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Hollywood's Gay Double Standard

Hollywood's Gay Double Standard4 Apr. 2018
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Christy Lemire, Alonso

Christy Lemire, Alonso Duralde and Matt Atchity discuss why many actresses can come out, but young actors choose to stay in the closet.

Comments (94)
Yolanda Shizhpon


Jacob Derryberry

I could listen to Alonso go on about buttsex all day

John Brown

Alonso's characterisation of straight men is super insulting.

Christian Bunke

Colton Haynes literally left cw's biggest hit at the time in 2015, before the flash became mainstream, because he was told that he couldn't be open about being gay because the audience would not believe him as a straight man. Meanwhile the shows have had lesbian and bisexual women almost since day one, and it wasn't until Crisis on earth X in november that they showed a gay couple, Legends has been pushing it further by having Constantine be openly bisexual, but that show is also about what "rejects" in the DC universe can do to make an impact making the subtexts a little strange. I think that does say something about gay males having it harder, Wenthworth Miller also only came back because they made Citizen Cold gay, which means there was a meeting with him and executives making a deal where he would help their ratings by coming back if he could be gay. While Sara on the other hand is allowed to be omnisexual, or whatever it's called, there are so many names now that I have given up trying to follow, but my point was the she could sleep with whoever she wanted and she would be praised, while the males had to negotiate for it. And that's just one small section of the industry, could you imagine the outcry there would have been if an actress had experienced the same things and had to hide that she was gay because of her tv show or movie? People would probably have lost their jobs over it.

I'm not trying to make a case that it's a breeze for women in the industry, even before Me Too it wasn't really a secret that there had been roles getting handed to the women who would blow or fuck the fat ugly guy who could never get laid on his own. I'm just saying that people need to recognize all pain without a double standard. The only thing that should vary is the degree, and in context.

Berty Bertface

I think gay people playing gay roles is good step in the right direction. We're getting there, but it is slow going. Still waiting on my Big Bear Superhero to make an appearance. Love Sausage is about as good as it gets at this stage and he is straight, so sad.

ritwika chatterjee

Why so many gay actors in Hollywood. Does it have to do with performance art

Betty G

I love how you guys are now having more in depth conversation on many different subjects. Keep up the good work!


I'm impressed with the comments. No outraged right-wingers whining about SJWs ruining the world in discussing this topic. Good work, commenters!

Fairy Mary

I’m with Alanso on this

John Doe

What about that guy who wore a harness to the Oscars. These same people told us that that guy has sex that involves a harness and we need to get over it. Two guy making pancakes with their kids, I'm fine with that. Bringing your sex life to a public forum, not so much.


Haven't heard the term "butt sex" in a WTF video so much since the Coco review.

Arnold Strong Numero Uno

Loving Alonso.

Ryk Comerford

Alonso thinks that straight people think about "butt sex" when they find out a male actor is gay?
I don't think so. That isn't what I thought of when I found out Matt Bomer was gay, or Luke Evans (it might be less well known English actor Luke Evans is gay, because he seems straight.)
Anyway, straight guys don't want to watch dudes make out, let alone do anal.
If a gay actor like Luke Evans is playing straight, I couldn't care less.
A big difference is what straight people like seeing on screen. You can literally watch lesbianism on The Family Channel (now Freeform) but most straights don't want to watch dudes in sex scenes (I suffered through it on Glee).

Ali Foroughi

Man, Alonso is so on point. He just summed it up beautifully.

Matt devereux

they are worried about earning potential , its silly but I'd imagine the practice of having fake relationships or beards for the press is rampant for that reason.


Hollywood only does what it thinks people want. The doucle standards are the society´s double standards. Sadly. Fortunately we keep improving regarding this.

Ankit Kampani

This hollywood is so. Fucked up!!!

Brianna Kirby

I do believe this argument but i also think women are more fluid and maybe thats society and toxic masculinity

ed salisch

You picked the wrong word... It is not misogyny but misandry.

