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My Everyday Makeup Routine | Loren Gray

My Everyday Makeup Routine | Loren Gray5 Jul. 2019
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hi I'm back with an

hi I'm back with an updated daily makeup routine heheh also its 3am and I've been editing since 8pm. my soul has officially left my body. anywhore comment what you wanna see next luv u subscribe pece


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Comments (100)
Elmargos supporter

Plz don't use Lilly Lashes bc they kill innocent ferrets to use their fur for lashes??

Mohaned Alhelaly

If you want to do make-up without the need to go to the hairdresser, you should watch that video

bluekat dragon

Will u do my make up. I'm a fan I'm handicapped and I'm in a wheelchair


This girl on TikTok says she is ur sister

Amruthasri Sathasivan

I like makeup too loren

Cherry Liz

No offence but you don’t have to wear lots of make up you look pretty just the way you are?

Naach Junction

my first dance YouTube video.. plz plz like comment share and subscribe..❤️❤️

amanda gao

Are you kiding?so many power put on the face,looks very complicated.

Horta Maria

She's is SO cute

samaira dhanrajani

She’s so good at makeup I suck at makeup I look like pennywise after I’m done I try my best tho ?

Victoria Segura

Oh wow your very pale

Rayas tube

You always look fabulous even without makeup

Mohaned Alhelaly

If you want to do make-up without the need to go to the hairdresser, you should watch that video

Rehnuma Khan

She looks a lot better without makeup

Alessia sandu

You are so beautyfull without make up

savannah moore

Just got to say she honestly looks better without all that makeup
I mean she looks pretty both ways though


She is very beautiful…!!!
I’m Japanese.
please tell me Someone posting a make-up video in English Like her☺️☺️

Maryam Ahmed

My sister : Is she picking her nose?
Loren : I'm not picking my nose that's gross.
My sister : ( gasps ) she heard me !

Mohaned Alhelaly

If you want to do make-up without the need to go to the hairdresser, you should watch that video

Lucas Maldonado

Es kavaii sin maquillaje

Akhuh Funny Channel

Now I know why girls are so beautiful??


She’s literally still so gorgeous even without makeup

Ololo lolo

Господи, какая же ты милашка без макияжа (*´∨`*)

Elena Elena

Loren whit out make up:who who is tisk.
Loren whit makeup oh now i know ho is that
Love you loren❤️❤️❤️
U r beutifal in side an out❤️❤️?


omg u r soooooooo beautiful ❤️❤️

Kiki Birch

bro why her face so white

all is well

She look like old witch


enni jonna yabba
언니 ㅈㄴ 예뻐

Maya Yo

I came here to clarify if her eyes were really like

Kieu Lam

Very nice….

Kiera Valentine

Shes so normal and real a lot of tiktokers and youtubers aren't

I've never watched her before now only on HRVY's music video personal

Vasia Vasia

She's a mood I love it

Du Khanh

Yang milih allah like yg Mili dajal hirawkan 1:39.........m.

ZuzAnnkkA BednArskA

Ktoś z Polski?

Giulia Marino

12:56 anche io

Rosalind Rose

I put on these much of makeup mostly when I go for parties..... And I'm toooo lazy to do that.
I really want the patience she has to put these much of makeup Everyday.

Sophia Gaston

She really doesn’t need makeup!!

Layla Villegas

Loren grey u are beautiful the way u are :)
Give this comment a like if u love loren grey :)
I love u loren

funny guinepiggies

loren how you look so much beter

7illix _

what's the name of the foundation please ??


존예다 언니ㅠㅠㅠ

Hoang Khai


Ve Vui

Poor dog I liked my own commet how sad.

لورين لورينء


Jada Holness

Brooke is your friend

Keirin Boyes

She's more attractive without makeup in my opinion just looks fake with all that shit on her face.

R. M.

I'll give you a facial, it helps with those zits....

natalia tamayo sanchez

Quién de aquí quiere decir hola

Joao Frank Ly Luyo

usas mucho maquillaje


She’s actually funny lol


she reminds me of that teenage girl I took care of who always throwed a temper tantrum when she didn't get enough attention

Birane Sara maroua

You're so beautiful and pretty ❤❤

Yeu Mai


Loveleen Raphael

I'm gonna be honest, i came here for the eyeliner...


