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How to Suit Up | Men’s Fashion Tips | Doctor Mike

How to Suit Up | Men’s Fashion Tips | Doctor Mike23 Jul. 2017
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Hey, guys! A well fitted

Hey, guys! A well fitted suit is something every man should have in his wardrobe so today I thought I’d share with you my top tips on how to suit up with style. If you’d like to see more men’s fashion tips, drop me a line in the comments below! Let me know what you thought of the video and what type of men’s fashion tips you’d like to see next. Subscribe for new videos every Sunday ▶

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Comments (100)
Ranger TS

Thanks, looking to buy my personalized suit today. Bringing some items to tie it all in and get squared away properly.


I think it was probably very fun to have a photoshoot with Dr Mike (Like being the person that takes the photos)... ??

Prabhav bhasin

nothing suits me like a suit

Gallius Rax

I got a Dr. Mike add before watching this video.

Rxse Msp



Damn he just took me to class without paying for it

Yacine Razli

What about the vest?

Aissa Ali Khan

Okaaaay Doctor Mike, come through FASHIONISTA. This was interesting.


I can only wear black suits with a red tie and white button up shirt, because they really complement my barcode tattoo at the back of my bald head

Nguyen Thuc

I like you wear suit?



Shashwat Mittal

101 for whose advice to not take on gents' suits- the fool dismisses a full break trouser as unflattering. You're welcome.

Chris Faller

Day 14 of finding videos I didn't know I needed.

Saad Abdullah

Doctor Mike rules in dressing up:
First: Make it tight.
Second: See the first rule.

broad cast #

What is shoes name ?

Aissa Ali Khan

What does your tattoo say and mean?

Prince Surein

The only thing that pisses me off about being a doctor besides having had to study a fuckton is having to work with narcissists like you who crave attention like drugs.

Benson Giang

I love suits but as a short skinny asian dude that doesn't look good,,, suits don't suit me...


How to dress for a covid Bday party

Oh wait

Zol Khasbat

Модел болохгүй яасын тэгүүл


And here I am at 3.21AM weighing over 110 Kgs.


Sadly i cant find a tailor near me ;-; but im looking around at online options for a custom suit.

Frog Person

I'm a lezbian, I want to know how to wear a suit.

aquell lindie

bruh love your audio

James Shapiro

Just get it tailored

Tauseef Taj Kiani

Have some tips for us with bear belly ???

Jebiga Johnny

thx doc ?? looking awesome


thanks for the video, concise and straight forward

Benedict Gorman

also tailor younown shirts it's super super easy

Abby Huntley

He really is the font of all knowledge


Anyone know a good suit shop or tailor near morristown east tn haha that ove just not spotted


dang I didn’t know you had a PhD in men’s fashion

shubham sahai

How to look good in suit if i am a skinny guy now.

Daniel Lindsell

But thanks

Ziyan Shaikh

100% knowledge
0% Alpha male or drama like costa

Abdullahi Ali

What colour suits for black men

Daniel Lindsell

What about belts sir


Thanks Dr. Mike! I'll share this video with my brothers ?❤️

Anthony M

"Fit is king," then proceeds to show how the suits he wears fit like muscle shirts. Fascinating advice.

Anna Malta

I am not english but I can understand much thing and I hope all this video translate many languages because it s very fun and successful❤️?will I like this fashion although I am girl

Joyce Lai

Now I know how to dress my future mans... or I'll just have really high standards from here on out haha

Mr. bubblzz

What about the watch?

Rishav Raya

U r great doctor ( morden doctor and youtuber ) ???

Brendan Carter

I’m 22 and I’m from a tiny town in north Mississippi. I like country music, and I absolutely love rock. I’m an absolute metalhead. I’m not suit type of guy. My wardrobe has never contained a suit or anything that could slightly resemble a suit. I have never worn one in my life except for my high school prom, and it was tailored way too big and made me look like a munchkin, which was extremely embarrassing considering I was one of the taller ones of my class. HOWEVER, since then I have I put on a little muscle and I have decent muscle tone and I have learned to take better care of my body, my skin, and my hair. I have a wedding coming up for my best friend in which I am one of the groomsmen. I was super nervous about it all. I’ve never been to a wedding, much less been in one. I was very nervous until I went and picked up my tuxedo and tried it on. I DO NOT want to give it back to the rental place!! It doesn’t even fit as well this guys in the video but it still fits well and it feels so good. I wish I could wear it everyday and now I cannot wait for this wedding?

Jay-J Pogi

Hi Doc! I need some advise with my suit..can I send you a photo and let me know your thoughts about it.. if there will be some alterations need to be made.
Looking forward to hear from you soon..

JinBo Himself

This is my wardrobe in Turkey .

Madre natura

It's better to have a visit to your tailor

Allison McClain

Honestly a well dressed man shows more to a woman than anything. If he can't dress himself well, what does that say about him already? As a woman if a man is trying to look nice and has taken care of his clothes his attractiveness goes up at least a couple points. Same with hygiene.


Barney Stinson.

Halle One

jack & master of all trades at its finest

Mohammed Mazin

Check out my store for some amazing outfits


The average American male: "why yes, of course I own more than 1 or 2 suits."

shanzida rahman

Aaah!!!why you are so perfect!!!!


I would learn from 47

Prasanth Kottakota

May I know what's ur height bc I want to know from which height dressing up a suit looks good and perfect


Barney Stinson brought me here

Luna Anika

I want to tell you something doc. You are a very good teacher no matter whatever the topic is! You just love to educate people according to their need/ demand. That makes you good human. Your mom must be very proud of you for whatever you are doing. May God rest her in peace. You have long way to go doc and your hard work will definitely payoff.

