First date gift ideas

6 Affordable Gifts To Get the Girl You Like

6 Affordable Gifts To Get the Girl You Like13 Dec. 2017
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Comments (100)
Jonathan Mordecayov

0:35 lol not a sponsored video...

Sajal Das

Tax sir


isnt it beta to give her a gift?

Alishba Khan

Do anyone know any girl who make videos like these for women

Bra Zer

Nice gifts now it is time to get girl friend ?

Donnie Gonzalez



Box of chocolates and flowers always works, always, xD just depends on the situation


Find pleasure by having a makeup routine.

Mory Louie

Best gifts in 2019, Beauty Collection.

Home of the unknown

I loved your intro ????

Juanito Saldivar

Mision failed ill get her next time


First time watching video's about this thx for everything I will try one of these

Andrea Vivaldi

Hola monsieur est le meilleur,toi tu fais chier

Dallas Plaiss

Tiege Hanley

Snake 696

I thought 1st date gift is a bad idea...


Well I mean I love chocolate but like other stuff here big no personaly I like figits comfy stuff and cozy things

Fresh Beatz

Wannabe alpha.m

Damien Sprouse

I'm 13 and my senorita would probably be confused if I showed up to school with this mess

Ali Bazal

You are stupid

Garry Superales

"Affordable Gifts"


she gave me an apple watch series 6 on my birthday. I dont know what should i gift her?

Koolin With wap

Buying a witch for a women the meaning for that is timeless gotta do better than that


I'm bi and a girl? btw I don't use makup

Mr. Ramon

Never give pets please


Hi Guys.This necklace looks great.The price is also very cheap.Sterling Silver Diamond 3 Stone Heart Pendant Necklace.Get it now before the price rises.

Lee Hodges

Instructions unclear , I’m now single.

Fraydie Kilmister

How bout fragrance?

banana king

I don't like makeup it makes me feel like pennywise :/ ( yeah im a girl )

......... But I love rocks :D


Sir, men like watches.

Michael forgiveness

even i buy her to my girl freand a Helcopeter, she wuld not satisfy.


Just give her a puppy or kitten


why give her makeup when she's already looking so beautiful without it

Will H

Makeup could be risky because it's almost saying she looks ugly without it

Hassan Daws

I can’t believe i subscribed u .. ??‍♂️??

Pogiso Madisakwane

What if the girl likes her natural beauty

German militaria Collector

Im looking to buy something for my girlfriend something really fucking expensive or nice im only 13! I need this


Why am I watching this...I don't have a girlfriend.

2 Joe

Wemen are awesome

Shaheer Q

Garbage ideas from garbage youtuber

Izhaq Ikhbal

See the problem her is my girl doesn't wear makeup already has a nice watch also has a Polaroid cam and I got her flowers and chocolates for Valentine. Help meee


how about a soft teddy

The Newest Zealander

You buy her all gifts and she sleeps with the broke guy who does none of that

Pajo YT

I give her make up he punches me

Teddy P. Gray

Time for a 2019 version of this. And this time do a video for all ages.


“Not a sponsored video”

3 minutes later:



fucked up in the beginning and didnt even bother to cut it out or do another take. LAZY AS FUCK DONT SUB TO THIS PUSSY

Go Fireworks

Personalized jewelry can be a great idea. I bought my mom a name necklace from last year. Amazing...She even cried when she saw the necklace.

Ricardo Arroyo



Honestly chocolates or flowers is amazing,but you should ask her what her favorite chocolate or flower is(to make it special).Also you should just see what she uses or listen to what she says she likes.It’s all about understanding what she prefers and she’ll definitely feel special.

LOve Guru

omg... How bad the choices you made for girls. Tell me a single name of girl who uses make-up but don't have any ? You never knew how many make-up kits they already have.
For girls, ee boys should present her like something they can decor their room, or their love memories which shows how much you care about her.

