How to tell if your husband is seeing prostitutes

You Solicit Prostitutes Because You Like It

You Solicit Prostitutes Because You Like It10 Aug. 2016

You compulsive sexual

You compulsive sexual behavior is meeting an important need in your life. You can't deny that, in fact it's critical for you to understand exactly what needs are being met through your destructive behavior. Watch this video to learn more.

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The Dagstani Gangster

Your amazing Bro your videos are helping me a lot keep up the good work ( though I wanna ask you unrelated question outta of curiosity is michael cole in the wwe related to you? )

The consequences of my addiction to prostitutes/escorts

The consequences of my addiction to prostitutes/escorts11 Oct. 2020
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The consequences of my

The consequences of my addiction to prostitutes/escorts is a video that goes into my history with seeing prostitutes and my life of seeing escorts and my addiction to seeing escorts and prostitutes. I was set free of my addiction by the grace and provision of God and it is nothing that I did. I feel for people that find themselves in an addiction to prostitutes and escorts. There could be many more consequences to seeing prostitutes than what I have mentioned and for those who are addicted still my prayer is with you.

For more information on Matthew see

Information about repentance can be found below.


If this message has touched you and you would like to be set free like I was, let’s start with 1 John 1:7-9:

“But if we walk in the light as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanses us from all sin. If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us for all unrighteousness.” (NKJV)

Confessing means using God’s definitions of what we have done. God want us to hate our sin and to love Him above all things—turning away from our sin and turning to God. The key here is repentance. We just don’t feel remorse for doing bad, but rather cut to the heart in understanding our sin was against God and hurt Him personally. We must decide to never to do it again. Our decision to turn away and God’s grace to overcome is how this works.

The second key is to turn over the control of your life to God. This is making Him your Lord. If Jesus is your Savior but not your Lord, consider how your actions have led you to the bad spot you are in. Letting a good God lead and direct my life is how I got free. This is called obedience.

Last, do not give up. I was set free from over thirty years of sexual bondage when I began a new series of books on the Holy Spirit. If God can set me free, he can set you free. Never give up and keep living the life God has for you.

Are you ready? Pray something like this:

“Heavenly Father, after watching this video I realize that I am dirty. I have sinned against you and I want to be free.

(Take this time to tell God what you have done, using as much detail as the Holy Spirit leads you to confess)

I have decided to stop. I need your help. (If you feel trapped in your sin, be honest and tell God how you feel)

Your Word says that if I hate and turn away from my sins, and confess them to you, that you will forgive me and cleanse me from my unrighteousness. I want to be clean before you. Please forgive me and help me to live the way you want. I’ve messed up. I don’t want to be controlled by evil thoughts and behaviors anymore. I want to live for you. Thank you for your love and grace.

In Jesus’s name I pray. Amen.




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I have been addicted to Hookers for likely 7 years now. I am from a very strict religious family and they tried to get me out of these mess but they failed. It was my first time with Hookers when I was 15 years old and i was messed up that time. My religious life was ruined, my family left me, my father was disgraced because of my addiction to the Hookers. My life is hell now pray for me please ❤️?

Rickey Jackson

I’m struggling with prostitutes also. I have days where I want to visit one. It’s a tough addiction almost like heroine


Man I struggled real bad with this addiction. I thank God that God is delivering me from this. Those women took a lot of my money.


I’m going through the exact thing right now. 1-for-1 match. I’ve made it my new year’s resolution to take this out of my life, but I’m really anxious. Thanks for sharing this, it’s encouraging.

Marco Rodriguez

Thank you please pray for me

Moiz Khan

I went to dr sosua and had a great time with the girls there and now I dont want to get married and continue doing this, I've only done one sex tourism trip but I feel I got hooked and I dont know what to do

Mr Chi

I’m 18 and been doing this for a year ?

Terrell Bailey

I jus lost my job and I’m so addicted i keep spending my money on it.?

William B. Martin

Great video! Helpful message.

Dian Xia

Matt, I'm a baptized Christian. I had testimonies of God's works in life. But I always suffer with addiction with porn, addiction of having sex before marriage (taking advantages of girls who like me), now finally it's developing into prostitution ...

Oxygiiien H20

This deserves more views. It helps

Z Davidoff

Very helpful Matthew as was the last video on the subject, thank you and bless you!


i have it with high speed porn

Matthew Robert Payne

Here is another video on the same subject called Harlots-escorts and prostitutes will drive you to Hunger and can be seen here

David Edwards

im counting the days i have not had a escort all they wany is money and they not having mine

David Adams

Thank you for this video . i live in an island called Trinidad that has a massive influx of thousands of prositutes that come from venezuela because of there Collapsed Economy . This has caused my addiction . i pray to stop one day

David Edwards

I enjoyied my time with escorts spent 2000 pounds the money went quick very quick like gambling i dont drink or gamble .. i used to get a buzz going with a escort. but now i have decided no more escorts i have a few thousand left and i intend saving and building my money .. i would rather have addiction saving money. your sdead right in your video these weman should be free after all we alll need sex. your right about any woman on the street you do actually think that money would buy them for sex and they would say yes

Psychedelic Reality

He reminds me of the goodwill version of harvey Weinstein

Jim Wortham

Matthew, thanks for sharing this. I am struggling with the addiction to alcohol and your message helped me.

Why Men Go To Prostitutes |April Kirkwood| AprilOfCourse

Why Men Go To Prostitutes |April Kirkwood| AprilOfCourse24 Feb. 2019
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In today's video, I'm

In today's video, I'm addressing some hot topics right now - WHY men go to prostitutes? Is it really cheating?







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Prostitution includes a guarantee. You can’t argue with that. Also I am not married.

Malikjohnroshan Khan

Do you think marriage is not a prostitution.

Average bloke

Because we don't want to deal with women...

Jesus Christ

Ans: when we got bored of same hole and body, that's it?

That Dude

Wow this woman gets it. Its pretty simple they give us what we want with none of the drama that comes in a relationship and much cheaper.

Jockamo Feno

Marriage is prostitution but with a harsh contract

David Leckenby

A bit one dimensional I think. This is a woman's perspective on what a man may be thinking about in relation to this. Some men who arent in the top 20 percentile of what women want in terms of wealth, good looks, status etc often find it very challenging with relationships. Some men are very lonely and want to find a space where they are not judged and accepted emotionally and sexually by an attractive woman.