Tal Moore

I'll be honest. When I see straight actors, I think butt sex, as well. I'm pretty always thinking about butt sex.


I don't think it's a double standard but common sense based on society.


I have to give Russell Crowe some respect. He played gay before gay was cool, and never seemed to worry too much about how it was going to affect his career.


Question: Do you think that gay characters are more accepted on tv vs movies? The thought occurred to me that 99% of the Supernatural fandom have been shipping gay couples for years (Dean/Castiel - my favorite, Dean/Sam, Castiel/Crowley, Dean/Crowley, etc).

Emerge Matic

It should be no such word as homophobia or homophobic because it's no fear like you fear a killer it's just descust because it's descusting

Peter Lynch

"On wings as eagles" caw caw caw

Hassina Abdallah

Why is this News?

Dan Brennan

Damon said that ALL actors would benefit from putting less of their private life in the public eye. It was an aside from talking about gay actors coming out so some journalists pushed it as homophobic, then knee-jerk people like Alonso read the headlines/heard it secondhand and ran with it.


I also don’t like how straight female actresses use gay women roles to increase their sexiness for new acting gigs but they don’t actually care about the representation. I’ve seen this a lot especially with feminine women will be the girls friend of the “lesbian character” and then they literally kill her gay parts (her or her partner), then boom she’s in a sexy movie or sexy TV show. It’s almost a contractual pattern, if they aren’t relevant then they play gay to revamp their image and go back to straight roles. It’s rude and it feels like being used.


In society, lesbians are still considered women whereas gay men are not considered masculine


theres definitely a gender gay sex gap

Duff Chimp

One of the gayest jobs in the gayest industries. Yet they have issue with this still. God bless Hollywood hypocrisy.


Lesbians=Two kittens playing, threatens no one.


How do you not mention women are not attracted to gay male leads?

Steven Williams

Hello,, I'm 40 wish to meet a honest gay for a lifetime relationship,,.


Well done team! Such an important topic and you highlighted it well. As a feminine gay actor I know I'll have to face this senario in one way or another. The only thing I can do is stay true to myself and not let myself be defined by other people. If they don't want to work with me because of their own prejudices then I don't want to work with them.


There is nothing wrong with butt sex. Everybody has butt sex.

darrin gauthier

In the review for Professor Marston And The Wonder Women, Matt Atchity brought up Luke Evan being gay, cause in the movie he was with two women, right there is a reason actors don't come out cause audiences could see it as baggage. Cause really Luke Evans being gay in real life does not effect the movie or the performance at all.

Little Boots

Nice pink shirt.

Stephen Malovski

Hollywood history is filled with gay actors that played straight roles... Richard Chamberlain was openly gay and he was playing straight characters his whole career...
You also have Rock Hudson, Roddy McDowell, Cary Grant, Ian Mckellen and many more!
The only condition that an actor needs to fulfill to play a certain character is to have the skill to play the character and nothing more!

The sexuality of the actor shouldn't have anything to do with the character itself! For example... you have J.J. Abrams turning Sulu into a homosexual character just to score point with certain groups despite the objections of George Takei who has always stated that he played Sulu as a straight man.

If they hire only gay people to play homosexual characters and straight people to play heterosexual then they should also hire bisexual actors to play bisexual characters. But why stop there... They should also get real bankers to play bankers, real teachers to play teachers, real fireman to play fireman etc... But that's killing the point... because the point for acting is for the actor to transform into the role.

Ants Movies

That’s an interesting take Alonso, I never really thought about it that way but I think you might be on to something

Dirg Ramsey

Alonso knows straight men so well he must be one. Oh wait he isn't. Stop speaking for straight men blaming them for all your issues. If straight people can't talk for gay people or women than they shouldn't talk for straight men.

