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Reflexology Overview

Reflexology Overview16 Nov. 2016
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University Hospitals

University Hospitals Connor Integrative Health Network offers reflexology treatment methods to help patients suffering from a variety of illnesses and conditions. Reflexology is said to promote relaxation and wellness of mind and body, and when used in conjunction with traditional medical treatment, can help alleviate pain and other symptoms.

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How to Use a Percussion Massage Gun for Shoulder & Neck Pain Relief

How to Use a Percussion Massage Gun for Shoulder & Neck Pain Relief21 Sep. 2020
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Percussive Massage

Percussive Massage Therapy using a massage gun (aka a percussion massager) for neck & shoulder pain uses fast, soft pulses over a short amount of time to get deep down into the muscle fibers. Buy the iReliev Percussion Massager at: (affiliate link)

The continuous taps help muscles relax and heal. A massage gun works great to help relieve shoulder and neck pain. Focusing on areas like the levator scapulae and upper trap muscles is a good place to start. But make sure to be aware of the precautions before beginning. An important precaution is to not use a percussion massager on the front of the neck.

Like a traditional massage, a percussion massager helps to reduce inflammation and increasing circulation. It can help relax tight muscles, break up scar tissue and adhesions, and minimize muscle soreness and tension. Some studies have found percussive therapy to be as effective as massage in preventing DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).

In this video, I’m using the iReliev Wireless Percussion Massager. In addition to being wireless, the unit is very quiet, and it comes with four different head attachments to target various areas. It also includes a nice carrying case to keep everything organized and in one place.

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How to Use a Percussion Massager for Shoulder & Neck Pain Relief:

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PRODUCT PLACEMENT DISCLAIMER: This video contains paid product placement. Thank you to iReliev for sponsoring this video and providing Doctor Jo with a free Wireless Percussion Massager to use.

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MsQuita D

Do you have a video on how to use a bosu ball?


Thanks for this! Should we avoid using it on bones? Which head is good for breaking up chest's scar tissue (from open heart surgery)?

Siki Ali Kamboh

Ma'am How we treat Scoliosis and Foot drop patient??


I had discovered these machines after seeing a 'World's Strongest Man' contestant using one. Immediately went out and bought one, and have not been disappointed. As it came with few instructions for use, it is through videos like this that I can get the best out of my 'massage gun' ?


Buy the iReliev Percussion Massager at: (affiliate link)
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Earl Campbell

Whomever is reading this remember to spread as much LOVE AS POSSIBLE, don't litter, help out the homeless and take care of nature please it's really important we gotta take care of eachother and mother earth. thank you and have a blessed life ❤

Boogie man

I have a qeaustion. Is it safe to use massage gun on neck?

Black Trunks

Some of doctors Jo videos I dont even need it I just like to watch it ,and like it because doctor Jo is awesome!!!

Alissa Smith

Very helpful demonstration. Now I can make more sensible use of the one I have.


Hello Doctor. Hope you remember my username, but its not the same account. Youtube a year ago, has deleted my old account with a similar name for some reason, god knows why. Its unfortunate all the conversations I had with you in the comments, and other youtubers also got deleted.

Aneesh Mc

Hello Dr i am ur fan from kerala India.

Nettie Powell

This is probably a stupid question, but I like to use mine on my cheek/jaw not far from my ear (where the upper and lower jaw are hinged). Is there any risk to my ear drum from the vibrations?

pasa bhai Tiprasa

Thanks for information mem??

Matthew F

Will you also have a video on how we can use this for sciatic pain or for the glutes?

Thank you for your videos they have truly helped me and my family when we are in need of relief.

Truly appreciate your videos

Thomas Hogan

Thanks Doctor Jo. Your videos are great.
Question. How do you work your back by yourself?

Michelle Despres

I want to use my gun on my neck and skull SO BAD but it’s too strong (which is saying a LOT for me) and makes me feel like I’m getting brain damage. How do I get around this?


Just have a question
I am a right handed person ,so i use my right hand all the time
But lately I have a huge pain in the left arm - tennis elbow pain
And it’s awful ? but I don’t understand how? I don’t use my left hand that much But still have tennis elbow pain
And it’s excruciating pain ? I don’t know what to do
Please please give me some advice

Thomas Baird


Muoi Nguyen


ripple chips

Is there any part of the body you shouldn't use it on ? Thanks

Ash L

Will this help with wry neck?

zoran popovic

???? thanks

Nice 'N' Sleazy

I have a theragun gun - yes it's expensive, but it's really helped with sports recovery

Bhunpinder Dhaliwal

Thanks Doc! Can you review your thoughts on the neck hammock for neck pain/stress?

Jeson Derik

Is there a time limit to massage my neck 1 min 5 min or 10 min? Thank you


Hi Dr. Jo. I’m just wondering Is it gonna work on frozen shoulder? Thanks

Jenny Sok

Thank you!


Hi DoctorJo. Is it possible to treat migraine with physiotherapy؟

Shikha Sharma

Hi.... M also using it.. it's really work ??.. . Doc ur almost every video...really very useful...

Ahmed Hossam

thanks ???

J Veronica

this massager helped my daughter like unbelieveable . She was paying $150 a week for massages but no more. This machine does the relief. I am thankful becasue it saves me moneu

Ma La

Hi can this be used anywhere I assume

Neal Sterling

Nice, thanks for the video!
I've been having neck and shoulder pain and MASSIVE headache on most days, i hope this helps.
Greetings from Germany.

Jeff Welker

My wife just ordered one of these units and it works great!!! ?


i have one of those but i don't know how to do it myself. I study programming and i don't like exercise a lot. I just like to walk. I'l ltry this things to see if my neck stops hurting like A LOT.

Jonny Q

I get neck pain and sometimes it makes me lightheaded, dizzy and the back of my head neck feels tight, that it gives me tension headaches, would this massage gun help?

Andy Everett

Hi doctor jo,I watch your channel regular,I suffer from a clicky neck with pain in my shoulders on a daily basis,ive had it foe years,i have just purchased one of these guns and would like to know if this is a good thing for me to use or would it cause more flare ups,thanks for all your videos,keep up the good work?

roger funk

Cool shirt ?

Blessed Girly

I use the Pure wave because most of my issues are unreachable / hard to reach. But I still want this.

roger funk

I thought I see bear!! I will have to try it...

roger funk

My back a bit better but not all the way better

Aditya Raj

Thank you so much for your efforts doctor

Rita Brandow

Will this help fibromyalgia

Gabriel Saria

hey doctor jo my legs have been sore since i went back to school because i havent ran in months how do you treat knee and foot soreness?

karunanidhi cm

Good morning madam...!!

Molly Schmidt

I'm excited to try this, just ordered the massage gun today!