How do guys pee standing up

Why men can pee standing up.

Why men can pee standing up.13 Aug. 2007
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© 2007 MSS

© 2007 MSS Dustin

A short story on the reason men can stand up to urinate.

Soundtrack: Ludwig von Beethoven- Fur Elise

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Dustin Wiginton

im a guy and i made this


Hello, WOMEN CAN PEE STANDING UP TOO WITHOUT ANY DEVICE! That's called spreading your inner labias and applying more or less pression on the sides or to aim and using your kegel muscles. But yeah, I read it's the catholic church who started saying they shouldn't because it was immodest or something; yet they still do in some countries.

Snore Lax

The real joke is thousands of years later the only gender who is envious is women.

Carl Gottstein

Dont hate...

Punk McCarter

Thats a 1:41 seconds I want back

Renee B

not trying to be rude but i think it made no sense


bleeding once per month, cramps, PMS, menopause, extra weight on your chest... Yep, I'll take the penis.

Megan Curtis

The funny thing is a man wrote this. Bwahahahahahaha


without brains you wouldnt be alive in the first place, and that a no brainer duh!!!

Джин Бизли

Then Adam sayeth to Eve, "Bitch, make me a sammich"

Mike Brown

Haaaa! Haaaaa!


that is retarted

Daevon Dark

hahaha im a guy but damn did i find that amusing awesome video

Gaby Houle

hahaha lmao

Pixie Dust

I prefer a vulva

Dustin Wiginton

im a guy lol


I mean on the sides to aim, not or to aim. Sorry, typo.


this must had wrote by a woman. LOL

Dustin Wiginton

im a guy


Why would you have Fur Elise playing in the background? Maybe Stravinski would be more appropriate.


Wait how come it was eve and not Hawa? And this is ummm i don't believe in this poop!

Should Men Sit Down to Urinate?

Should Men Sit Down to Urinate?6 Sep. 2013
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Should men sit down to

Should men sit down to urinate? Cristen explores four countries where men urinate sitting down and why some doctors think it's better for men's health to do so.

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Join Cristen to get down to the business of being a woman and all the Stuff Mom Never Told You about bodies, boys and the female brain.

Comments (100)
James Boshell

What is amazing is some men can shot a deer at 300 yards in the rain and fog but standing 3 inches away can not get it in the urinal ! Stand a lil closer. You thing is not as big as you think it is!

James Creel

after my prostate operation the only way i could pee was standing up. in addition i now pee in two streams piss poor dr or what?

christina harrison

Yea men do pee they do it when they take a shit. ..


Are you implying that I should take a dump standing up because I'm a guy?

Kevin Dorfman

I sit at home and in friends homes. It's cleaner!

Rohit Bhushan

When women raise this issue, their biggest outrages come from nothing but their own inability to standup and pee.

Arthur Amazons

I sit on the water bowl when I piddle sprinkle and I use a bit of toilet paper

Rene Renato Rivera

I'M 62 a Navy veteran, live alone anm disabled due to stroke , have BPH. I was having extreme urinaru frequency and wetting of my pants. i've taken it upon myself to pe sitting down . My pants stay dry, i don't have to go a frequently, and bathroom cleanup is easier.

scott b

Not unless the man is already sitting to poop. now should women stand to pee? I think so. (Blooper reel in the making).


I just sit down to urinate out of courtesy if I'm using a unisex restroom.

ian dms

its extremely weird and I would never have a good reason to do so unless it was paired with a number 2 at the same time.  That being said, other men can if they for some reason want to.

Ziggy Stardog

I kneel to urinate. My father taught me to do this as an alternative. Being uncircumcised it makes for a more sanitary bathroom. I occasionally sit to urinate. It’s generally not as effective as it’s possible for urine to go between the toilet seat and soil the floor or clothing. I prefer to urinate in a urinal when available, but most females have objections to urinals being installed in private bathrooms. The urinal in my workplace is comically low to the floor, as if built for children or little people. Because of this, I occasionally get asked if I’m ‘OK’ when I’m kneeling which sometimes leads to TMI conversations I’d rather not have.