Siddharth Naagar

I sometimes wonder how the hell Matt Damon was accepted to Harvard

Rick Drew

the standard seems to be that so long as out gay actors are character-actors (like Neil Patrick Harris and Zachary Quinto) and not romantic leads, it's 'acceptable'. I remember when Anne Hache was 'still gay' and in a romantic relationship with Ellen DeGeneres and in the dreadful Six Nights, Seven Days adventure romance with Harrison Ford, there were a lot of comments that the actors had no chemistry with each other because the public knew she was a lesbian and that had an impact on the failure of the film. The fact that Ford was 27 YEARS OLDER THAN HER had nothing to do with that, of course. But she likes men now, so never mind...

K. M.

For all the proclamations made of Hollywood easing the acceptance of certain liberal causes, it’s worth remembering that many of the folks in power are still deeply tied to conservative notions, particularly in the sense of homophobic men. Whether it’s because of a self-described fear of losing money, or a more base notion that they simply can’t picture openly gay or bisexual men as viable leads, the double standard becomes more and more visible as society inches forward, and feels more like a concrete indicator of a past we’re trying to mitigate.

Anja D.

Alonso pretty much hit the nail on the head.


You're using the term "misogyny" wrong, Alonso. You'd have a point if you would've said "sexist", but misogyny is very specifically defined as "hatred towards females" or thinking them as "lesser than men", but your argument is making a claim that men ae ok w/female sex & get a kick out of watching that. That's not misogynic. That's just a prejudice, i.e. sexist

B. Trey Nasty

Not only is this scene in the acting world, but everywhere else as well as sports. IJS.

Otto Toksik

Good talk but damn matt, you need to regrow that beard asap.


I’m loving the new subject driven videos! Always with a great balance of opinions.

Chris Holmes

Misogyny and toxic masculinity is the problem


I thought this was going to be about something else, well I guess just add this as one more "double standard" to the list that gay actors face in hollywood


Matt Bomer can’t play straight

Jimmy Meeks

I feel for Alonso. He tries to stick it to the man in almost every video I see and he just gets nervous and fumbles. He seems very unhappy.

Christopher Reardon

'Extra acting" is also the double standard the disabled face when their characters are played by able-bodied actors. Hire some more disabled actors Hollywood!


A real double standard also exists in MPAA ratings. Movies with gay lead characters like 'G.B.F'., 'Love is Strange', and 'Pride' were all rated R despite having zero sex, zero violence, and only the occasional strong language. That "Love, Simon" managed to get a PG-13 (and could therefore be marketed to teens and released widely) may be a sign of progress.

B. Trey Nasty

This type of mentality is the reason the lgbt community will never be fully accepted. I understand that two women will turn a straight man on, and two men probably wont. But what I dont understand is how can you say that you are "against" homosexuality yet condone homosexuality between two women? If you are against it that much you should be against it period. Sad enough we cannot look at a person whether gay or straight without even having a thought about sex which to me is a very gross distortion. I'm just saying this to challenge this ?'s thinking logically. What these men dont realize these lesbian women dont wont them let alone even want them to join in on the sexcapades. This is just a byproduct of a stupid patriarchal society that will never change. Straight people always feel compelled to come into an already marginalized community and pick which relationships you like to see. Two women fine, two men "Ahhh the world is ending". But I guess if is not what yall like yall try take from it. SMGDMFH.


I struggle to think of an actor who came out that had their image tarnished by this. Maybe studio execs put on the breaks once men came out, but actors that I've seen on screen that I know are gay don't make me think about their gayness while on screen. Is there an actor whose career was completely ruined by coming out? Maybe we don't know because Hollywood just stopped hiring them? IDK.

Tunechi TV

1:21 wtf he mean when we think of gay men we think of butt sex.Because that's what it is.Wtf he mean.


love this woke channel!


These actors make millions, if they come out publicly that’s their choice, choices have consequences may those be positive or negative.

I personally don’t care about anyone’s sexual orientation, but you cannot shame the public into reacting the way YOU want them to.

Christian Ada

But the hypocrisy amongst Straight people that sometimes bug me. They do think about "butt sex" when it comes to men and women but act all sanctimonious when it comes to men and men "butt sex". Sad though ?

