How long will it take to get a six pack

How to Get a Six Pack (Truth About Calories & Six Pack Abs)

How to Get a Six Pack (Truth About Calories & Six Pack Abs)25 Aug. 2014
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How to Get Six Pack Abs:

How to Get Six Pack Abs:

Did you know that eating a few salads a day can make you FAT?

In this video, Ben will reveal the TRUTH about calories, and how to get six pack abs...

He will also reveal why “eating healthy” can actually make you FAT, instead of getting you lean six-pack abs – with a little bonus visual demonstration! - See more at:

The key to getting six-pack abs is to eat the right amounts, and types of calories on a daily basis. You will also learn how to read food labels, as Ben gives you a live demonstration in the kitchen!

The secret to getting lean six-pack abs is to understand how calories work, and follow a proper nutrition plan, created to your specific needs!


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How to get a six pack?

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Timmydahitman Beats

this was pretty informal thank you


what about coconut oil?

Trent H

Awesome videos. Ive belonged to gyms and talked to a lot of trainers etc but I really like how you keep simple and aren't trying to give bs to sell stuff! THANKS for the great videos!

Steve Thomas

This is the 2nd video I've just watched of yours and I really like the info you provide, especially as there are a ton of people all making similar videos yet with slightly conflicting advice (which is natural I guess)

Subbed, sir

Angoor Namaste

Wow! I love your videos so informative.

Gary Michael Flanagan

This is very helpful! In started at 206 pounds, at 5’8 height and 33 percent body fat. Did a strict ketogenic lifestyle since August 2018. Intermittent fasting and fasted cardio and weight lifting. Now I am down to 153 pounds and have a 6 pack showing through, with the belly area still needing to shred. I did notice that keto involves an over emphasis on high fat intake. I stopped the olive oils and excess cheese fats and I believe I am getting faster towards my goal of a lower BF percentage enough to be fully abs shredded. I want to continue on keto, but keep my calories per day at about 15-1600. I’m not noticing any muscle loss, as I try to keep my protein high in each meal. Any other suggestions are much appreciated. Do you think a carb cycling day is necessary to speed up the 6 pack abs or is it just a patience game at this point? Thanks friends.


Finally thanks for this video

michel verduijn

Nice video Ben! What can i put into my salad instead of olive oil?


What if i'm not fat but i'd like my 6 packs to be more obvious.

Damo James

Very helpful thank you… a great reminder

Shawn Afshar

Thoughts on ketogentic diet and IF fasting ? I can't lose my midsection belly fat and love handles can you putouts get her a meal plan ? What's the best form of cardio maximum fat burning keep up the videos ! Happy New Years


Great point but olive oil is a very healthy fat to consume but just as you described be aware of how much your consuming...same goes for other high calorie healthy fats such as nuts, avocados...we should be consuming all of these but know your calorie goals each day and dontn overshoot them


If I'm really skinny that sometimes my bones show does that mean I have very little fat? Or can it be that I have a ton of fat hiding underneath and I'm skinny for another reason?

Joe Navarro

Hello Ben, Thank you very much on all 3 Video's. What made me a "Subscriber" is: You're Knowledge plus the you explained slowly with clarity. I would like to see a Future Video on your view on "Amino Acids"  Thank you & Good Luck!

James Vince

What do you think about coconut oil? I have been told it's very valuable. Its caloricly high but its nutritionally dense?

Hard Mode

Great info and straight to the point, thankyou.

Ihsandi Ahmad

any other suggestion about food?

Christopher Sewell

ive being running for a month after an operation and other gym work and put on weight and still way 110kg. 

Kelly Littles

Wow...  Great visual!  It really puts things in perspective.

Jalise Ross

wow ty

Joanne Beback



hey Ben I am 16 I am trying to get abs from 1 month I can fell my abs but it's not showing can u tell what should I do ??

Joshua Cawkwell

What would you recommend 14 years old to do to gain a six pack Ben

Kyron Conrad Junus

Could you please do cooking videos for the your healthy meal plans with less bad fats and etc ?
Cheers !


great demonstration/visualisation ben..thank you very much :)! xx


I have a question. Is it impossible to accomplish at same time to gain big muscle(whole body) and get a six packs? because I thought gaining whole body muscle is war of how calorie you get and getting six pack is war of bely fat


You make a good point about salad dressings! Thx for the info!

DIY Everything Thing is Possible!

