Handsfree orgasms

Erotic Hypnosis - Hands Free Orgasm (for everyone)

Erotic Hypnosis - Hands Free Orgasm (for everyone)3 Sep. 2020
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Comments (73)
Edward Green

Oh yeah

xopsie ツ

I- i had an amazing time..

Cakes Place


Just a random Chick

Wow master this felt so good! I'm a little surprised honestly. I'll be sure to watch your other videos. I'm glad I came back for a second watch giggles its a strangely nice sensation to be hypnotized.

Also what if you made a video where you had both text and your voice. Both maybe making different suggestions to implant more?

Kathuryn Carter

I finally achieved a hands free orgasm! But after I still touched and I came even harder. I feel weak asf

queen Stitch

His voice makes me lose control like crazy

Tom Whiteoak

I had a pleasurable time though it only happened once sadly

Kaitlin Geddis

I always really enjoy your videos

Cowgirl Streams

I had an amazing time. <3


Thank you master, I feel so good. So good, I can't stop. So needy.

Matthew's girl

That felt too good

Hypno Junky

Welcome back <3

Sly Desires

Hi the pastebin Script is set to private?

Himiko Yumeno

I don't think this worked

Delia Stoica

Long time no see bro.I fell so sleppy after watching you video,I will definetly sleep well tonight.


Wow. I had the best and the most intense orgasm. I felt so aroused afterwards and when I thought about it again I came so hard.....❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


Master! I enjoyed it so much.

breeyonna ortiz

how do i get hypnotized

autumn9494 winter

Omg a new one!

cobalt blu

That was incredible. I will definitely watch this again I was gasping and I’m normally silent. That was so special. Thankyou I had a wonderful time

Heart in the cards

I’ve been waiting for you to upload again! I can’t wait to watch this

edit: that was great, I’d never had an HFO until now and it felt sooo good, I had an amazing time

CelinaIst Lost

i had an amazing time, master :)

iBTi c

I had an amazing time ??

Percy Puppet

I've tried many videos like this before from different creators and I just seem to struggle. I can fall into a trance and usually the first few snaps or triggers for waves of pleasure work it's just they never seem to build. Do you have any tips/suggestions?

Y. G.

I want more


Just done it, felt so good

Charlotte Brown

I had an amazing time and will be back

William Campbell

Your voice is so soothing, it was so easy to enter a trance. I had an amazing time ?♥️?

Wavy Ny

Is there a reason why it didn’t work for me

Sophia Morgan

I had an amazing time.

And I have to say so far the spiral thing that worked the best is the one in the other hands free video. Not sure if they make a big difference but for me the more movement the easier it is to focus.

The daily perspective

I had an amazing time tingles ran over my legs and feet. I felt more relaxed than I have in a long time

nourhan tagi


Heather Guthrie

Wow that was truly amazing! Makes me want so much more.


I came without touching myself,, are you proud of me master :)

Laurence Madeo

I liked the idea of a text version.

April Venegas

I've missed you Master it's been a while and it felt so good to be under your spell again

Allia Forwood

I had an amazing time. Thank you ☺️

Libby Polglase

Thank you

Dee One

I had an amazing time - felt so good

Hi There

I had an amazing time.

3rd_eye_vegan 1111

Your voice instantly makes me drop into a deep hypnotic state. Thank you for the video - I had an amazing time ?



Christy T

Amazing files.. ?

Clairey Mac

It didn’t work for me :-(

molly stultz

I had a great time


i- yes this was yes

K_ Naqv


Katherina Krings

I don't know how but you made me really wet??

Matthew's girl

My second time, i felt so fucking good.
Thank you.

Joy Bird

I had an amazing time


I had an amazing time <3

Charity Shields

when you have long ass acrlics on

Mildred Kudlacs

Thank you, I had an amazing time ♥️

Ur Hawt

I think i should try it when its not 1:30 am and I'm not half asleep LOL. Your voice is soo soothing though ?


I have a amazing time ... I discovered your channel recently and I can't stop watching you videos for days, at night ... Thank you.

ran asakawa

I had an amazing time - I always wait you~:)

Kitten Pinney

Thank you sir, I had an amazing time ?

April Venegas

I had an amazing time thank you Master ☺️

Melany Kira

Despite being easy to trance I somewhat struggle when it comes to hfos, or staying deep for that matter. Mostly a nonissue this time. Between your voice, cadence and tempo I had little trouble staying relaxed - got kinda squirrely towards the end but the haze of arousal was... sufficiently distracting.

Really can't complain about the result. ^^

It's not very often that I manage to fully enjoy the after effects, restless energy and whatnot, so that was a nice bonus. I'm still loose and floaty if you want further indication of how the experience went for me. ?

Many thanks! And definitely listening to ze others later ?

Joe Schouviller

I had a amazing time

Edward Green

Thanks you Lord Almighty for this life amen

Ilovecookies I love them

I had an amazing time! I’m so glad that you’re back!

Lil Tete ;;

I just... i fell asleep listening to your voice..( ´͈ ᵕ `͈ ) ♡


I had an amazing time !

nothing special

I just love this too much, it's so ugh-

Amber Carey

This is amazing... so many times of "relaxing " 8please don't stop making these!

My beloved Bingus

I cummed too much-

Emily Rivers

This is definitely my new go-to audio, it gave me my first true full-body experience. Definitely an all-around amazing experience.

Vain Glory

Hmm... Do you still make custom files?

Ainsley Rehm

Ok like is it gusset me or is his voice so addictive

also I had an amazing time thank you

Lady W3irdo

I- I- Wow. That was- New. I- I need to- Take a nap after that. GoodgodIfeelweird.

Random Person

I loved this sooooo much! I just ugh-

Inira Fitzpatrick

I had an amazing time ?