And I my straight people just pointing out the double standard

putnam 1953

But sex? Butt sex? Fat sad angry gay man who never will get over his childhood where he was called names .ugh

Egg Salad

middle america are bigots, basically.


I like how Tom Hardy refuses to even play the game and won't confirm or deny anything about his sexuality.

kenbrohomie s

There are now becoming more accepting of gays playing straight riles and gay riles there are great transgender actresses nowadays


Well im a Christian and my ears are not made out of garbage cans

Theo Smith

Gay male actors don't get the action hero parts, they don't get the romantic lead parts. They're lucky if they get "sassy best friend" or a comedic role. These are the facts now, not 50 years ago. We still have "gay villain" "tragic gay" and "sassy GBF" tropes all throughout movies and tv. If gay male actors want roles, they have to be professionally/publicly closeted, even to this day. Most of them have promances/fauxmances and beard. Many do "marry" their beards, as well. Coming out isn't any easier for gay male actors than it was 30 years ago. Coming out in general can still be a very hard thing to do for anyone, even in the modern first world, and it's only exponentially more difficult in the second and third world. The public has always been more accepting of female sexuality, so it's no suprise that women can come out as bisexual or lesbian with no issues, especially if they are good-looking and don't look stereotypically "dyky"

Prometheus Rising

It is extra acting to be a straight guy playing a gay.

Quentin Bell

Hollywood is one of the gayest places on earth. You cant possibly not think that the majority of male actors arent gay. Its just a willingness of coming out. Many male actors get ahead by acting straight but also live other lives outside of the screen

Dirg Ramsey

I've never seen people argue both sides and disprove their own arguments essentially proving nothing.


Actually I can't think of anything about homophobia that is not rooted in misogyny.


I don't think it's Hollywoods double standard but societies. Hollywood is just a dealer, giving people the drugs they want.
Hell take Charlie Sheen. You think anybody in Hollywood wants to work with him. Not a chance but there's a lot of people out there who likes him, and he was the highest paid actor on tv despite being a complete fuck up.


I think Alonso is spot on as to why there is a double standard making female homosexuality more acceptable than a male star coming out. However it does seem to be changing for example Matt bomers career has not been hurt


Obviously because guys find lesbianism hot.

Don Draper

The next global disaster that hit's, I'm blaming every person on this show. Your overreaching is ruining the Earth

Alfredo de Cossio

So now this is a political channel?


Groot is gay. He gets wood when he sees Pratt


Christie and Elonzo you better have that intellectual discussion. Lovely people. They are so insightful and warm hearted. ✌️ & ❤️

Christopher Singer

I want to see Alonso and his husband making pancakes in People magazine lol


I guess lesbians are more accepted as long as they are good looking. There is a double standard with not good looking gays too, we can talk about that too. :)


Kirsten Stewart is actually Bi


I thought all actors were gay....

Armaan Kapur

I don't know why this reminded me of that time Alonso called Dakota Johnson a 'bossy bottom'

Prometheus Rising

Even if you are a gay friendly guy no one wants their heros to be gay. Gay is not cool. It's not homophobic to not want Superman to be gay. Why would you wanna think about butt sex.? Just because I don't want my heros to be gay doesn't mean I am phobic.

London Gatewood

bruh movie roles are you giving your soul and your youth to frequency programming. idgaf what anyone says. this shit will never be right. youre teaching something that ruined and destroyed over thousands of years of cultures. fuck gay hollywood. my ancestors werent like this and this shit disgusts me to hear. 'im so heterosexual i can play a gay scene. how dumb can you fucking be.

