Groin muscle cramps


MUSCLE CRAMPS EXPLAINED by Science13 Jan. 2018
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A Question we get asked a lot is: What are muscle cramps and why do muscles cramp? We try to explain the phenomenon in our second video of the "explained series"


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Comments (100)
LaMelo Ball

I’ve been getting them in my hamstrings a lot

Blitzenburg _

Video: Cramps oftenly occur during or after exercise
Me: Stretches a bit to much in the morning
Leg: Does a somersault and throws itself out the window

Icy Swae

Omg goodness having the worst leg pains in both my legs any suggestions on stopping it or reducing it.


Swimmers are the gods of muscle cramps lol, I’ve had toe, feet, calf, quad... even bicep/tricep cramps. Maybe it’s not swimmers but just me and my genetics?‍♂️

nhahhaha mamamia

wen ur sleeping n u get a leg cramp the shit hurts

Lautaro Teruelo

Seeing this video while having painful cramps on all my quads and hamstrings is surprisingly nice
I'm literally laying on my room floor at the point of crying:)

Samuel Mark

Bottom Line:

Drink a lot of water and eat a few bananas.

Notorious65 17

I was working out my abs, and after i rested i went to do another set, and when i went up to do the sit up, the top of my abs did the same thing as a leg cramp


Stopped watching , I couldn't hear what you were saying , the music was to loud ! Turn it off !!!!

Jim Beauchamp

My problem is cramping in the am when I first wake up and stretch my body naturally like a cat. Sometimes as the toes point my calves lock into painful knots. The only thing that helps me is to pull up on my toes using the muscles in the front of the lower leg. There seems to be an automatic relaxation of opposing muscles built into the system such that when you contract your biceps the triceps relax and vice versa. That seems to shorten the duration, but not quickly enough, the pain is intense and has a lasting impact such that I can't walk naturally for a while and stretching the muscles continues to be painful.


Bro, i was just laying in my bed last night and turned over and my calf just started flexing REALLY hard and it hurt like crap and i couldn't stop it. It scared the crap out of me I thought I was having a seizure or something


Do cramps happen to men because when i say i got a cramp people say period while I'm a boy


Not a clue what you're saying.

Ranbir Kang

Good video with extremely bad sound/voice. Your background music makes it hard to hear and understand whatever you are talking about.

Tabitha Mccarter

So by no means an I an athlete lol but I do have wicked Rheumatoid Arthritis... no matter what I do, I get charlie horses... driving, my hand cramps up, writing ill throw some RA gang signs... cough too hard cramp in my side at night its the worst with my feet and ill stand up and it like climbs up my leg to my side ankle and if I'm lucky ? ill get a shin splint.. wtf do I do?


Just got a cramp lol


I like his voice


I just have one ?

Glena Garrett

Here's a video that actually tells you how to relieve the cramp.

Bilal likes shoes


Yonalis Rosales

This is glorious, I have been researching "sciatica pain symptoms" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about - Venayden Wanillian Method - (just google it ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my work buddy got excellent results with it.

Dark strider

Just here after recovering from a 3 hour long abs workout and been taking creatine which ends up promoting more cramping


I just sreached my leg and my half just went insane it was so painful I had to put a blanket in my mouth to muffle me screaming jesus ?


Northern Beast

I just experienced a nasty muscle cramp in my triceps. I couldn't move my arm for at least 5 minutes.


We are the actual few percent of people that actually cares about their body

Ooga Booga

Fucking boomer science video, talk to me like I’m a person not a textbook

Michael Ybarra

Just got off of work and the cramps on the back of my thigh will NOT stop


For goodness sake get ride of that music !!!!

Anna Gustin

Last night I was moving to a comfortable position and my leg just starts BURNING. It was so painful. This has never happened. I got a heating pad and put my leg on it it helped. Also I ran around A LOT that only makes it worse DONT DO IT. Just use a heating pad

Ibrahim Tarawally

Video says you get cramps during or immediately after exercise.

people here talking about how they were sleeping and just lifted their legs to change positions and got cramps.

Well shit, you did even exercise yet?

