Fear of penises

FEAR THE WERE-PENIS | Cards Against Humanity

FEAR THE WERE-PENIS | Cards Against Humanity25 Aug. 2014
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Comments (100)
Ethan Anderson

Death: horrible tragedy or sexual opportunity? XD

Koalas Top Hat

@TheRPGMinx 7:08 for the card "Hey baby, come back to my place and I'll show you _" I would've went with 'The American Dream' XD it's dirty and flirty and I just think it would've been amazing


is Entoan illiterate or stupid or both? just curious


i have tried to found out the outro song but i cant find it can some1 plz tell me?


How to make a haiku! Remember the rule of 5/7/5!


8:10 You know you have seen enough Llama's in Hats when you straight away think "orphan meat."


My best moment playing Cards against Humanity, The black card: What is Batman's guilty pleasure. My white card answer: Dead parents.

Hannah Dutton

at 6:00 i bet she was gonna put dead babies.


at 14:30 i would have went with "If God did't want us to enjoy ambiguous sarcasm he wouldn't given us tweeting."

KAYNAA EccentricAxewielder

The hero of time is a homestuck reference

AJ Pajunen

Adderal doesn't make you trip nor is it addictive why do people think that


Windmill of corpses would have been good for Horrible tragedy or sexual opportunity

Dena York

What fuckin year is Wade from in its called wwe now!!

Tiamat Blaze

I'd love to get in a match with you guys, CAH is soooo much fun!

Jenna Kingma


Julian Jensen

en pik-antilope!


Mind you at  the best at cards against humanity videos

Jack Bobb

I just have a question, Is minx a dude or what?!?

Cuz in half the videos I see, she (he?) sounds like a chick, and the other half, like a dude. I'm just confused AS FUCK.

The Girl House

Minx's laugh makes me whole. ??

Noah S

what are they using to play this????


Anthropologists have recently discovered a primitive tribe that worships - the American dream.

Gabriel Swoboda

the terrorist smuggled in it would win

Owen Stewart

If God didn't want us to enjoy TWEETING, he wouldn't have given us THE TERRORISTS

Pheobe Turrall

8:48 love it minx ??????


11:42 best part of the video XD

RHGMaster Gamer

Haiku is one of the most important form of traditional Japanese poetry. Haiku is, today, a 17-syllable verse form consisting of three metrical units of 5, 7, and 5 syllables.

Piro Nesia

Aw Minx was the topic card person when it said "I can't get off to normal p0rn anymore...." And she had Hentai as a card XD, that would have been perfect

Assistant Magus

5 minutes in and you've already had 2 fits of laughter.

add to favourites

I'm a geek, not a nerd

"I might fantasize about the terrorists, but I'd never go that far in real life."

tobi totashi

What program are you using?

Guy Garic

I love how it opened with laughter

Agen Dior

My favorite card is Pac-Man uncontrollably guzzling c** too


8:57-9:09 Why is this so hilarious in half speed?

Liam White

Me and my friends were playing this one time. Since there wasn't enough people, we created Rando. For Rando's cards, you just drew a card a entered it in. He sucked as a result, seeing as there was no planing, but it was fun watching what he'd put in

Anyways, black card: ________: Kid tested, mother approved.
We all put in cards, and we put in Rando. Rando put in 'An Oedipus complex'. He won.

Since that day, RANDO has been getting a maximum of 3 black cards per game.


How the fuck do none of you know what a Haiku is

Ai Nakaharai

What website was this tho? 

A Son of Liberty

"I learned the hard way you can't cheer up a grieving friend with" rough anal rape I washed minx put that on a blank card

Courtney Chevalier

The next pokemon will combine hentai and nunchuck moves


"What is literally worse than Hitler?"

Nicole Starr

I was drinking pop and I laughed so hard my chest started hurting

Teh Esprite

>MinX had Hentai
>She didn't use it

kaleb the evil gamer

Enteon you fucked up

The Doctor

@TheRPGMinx you have the amazing voice of a thousand angels spontaneously combusting into a flame of song

Natalie Geurtsen

omygosh I love your laugh

Mackenzie Bunch

Aderall doesn't make you trip, in fact I take it for my ADHD and it won't make me trip!

Master Devin

Minx You Are Fucking Epic Definitely Subbed.


aderoll doesn't make you trip, it just makes you not want to eat


* black card* when i was puting _ in my cup i filled it with _.

Merium II

I am requesting for Minx's permission to go to a website that allows you to suggests white card and enter "Telling Hilarious Jokes About The Holocaust In a Falsetto Voice"


Lady gaga has revealed her new dress will be made if


_ SyBaR _

Omg the furry deck >.<


I learned the hard way that you cant cheer up a grieving friend with Pregnancy.

Jokesterrzero the Clown

Furry comic. Who the fuck selected that?!

I have two comics that I'm writing with anthro and feral animals, so this is a very offensive.

Unless by 'furry comic' it's related to something sexual, which in that case, nevermind.