Michael Bush

I personally don't want to watch movies about gay people. But I don't think a gay actor playing a straight man would bother me. As long as their performance is convincing. Neil Patrick Harris plays a very convincing straight guy. I'm not really thinking about a persons sexual orientation if I'm invested into a story. I don't support living a homosexual lifestyle or a lot of liberal values. But I am against hating people because they're gay. I also don't think that they should lose work over their sexual orientation. Jobs should strictly be about credentials and qualifications. Being gay or straight has nothing to do with that. Conservatives and people who are kinda in the middle like myself aren't going to change. I show gay people just as much as respect as I would a straight person. I think a lot of people think that respect and acceptance are the same thing and they're not. People can respect one another without accepting and embracing their lifestyle. I think where it gets the murkiest is when gay characters are shown in childrens programming. I don't know if that'll ever get resolved in a way where everyone can compromise.

Chris H

I think there's another side of this double standard though in that gay and bisexual women are treated as a bit less valid. Oh it's just "hot" and "freaky" instead of actually talking about their lives as LGBTQ people. More women in Hollywood may come out but I feel like we hear more about the men because for women, it almost isn't treated as a thing. I wouldn't necessarily say it's erasure but it almost is, especially for bi women (and god forbid they're in a relationship with a man)

Stephen Nootens

I can admit I have never looked at Nail Patrick Harris and thought butt sex. Does that mean there's something wrong with me? It just doesn't pop in my head, at most when I look at him I think he's really great actor why isn't he in more movies. Side note I also don't think butt sex when Alonso or his husband Dave, in fact I think why can't they have Dave on more.

Michael A

If you were in a room full of men sitting down and those men who have had sex with a man at least once had to stand up most of the room would have to get up from their seat.

Hunter W

If I have never in my whole life disrespected a gay person, have gay friends, support gay marriage, is it so wrong of me that don’t like thinking about two guys having buttsex? My natural response to seeing two gay men in a romantic way is discomfort. It’s no more my fault that it makes me uncomfortable than it is a gay persons fault for being attracted to men


Yes, we have the Internet now. No backsies.

Aeiou Mnjwpykt

I wanna know what Alonso does in the bedroom though. No homo.

...Totally homo. He's such a teddy bear.

Dennis Nguyen

These videos are stupid! Fire Matt Atchity! Bring back the Homeland reviews!


Well yeah no shit Hollywood is still a good ok boys club. So a woman will be more accepted than a man. Same reason why there’s more unnecessary female nudity than men.

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Comments (100)
Jerry Ziggy

Hahahahah,.. So someone can not be a fine boy again.? If you fine, then you are gay lolzzzz funny heads.

Sarah Loveencore

Just bcz someone support same sex relationship does NOT mean they are gay????

loice nafula

I dont judge people,, everyone is having fun in his/her own way,, let people do what makes them happy

Sultan M

Just asking why gays and they are all handsome guys .May God forgive them

boss lady

They are not gay just best of friends some of them

Coby God

Nothing wrong with it. Let them live ?

Chidera George

You posting it how are you sure ????
All this Nigeria chaii??‍♀️??‍♀️

Uyi Omokha

Oh my God Nigeria why

Mary Alfred

Hell is real heaven is real. If you miss heaven you will cry, where will you spend ETERNITY give your life to Jesus Christ now, tomorrow maybe too late

Pink Space Barbie

It's just a lustful life..I dont envy them


Y'all Tripping ?

Will Geman

Take away your parents and community influence and tell me what's right or wrong. Judge no one, pinch yourself and tell me who felt it, only you know how you feel. Being gay is not bad to me since I'm not,if being gay is bad then being straight is bad also, let's put religion and social influence aside and let humans make decisions for not hate what you don't know you're not gay therefore you don't know gay. Who are you to judge what you don't know? If your straight or gay and it's good for you then stay that way, live your life and hurt no one. At the end of the day we all bleed blood and will die someday, do not spend your borrowed time here on ? on people's personal affairs when you're not permitted to.

Touch Not

The illuminati are everywhere in every country, you can’t be a star without defying God, He list many sins but gay God call abomination, that is why the ruler of this world chose gay practise or other manners of abnormal sexual fantasies as a price to pay before becoming a star or mega rich. A time will come that you can’t buy nor sell if you ain’t gay, they own and rule this world for now.