I need a whole list of links for the makeup but also good alternatives cause I literally don’t have a cent to my name and I have to ask my parents who are also dirt poor (literally not joking) ty ??

택사스 자택에서숨쉰채 발견

서양애들은 화장안해도 겁나 예쁜데 화장하니까 더 미쳤네 ㄹㅇ

Pavel Sporek

I don't know, but why is he licking his face? I mean, she's pretty anyway, she's beautiful if I looked like that, so it'd be great.

Are you the best☺️

Iram Jahangir

Why the colour of your face and neck is different ?

Imran Nishat

Nice to see ypu

forever Rayan

I feel like she is beautiful without makeup she looks like a star ?

Eliza Kvitsiani


Erina Musliu

Hey LORen how old are u girl ???!!!!! ????

why you sad idk nan molla

Dude she looks so much great without makeup

taha budur

Çeviriyi kim yaptı mdkdöfkff

Hang Chi

Poor dog I liked my own commet how sad.

Dila Turan

She s kinda dumb

Shevaun Krans

Please do more make up videos!! ? I LOVE THEM AAH

Tru Donohue

Wtf I love you so much I'm your biggest fan from Kurdistan sulemani and I'm a girl love you

roz 12


AYUMI chan ;-;



loren: says delicate
my brain: this ain't for the best... my reputation has never been worse, so... you must like me for me.

Nhuy Luu

Ya Allah ampunilah dosa kami semua yang setuju like.


약간 마비로고?


please vlog more "Loren" I enjoy your wonderful videos.
Sending love from the US

Mr pee Nah

U look so different without makeup


Me: why am I watch this a long time after it's been uploaded

Someone that sees this comment: I saw this video after you cause I did not know about this

Derek Apanovitch

Omg without makeup whaaaaa wow ummm


No offense but big difference

Jelyn Albor

The color of your lipgloss and lipstick pls

always trinity

Wow she looks so different


Its my first time seeing her with no makeup. Its like a different person. She look so kind and calm here while when she have makeup she look like the bully girl with 2 friends in the side of her?


What eyeliner does she use??


Well loren have normal beauty tho !??


No al plastico

soleil plays

She reminds me of a nice mean girl?☁️??

Mikhael Op

When u wake up at late ...
That day u will lost

15 minutes for Make ?

Boys better than girls
We need only 3 minutes for ready ?

Y Tran thien

Yang pilih Allah like yang pilih Dajjal abaikan.

Sakura Valentine

"People watching this video are probably gonna say She's a Catfish, that's true tho" - Loren 2019

"Ouuu my weave is itching" - also Loren 2019

Ai Mi



She trying to be funny...




언니 개이뻐?

ANONYMITY // Assorted Media!

I just adore your energy so much. I love to see you glow and radiate love. Thank you for making this boring night a little brighter. <3

Bandaru Dinesh

I am surprised that her face pale than I thought

Lam Trien

Roses are red violets are blue if you give a like God will forgive you 0:22xx.

JonathanGPR Pineda

Holii no se si entiendes el español pero te quiero decir que me encanta tu cancion "QUEEN"?


Loren:"8:00am it's time to do makeup"
Me:"boi it's too early"
Loren:"no it's not"
Me:"fine"*me having fun with loren*

ipek Cihan

Türkçe alt yazıyı açın mükemmeeel??
Çevirmenin kafasından istiyorum!!! ?

Hang Chi

Is my is my mother goose club out.


64 953
Dilan SabahSubscribe 438 721

Hola my loves! You guys

Hola my loves! You guys inspired me to do a tutorial on how to look a bit more fresh and glowy without makeup products. Sometimes you just don't want that cake on your face. I feel like this is a perfect go to look (the only thing I would use is a brow pencil). But if you're blessed with some browsss, you're good to go. Let me know what you think of the look and the background!



Lancome Vissionaire Serum:

Tan Organic Facial Tan Oil:

Starskin Orglamic Moisturizer:

Dr.Lipp Nipple Balm:

Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow:

Erborian CC Cream:

Tatcha Dewy Skin Mist:







Make sure to comment down below if you have any recommendations for a video :))

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DISCLAIMER: This video is not sponsored. Some products have been sent to me for me to try and give my honest thoughts and opinions. Some links above are affiliate links that help me grow my channel, thank you so much for watching!