I'm sorry, but one of the comics is a 1,200 page/3 book long series, so that comic and the work I put into it being possibly insulted is pissing me off.

Katia The Cake-Loving Cat

10:07, i laughed so hard, my eyelash fell in my eye. don't ask how, it just did

Nightcore Kitty

06:11 i ACCTUALLY thought Minx was gonna write orphans. And she didn't but I still laughed. (I'm such a terrible person)

Nyctophobia Prestinheart



11:43 WTF?!?

Sora Lionheart

Favorite card the hero of time


Wtf title, attractive


minx is a were-penis. At night she's a huge wrinkled snake with one eye.



Dark Wolf Lord

If you don't think what he said at 11:39 is fucking hilarious, then you have no sense of humor. XDDDD


for the people who have played this game... what is everyone's trump-card?

Turtle Of Doom

sam pepper is literally worse than hitler.


what was minx gonna type that was incredibly offensive but she decided to pick something else?


I didn't even start watching the video yet and I'm already laughing. How do you do it Minx? XD


A newborn: Horrible tragedy, or sexual opportunity?

scooty legit

I thought u would go with a pokemon of hentai and twerking XD


minx why didnt you use rocky dennis and john merriks lovechild on the hotel one

Stupid Sh!t

Markiplier: King of the Squirrels
Bob: King of the Were-Cats
Wade: King of the Were-Penises

Jessica Alyssa

Poor lil Entoan sounds sick. But awesome video.

Mason Reppeto

Please don't start playing with baron he is an obnoxious little has fucking nobhead when it comes to video games.


Your favourite card is my favourite card.
Also if you get the big box one, there is a card between the white paper and the black kid. But you have to cut the paper to get it out. You'll crack up when you read it. The text on the card is silver, but I'm not telling you what the card says. Other than it's hilarious.
Let me know if you find it, please.

Shima Shita

Damnit... I've seen LordMinion777 But I can't remember who it is XD.


Too much Adderall does not make you hallucinate I know from accidental expirence.

Caleb Birchfield

Minx has the MOST contagious laugh ever.

sophia bevilacqua

Entoan: When I'm in prison, I'll have black people smuggled in... I think they're already in.


17:38 mark is the were-cat, wade is the were-penis

Owen Stewart

Excuse you, I'm a were-HENTAI


"blue waffles"


Nick Morgan

so what really offensive thing were you gna right minx? for horrible tragedy or sexual opportunity


Beware the were-penis!


"I'll have black people smuggled in."
"I think they're already IN."


The Girl House


Hey dude. Netflix and _



Lily Last

BLUE WAFFLES!!! Like if you get the reference

King Kool Kattz

da fu- I don't think the WWE has called themselves the WWF is ages

King Harold



Really, Minx? Anthropologists have recently discovered a primitive tribe that worships the American Dream. IT WAS RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU.

Marley Strasser

Oh god my obsession with this channel is so bad... I literally was just watching Entoan and saw minx in my feed and I immediately was like MINX WATCH NOW NOW NOW YES

no one



Minxy is the best :3

MatteBlack Productions

Soo many furry cards


im sad. one time i played this on a random server and the black card said, this is the captain speaking, please fasten your seatbelts and prepare for ___ and my perfect white card, not typed was , september 11 2001. sadly the czar was afk

Jeremiah Burroughs

Did she just bullsh*t a haiku lol

josh knoderer

the final cards pokèmons name should be oricide

Mark Ampil

2:20 Solas? DAInquisiton?

Big Max

holy hell Entoan!

Hannah-marie Edwards


VegetaSayin two

I feel bad for Entoan he gets bad cards and then when he is card czar he has a great card, this happens to me alot in this game

Episode 4: Chicko is Afraid of Penises

Episode 4: Chicko is Afraid of Penises28 Oct. 2017
FroobiusSubscribe 438 721

Barry tells a joke that he

Barry tells a joke that he wanted Chicko to tell onstage.

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Weed, Pregnancy, Penises & More: Your Worst Fears Confirmed

Weed, Pregnancy, Penises & More: Your Worst Fears Confirmed21 Jul. 2020
41 777
Comedy CentralSubscribe 438 721

Just when you thought it

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, Natasha Vaynblat confirms your worst fears. #YourWorstFearsConfirmed

About Your Worst Fears Confirmed:

Everybody is afraid of something, and renowned expert-in-everything Natasha Vaynblat is here to reassure you that those fears are completely justified. That thing you’re worried will happen? It definitely will. Natasha has combed the internet for your real, most-searched fears and is here to tell you: it will be even more awful than you imagine, 100%.