Jim MacLaughlin

For at least 10 years, I can't fully evacuate my bladder when I sit. Even when I defecate, I have to stand at the end to empty my bladder. Lest you think of me in a negative fashion, consider that for the first 60 years of my life I did not find the 'sitting evacuation of my bladder' difficult at all. Now that I would like to pee sitting down...No dice.


I have been seating down and pee for more than 15 years, feels better and easier too, trust me, study shows that not only is healthier for men to do that , also is cleaner to do that, study also shows it is impossible to completely aim and empty your pee all in the toilet bowl, so here we go, try seat my man and pee, it is better for you !


To pee or not to pee that is the question

Rafael Coria

We pee while we poop nasty but true.

William McClellan

I always stand but my wife insists that I take toilet paper and wipe the rim. Back in the 1970s when most women wore skirts I saw urinals for women at a drive in theater. They were designed to straddle and pee. (I was there during the day on a service call).


Oh my God!

William Albert

I clean the bathroom so I get to wiz standing up. One tip I would offer is to keep those hairs short to prevent side spray and mis aiming. By the way, sitting is not the best way. Squatting is. So while they are removing the urinals, they should also replace the western type thrones with squat toilets. I don't think so!

Darrren Betker

We gave up multiple orgasms to be able to stand and pee so the only way you'd get me to have to sit down is if I could cum at least 5 times in a row. No? Then fuck off!!!!!


I usually sit down because I have bad aim

SA Scott TX

What about in Thailand? Nobody sits down to pee.

david bruce

I have to sit to pee my doctor told me not to lift anything hesvy

Snoozy Boozy

This is such a feminist thumbnail

Jacob Glover

I sit down because it is easier to relax and take care of “ 2” things at once

Roger Hamilton

im in the usa a probably 98 of the time i pee sitting down pretty much the only place i pee standing up is outside. its cleaner since when you stand you will usually get at least one drop on the rim and i just dont enjoy cleaning pee. also its just more comfortable and relaxing and less awkward then standing next to stranger with your dicks out.


Don't men pee in the sink anyway?

Antonio Verweij

Yes, I always sit down wen I need to urinate!


They fucking do when they share a cell with me


I've only ever used stalls and urinated while sitting. I think it's disgusting to stand up and have to point your penis into a urinal.


Should men sit down while peeing? Only if he wants to. Enough said


Why do you only talk about urinating as if that's all that happens in the bathroom?

Mike Haydon

But why would you want to spend any more time touching public toilet surfaces than necessary? Why stick your arse on a filthy toilet seat if you don't have to? Why turn footy dunny queues into women's nightclub queues? As for why Japan? One can speculate that they generally don't need to worry about whether they can stuff their members inside the area provided. This is an issue for I and many other men. There is so much derp in this video.

For the splashback issue? If you miss, clean up after yourself. It's really not that hard.

The Roberts Paw Pack

To the guys getting annoyed: surely you wouldn’t have any paranoia if another guy was sizing you up in a public bathroom if you used a stall?

Sara Teubert

What if a man needs to go both poop and pee? Does he stand in front of the toilet and pee first and then sit down to poop? Or do guys just sit down and do both when they have to poop?


This is why  they  have urinals in the men's room.   I don't think they have urinals in the women's room.    LOL.    They have no choice but to sit down.   They  have no pee-pee.

Robert DaPoppa

sitting is the best and cleanness way for anyone to do it but men don't because he would have to all but get undressed

Kam Anna

If men are wearing male chastity devices they pretty much have to sit to urinate.

Snoozy Boozy

Women should stop having periods. Women should stop wearing ear rings. Women shouldn’t have so much makeup. Feminists shouldn’t complain about equality then be a hypocrite.

Gabriel Rodriguez

No why would a man wanna sit down. Dont no dude wanna sit down on a hard ass toilet.

rox rox

What are y'all talking about? As a girl I think it's definitely way easier and cleaner to pee STANDING for men. Why does your feminist propaganda bs have to interfere also with the men's bathroom privacy?

Karl Llewellyn

I will answer this way.

When ever possible.