Comments (100)
sumaiya Mujeeb

Yess I don't use makeup bt still m watching u n Ur every video ... ?

Mayra Ramos

Thank you so much for this video!!! I'm really into makeup but sometimes with 3 kids I just can't wear any. So thank you so much for some helpful tips. For example, the CC corrector cream on face and lips?and the balm as a highlighter ?

Gracy Jones

Clear lash conditioner would be not make up and would do lots.

Mmaba2 O

Wow now this is a no make up tutorial for real. Well done

Rea Charles

You look like Vanessa Merrell on your thumbnail

Lisa Guillermo

Your skin is beautiful!

Soul tlanezy

Which one is the Eye cream????

Maria Saldivar

Love the background! Yes, it’s much more intimate, like we’re all just chatting and hanging out. Your looks...they inspire me to enjoy makeup again. Thank you ??



Skin looking amazing!!

Sara Mohamad

you look like charlie d

Tiffany Bard

I love the back drop!

360 Scrapper

I love this. I am almost 40 and skin care and focusing on great skin is my priority. I barely wear any makeup and get compliments often.

Shivani Gogar

Zo leuk weer ❤️

Nabiha Fatima

Can we any serum and facial oil ?

Jasmine Brooks

Omg, stunning babe! Love this look your skin looks absolutely gorgeous!!


I like both backgrounds.

Margaret Butara

Love the cozy, welcoming background! Also totally duplicating this for a day look!


Beautiful like always, your routine looks so dewy. Makes me want to go buy the products and try it myself.

Gracy Jones

CC cream adds color slightly to even out skin color, so hence its make up. Sorry it counts.

Mar Mar

Use brow jell on your lashes after curling them


What was luminosity before we saw this video? Your skin is amazing! ✨?

Kirsi the cat queen & Keijo the apartment police

tbh i think redness looks cute :3

Iman Z

Stunner ????❤️❤️❤️❤️


0:03 you sounded British when you said video

Arlene Guizado

OMG! You look amazing and are so inspiring me to do the same. You inspire people to take better care of their skin. You look like a goddess.

yara yosf

This is the first video i watch for you, you are amazing ❤️? i stopped using make up 4 months ago and my skin is clear of all acne and scares, but still have redness :(

Jayme RN

Dilan girl you are stunning!!!
Question for anyone you & everyone .. has anyone tried that tan oil? Wonder if anyone has tried it and liked it.. caused breakouts, etc?

Zoe Landry

U have beautiful skin!! Loved this video great tips❤️

Mommy & Me Makeup

Love the new background girl ?


Wow ?? Dilan xxx

Habip Askerli

Hiç bir şey anlamıyorum?

Nina Stiasny

You look so good???

Laura C

? ? ? You look so beautiful without makeup! Definitely going to try out some of these tips!!

Laura Carr

So fresh! I like the background too ?

Adoration Simons

i'm a no make up wearer so I loveeeeeed the video!!!!!

Ellana Caldin

J'adore ton teint c'est beaucoup trop frais !!!


Beautiful ?

Starr Girl

Dilan, soooooooo beautiful, even without makeup, now I want that erborian, I always love the products u use, U R OUR GLOW QUEEN! U really make my day when u upload, truly, ?????

Maša Fištrek

I'am new and I must to say thay I lovee to watching you XoXo from Croatia ??you are so naturaly beautiful ?? i didn't go trough your all video but if you don't have can you do please full face with BH cosmetic ? because they have great price and I hope so quality, cruelty free ????? tnx

Hazel Mae Tarroza

Been searching for no make up makeup look. But this is the best

Maryem Sabri

I only use makeup in wedding usually hhhh (summer ) still your videos make me wanna just try to have fun using makeup more

sreetama chatterjee

I love this woman ❤️❤️

Honey Honey

I was looking for a video for how to look put together without makeup and this video helped me a lot!! New subscriber here!!!

Laura Adriana Cantu Vazquez

Love ittt

Gracy Jones

It looks very lovely.

intan wafi

Omg.. I love this background...!