Vanessa Clement

God is watching you

Sarah Brown

Donald Duke??????????????

Amiseh Jeremy

Madam it's not lgtb but lgbtqi.

Stewie Ofili

This was funny to watch.
Gay or not, it’s really no ones business.

Don Ubani


Lawrence David

To me all of them are bisexual.

Eddie Smith

God have mercy on them

Monte Wise omwana wa Daddy


David Letterman


The iwonpopular Tv

Nonsense how do you just say they are Gay ....

Daisy Ogbewele

Tht is just sad God help us o. Jesus Christ wht are Naja men turnin into?

Williams skushi

Hmmm, what a mysterious world

Mimi Noni1

Uti for sure is a gay

Maxine Griffiths

Repent God didn't make men to men he say husband and wife not Adam and Steve ADAM and EVE

Chukuma Oliseh Emeka Odogwu Igbo

Yes I know


Some told me if you’re gay and live in Nigeria you go to jail. My Nigerian friend told me that.

Mohammed Awal Yunusah


Ice cold Cold


Theresa Jenneh

Sorry miss but am not convinced that Alex is a gay. He just stated that now being with friends of the same sex people will started saying you are gay?‍♀️?‍♀️


Repent n turn sway from such behaviours before corona takes u away

freedom fighter 4 the next generation

A man doing a man???may the good lord have mercy on our souls end times is here??

Mukhaye Moreen

I wonder, all guys are handsome

American Credibility

Africans, when things happen they will say End time, take him to church, god this that. They ain’t even talking about mental issues etc ?

Okafor Sunny


Joyce Baby

May Allah help them

Stanley Eloo

Nawa for you ooo

Jade Black

How can two big black man rubbing on each other..Saddam and gomerha....they keep their dirty linen in their closet and no one bother them.

Fotben TV Gh

Africans and criticism

nana serwaa

All the handsome guys are dating each other ??‍♀️

Ojo Oluwanifemi

Been a gay is gud

fabian charles

Why should people accept an occultic initiation done by fortune hunters?

Nghishakenwa Petrus

Stop judging each other. I'm gay and I'm proud of it. Don't judge me let God judge me please

Okafor Sunny

guyz be careful with all gay atitudes

francille fowell

In 2020 people are still hating on homosexuality. It's time these beliefs change. We are not on earth to judge. On judgement day God will not ask about the sins of others but yours. It's high time people respect the choices of others. As long as it doesn't affect you personally then it's none of your concern. Ignorance is the downfall of many. Thank God I'm not a part of the African culture.

Peace Unity

You cannot look at a man and determine if he is gay because a lot of man or tuff and ruff around the edges and prefer to be with a a man. So!e men are bisexual. They enjoy both ways. Plp need to do their research. I kiss my friends on the cheek or vise versa and we have never have sex. Does that mk me gay or lesbian. God loves everyone, gay or not. Judge not or you not be judge. Smh. Plp!!!!

Emelia Chartey

Christian Country, unbelievable.

Fred Jordan

These are the causes of covic19, Africa will not accept them in our society till the end of this world

Uzodimma jazzy jazzy

Gay ppl don't hide only boriski is the gay I know for now very useless guy

Ice cold Cold

Please don’t tell me Shawn is gay ??????????????????????????????????⁉️

Chineze Ademola-Aina

The voice giving me headache

Mykel Thelson

A closer look at phyno's kissing picture,you will see that was a whisper no kiss.

Jewel Griffith

Oh my God have mercy on all of them the at Devil's at work that is so wrong shame on u all ppl let's pray for them

Djingly Soda Fashion Ndiaye

Maime Nigeria ya des homosexue

Ijaleye Bunmi

I have never seen gay or lesbian as bad thing as long you are happy with what you are doing

Mufasamoney Blog.

Meh all these cool Nigerian actions you claiming are gay, are they really gay?