Space Captain

When you get right down to it, men and women are both capable of peeing while standing. A mess would be made in both cases, and with practice, I suspect a woman could aim at least as well as a man can (far from perfect, but pretty good). I suspect the main reason men still stand, is because men are rarely expected to clean up afterward. If men were emasculated, berrated, or kicked out for leaving a mess, instead of whether they sit or stand, the problem would resolve itself.

pass da bleach

and why is anyone concerned with the way i piss

Luna Luna

I live in japan and this is not true at all


I don't want to sit on a dirty toilet seat if I don't have to. Let other people pee however they are most comfortable.


Oh. That's why she asked me to sit down.

Piyush Neware

I'm from India
I will surely try to sit down to pee.

Ray Hunter

Feminists claim its a man's world... well we present Exhibit A - the toilet. It's designed more for women. When a male has to 'hold himself down' with one hand while sitting so his penis doesn't touch the front of the bowl. And sitting down to pee also can cause the urine to pour out between the seat and the porcelain, giving us a puddle on the floor in front of the toilet.

Web Dev

I'm actually sitting and peeing as I watch this. I didn't decide to sit and pee because of this video. I developed the random habit of sitting and peeing at home or at any home/ hotel I visit that has a clean spotless bathroom. I didn't read any study and no one told me to.

However, after over 10 years of sitting and peeing at home I out of sheer inquisitiveness this night after shoveling so much snow in this crazy winter storm decided to Google my weird behavior. I ended up reading Medical journals about the benefits ... so I peed for like 15 secs and read over an hour about peeing whilst sitting ...... wwwwwhich brought me here ........

The good flow is actually true. Also Peeing comes with farting, most men peeing in public bathrooms constrict certain muscles to avoid the embarrassment which eventually puts a strain in our pelvic area

....... hmmm I guess my evolutionary senses ticked over a decade ago. To be fair though the medical journals found no advantage over standing so far as you are prepared to fart freely ... ?‍♂️ .... it's also true that i'm such a clean freak all my sofas are white ... so random, but I guess it makes sense why I sit.

Matthew Larsen

What has this world come to ?

RobbyBobby 123987

The only time I stand to pee is if I'm rushing out of the house to go someplace otherwise I always sit to pee. If I pee six times per day I said to pee 4 times and stand to pee twice.

Rohit Bhushan

The chances of screwing that up, arbitrarily speaking, is lesser than getting yourself killed while crossing a road. So, I don't see why it concerns you so much. Moreover, you don't even have a first hand experience with on earth do you picture yourself understating how it really works.


the splash-back under the seat is disguting


fuck the Swedish gov I'll piss all over u

Robert Frayer

I will pee sitting down when you crap standing up.

David Francisco

I used to pee sitting, until the day I attempted it with a full on boner.


If your a male, there is no need to sit while you urinate.   That is one of the benefits of being a male.  It makes it easy and quick  to go to the bathroom.   There is no big production to take down the pants, take down the underwear, and then sit for maybe  30 seconds.  and your done.    The male organ is ready to urinate without all the drama of undressing.   Now #2  is a different story.  LOL     This is why men's pants have a fly in the front.    Women's pants usually don't have a fly in the front.  It is on the side or in back.

Michael Johnson

If it has a seat, sit down. Don't stand and piss into a toilet that others will have to sit on. Want to stand, find a urinal.

Peter Dasa

Personly I do not like the idea of dropping a thermal nuclear smell and having some lady waiting at my door

James Jordan

I see sitting down everyday


Men pee on the floor when they sit down

Chris Man

If I have to pee in the middle of the night, you're damn right I'll feel my way to the bathroom and sit down if it means I dont have to blind myself by turning on lights.


I just like having the choice.


Adam Fabian

I am das sitzpinkler. Honestly, when I have to go #1 and #2 at the same time, it makes no sense to bother making sure that I pee standing up. More efficient to just sit down and do it all.