Maryem Sabri

You look stunning ????loooove it

Hellen Lawson

hi , I love your videos, I think you are truly and honest with all of us, and is nice to get recommendations from some one that you trust. Thank you ! I also would like if possible to make a video of how your skin has a huge improve over the last months.. Trying to do the same with mine but is taking time, not sure what and how many products should I use.. i have so overwhelming ! thank you xoxo

Ria D'Souza

Your skin is so beautiful. I wish I could look like this with just a skin care routine. Lots of love from India ??

jaymie cyrus

I love this new background. It feels more laid back & natural. This video was so helpful. I don't wear makeup 90% of the time & I have super dry skin too. You are seriously so gorgeous with or without makeup ?

Nikki Burr

So pretty!


Hey Dilan, ik weet dat het niets met deze video te maken heeft, maar waar koop jij E.L.F. producten? Het is wel voor in België. Op de E.L.F. zelf zend niet naar hier. Xxx???

Stephanie Mendez

I just got the kat von d powder foundation and that cuts my time in half with makeup, I have more time to focus on my eyes ?

The Happy Homebody

Yasss a no makeup look! God knows we all love glam, but in real life sometimes you just don’t have the time...or energy? great videooo

Felisa X

Love it smmmmm omgg??


Loveee itt, de achtergrond is zoo mooi en ook lekker rustgevend ❤️

Nermeen Hamada

I highly suggest sun block before you apply vitamin C serum or cream . It’s advisable to do thus vital step or else , you’ll develop discoloration ie: dark spots.

Gjejlane Berisa

? Duck squads ??

Marina Wezelenburg

Girl, you just made me buy all the products!! ? Love your channel!!!

Dajana Jelic

It was better without that CC cream on your lips ? But you are beautiful anyway ?


Once my skin clears up, this is all I'll do...! ?


Loovee this sooo muchhh !! ❤

Louise Sharpy

I like the back ground. Very soothing like. Ha. I also love the dewy skin and not a ton of product. Also in AZ , it’s way too got to do a full glam ! Love you. Xo

Dilan Sabah

Becauseeee who doesn't love a glow skinnn? <3

Vita Strikauska

Yeees giirl. Waited so badly ????

Kendall Magby

Love your videos!!❤️❤️

Adoration Simons

You look amazing



Hannita beauty Sison

You’re beautiful without makeup!! Love this look!


You actually can lick the scrub off ! ?


wow she is so pretty

Ami Kayle

Love this new videoO
And the background too! Pretty.

alexis h

I LOOVE THIS VIDEO!! so helpfull!!

Dominique Kilcup

Love love love!! You always slay everything and anything you do!! And I love your background! #stunnilybeautiful #queenb

sussy Soto

Nice I love candles ?


This is what we call a no make up look? Amazing!

Marvelfan091 Marvelfan091

I don’t wear makeup only on occasions

Amel Zeggai

i really prefere your previous background ...

Roslina Safwan

i love this background....

Ayesha Alvi

Hi beauty Queen love you❤❤

Melissa Dopp

Wow, what an amazing video! So informative and concise ?.

Kiriaki Foster

Amazing video

Katerine Zaldivar

Beautiful ?


wheere did you get the lips with that thing does anyone know? how the lips done


patrick star??????????


I love glowy skin even tho I have oily skin

HayleeArticfoxylove Aguilar

My face looks like a boy especially with short hair I feel ugly now and no longer have a female face I look terrible ???

Soul tlanezy

Can you put the name all the products please, the lips exfoliating please

Tiffany Fox

That cc cream is super intriguing!

Julia Hall

That CC cream is amazing. LOVE this look!

Sarah Khan

Can you do a full face of elcie cosmetics please

Shahida Nasreen

Love the background ❣️❣️ and your skin is so nice with or without makeup ❤️❤️

andrea solis

you should do a pamper routine !!!

Seyda Cövüt

Hey Dilan are you Turkish? Çok merak ediyorum, kendi geçmişinle ilgili / kim olduğunu anlatan videon var mı? ?

Found Ation

Thank you so much for this informative video!! ? This is what i need ♥ i trust your recommends

Betül •

Yees love this background ? its very cozy en more personal✨

Imran Mohamad

Dilan no joke you need no makeup you so flawless queen you are just most gorgeous women in my eyes because a person with a amazing talented to smokey and cut creases makeup and also look stuning without make up.??????that could only dilan love u????