Keshav Jindal

Over rated

Badariah Ramly

I give my girl friend a car

KrisTheGoat 30

I wanna marry my crush I’m a junior she a sophomore ?

István Lehel Fekete

I'm thinking to get this unique necklace for my gf. Did anyone bought from here, or do anyone has a necklace like this?

Rohit Rathod

She was way too much angry and I wanted her to come back. So I drew her sketch which is my best till date and really it is awesome. She did come back after I showed her the sketch and she even liked it. But when I said that I want to gift her that sketch on her birthday, She said NO.
I thought that was the best gift ever to gift someone.
Was I wrong?!

Flavius Marian

My first video if you, is it just me or you talk the same way like alpha m. :)))))

Mr. Infinityxd

Me, a broke ass 17 yr old: I guess this video isn’t for me.

Ace's Antics

Ladies- I have a question for you. Is a locket with of a photo of us a good idea? If so, then should I do a round, oval, or heart-shaped locket? Oh, one more thing... Silver or gold???

Nacho Games

"affordable" dude I'm a broke son of a b*tch

Brick Snake

Thank you and behalf of me and all of reddit

Muhammed Dawson

Who ever watches this probably plays fortnite ???

Cavid Mamedli

My bff is a girl Im looking for a b day present for her :d

Abdul Eve

Can't afford any of this for now

Monica Old Elk-East

None of these gift ideas are actually good. They are pretty basic and thoughtless.


Make sure she's a gold digger...

Kura Chimba

You are just the best jose, i always watch your videos

Oscar Salinas

Is he mexican

Texan Football Houston

This dude is funny ?

Maisam Mohamed

Not hating on him but : Every one of this guy's videos is a ad to sell stuff

Giancarlos Rosales

Your mom's friend even


I got a expensive perfume she did not accept


ME:Gives her Makeup
.GIRL:You think am ugly?

Basic Blob

longest add ive ever seen

LEGO Games and more!

What about puppets that look like her this is the link

Johnson Varghese

I thought this was affordable Im 15 and broke


affordable gifts
Me: hmm ok
Me: well that’s a no.

Luke Schmidt

Anyone can go buy any of those gifts...dude MAKING a gift with your own hands that takes hours if not days is where its at!! Trust me. Theses gifts aren't special at all.


Please improve your sound quality

The Unique Vlogs the best gift deal go for it guys ?

Patrick V Tonder

God you think some girl likes u haha your a rip of you copyer go make samoesas jou stuk naai

Armaanjot Maan

perfumes ?


Way to basic

Turtle Frog

As a woman I dont agree with these gift choices.

Writing on the Edge

Me: gives a perfume
She: you think i am smelly/stinky

Daniel Porras

This guy is just a big advertiser.

Soslow2die4 Aesthetic

If u want an amazing gift for ppl that u love the most. I got u ??
Click on the link below


Needa make a broke version of dis

Garrett Lawley

When did Alpha M become hispanic?


You and Aaron Marino have the same energy did you guys link up?

Johann Peña

How to make your wallet thinner

Rafael The Rider

Alpha m wanna be

Jack Parr

I can see how some of these presents could actually offend her though ?

Timmy tex long horns

Not only are they expensive but I don't know any girl that wants hygiene products as a gift

Eduardo Arias

This clown is just another sales man

Jonathan Castro

What if for the first one she already has a watch that is hella expensive ?


Guys guess what! I MADE EYE CONTACT

Br00talit y

Jose the type of zungia to get his pubes waves

Movie House

The way he said," no,no,no this is not a sponcered video" was incredible.

