Girls giving bow jobs

Megan Fox Giving Blow Jobs

Megan Fox Giving Blow Jobs14 Sep. 2009
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lol hah

lol hah

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7min Unedited Raw Blow Job....Talk

7min Unedited Raw Blow Job....Talk10 Dec. 2013
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JBdrum Outdoors

Blow jobs are an art form, very few are masters, when you get one that enjoys doing so, heaven..

Juan Rios

Very well said..I love and respect your POVs throughout....for somebody who feels 'abusing' a woman while being served; the 69 position I think it is an 'equalizing' position where both partners are being 'served equally' and there is nothing better than having both the ice cream at the same time....yum!

Jason Halsey

Women with the thumbs-up attitude like this should pay less taxes to the Feds. Bless you all. High 5.

Mr. Hyde

I had my first blowjob from a much older woman. She was a coworker, 20 years older and blew me in my car during break. Ever since that day, I've been obsessed with getting a good blowjob. Until now, 6 years later I haven't found a woman that could get me off like she did. It's not the only thing that gets me off, but it's very important. I feel a lot of women leave out the most important part of the blowjob, which is the finish. Which should be slow, rhythmic, and for god sake keep it in your mouth. Just my two cents.

John Doe

If a girl doesn't want to give me a blowjob it's NOT a deal breaker, I do LOVE getting a blowjob but as long as we connect on a higher level and we love each other then we can find other things to do. I do LIKE giving a girl oral sex and I try to make sure that she is satisfied.


Never ever date a women that doesn't give head!!!! Words of wisdom!

John Doe





In any case: you need coaching ;)

Harry Masson

Thirs. Is to way st.

Orion Rahl

You need consent, boundaries and ethics coaching. It's been taking me years to recover from your toxicity. Please step out of the coaching business and get some fuckin' therapy so that you quit harming your clients.

JBdrum Outdoors

BJ's happen, it's a body language, no speech necessary, both ways....?


so I'm confused... like any way I feel about bj's I need coaching... if i love them, need them, don't like them... very confusing:/