase the doubts so I went through with the process and he delivered giving me access to old texts and incoming texts on Whatsapp, Facebook, Imessage he also got me into his Instagram account and I was able to confirm my suspicion and leave that toxic relationship contact James today on Instagram as @jamesfarber1 or through text on whatsapp or directly +1(424)281-4920 he can also be reach via mail through [email protected] I made the right call doing this because of the relief I felt after you may also need this service if you find yourself with an untrustworthy partner.


WoW, this probably one of the best advice I've ever heard!!!

A True Love Official

Thanks for this Video, this is a great advice to alll and encourage us to do this things.

Chao Lee

Omg I wish I would have seen this sooner

Charleen Hopkins

question , why do some guys say they like you cos they think your like them , i dont get it

Maria Hwee

Mathew congratulations. so much powerful insight and wisdom here from you. Every man, woman and child ought to know this about themselves!

Amanda Soondra

Thank you so much Mathew, your videos are so powerful ???

Jovelyn T. Elnas

Well, said

Yizhi Liu

your videos are gold!

Lilian Rocha

That's so amazing! Perfect!!!??????

Wyeth Han

Thank you matt.I love what you're doing and I appreciate You❤

Ms. Chris Cole

Actually, my Twin Flame (yes, it is a legit concept- a really freakin' crazy experience) is exactly me- in man form. We even look like twins (well, his younger self- the beard and years of manliness shifted that a bit.. ?). Even our past parallels. However, our strengths compliments each other's weaknesses. Though, just like the "mirror" exorcise- we reflect each other's energies exactly. It's truly the most amazing experience in understanding the balance, the dance of the masculine and feminine. And the ultimate experience of learning self-love. Because the more I am of service to myself- the more I am raising my vibrations, which raise his. And I am in a place to be of my best service to him and vice versa. ☺️. Though, your videos Matt- they have truly been such a support in understanding and reassuring me of why he does certain things. In this experience, it has heightened my intuitive abilities immensely- and I've definitely learned they are trustworthy through watching many of your videos. ☺️

P.S. I LOVE Huntington Beach! I saw he video you filmed there.. That's where my step-dad grew up, and we went for family vacation every year! Also, I named my gray, floppy-eared rabbit "Huntington". ??

Genevieve Cormiae-Foster

Thank you for your love and generosity! I have been watching quite a few of your videos and really appreciate the advice you give. I'm looking forward to putting it to use soon! ? (After reading what I wrote, I realized not all of it was necessarily dating/relationship advice. I have taken on the other ideas for NOW!)


What about physical attraction ?

Maureen Rotinsulu

wow! thanks Matt! Though I knew that no one else in the world has the same finger prints as ours, but what you just explained brought me an enlightenment. I'm gonna make my thumb an anchor that whenever I feel insecure in front of the guy I like because of my false belief of something that I'm lacking, I'm gonna look at my thumb and say "but there's only one me and I'm a masterpiece". Thank you! God bless.

april G


Simon Christine

This advice is worth more than Rubys and Diamond ??


This changed my life

Golden Castles Crystal Streams

no im mad because we need money to be together and it sucks. point dang blank. im trying to forgive all you people that dont understand nothing .

Tania Leonian

Love this - thank you so much ???

Elhadj Diallo

Confident is sexy you know ....Alack of self love is the root cause of all suffering in this universe!!!!

laurel wright

Love what you do, Mat! Thank you so much for speaking love, peace and prosperity into my life and the lives of sooooo many others!! You, sir, are AMAZING!! <3

Srishti Shrivastava

Thank you Matt ! You are just amazing !

patricia beckman

I love you for this Matt! I will work on accepting this truth.

Lisandra DoVale

You're amazing

september luketz

I blame Revlon Colorsilk for my newfound insecurity. This is the worst DYE job I've ever had, I could just DIE of humiliation. You have awesome advice and remedies for how to feel secure, safe, and build healthy relationships... However I'm beginning to think this hair is a lost cause. ?????

Mindful Fitness

My most favorite video. Thank you for your encouragement. You maybe just saved me. God bless you.

susma swaraj hazarika

Amazing... Thanku ?

Harrison Macey

thankyou for this ?

Nancie Quach

I sooooo needed to hear this message today. Thank you for reminding me I am the master piece!!!


A guy like friend zoned me and my confidence level dropped down to 0 :( because all of his I interest in girls are that they all look hot, beautiful ! I look ok average looking girl. I'm 26 he is 1 year older than me. Also in social media he likes girls pictures but not mine ? Like when I post a pretty pic. I'm pretty modest in how I dress but I still follow fashion and wear makeup if I need to. This sounds childish but why ? Is it because I'm not like them? I don't want to change because of that. I don't think I'm ugly, no women is ! How can I get my confidence back ?

Sara Raquel de la Peña

Thank you ♡ :')

Cheryl Huggard

I love this guy!He is brilliant!?

Lu Egan

Te amo!!! Gracias por tus consejos

Nikolina Vukadin


Mary Musau

I loveeee this. Thank you so much. I needed to hear this?


This is such a great video!!

danette patton

I love your videos and speeches. You are the best.

Gamze Gümüşkaya

This world needs more Mathews :)

Duplessey-Monic Walker

Thank you....wonderful and inspirational words. AWESOME!