Khlurbakordor Mawrie

Dr Mike please do a video on acne

kameron cousins

I will say this, the right brand and fit of undershirt works great for sweat. I personally have an issue with sweat when I'm usually wearing white dress shirts, but if you don't, then don't waste the money on one.

Neha Singh

My like ?? from India!!??

Ankit Dehankar

Perfect for James Bond ?

Parker Infante

My friend, my friend, my friend, your t-shirt collar is VERY low, drawing attention away from the lapel. Stick with a t-shirt with a collar past or snug with the collar bone

James Cunico

With the American economy, the average Joe cannot afford a quality suit or quality shoes without breaking the bank. I'm not saying you can't invest in it, but it's not realistic for the average American worker. Suits in my humble opinion help to classify wealth and class. What's even more troubling is how many women judge the quality of a man based on their material possessions like a suit. A man makes the suit, not the other way around. If you can afford such luxuries, be humble and for all the women out there, judge a man first based on their character and actions, not the expense of their clothing. Also, clothing just leads the imagination to what everyone is after which is the bedroom. Ideally, a man that's in great health and fitness is more attractive regardless of the price point of their apparel and it shows in the bedroom. This is a very blunt comment. Save your money gentlemen and invest slowly in higher end fashion. If a woman is judging you purely based on whether or not you can afford a suit, she's probably shallow (not true in all cases but definitely most).

duwane allen

Great advice. But I disagree with the part about not wearing undershirt. You know why? I love in jamaica. Should I say more lol.

Curious World Official

Flat front pants

j t

maybe you are a very good doctor and definitely a model type very handsome man. but this gray chequered suit is freaking UGLY. get a normal suit, dude, PLEASE!


Dear sr i m interested in pant shirt but i have no body so how it can be suit on me?

imamim-mobian dhrubo

Hi. Do you ware padded shoulder suit?


More women than men on this comment section, I'm not even surprised.


"How to suit up"
Step 1: Get in shape

Wilbur Mcbride

Will these suit fashion tips help me nail that job interview.

Kevin Hadi Sutanto

How bout wearing a lapel pin

Is it a must item? Or not really

Paganini Caprisun

Should have collabed with Reviewbrah

hari baskar

Why Dr Mike is not in Hollywood

That One Guy

So... Dr.. Entrepreneur.. Social Media Star.. Stylist... is there anything else you do ? LOL

Ankit Dehankar

Okay now imagine Hrithik Roshan ingat suite.

dev bachu

Fießt tine a suit

Benedict Gorman

amen to the undershirts!! unfortunately I'm fairly dark skinned so either I need an undershirt for the color or I need really thick expensive shirts


Thank you Dr Mike. As someone who recently lost weight and in the market for new clothes, this is a big help


Ok idk if other girls think like me but I have a real pet peeve. Imo, it does not look good if a guy wears a suit jacket without a tie and the button up is unbuttoned at the top. It looks super disheveled and makes you look like you fell asleep in that shirt, woke up and threw on a suit. I understand if you dont want to wear a tie, but i would personally button that top. Not trying to hate, this is just my opinion.


I regret watching this video already

Spring 24360

Dear dr. Mike where do you make your siits from.

Gaurav Kumar Singh

He luks like Indian television actor Saurabh Raj Jain

Banks open on tuesday folks

My Prince Charming :)

Ryan Taylor

Sockless is ALWAYS a terrible look.

Always. ?

Zol Khasbat

Зүгээр эмчээ л хийлдээ. Юун тэр фээшн мээшн яриад солиороод бганбээ ??‍♀️

Carlos Urbín

elevator music?


Time pass video ?.

Zoë Carson

Without tearing the suit across my back ? Oh shucks you're too generous

Umb and Samuel Moonliight plays

I’m torn between wearing a dress or a suit tbh

Dev D

Wick = Hey Doc
Mike = Mister Wick (Head nods)
Start Running with their Dogs ❤????❤


Truly the best video on mens' suits ... Loved it

Gambit Games

Ok I love this but like, what about for people who have things like eczema and can tend to itch in their clothes or shoes that actually look good but also support my wide ass feet xD

Afsal Akkarammal

Don't go with v neck t-shirt manh

Paola Molena

Afremov ??❤? good tastes, not just for suits ??‍♀️??

Insane clips

Don't fall for fashion
Follow the style

Guilherme Richter

About the undershirt.
As someone who lives in the southern hemisphere, a little too close from the equator line, I can guarantee that it not only prevent sweat marks (like the classic pizza in the armpit, and the australian map in your back) but make you less hot because when the undershirt became humid, it cools down your body. Plus, if for some reason you need to do a bit of manual labor (move or lift something), you can just take your slim fit shirt without start a gender discussion about "should man be allowed to be shirtless".
I personally wear sleeveless undershirts. Since they are easy to make, I just went to a seamstress, take the measurements (I am a bit too tall for the cloths sold in my country stores) and order like 10 or 15 of them (they just pile up the fabric and cut it bulk the same piece).

Madre natura

Break depends upon shoe type ,for lofers no break rule and for laces shoes half break I guess that makes more natural

Elizabeth Lauter

The woman commenting here that ‘being a woman you’re watching this n stuff’ dude, girls look hot in suits and even if he’s talking about man suits yet this style fits for everyone as doctor mike is too stylish! Ask a lawyer ie me!

Glen Tot

Meaning of his tattoo know thyself

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krish Na


Jameel Ahammed

Please make a video on how to get rid of acne scars and pores on face.

Xa Zal

Does drinking turmeric water makes us fair ?
if yes how long will it take ?

Vishnu Vishnu

How to protecting and safly pimpleless skin? Please make one vdo?

Pradip Tamang

Which is sunscreen use ?? Sir

Mohamed Ali


Bilal Khan

Iam the second comentator haha

Rajesh yelve