Celia RedLips

You look stunning! Qué guapa ?

Maryem Sabri

Love the background it's simple yet kinda of relaxing ??????

Bahija LA

yes me too i don't use makeup but i always watching makeup tutorials especially u bb?

why I hide my ugly face behind makeup...

why I hide my ugly face behind makeup...24 Aug. 2017
1 000 987
Stephanie LangeSubscribe 438 721

Why I hide my ugly face

Why I hide my ugly face behind makeup.



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Comments (100)

Sorry to ask but have you heard of dismorfophobia? I have it. I see myself ugly. And others don’t. ?


You are the cutest, sweetest gal ???

Todd Silagi

I look horrible, I can relate

Semoi Khan

im legit just trying so hard to see where the ugly is/was LIKE CLEARLY THESE PEOPLE DON'T KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN UGLY AND BEAUTIFUL


There is something inherently wrong with the world, if what you look like is considered ugly. And that's the real problem of makeup, it pushes beauty further to the extreme.

perfection isn't even beautiful, because nothing is perfect, life is about change.

Potato Girl

Your really pretty ..

Annabel Grace

I am the tallest girl on both sides of the family. However, those girls have better features and are doing better in life, though I am not doing badly. So it is all subjective. They wanted my height, I wanted their cheekbones. Your little sister might have been better looking, but you have other things. I would love to be as slim as you, for one and yes, boys would say the same thing about me, when I was a teen. The older guys, though...did not and no, I never got involved with men at that age, until I was older.


some weirdos want to marry an ugly woman cus they want garentee their wife wouldn't have affair with other men behind their back .

Brooke Mitchell

I can relate to this so much. I have always been the ugly duckling without realizing it. Boys in middle school like me but it was the nerdy guys or the guys that like everyone. Guys in high school never liked me I had to tell my first boyfriend I liked him. I never thought I was ugly, I thought I was like everyone else but that was not the case.At 14 years old people started making comments you need to wear makeup and you have a big nose. I could not understand why guys did not like me, I had the body of the popular girls slim and petite but not the face. I soon was realizing what everyone was saying, I had a big long nose which compared to my small face looks massive. I had thick bushy eyebrows. I have little bit of lazy eye which I thought added to the ugly but no one ever said everything about. I wore a little of makeup and guys still did not like me, I still felt ugly. I remember my first boyfriend telling me he like my body, but I knew he would thinking your face was not pretty. I remember crying to my mom saying why am I so ugly and she would say your not. What did not help was my grandmother asking me do you have a boyfriend yet all my life and I would say no. What hurt the most was when she would say why do not have a boyfriend I could not let her know that guys did not like me. My mom was very beautiful growing up and popular and won homecoming queen so did my step mom. My step sister are very pretty and I always get jealous of my step sister who closer to my age because she would always be talking to boys. Your videos help a lot and even though it is hard to for me like myself.

Gavin W

She looks better without makeup if find makeup to be extremely ugly and unattractive

Trần Minh Quang

i think u tripping or something cuz u really pretty without makeup

deb brown

bless your beautiful heart. teenage years are so hard. I was overweight from about 12 and never saw beyond that. I stopped eating when i was 15 and lost weight but was always curvy. my best friend was slim and pretty and always got the boys. I;m 57 now and it wasnt until I was 55 that I realised men found me attractive, I also bumped into a man I'd known at school who told me all the boys had me on a pedestal and were too nervous to ask me out. You have come to the realisation at an early age that its about you not others and also its whats inside that counts. Im nearly too old for it to matter, you are beautiful Srwphanie because you are and are lovely and that's what counts xxx

Sherri Mcnair

Dont worry sister, I ligit force myself to go to school cuz of the law.... I never wanna go cuz of my uglyyyyy face...
I was a BEAUTIFUL young child... But that didnt last untill i was 8... I guess all those days of eating cookies 24.7 killed my beauty... Now im like very insecure and have no power to change my face as a young child cuz number one, i don't have the money and number two, my parents wont let me? Great..