You tube

Gifts for girls r really expensive ??. Boys r ok with one cigarette stick( sorry for cigarette thing.. the point is.. it's not that expensive)


i gave my crush a bracelet
i dont know how it will go next
wish me luck everyone

Best gifts for your boyfriend | 25 GIFT IDEAS FOR ANY MAN

Best gifts for your boyfriend | 25 GIFT IDEAS FOR ANY MAN26 Jul. 2019
808 791

In this video, I give you

In this video, I give you 25 gift ideas for your boyfriend. These are actually 25 gift ideas for any man in your life. GIFTS LIST:

25. Tommy Hilfiger leather wallet -

Travando RFID blocking -

24. Jack Black Shave Essentials Set -

23. Beard Grooming & Trimming Kit -

22. Watch : 1. Hugo Boss Black Leather Watch -

2. Vincero -

3. Michael Kors Lexington Silver -

4. Seiko Men's Classic -

21. Stylish clothing essentials: budget & affordable CLOTHING -

20. Sunglasses: 1. Ray-Ban Aviator Classic -

2. RAY-BAN New Wayfarer -

3. Tom Ford -

19. Cologne: 1. Vince Camuto Terra -

2. Sauvage by Chrisitan Dior -

3. Versace Eros -

4. Nautica Voyage -

5. Hugo Boss Iced -

6. D&C light blue pour homme -


7. D&C the one for men -

8. Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male -

18. Braun Electric Shaver -

17. Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer -

16. Skin care set:

Clinique Oily skin - Clinique Dry skin -

Tiege Hanley -

Rugged & Dapper -

PC4Men wash - Day Moisturizer - Night Moisturizer - Exfoliant -

15. Games: Playstation: Red Dead Redemption 2 - PC: Assassin's Creed Odyssey -

14. PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console -

13. Fitness

Bags: Under Armour Undeniable 3.0 Duffle - 25 Inch Large Leather Duffel Travel/Sports

Trideer gym gloves -

Water bottle: Embrava Best Sports Water Bottle -

12. Toolbox: Craftsman 3-Drawer Metal Portable Chest Toolbox -

11. Floor creeper: Pro Lift Mechanic Plastic Creeper -

10. Headphones: Best - Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones -

Budget - Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones -

9. GoPro HERO7 Black -

8. Drone: Best quality for the money - DJI Mavic Pro 4K Quadcopter -

Budget - Holy Stone GPS FPV RC Drone HS100 with Camera -

7. Echo plus -

Echo dot -

6. Coffee: Signature 100% Colombian Coffee -

5. Coffee mug: Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug -

Cheaper option: Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer for Office/Home -

4. Chefs knife: Mercer Culinary Millennia Chef's Knife -

Apron:BBQ Funny Aprons -

3. Indoor Putting Green With Ball Return:

2. Dr.meter fishing scale:

Fishing Tshirt: Gbond Apparel The Rodfather - Eat Sleep Fish Repeat -

1. You :D


DLM Christian Lifestyle --















This video and description contain affiliate links from Amazon or another affiliate program, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I might receive a small commission depending on the country you are in.

Comments (100)

This was so helpful thank u?

Lemmy Wangnow

D's really work for me thank you so much

Nafiza Khan

Thankyou so ws realy helpful

Khushi Kapoor

Boys are so boring ?

Savita Patil

What to give if he is a chef?

Hyadeep 2008

Leave all until get marry

Lesego Sibiya

Wow!... Thank you that really helped.i think I’m gonna go with cologne or shaving stuff that will do ??or maybe a wallet ?.

Warisha Zehra

Ok so it’s settled I’m gifting my guy a tool box.

saige karjala


tahreem shamsi

It was helpful ...

Risha Ghosh


Hope Kahorongo

Thank you!!! So helpful

Nayana Wakade

Omg ur so wow..


Don't agree with u Daniel. I'm just shocked by this video. It's not bout boyfriend gift. It's for brother's birthday who doesn't stop bothering me to buy him one of those. So thanks anyway for the video. ?

Oshi Dasanayake

I was going to be critical, but they are really helpful.

Bonnie Dedrick

What if he's a good friend that you "like" is potentially into you? I know his interests, hobbies, & what he's passionate about but just in case he's not into me I don't want to scare him or mess up our friendship...he's currently going through a divorce. However, I'm the only one outside of his family that he has brought to his farm & introduced me to his parents (who had clearly heard about me beforehand) & kids. I'm still trying to figure out his feelings, if any towards me, but I've been single so long that I'm kind of oblivious.