Cathy ساره

God have mercy upon us we need deliverance

Fredrick chidubem

Pls let mind our business did they ask you to join them why are some taking nonsense of what is not they business

Nilza Luzuka

The world will eventual catch fire.

Anela Mzamo

Absolutely nothing wrong with being gay. Let people be and stop judging

Kwame Max Philip

Too many ignorant bigots in the comments section

Ifiki Renai

The fact still remains that homosexuality or lesbianism in Nigeria is real. If you like accept it or leave it.

Okafor Sunny

but flavour why

Maxine Griffiths

Lord I pray for all of Nigeria they are your people lord and deliver them and help them know and want to have a relationship with you God Lord have mercy I beg in Jesus name

Grace Mbeta

Can't believe flavour is a gay

Laurel Williams

As long as you have the

Q Legacy

So I don't understand why ppl r attacking the channel. They didn't say it is wrong to be gay. They are simply doing their job as a channel, to inform. Those guys r public figures so whatever they choose to do with their lives is of public concern,period. No one is judging, just informing. Remember the role of media is to inform, entertain n educate.

Haret Larett

Devil now has a gay related vip table in Nigeria.

Lili An

I still can't believe what seeing

Pauline Barasam

Habdsome men ,,girls are Many biko?

Nkanyezi Dickson

How is someone's gayism life style your problem??? Mind your own life

Joy Idugbor's home of speech

MJ fun Zone i show u love

Tesa Browning love

A lot of these stars throwing up the baphomep sign u should have highlighted it in your vedio what u don't understand these stars are going threw humiliation rituals and may not be necessary be gay u need to look beyond and do your research properly instead of saying they are gays

Chris Frank


ike nwosu

They are caused and they are using human right to justify their stupid way of life.

Stefan James

I'm just so disappointed for supporting n admiring their arts all this while??????


LOVE IS LOVE.... LGBT ????????????? ? ?

Ngwainbi Kindness

They should stop calling God name, do they know God

joy adieze

Hell is real

rita John

Almost all celebrities in Nigeria are going to be in Land Sodom and Gomorrah oh my God help the to make heaven. DAT is y they can't get married a wife

morning star tv

It's a free world so I see no reason okay

Cr Chiie

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Okafor Sunny

phyno why

Godwin Nmadu

Having sex through anus.nonse

Anderson Charly

This is how they West will continue to destroy your Culture using your politicians. Nonsense!

Tasa Fabrice

God ? May God forgive u ppls

Fafah Toure

This Gay thing is rampant now in Nigeria and also amongst Nigerians abroad?...its high time we stop hiding and denying it so our young children will not be ignorant or fall victims to abuse or molestation ? even though i have nothing against any human or their sexual choices the TRUTH must be told.?????

Najat Dawud

That is why God sent us Corona virus without medication till we change

Chimdiebube Sunker

This is the price to their wealth and popularity may we never get into something so terible like this just bcos of poverty or selfish desires

Anii's Brotkiste

I don't think Phyno is gay. That picture looks like close talking. But Denrele Edun dey gay. Definitely.

sinned c

Never know some of these "Guys" was "Battyman"especially Alex n Benson n Ik.Them popularity drop in Jamaica ?? now!!??????

Laurel Williams

As long as Africa taken on the Western god this is going to happened. I see here in the comment saying Jesus soon come ,like they known where Jesus gone or they send him some where.African people wake up.this is an adopted behavior,look in our food and medicine

Ibrahim Zack

That's why most ladies nowadays are not seeing husband to marry because of same sex.

Chineme Chukwuma

Mind your own business dear

Itslilyy .x

I personally think Ik and Alex are just close best friends but if they take pics together and go everywhere together that doesn’t mean they r gay ?



Micha Williams

Whats with the moving water mark. I cant watch the video because its so anoying.

Ilongo Fanny

Weither they are gays, that's their cup of tea. Their privacy, their businesses. Their lives, not my business. We all have issues. Let God be the judge.

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