Real Kim K

I thought you were wearing makeup until you said you weren't. There's nothing ugly about you I don't care if you disagree because you are beautiful. If you saw how I looked you would be way more confident in yourself


You were pretty girl... and you are beautiful woman now. Not only outside, but inside.
My heart hurts when I hear about those rude comments from your colleagues. I was treated the same way, I was feeling average at best.
It took time to realize that I probably looked better that the girls I considered pretty. Many years later, looking at pictures from school, still thinking I'm not pretty, I had to convince myself "Hey, you thought the same then and look at these photos.... probably when you will see pictures from today in few years, you will realize the same"

I feel pretty now. And it is amazing. Feeling good with myself even with puffy eyes in the morning, without any makeup is the best thing ever.

Arson Astronaut

Ugly? Where?!?! You are so naturally beautiful ?


Your not ugly, you look fine without Makeup

J.P. Smith

I was 10x uglier than you and it was hell in high school. Regardless it’s horrible to experience and I’m sorry u had to go through it too

Mariska Manzoni

You are beautiful with or without makeup!!!!!!!

Jay West

Not even ugly.


you're face is not ugly!


I absolutely feel you, Stephanie. For me, it was acne and my weight. I was only mildly chubby but I got mean comments often about being fat and I thought I was a whale. You're really brave. Keep fighting the good fight.


13:55 something people truly need to hear

alma Lemley

You talk too much!!! Too fast! Omg

I give up

I am Albanian and us Albanians everything is big including our noses my nose is bigger than yours and I’m super self conscious about my big ass eyes my best friend actually made fun of me for it so I’m very insecure and think I’m ugly

baby pink youngjae agenda

Youre not ugly youre just your own worst critic

huk sau

I'm 19 and i still haven't hit my glow up yet.... Im considering just ending it.

Christine Evans

Hi Stephanie - You look lovely without makeup. You have a beautiful, animated face that invites people in. Sometimes with makeup on there develops a boundary of image which can dampen that animation into how we are "expected" to perform. I don't wear makeup except for the occasional lipstick but I am lucky enough to be allergic to it. I say lucky because I am so used to going without makeup that I don't even think about it. Two things helped. I have dark hair and eyelashes so eyeliner was never an issue and I didn't suffer from acne. If I had, I'm sure I would have tried to cover it. The boyfriends I have had were attracted to me without makeup - after all they didn't have any makeup on either and I was attracted to them! It always amazes me that women are considered unprofessional without makeup. Why? - men don't use it (most men). Why are their faces professional without makeup and a woman's is not? Why is a woman only important if she is attractive to men? What have we done to ourselves to have allowed this derogatory idea to perpetuate?

Stella Parrish

I feel like people push “you should love yourself” onto people so much they they purposely start bullying people who don’t get confidence easily.

Semoi Khan

YOURE ugly???? girl pls no if youre ugly then what am i

jz delona

If you're "ugly" then I guess I must be a fucking swamp witch, you looked way better without makeup than I do with a full face of makeup

Elle Stirling

She’s so pretty! I just think it’s acne. I’m not saying acne makes people ugly. I have acne. I’m just saying beneath all that she’s so beautiful!

K 5

You look natural and good without makeup.


People and boys liked you not because u were pretty, but because your confidence was back. I know many unconfident pretty girls who get bullied, don't get attention from boys and many so called "ugly" girls who are popular and have lots of boys running after them because they are confident.

Matthew Earl

If that is you without makeup, and you think you are ugly, then you have some serious self-confidence issues. There are tons of girls who probably wish they could look like you without makeup. I am not saying this to be mean at all. Quite the opposite to be exact. Also stating you got your father's features "unfortunately" kinda made me feel bad as I hope he didn't hear that thinking he was the cause of the thing you hated most.


LADIES,LADIES!!! QUIT ALREADY. you don't need makeup. stop!
most men like natural women. YOU ARE NOT UGLY!! stop it.

Trinity Anderson

I think you are beautiful without makeup.

Liz Skelton

You’re not ugly. You are so beautiful inside and out!

audrey purple

anyone who calls you ugly is just jealous of how lovely you are.

Bri Brat

I felt everything you said....


You are absolutely beautiful without make up. And you were beautiful as a teenager too.