Last line ❤️❤️uffff ...heart touching ? from India ???

shivani tripathi

thankyou so much for sharing all these wonderful ideas

Peggy Momo

omg omg thanks you saved me like like like

heather nicole


joury jouj

its the first time i watched u but wowwwww u amazing

what should I name myself

I don’t have a boyfriend but I’m watching this for my imaginary boyfriend

Владимир Бегунов

I think man gift more difficult to choose...

valaki valaki

I dont have moneeeey???

your1 &Olney

I thought no way. Not in no way will he know what a typical man would like. I was so wrong. From start to end he has the best gift ideas! Sadly my husband has most. Thank you!

Video Harian Anda

i think he make this video, cos he is hoping for all these gift ???

Barbora Štainerová

No need to use expensive items :D, just craft him something nice saying like why you love him and what you love about him or what he means to you or draw him something or make something out of his fav pics, he will appreciate anything ( if he is the right guy :/ )

Purvashi Behl


123 456

I loved your laugh

Merina Manandhar

I gotta be a Millionaire to buy what he's listed man... I got like $10 in my pocket ?

mahi Shrivaas

u are so *cuteee* ?

Hamish Kent

Fuck I love watching 20 secs of fucking intro

Jas Jas

My bf doesnt use wallet, he puts his money on his sling or body bag hahahaha and i think that's better than having a wallet. Men who don't use wallet are more generous, based on my observation ?

itsnick 3134

Nah we just want some manga

Hana Sameer

A trimmer?

Fatin Mouali

Oh dear thank u so much for these amazing ideas it’s really useful and unique wow ?

_Lowkey Scyler_

Really good video

Aya Itany

What if he likes cars? Im so confused?

Dating Tips

I tried most of them last year only

Kopano Mlt

The bonus gift??♥️

I Saleh

1:02 what is it?


I am because my boyfriend 's birthday is in 2days and it's the first together ,been together for 5 months I am not sooo into what he likes and he is just a soooooo busy man ?!

Betka Jarchovska

Hes cute and all, but that ending made me cringe :D... Nice video tho, some very nice tips!

William Jefferson

Ah ha, I bought my boyfriend a thong before, he was so happy, this time I'm going to buy him a Smaconsum boxer

Shehanya Vlogs

The problem is.. My one love all of these things and how could i choose one from these ??

Nedjmeddine Boudjemia

These are great ideas ladies

Neet tips and motivation with pakeezah


Keeping up with Marilyn Monrose

Very helpful thank you

Derrick Ashimwe

Very funny how from all the things, The Apron with a few words from your heart, is what stood out for me..she cooks daily? thats right bang on the money! cheers! nice video

Abraham Stefanos

Very mature guy... I like the way you said at the end about attitude... very mature

Nimra Gulzar

my boyfriend's birthday coming up, which gift should I buy for him

Melissa Polich

0:51 It’s not a problem, it’s a ME problem!

Josh Hintz

Love from my heart

Ciarra Courtney

Where did you get your leather jacket? That’s what I want to get him.

glitzy girl

Thank u

Pratap Soni

Thanks handsome boy???

Sakshi Bhagat

Dude I have 2$ !

the popular opinion

Ooo boi...he'll make hell 'lot of a high maintenance boyfriend ???

Anika Chowdhury

Thank you for the idea ?

sarbjeet kaur mattu

Handsome hunk?


I love those ideas thank you ?


GIFT - Give him money so he can buy himself whatever he wants. Maybe he had something in mind you didn't :3

keilym marcano

Now, I need help here... because it's my boyfriend's 32th birthday and he's extremely picky! ?‍♀️ it's almost impossible to give him something that he would like. He's one of those guys who would do a month research in a item before even decide if he will purchase it or not...