ScotsLeo Queen

Likening our individual uniqueness to our thumbprint was genius, that really opened my eyes to my insecurity, thanks a bunch Mat ?

Maryam Irani encouraging

Ashleigh Hinson

Thank you so much for your confidence booster

I have my first dance solo this weekend and I was so nervous and thought that I was going to do bad

But then I watched your video and I compared me to the people that I went against and now I think I'm going to be awesome

swati verma

Awesome video sir..gr8..keep up ur gud work..stay blessed0


It's true. Guys love a girl that is confident. I've been going back and forth with my ex. He loves everything about me, but he thinks I'm so down on myself and I put him in uncomfortable situations because of it. He's trying his hardest, for almost 2 years, to support me in finding myself and how beautiful I am inside and out. I appreciate him for that.

riza cas

Thanks for making me a better person Matt!?,I like your video's too...

Corina Domocos


Vanessa P

Amazing thought ! didn't realized that. thank you so much .


Thank you for speaking truth.

Consuelo Navarro Hidalgo

My point of view is the opposite: you compare yourself to any one else if you feel insecure. And one question: if there are men who need a woman to feel like a man, what are they feeling like when there is no woman? ?

Valeria Alexandrovna Tarot

Matt is the best!!! ??????????????

Wobbling Reality

4:00 quality advice ?


You're amazing. Serious, funny, and best of all: your videos don't feel like you're out to sell yourself (see the other Matt). Btw, this one's one of your best videos ever! Thank you for making ladies feel comfortable being themselves :)

Zoey Goldman

I was in a really bad place emotionally because I had the suspicion my partner was cheating but I couldn’t confirm it. I reached out to a close friend and she introduced me to James Farber. He explained how he would grant me access to my partners’ phone without him being aware, of course I was skeptical at first but I had to erase the doubts so I went through with the process and he delivered giving me access to old texts and incoming texts on Whatsapp, Facebook, Imessage he also got me into his Instagram account and I was able to confirm my suspicion and leave that toxic relationship contact James today on Instagram as @jamesfarber1 or through text on whatsapp or directly +1(424)281-4920 he can also be reach via mail through [email protected] I made the right call doing this because of the relief I felt after you may also need this service if you find yourself with an untrustworthy partner.

Salma Chikhaoui

but how the women can bring value to her relationship ?

Natasha Pamnani

man, you are amazing!

Nory Niegas

Thank so much! I was once asked by a charming guy 'are you comfortable dating a millionaire'? I felt sudden insecure and went on defensive mode and responded, 'I'm more comfortable dating brain surgeons and physicians' and that was it I ignored him. Thank you so much for this advice.

Ευαγγελία Καββαδά

When you said about the thumbprint...there.....i felt differently about my uniqueness! it touched me...thank you for making us see ourselves in new ways!


Mat I have to say just thank you. I thoroughly enjoy your videos. You are an excellent communicator and have had a profound impact on me. Again thank you so very much!

Eric James

I like the part about how comparing is a confidence killer but this is super heteronormative, you could reach to a wider audience by not simply talking about stereotypical straight relationships. The dynamic of a partner relationship doesn't need to be specific to what a man wants and what a woman "should" be


Thank you for the advice, i'm going through some disbelief about myself, this helps a lot.

Vanessa P

Amazing thought ! didn't realized that. thank you so much .

Maisie Parrish


Kanika Ch

They might have a better body, but they don't have your intelligence.

They might be younger, but do they have your sense of adventure or playfulness?

They might make more money, but do they have your values and integrity.

Thank you! Thank you for this advice!!!

Corina Domocos


Hash Elliott

Whoa! I commonly compare myself to other women (women that have more money and have a better body than mine). I don't share it with my Boyfriend, but I definitely see it as self sabotage. I don't know how to own my value, but I will seek to own it. Thanks

Cynthia Lopez

Thank you :)

Thea Shaikha Hannah Scholtz

After watching this video its clear that calling someone your "1 in a million" is knot a compliment...when ur only 1 of u on this planet...?

Sherry Harvey

Beautiful video!!

Joan MacDonald

I so needed to hear this. I'm in a new relationship. 6months. I've almost sabotaged it on numerous occasions because of comparing myself to him and just raw insecurities. He's been very patient and it's getting much better. I actually do have a completely different set of uniquely designed attributes that balance our relationship. Complete opposite of what he brings to the table, or what any other of his past relationships brought to the table. I have realized that "I" am enough. What I don't have doesn't matter. It matters to his family and therein lied the problem. THEY don't think I'm enough because I don't have money... HE thinks I'm enough because he doesn't care. We are so in tuned and in love. I'm finding my value more everyday, and that's due to his love, communication and patience.


I literally shed tears after watching this video.. thanks for touching my heart and encouraging me again as you always do in your videos!

Amanda Stickney

Of all the videos I have seen, this is by far the best one! Thank you!

Fabrice Munyakazi

Very good and inspirational

Akshita Gupta

Sir what if he sometimes masturbates seeing some hot woman's pictures(in my absence) but says he truly loves now how not to feel insecure

Kelly Mcfarland

Said beautifully!


Thank You! <3


excellent, mat, this information is soo to the point and helpful, thanks a lot !!