M. Abdullah

I just laugh when m i get muscle cramp cuz its funny?.


I get cramp during a Football Match, its very hurt, i nearly cry of it because it my first time....

Akash Suryawanshi

One of the worst cramps i got was while swimming. I was already 45 min into it. And then the right calf started contracting. Thank god I was in the shallow end or I could've drowned. There was literally no one around.


just had one on my leg ouuuuuu

Muhammad Nabil

I never had cramp over my life and when my friend said that he cramp i ask and tell what is cramp he like what the tf


Idk how a cramp feels how does it feel I might have had 1 like 3 times but idk


Best way I deal with it when it happens is calm my leg in resting position.

random name

1:29 she is doing it wrong

Kung Fu Kenny Jr.

I swear, I come back from practice or a game, I. just chilling, then out of no where my thigh and calf cramp at the same time and its a very VERY bad and scary pain

Rez Khan

I get cramps on my left calf while I sleep..usually happens between 3-6 A.m. the cramp wakes me up real quick! My calf just tightens real fast


Thanks for information


I only get cramps in my sleep and when im dehydrated. I tend to support the electrolyte deficiency argument. I never cramp when working out. Maybe when i bend my hamstring weird.

Taylor Kessen

I've had extreme muscle cramping my whole life even with light exercise. It has really put a damper on my athletic abilities as a whole. I've tried everything and nothing works. I drink water like it is going out of style and have tried all of the supplements and natural cures. Nothing has worked. Still, I try to stay fit and just deal with the pain and stop when I can't take it anymore. It has really been a huge factor that has literally influenced my life choices, and not in a positive way.


I was doing soccer tryouts and my friend had a cramp behind his thigh but he still ran faster than the majority of the others btw he always a guaranteed starter in games

Kouk Cheng


Joe King

oh my good lord double hamstring cramp. btw didn't understand any of this video.


worst moment when doing hard workout...

Jennifer Farrior

It happend to ms when I was playing my ps4 with my friend and I kept telling my grandma I can't move my leg it hurts all she did was just sit their

Jose Montoya

There is nothing worse then going out on a first date with a baddie and you get the meanest leg cramp right behind the knee , I’m talking dormant mf cramp , cramp that only comes around every 27 months... what do you do? You spazz out you know it was a hot day at work but fuck,, you can’t spazz out at cheesecake , I’ try walking it off.. nope, almost fell on to the table next us, everyone’s staring shit was a disaster .... i wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy .. she was so bad

Alisha Patterson

I can explain it. A ghost is applying eminence pressure on your muscle, aiming to cause you pain.

Lyle S

cramps are worse than general pain or getting a cut, even stubbing your toe

Jess Brown

i'm a girl and never have belly cramps but always have cramps in my legs like every week?




Im over here trying to get a cramp it feels good

Kay Tee

Stretching definitely fixes cramping, especially when my muscles are tight. It’s the best way to avoid cramping.

Josh G

Lebron getting cramps made me search this up


It happened to me a lot and idk Wut it called

Tee Are

Muscular overload

Brian Nguyen

I had a lot of trouble with calf cramps every time I played a pickup game of either football or basketball. Gave it a thought and I figured out that I never stretched before or after playing

The Supreme Bean

Watching while having a cramp

eh canadian

I got it on my hand ? I didn’t work out either so that was weird.


pickle juice

QxDark _

Dude I have a cramp right now for like 2 minutes

Sarah Hudon

pickles give you cramps you learn something every day

Zealand Ander

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Ananya Surya

Be a bit slow, n explain in detail

Tara Khatri

I had plaster mine legs 6 month ago and walking with one legs due to more pressure on one legs i cant run because of muscle cramp plz give me suggestion

ahmed assaad

Couldn't stand more than 10 sec. Of this stupid loud music and boring reading voice

Hafiza Danik

am I the only one here because of school work? your video helps me a lot. thank you so much! and the fact that you sum up everything that I need to explain about spasm in just a video is mind-blowing. and oh man, seeing that many article reference does made me at ease

crimson flyer

It felt like my leg was ripping apart

Anonymous Penguin

I just had a left pelvis cramp. Im literally sitting on a heat pad. God that shit hurt

danny r

So this video didnt help
1/1,000 marathon runner get cramps wtf do you know how many people 1 thousand is... say were living in normal times before shutdown bro you wouldn't even see 1000 people in a day everywhere u go... so nobody gets cramps who runs great
The guy is just saying "thoerys" lol

Therefore I'm just say what my issue is and hope for the best if anyone has any idea but also I read a lot you guys stuff trust me I didnt have exactly everything on here but I know the pain!!!