Laura House

These are all expensive, unoriginal, and extremely mainstream masculine except the last one ? my bf is a big softie and we are the extremely sentimental type so very little of these would be good

gold Finch

uh, I used to received a smaconsum's underwear from my mom and my girlfriend. I don' t understand why it can be a gift?


do u wanna be my bf? ?

Maisha Shahrin

Step 1 : have a boyfriend ?

Mich Mu

Him: "Get your boyfriend Versace cologne, a play station, drone"

Me: I literally have like $7...

Girlie Gutierrez

Your very handsome guy?

BECOC365 Priyanka Waghmare

Tysm sir...?
You are doing great...??
Love from India????

vishnu das

Please do videos about the gift for girlfriend

Kimberley De faria

"the best gift is you" oh come on now

Leonine 5

Gonna go buy these for myself now


Why it didn't occur to me that the best gift suggestions for a man would come from a man? That was helpful. I was tired of girls talking about how to make boxes full of notes and hearts lol

Selvaraja Midurshika

7700th like is mine?????

George King

Safe and sound

Betty Lekker

My fiance isn't that materialistic and the only thing he wanted is a baby lmao ?

Manel MB

I never clicked that fast on the subscribe button , you are ......perfect

allan estuardo rodriguez lopez

I think i just felt in love

roxana elizabeth

Good video!!



christine obispado

Hi where did you buy your jacket? Thanks

Mel Faith

Hello handsome?" Lol!" ?

Amanda Burns

Why is it that when he’s talking.. I’m just wanting to buy everything he says? Lol he did put a lot of thought into each idea.. and also back it up with the links... didn’t just choose one shirt so to speak... that was genius and very helpful. Thank you!

Rafsha Raheem

Wooow...nice ideas.......

Stella Papanikolaou

this is one of the most helpful things on the internet

Sanchi Sharma

Totally Useless

Andrea Perez

Love from my heart

Sandra Hope

I was totally broken when the love of my life left me it was so hard for me & I almost gave up if not for a friend who directed me to a very good and powerful man called Dr Abia who helped me bring back the love of my life and now she treat me with so much love and care. I don’t know what your problem are passing through but with what he did for me I know he can help you. So try and talk to him on WhatsApp: +2347038377635 or via email: [email protected] com


Just give him chocolate

Ananya Biswas Poddar

If you ask me to name a star romantic gift, then I would say becoming a lunar landowner tops the chart. It is a gift that would remain close to my heart and amongst so many gifts I gifted to my wife, this is the one she treasures the most. It is a magical feeling to own a space on Mars. This is one of the best investments I made so far.

Pamela Felita


naega 123

Thanks for this

Little Al

All this gifts are so expensive... I would be happy with brownies or something he made XD

Miss Khan

Video start. 1 :37

Lady Uzo

Kindly follow my Facebook page @elisnic- stores

Bonolo Mmakgoshi

Watching this while I don't have boyfriend ???

Rash Roks

Handsome ?

rashi grover

you have given me great options... that i dont need to look to any other video or any person...n their ends here.?

Jiulin Long

I bought him a longines watch for Christmas, but he said that is too expensive, he wanted me to return it to the shop, but i insisted, it is a gift, but i never see him wear that watch though

Giving a Gift For the First Date

Giving a Gift For the First Date28 Jul. 2013
DatingLogicSubscribe 438 721

Book A Consultation -

Book A Consultation -

Comments (2)

Connect With Me On Facebook -

Y Jones

I don’t agree. Giving a gift on 1st date will make you stand out as a man perusing her and because most men don’t do it anymore you will actually eliminate competition and she will see you as someone who appreciates her company and is generous. NO WOMAN ON EARTH will not accept a gift on the 1 st date.

Trust me .... I’m a woman and all guys want to take me out on dates but the ones who get me a gift are those who get the 2 Nd date with me.
Eliminate competition by being chivalrous and you’ll get her to like you faster!