Thank you. I have a question here, pls help me. What the difference between 6 and 8 packs? Normally, how many packs?

Mike Fada

Great advice, thank you. I just started a daily fitness vlog


great visual demonstration...thanks!


Thanks man, this is really really helpful! I've been trying to lose belly fat and got does abs!

benyamin hasanzade

Dude, that was Awsome


Fat isn't turned into energy either. It is expended as water or carbon dioxide.

Atanu Chakrabarti

could you please advice on Canola oil? is it safe to consume or is it bad for human body?

Utsav Parashar

thanks bro...

Fer Kaiser

thumbs up dude

Hadiyanto Xia

Very useful information.. thx.

chang vang

lol watch out there is going to be some people hating on you saying you use steroids and those people are mostly annoying 

chris arceo

great video, very helpful! but would it be possible for you to make a video on what todo to maintain muscle?


wow! thanks à lot 4 your channel?


How many grams of fat we have to take in six pack diet ?


what about john cena

James Vincent

whats the best free meal calculator out there. An iphone app would be perfect.

shabir wani

HELLO SIR I NEED UR HELP IN GETTING FIT FROM FAT I'm 187 cm and weight around 110kg . so how can I get into better shape

Clair rose

So your saying no need to include olive oil on your diet?

Alejandro Castro

most helpful video

umair arif

Thanks for the video.
I have a question about soft drink and fast foods like pizza.If we eat one time in a month.
It will be good or bad for the six pack ??????????????????????????


Wow that was my mistake! Thanks for the video

Josh Williams

Very useful video, as I'm struggling on what foods to eat on a diet

Jay Uddin

RESPECT to this guy.

Aaron Owns

Hey ben tomorrow i come back to high school i was wondering if you can please give me like a nutritious breakfast that doesn't have much calories.Also i play water polo after school or sometimes go to the weight room so if you can i will gladly appreciate any tips for after workouts also l know there's many videos out there but your advice and videos seem more reliable

Michele Boyd

wow....I am so grateful for you to do this video...I went on a weight loss journey about 2 years ago...I workout 4 to 5 days a week...I am going to be 52 and as much as I have worked I have never been balanced on that I watched this...I will now learn and implement the advise and I am certain I will now reach my goal...I have dropped at least 65 pounds...have 30 more to go...bye bye tummy...I am learning now how to eat...again...THANK YOU

Yossef Emara

Thanks ! Was very helpful !!
But i got a question here :p , Is there a way or another to get the six pack abs within 3 weeks ?

كوتش خليل مدرب العلوم الصحية والتغذية

your ar the best

Karla Cook

Wow, thank you for explaining this so clearly! I understand how calories work now, i can not thank you enough. Liked, and subscribed! Very informative video!

Julio Barrios Jr.

It's about time I find something useful on youtube nice video ?

Andy. Andy

This video is awesome. I never knew that oils were so caloric dense. I'm going to use this knowledge to improve my eating habits.

Ihsandi Ahmad

I think. that food is too expensive for me.

Aaron Owns

Ops just watching this after coming back from my first water polo practice thanks for the tips ben i will definitely prepare what u recommend me tomorrow.

Az Zaman

The next Mike Chang?

Mayur Sinha

Another eye-opening video, thanks bro! BTW what's the music at the end? I'd like play it during my workout.

Charles Duanchai

bro you hot your chanel

James Powell

Great eye opener...thanks Ben!

Ali Abdulraheem

Thank you,
I love olive oil :(, i did not recognize that olive oil would have all these calories. I am 5,11 feet tall and about 160 lps weight.
how long do I need to have six packs? I go to GYM 3-4 times a week.
Thank you again :)

M Plikett

Hey Ben, I really want to fallow along I am just doing a bit of sit ups and yoga. Thing or two here. I stopped working out for almost 2 months, I want to lose weight I was trying for awhile after taking some supplements.  I can't get on to the calorie count. I like salads without oil since it is fat. I am going to start doing that eating chicken for dinners at work. I like isagenix shakes that I am going to commit to. Can you help me out man?

a g

used this for like 2 months and lost 18 kg :D

Jacob Parody

I wish u were my brother

Karolina Valentukonyte

great visual video. Thanks!!!!

Optimal Natural Bodybuilding

 good video ben! i just subscribed!  :) i just thought calorie dense foods is like olive oil and nuts etc not things like chicken breast veggies etc, i thought chicken breast veggies etc is calorie volume? if u know what i mean? and not calorie dense

rikoani subliminals

Why does he look like James from the discontinued show, Big Time Rush?