Cloud 999

Your voice is so beautiful

Mary Morning Gun

You’re beautiful!!!!!

maasi hol

I can't even believe that you don't like yourself. You look absolutely beautiful back and then!! I also felt ugly during my teenage years with acne and short hair. I felt absolutely insecure and not femine enough...this got even worse after a guy I was in love with told me i should grow my hair longer, he wouldn't like me as I am. The feeling of not being enough with short hair is unfortunately still there even thoughI ditched this guy right away..words can really destroy your confidence

Rosey Finley

You are beautiful! I AM ugly. That's a promise!

Long shorts

Wait you ain't get a nose job? Your nose looks smaller then in those prev photos

Sophie Bai

I relate to this so bad

Sky Carlito.J

People like you have no clue what it feels like to have a truly ugly face.

Jessie - Caa

People that are this cruel to you boil my piss, you are the most blunt, truthful and loveable person ever! You look beautiful on the out side and have a gorgeous personality to match!?

Katya Lee

I think I get the point why I have to hide my face, since I make a big mistake by letting the worst makeup artist to shave my brows, cause I feel humiliate to go out,

By the way I don’t think you look ugly, I mean every women have their own beauty but they might not know this, beside when I was a teenager, I’m look more like big mama, which mean I’m overweight

Anastacia Vagner

You were pretty anyway, back then and now

Paul Rodriguez

Stephanie!, First of all you are not ugly? I don't know? If you are British? I am American? I think maybe you just have a self esteem problem? I don't know? If your partner told you ? You were ugly just to push your buttons? You are not? There's another girl who thinks she's ugly? She made a video about how she feels about it? I said the same thing? She isn't ugly. She just looks plain because she doesn't wear makeup,and doesn't dress more feminine. She isn't ugly. Part of the problem is the media? Especially here in the United States? They constantly berage people telling them if you don't look a certain way? Then your bad? I can tell you don't let their views define you. Look at your self in the mirror and say you know what? I am beautiful? I am okay? Remember it's always just in your own mind? Like yourself? If you don't? Then they the hater's win? Don't let them win.?

Mary Morning Gun

You’re so brave for sharing your heart and trauma!!!

Leslie Wolfe

Ugly? What??

Kylie Koh

I don't see anything 'ugly' about you. What is the point of this video? You are beautiful.

Rina Taylor

But ur so pretty you look like a real life repunzel

Devoshia Mickens

But you’re really pretty


I don't have the words to thank you for showing your vulnerability. I can relate. I have struggled with acne since puberty. I'm 35. Thank you for all you help.

J A S M I N Fairy

I cried so much bc I don’t care how my body looks but my face is soo ugly and I always think about why God did this to me and I think it’s so painful to look in the mirror and tell myself that I’m beautiful bc I know that I’m not beautiful

Yaasai Ross

You fucking ugly for trying to embarrass your own sister got her frowning in the picture how could you


YOU think YOU'RE ugly? Then what am I? A swamp monster? You're beautiful ? let's just stop hurting ourselves...I've shed enough tears about appearance.

People just don't think before talking. You experienced some aweful comments. I really mean it, when I say it. I neither think you were ugly as a teenager nor today. This is bullshit. It makes no sense to me...i hate this part of society.

Edit: Dude, your nose is absolutely adorable and CUTE. It's not as big as you might think (?). It looks really pretty to me, especially from the sideview xD Beauty IS subjective.

Bell Cordon

the crush thing happened to me at school in yr 8 UK(12 yrs). Basically this boy found out that I really liked him and he looked at me and said " you look like a drowned rat! why would I ever like you?!". yeah and people when I walked into class would say "oh she is so ugly" or ask me why I looked so strange. i had so many things going on at home that that literally broke me.

Omer Kucukbarutcu

What you talking about you look sexy asf without makeup

Honest Tee

thank u for posting this i struggle with trying to be naturally pretty and i’m just not i also have exaggerated features that individually are pretty to individual but together can be a bit much but i really just wanna wear makeup without being judged

James Tudor

This is not insecurity. It is reverse psychology narcissism.

Luna Maria

You are pretty! its those haters who are ugly

fatima zahid

You call yourself ugly but you are actually pretty.?

Katie Eileen

If you didn't have your nose shape then you wouldn't be you. Do you want to look like someone completely different to your unique character? The small cute pixie nose is nice but it might not always suit every single face shape. Your eyes, skin tone, hair colour, eye brow shape, lips, cheek bones and nose are all in perfect harmony with one another. If you change even a simple thing it can disrupt the balance on your face and look 'off'.

slate grey

Ur eyelashes????

zoe x

Is this a joke? She is wearing makeup right? If she wasn't wearing makeup wouldn't her skin be super red if she has Rosetta?