Subscribe to Comedy Central Originals: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNVBYBxWj9dMHqKEl_V8HBQ?sub_confirmation=1

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Comments (91)
Glitter Mommy


Matthew A

I kind of want to find a sinkhole now


This whole video is just a huge Deja Vu

Manuel Flores


T's C


Literally no one:

Expert Natasha: 100%

mama is cool xD


Game ReaperX

I'm not saying that this will happen. I'm just saying it could and it will

Supporting Myself-Always


Jalani Gerring

Just a matter of when and how

Vinny Rex

My doctor is a quack

Jaleesa Marsh

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ennryu tes

i want to meet that sinkhole




This mentally hurts me

Theo Radimo

Wasn't this posted before



Mohammed Sillah

never noticed the Macintosh?great stuff

block hasher

everytime I have a nightmare and wake up I want this woman next to me to tell me that literately just happened, fear confirmed

Money D

All of these studies have stuff that has like 000000000000.1chance of happening

Sofia T

One error: the man who is dry humping the tree does not have a girlfriend


Best series

Somadila Agulanna

I don die

Golden Rose

Is she a doctor 100% yes

golden arrow

I don't know if life is safe anymore

Shannon Reeder

Is it possible. 100 % hilarious


I'm so shaken from the herpes part

William Frazier

Can confirm.




So is she telling me I should apply moisturizer to my peen to keep the skin from getting dry.

Troy Built13

This chick wrote the guidelines for covid ?

King Of the Beast

Wait, lions don’t live in Madagascar...

Vishnu Vijayakumar

I am scarred for life

Tyler Conley

I was sitting on the beach watching Vsauce videos so people think I'm smart but these vids get 2 birds stoned at once


4:44 Mother Nature is a home wrecker.


11:48 had me ded?


wait what.......

Daniel Sayre

This is basically chubbyemu

David Thomas

As a man this was very uncomfortable to watch

Javier Fernandez



So in conclusion that is how you achieve knowledge

Its just a matter of when and how

Bryce Strife

I'm marrying this woman. It is done.?

332 579

Cool, cool. Time to wear permanent penis armor



merlijn van gils

Is she a doctor (a pause and b roll of doctors)


Lol how the f they come up with these

Im just chillin Im just chillin Jr

number 2 baby

faht fak carl

Is this true?? I’m literally panicking

The Travelin' Sagittarian

This is hilarious lmaooo ???????

G33k Space



I still wish they make "can you die from one beer?"
It's a matter of when and how?

Treezy Huncho Mantra

“I’m not saying this will happen, I saying this could happen and will” ???


This comedian is gold. 200%

John Loeffler

WHY!!!???? Why do I ALWAYS click on these!!!???? ??????????

URKillingme100 *

I get the creepy feeling that you just want to watch me pull my pud. I am down with that.

Luna Luna

" you take a break from being perfect and smoke a joint" bitch im even more perfect when i smoke a joint smh ? jk lmao

the drummerist [Jared Dill]

Or u can jus have unprotected sex with girls from FL. P.S.- How do you keep a stable relationship?


I fact checked this video and is true.

100 percent.

Randy L

Lmao I love how she says " you're pregnant"


I loovvved this from start to finish ??????

I dunno

My pp gone and das not gud


How about we make a what if she just stfu and and go to sleep ?

salmaan Chonee

Doctor “100% and here’s how” Natasha

Joshua V

i dont know to whether laugh or feel cautious

Ken MacDonald

I'm starting to think that she doesn't like the cawk

Florida man

I've watched every single one ?

mama is cool xD


Andrew Favor

"Turns out you're smart in a way only you understand." ?

Kiki Cookie

Thank god, I don't have a pp

Kieth Stone

how could anyone find this funny

the drummerist [Jared Dill]

2 ornery hawks. Lolol

Solla Mudiyathu

Please respond to my fear... does sperm from mouth due to oraljob makes u pregnant.. if somehow gets into vagina

LeBron James

Oop wrong vid

Alan Fangs

Wow its real

**I miss sleeping**

Foxkin fleming

Tell Trevor Noah i said hi please


× rummaging for notpad and pen ×
Could you elaborate on the sinkhole? Where are those found? Asking for a friend. Because science.

Abdelhakim Ayed

2:45 i bet she's a femenist

Amal Saju

Boring ?

The Skewbicle US

Hi there

Mircea Matei

watched all of these. where is the new stuff?

Acommon King

I love you

Glenn Lybrand

The Panthers lost SB 38 not 37!!

Horalka V

Is Natasha a doctor?
100% and heres why

Nicolás Berrogorry

Weed makes you dumber. Everyone knows that. But if your brain is working all the time at 100% because you're an anxious person and have some iq points to spare, maybe losing some neurons can help unwind, and with the right determination it can help you get smarter about how you use your energy. I'd always recommend the scientifically proven, low side effect anxiety medication that labs produce though, but right now I found balance with, of course legal, Uruguayan weed.

Foxkin fleming

this made me feel weird

Alicia Allwood

I've learned so much more here than my biology class. 100% confirmed.

Treezy Huncho Mantra

“I’m not saying this will happen, I saying this could happen and will” ???

Foxkin fleming


Jared Halpain

hahahahaaaa XD

Tyz World

1:31 “ A simple tug “..I’m gone?

Sarah Dee

I absolutely adore this lady. I LOVE these videos. So funny!


You know she’s a doctor because she has a turtleneck