I only use a cap full of oil, if that, with anything i eat that i think could do with oil so i'm kinda glad i never go over board with it then.

Atrium Rahh

I got a question about the Oil part? so you saying we are allowed to eat with a little bit of oil or not at all? 

Celio Motta

Great video! Whoa, thanks!

druwinka brickston

great video

Aaron Owns

Another helpful video thanks for that incredible explanation! I was wondering if you can make a video of the best foods with a lot of nutrients protein, carbs and etc but still have low calories like you showed on the video all that food looked good and doesn't add up to a lot of calories definitely good for my diet once again thanks for the useful videos keep the great advice up

Aj Leigh

Ben - can u make a video about what u should eat as far as a meal plan for the average man/woman... Something that will show the foods that fit in with ur philosophy


I love how when you find an informative video you find like around 57000 views..but when you see bullshits like "How to get abs in 3 minutes!" you find like millions of views..awesome

Mohammad Elhalabi

At what age do you get abs? Is it possible to get it at twelve years of age,Ben ?


My jaw dropped when you mentioned the caloric content in olive oil. I even went and did some research just to be sure and you're right.. How is this not public knowledge?

Sultan AlMalki

I started to eat six meals a day. Every two days I eat chicken breast with a couple broccoli in breakfast, lunch and dinner. Especially I drink 3 times whey protein when I woke up in the morning, after working out and before I sleep. I just want to burn belly fat without losing muscle. So you said in the video we shouldn't take a lot of calories if we want to get a six pack. So should I stop drinking protein shake?. Can you help me what should I do please?


Is it possible to gain weight and get a six pack at the same time?

christine gibson

thank you sooooo much, now I can trade in my Cag for a six pack


I eat whatever the eff I want as long as I hit my calories. I don't follow my macros just git my calories and I'm ripped to the gills.

Ziad Hijazi

just subscribed to your channel i really appreciate how honest and informative your page is. now i know why i havent really been able to get a 6 pack  

Karthyk Rajan

Is frying eggs with olive okay for six packs diet plan?


So, a quick question. How do you cook food without using any oil?

Rosme FitStyle

Thank you so much for the info! :) I have been working out for more than three years. I completed the Insanity workout & FocusT25 and never had I really toned six pack I know what I was doing wrong. Thanks again! :D

Khushboo Rampal

it is so amazingly ultimate :)
m following it :)
thanks though ;)

HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO GET SIX PACKS: How to get six packs abs in Tamil | Body Fat% FULL ANALYSIS

HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO GET SIX PACKS: How to get six packs abs in Tamil | Body Fat% FULL ANALYSIS4 Aug. 2020
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In this video, I talk about how long it takes for you to get six packs. The video covers all about the body fat percentages, how to get abs/six pack. And state how many days exactly it will take for you to get six packs. The video talks about bodyfat percentages, estimating our goal bodyfat percentage, speed of fat loss, and all the other miscellaneous things it takes to get a six packs abs. With the help of this video, you can exactly see how long it will take for you to get six pack abs or a flat belly.


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mada samy

55 weight iruntha 6back vaika evalo weight loss pannanum

mifras nippu

Semme bro . Bro neenga seekiram periya aala varanum and interview show pannunga bro . Unga moolema nireya per ku benefit 200% conform! Videos ellam legit! Fake fame thedaama honest ah irukku bro videos ! Keep it up ! Last but not least unga friends are the pillars of this channel bro ! Subscribers varraangelo illeyo ! You are lucky to have such friends.. koode pesitta pole athu vanthu! Innekki thookam varala bro athaan 3am ah unga videos paathu oru maari aahittan pole ??

sushindaran S

Gym khu pona height less avangala bro pls reply me

karthik s

Pesama nee nadika poiru tharunu


Hi bro,i wanna ask you something is that 30 day 100 push ups can change our body?romba nalla ithu nan doubt padren

jai kutty

Super bro,sema nice clear explain


Ultii thala???

Namma Gobi 360

Ayyya epdi koraikarathunu sollunga ayyya

Karthikeyan A

..! Cardio matu pothuma.. Illa workout podanuma solra

Ragnar Lothbrok

Bro speed breaker maari thopaki enna pandrathu


Tharun. You're awesome. Thank you so much for the information. I'm proud to follow you by subscribing your channel. I've just started gym and your every video is motivating me a lot. Thank you again for the same. Waiting for your every next video.