Pavle Mackic

Who cares let people do what they want to do

Snoozy Boozy

Yes I’ll just sit in the urinal. Oh wait did you forget about that. We don’t have annoying wife’s, use urinales not toilets so smell can’t come up, not German. Your boyfriend is getting forced to do it because he’s nice and supports you. The toilet see this always warm. There is hair on toilets. In some parts of the us if you are unlucky there is blood from bloody stools. Men barley take a crap in public bathrooms. More urinales open then stalls usually. Bad smell isn’t an issue because the bathroom is just one big bad smell. You try using a male public restroom. You really aren’t the on to complain about this stuff


I've been sitting down and pissing all my life as it's how my mom thought me. However as my dick grew as i got older into the massive junk it is now (not to brag), it started touching the inside of the toilet which feels absolutely gross. So i now have to hold my dick down when i'm taking a shit. I rather not double the experience now by sitting down to piss, so i halfed it by learning to stand up and piss. It was freaking hard learning to aim properly in my personal toilet though.

Dean Georgopoulos

I'd say to just take a piss in the urinal in public, but at home, do what ever u want


Well, there should be also a law that forces women to stop bitching around.


First, even WOMEN don't always sit down when peeing. Sometimes they "hover" over the seat in the hopes that most of it goes where it should. Sometimes they pee all over the seat and even the floor from this hilarious maneuver.
Second, I am puzzled why we don't have urinals in homes but we always have them in public restrooms. Curious....

William Guy Thilgen Jr.

At an earily age and being a boy in a house hold of women (mom, 4 sisters). Sitting down to do either was from casual observance and education. Most young children learn to go potty by using a potty chair in which we learn to do both sitting down. Don't know when, assumng it was a grade school that I learned to stand up. Boys rooms had urinals, didn't have one at home.

From the time I first learned to stand up till my present age of 69, in public settings, I stand up, in private setting like my home or yours, I sit down. Being a male means having the option. As this transgender issue becomes more of an issue. I see the day where there won't be any urinals. And men will still not sit down when peeing. The unisex room will become as stinky as the conventional mens room. Which means more women are not going to utilize it.


I love sitting down while peeing

The problem is that pee sprays all over the cover.


And risk "the Devil's kiss" more than strictly necessary? Sod that!

Dr. Eric Vornoff

Only in europe does the the government get involved in private bathroom issues

Borne gaming

the size of my ''man-tail'' doesn't allow me to pee sitting down it will dive in the toilet water
i have to hold it up when i go for a no.2

Michael Streich



Holy fuck! You have a man there? If I was him I’d break your camera.

Joshua Wright

The funny thing is they're trying to get men to sit down to pee because it's supposed to be cleaner and better but at the same time they're inventing products that allow women to stand up to pee because it's cleaner and better for them go figure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!°°°


Trying to make men into women and then rejecting them for acting like women....


Urinals gets piss all over your clothes. Standing over a toilet gets piss all over your shoes. Sit down, relax and wipe. Much more hygienic .

Qtards_are Fools

I pee in the sink.


From my, long ago, military training...noise discipline!

Shantra Hara

Psycopath. You are not going to re invent the wheel.

burned oils

b0itch get that i aint sitting down 2 piss ??? get that beofre i make u get it???

Michael Ward

hell no

To Serve Man

Only on a woman's face.

Bob Pearce

We are designed to pee standing up. What other reason do you need. Sitting down is to much faffing about

Ted Brenner

Then public restrooms would need many more toilets and long lines to follow.Not a good idea!

C David

Well considering how disgusting public toilets are, why would any man choose to sit on those seats.


Theres about 100 reasons to pee standing up. Most of the problems with it can be solved 2 ways, one, be courteous and aim well and or clean after yourself.
2. CTFD. Calm. The. Fuck. Down. Its really just pee. It will be ok. If its that big a deal to you, please excuse yourself from society and be a hermit. Or if its not quite that big a deal, just have seperate rooms at home. That way everyone is happy.

Quit trying to control and manipulate people even when you arent around. Its literally nothing more than an attempt to emasculate men by having that little thumb on them even when they are alone and peeing.
You know why men pee standing up? So they can keep a goddamn eye out for predators in the grass when they are peeing, also so if a predator sees a human that distracted by say peeing, its likely a male, rather than a pregnant or nursing female.
Females squat because its advantageous for them to do so. Men stand because its advantageous to women for us to do so. You cant even win well. Fuck off. All the way off ya twats!

Georges IV

What is the point of having a penis if you have to sit down to pee?