So last week jogging (fyi I havnt jogged most of the winter) i went for a longer jog like 6 mile... mile 5 or 5 mins of being done from the trail my legs both of them cramp/charlie horsed up at the front quad area so bad so I had to stop and walk... than I went on my bike and it went away pretty fast

That said today like 3 days since last time only a 2 mile or so jog both my legs same thing only this time were talking more painful like hurt to even bend the knee when you walk and just now about 7 hrs after this happened there finally feeling better...btw I nvr stretch like do I need to stretch or should I just go smaller routes until they build up again cuz this is a first... I'm 33 and its same thing each year I take winter off I dont jog in cold but I cycled which is even colder but still I live in tampa FL we had like 3 cold days this year lol... but yeah I never had these charlie horses after jogging its bizarre I'm not too concerned I just will try again but just asking if there is something to remedy this issue

Daniel tampa FL

Shawn Salter

I came here because I was up most of the night with pain and muscle cramping in my legs after doing an 18 km. hike.

Richard Ramey

Pickle juice

Miguel Rodriguez

Probably should start with how to treat cramps was waiting for that part while my leg was cramping up

Samarth Virmani

Best explanation ever?

Deangel Vigil

Dose anybody else’s get cramps in their feet lot?

ItzTjstickz _

Today is my first time having a full body cramp???

Samuel Solorzano

I had one yesterday and today. Yesterday night I had one on my right leg and today on my left leg

chanwoo is mine

Is it weird i never experience muscle crumps? Even when I swim for 8 hours, run, just lay down or In a bad position I just didn't experience it.

Muscle Dad


Bomba Tô Dentro

I can't understand how this happened to me at 7am while I was sleeping and last time I trained calves was 3 days before and consuming around 4 litters of water...
I shit my pants, waking up to this pain ?

Thedark Echo

It feels like my nerves are clenching together and I feel really hot and I’m getting headaches


Like an idiot I lifted weights for 3 hours straight this morning and now I’m cramping like hell ???

Fernando Acevedo

Wow thank you so much!

YuBuZ Slikkz

I am having one right now

Question Culture Blog

This happens all the time when I’m swimming laps and it just hits you out of nowhere. I suggest letting your legs relax or stretching it against the wall


Just got a Charlie horse and I wanna die

Juan Lucero

You know you searched this up due to the aftermath feeling you got from that cramp you just got.



Penname Bear

I was just laying on bed and went to move my leg to a more comfortable position but nope lmao i died inside.

Jon mitch

I got cramps in both my feet at the same time while playing soccer an that hurts like hell idek what to do at the time

Tiger Xra

I just have been laying on bed and my leg is like: "Oh, you have some time to relax? Lets ruin it! F you!" And it just cramped for no reason 2 f-ing times in row...

luis maldonado

Who else came here Bc they got a mean cramp ?

D. Frank

The royalty free music is so loud i cant hear you. Benchmark of a bad video


You are guessing, so no one really knows how to get rid of them but stretching.

Kendra May

say ur exercising, u get a cramp & u treat it but thenn do u - a.) continue the rest of ur workout or - b.) completely stop and not finish the rest u had there a right or wrong??


I got them in my legs, stomach, ribs, ches, back, neck, arms and hands. ?? I couldn't sleep and there is so much pain. I tried drinking Pedialyte + Gatorade, stretching, eating bananas, massaging with Icy Hot and finally taking a muscle relaxer. The cramps eventually stopped after 8 hrs. Now I have no painful random muscle twitching but I'm sore as F???!


Whos here because the Guy has leg Cramp and Recording on hes car