Guru Vinayak

10:09 ultimate brotheru?

Smart Senji

Sis pack ulundhadhu kappram udambu earatha bro

Eswar Suha

Bro unga age sollunga

Jacob Roy

The only channel which no one ask for "BLOOPER PODUNGA BRO" ??????


Super man ...well said ..

Kajendradas iyampillai


Guru Anavarhadhan

bro video mass ah sonninga , oru chinna doubt hight protein diet maintain pannanum nu sonninga so can u give ur formula in terms of evalo protein , carbs edukanum . Big fan Love ur content <3


Bro ippo solringa 6 months la six packs Varum apadinu athuku munnadiey six packs vara chance iruka


Bro.. ..naa last 6 months aa weight loss training panren....ippa enakke chest stomach la laam fat illa...but love handles apdiyae irukku...shirt potta olliya irukken...but bare body aa shape kevalama irukku bro...and also left hand biceps kammiya irukku right side compare pannum pothu....please give any suggestion


you way is correct bro

Mohammed Sufi

Super bro.. Very scientific and informative video. Thanks. Keep it up ? By the way, u r so funy too.. ?

Iniyan kishore

How to gain weight

Jeswin Sundar

Yow dubuku kolapatha

பகவதி பாபா

I'm kavaseri's catagory...

Suba Darshan

Real trainer❤

Iyyappan Thimiri

More fun on videos ???

Lohit Kumar

Very nicely explained ?


bro super na 30% la erukkan na kuda youtube la pala videos pathurukkkan 40 days la six packs vanthurunu neenga tha crt ta sollirukkinga thanks bro

TOMMY The labrador

Diet Patti poduga bro


Bro teen weight loss pathi video podunga naanagalum paavam dhaaana bro pls

Nithish Nithish

15 years boy can go to gym. What workout he should do in gym. For his age

isac Max

let me join gym todayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
and get a six pack in 3months

Kevin David

My question is flexed vs unflexed abs difference teiyuma cause I think I'm at 16 to 17 percent and I have visible abs but unflexed it looks like a bubble stomach

Leander Camlo

Fan of your videos man?... your editor is too good!!! And friend mani?

Rajesh Gowtham

very informative and motivating... neengalum super ah present panringa bro...

bhuwana bhuwana

Bro home workout video podunga bro

Varun s

Bro unga daily workout chat sollunga bro please.?


wow.. neraya info terinjikiten. nandri sago

Mohan raja

Micro level research analysis, super bro, keep it up

raja raju

Bro nee vera level

Uma Uma

Ungaluku kandippa six pack ell ☺️☺️

Bryce Aus

Question of the day அன்னா நான் பத்தாம் வகுப்பு படிக்கிறேன் எனக்கு உடற்பயிற்சி மற்றும்advice மற்றும் diet பத்தி ஒரு வீடியோ போடுங்க for boys

mohammed rizwan

Love the way bloopers are involved in between. Hard to skip it. Fun and also Informative at the same time. ??

srivishnu 801

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Suresh Kumar

Bro, small change that obesity won't may occur due to hyperthyroidism. It may occur due to hypothyroidism. Hyperthyroidism will lead very lean body and those people usually face problem on putting weight.

Muthu Kumaran

Subscribe panniyachu.

Mohamed Yunus

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venkata krishnan

Bro unga body measurement sollunga bro plzzz....

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fitness balance

super bro



Adarsh Ps

Hypothyroidism* bro

what the fun !! tm

Bro body lam slim ah iruku but stomach mattum fat iruku enaku ena problem nu solunga

Suba Darshan

Calories track pandra app solunga bro indian foods ku.


Intha editing ...ku entha app use pandringa ? knjm solunga


Another question daily hardworkout pannanuma illa normal workout enough

Praveen Kumar

I like it all video

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Morning night food pathi theliva sollunga bro

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How to calculate body fat

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i m feel like i acciedently entered math class?

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L87 Bharathy

@tharunkumar thanks for the valuable info, may I know how much calories we should take to bring down the body fat to certain percentage ? How do we calculate our calories that’s needed per day to reach our goal?

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superb bro & Thank you


bro please clarify my doubt, should we eat according to protein goal or calorie goal for fat loss? please tell bro

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Tharun bro...Hyperthyroidism irundha high BMR irukum so rest laye more energy burn agum which leads to weight loss, hypothyroidism is associated with obesity, overweight and low BMR.

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