Katie B

Thanks for being so honest about your feelings I know exactly where you’re coming from as I am the ugliest of 4 beautiful sisters now I just make the best of my self with my makeup love and hugs your great xxx


What the heck di those people mean when you were younger? They are the real ugly ones, honestly, she's really pretty, and this lady's Australian to!

Madeleine Kath

You considered yourself being ugly? Omg.:x Skin problems aside you looked and still do look pretty!! And I am totally honest about it. Bad skin does not hide good bone structure.oO

Lena Pshichenko

5:55 Its just so sad, because you were absolutely adorable. You look so sweet, approachable and beautiful as a girl.

Dimpho's Life

Just get to the point!!

Lacey Erickson

To whom who are calling you ugly.... Jealous much?? The ppl saying mean things are clearly super jealous. Why can we pick up each other instead of break each other down?? Stephanie you are so beautiful inside and out

Tanya Benny

Are her lips that naturally red and moist? (Before she put on the balm)


Stephanie Lange You are awesome and beautiful dont listen to people who comment nasty things. They are the ugly people. Beauty is the light you shine from within <3 @stephanie lange thanks for sharing


If this wasn’t posted 3years ago I’d a though you where getting corona, lol

Brooke Mitchell

Looks should not be your life. There no point living if they are.

Jenna Nicole

You’re such a beautiful person inside and out.. I wish we were best friends

Nanami Yoshimine

Omg I thought u had make up on! That’s ur natural beauty?? U r sooo gorgeous!!!!!!! Ahhhhh stunning !

Brandi Owens-Thinnes

I was waiting for you to take yur fucking makeup off the whole time why you so rude to yourself be fuckinfg happy you don't look like lord farqaud like this Bitch

Glen Coco

Sounds like you could have body dysmorphic disorder tbh

Liya Archer

What the heck. You were a naturally beautiful person growing up. You just had bad skin. Ugh bullies... ? im so glad I wasn't public schooled. I hear stories like this so often. Public school and bullying really change people and traumatize kids or force them to conform and become someone they aren't.

some kid

I appreciate you so much. I went through the same thing. I feel its not talked about enough. I'm adopted and I feel you when you talk about getting rosacea from your biological dad. It's like all the features I dislike about myself are from him.

Super Girl

To me,

Makeup = Feminine personality.
So does count jewelry, hair, and nails which all makes up a woman.

Tia Mclesh

Maybe you should have worn makeup, dang your hideous!

Cansu ÜNLÜ

Hey you are not ugly


Brandi Owens-Thinnes

Shut up I'd kill to have teeth or lips like you seriously wtf are you dumb poor gorgeous. Seriously be glad what u have. Some people don't even have teeth. Eyes or speech.

Maritza Santiago

You hide your face because your insecure and all you. Know is that make up make you pretty nope it make u fake

Anisha roy

Bruh what are you talking about? I thought you were wearing make up at the start ,you are pretty


I had the same exact experience with my sisster and the fake compliments. I really hate ppl like that like, like dont be fake to me dude just don't be rude. simple manners lol. And hounestly your old pictures look adorable ❤ also I meet people who look like typical models and then learn that their a terrible person and suddenly they dont even look beautiful to me anymore. When I see someone's face that is kind-hearted and makes me feel good that person starts looking beautiful to me. It really is an amazing thing tbh


I think the same and my dad also left me before I was born


I definitely needed this video, most people tell me I’m ugly regardless of what I do. I sometimes hate my long Philtrum and bulbous nose thinking if I changed it people wouldn’t treat me so bad. I like makeup but some days it doesn’t feel like enough.

Subhi Singh

I don’t think that you have pores and you are beautiful then and now but that time your skin was red near the rose

baby pink youngjae agenda

Youre frigging gorgeous withoutmakeup, thats why i clicked on the thumbnail, you have beautiful features! the only issue was acne. I think the teenage you was pretty too

Sheria Richey

You are beautiful without makeup...don't listen to jealous women


i feel bad for the boys

desert moon

Did you wear braces? Your teeth are so straight