Patrick C

We're not in Japan. Anyone who thinks there is no stray urine in a womens bathroom has never cleaned a public bathroom. Instead of being on the floor it is all over the seat & under the seat and maybe sides and floor from not wanting to sit on the toilet....and even if the most respectable women use it it will be under the seat....Also never been to Sweden...chances are slim to none I will visit there


This is going to make being with a boner a lot harder for us

Vincent Lopez

I only sit to pee if im extremely drunk i usually dont miss.


I prefer peeing outside. I pretty much hve to stand up to do so. Women don't like men peeing outside because they can't. Well, they can, but they have to squat. BTW, everyone pees in the ocean


But you can't write your name in the snow while sitting down.

James Bleach

As a dude, I'll say this: If you don't have perfect aim, sit down! Or at least lift the goddamn seat. God, people who don't get this right piss me off so much. It's just not that hard!

Josh pauly

This is so stupid why do you think women's rooms are always backed up... Urinals are such a plus and you still want one gender bathroom ugh

Mark Foti

I stand in protest of peeing while sitting down.

How to Pee like a Man

How to Pee like a Man19 Oct. 2010
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KickasshoboSubscribe 438 721

I pee like a man.

I pee like a man.

see more at

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Marie Brown

Ew!!!!!!!! Wash your hands dude!!!!!


who would dance in their pee

aman deep


Lol Lol

Thanks man this really helps kinda

Toyin Dairo





Know i know thxs lol ??


First of all you will have to wash your hands cuz you're going to get sick I did that before and I got sick so wash your hands you don't just go to the bathroom and not washing hands that's disgusting bro a lot of good you're not a good sing not a subscriber you. The teacher that everyone knows how to do that boys know how to do a girl know how to do it's a simple thing not have to show us and wash your hands don't tell me that you can't wash your hands

Shevelle Ross

Ctfu,this is ridiculously funny! People will do anything on the Internet.

juan pulido

that was disgusting ?

7O3 animation

I'm a girl and I pee like a boy in school and in the house when nobody Is there


beatrixxx teufelstein


Hh3hwhw Bsbsnw

thank you . i have problem to remember all the 11 steps

James Robinson

I love this boy!!!

Zee Jimans

you gay...fuck me now lol

Ty Waters

Visit: cdbaby. com /cd/tyronewaters3
Sincerely, Tyrone ;)

Ainsley Grenwelge

The I am a mother with a stubern three year old boy


I downloaded this cause I was looking for videos to encourage a 3 year old to want to use the toilet. The Man in the Video is a Hunk so I had to add this video to my favorites. 


I cut the video after step 11 don't want my nephew learning not to wash his hands

Vicki Alegria

Thanks for teaching me how to pee like a big boy /man. Because i never got potty trained

Ghostbusting Bro

0:12 0:31 0:37 0:40 0:45

Lulu Enquist

Thanks now my son can quit using diapers boy that was a mess of a lifetime

eyesoftruth six

no the way you are doing piss is not really showing piss like a man. First a man never pull down his trouser or short. Hmm and of course you could show real you are pissing hmm.

Shine Birght Diamond

Ahaha the voice is not with the mouth so it looks weird ahaha

Maria Tibayan

Why don't you show your Peins

Chyla Blow

aren't you from scary moive

The Great SteveO

I like pee too, but this is disgusting!!

7O3 animation

I want to be a boy because I want to stand when I'm gana pee

Natalia C

R U gay

Aamish Mazhari

First of all you are very unhygenic because you didn't wash your hands and private part after peeing and the other thing is that a person should sit and pee because it reduces the risk of splashing of urine and thus your clothes and your body also remains neat

aman deep


Michael Wilson

u fucking nasty

Victor Vela

you can pee in my mouth daddy,i dont care

Caleb Likes Stuff

Fucking pull you skin to your balls? Holy fucking shit.


Do you have a foreskin?

George Louis

I don't shake, flush or wash my hands. It's just easier to pee outside that way I don't have to aim. I can just let my pee fly where ever.

Paul 638

This man is so damn cute!

Gabi Dopp

hes mouthing it you can so tell