Girls make cum

How to Make a Girl Cum

How to Make a Girl Cum8 Jul. 2010
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You asked and we

You asked and we answered...for the videos hit

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request: Carlin wears a ball gag from now on :)

Danny Bonner

maybe all the girls around here are the same or something, but i notice starting with the body softly, then areas softly, then increase intensity as you get signs is the way 2 go 4 me :)


@Markohoppis If a man has soft hands, I think that they take care of themselves. I also think how they'd feel on other places if I like him. ^_^ Take care of your hands. Callouses and dirty fingers/nails aren't attractive to any woman...


I think you two are both beautiful!

melinn o01

I cant cum unless im on top of the guy and i have to have to be at a certain angle and then do it slow....

Tat Ivy

God I wish the one in yellow was gay


Thank you for the knowledge . but i have a question maybe you can answer how do you help or make a woman cum that never has?

Calamity Jane

old woman had some experiences.....

E. Null

2 days ago I watched a guy masturbate for the 1st time. I feel like even after reading about sex and watching these and other videos, I still have a lot to figure out. I tried to give him a hand job with a firm grip since that's how I have been taught to do it, but that's not how he likes it. He also NEEDS to see and play with breasts in order to enjoy it. I didn't expect that. Everyone is different and wants different things.

Matt G

ahh just get a vibrater and gloves

Farrah Claire Barry



@elektrafelix LOL


Yes! Great advice! I have had way too many bad experiences with sharp fingernails, ouch! D:


i think mutual masturbation is a fabulous idea, A+ on the video


the girl is hottttttt!!!!!

jamal X

me 2 i use my tung and fingers to make a girl cum


@emobunny2612 moderate nipple pinching may work! ;)


what about a girl who refuses to touch herself?


i learned in freshman year, since then i havent really worried about it lol its easy once your there

Kulisi Smalls

@FantuckinabulouS that my friend is the best question i have seen so far


Thank you.


you ladies ROCK , love you

Matt92 Machine

I use my tongue to make girls cum

John Maddux

May I ask what the website is ?? if you put the website in the box down below we can link to it. I would love to learn more. & Thank you for the info & keep up the good work. I love your video's

How to Make a Girl Orgasm: A Trick to Make Her Cum EVERY Time

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i do agree with them is not easy to make a woman cum if they dont trust you and feel safe ..and it is not one way to do it need to know what they like and make them relax :)

James Dinld

so you have seen the rap battle lol


I have never came with a person... I CN only climax with my self and I'm only 26


This shit is stupid.


AS we said when younger IT ain't the size of the wand it's the magician using it !

mars S


Muhammad Khatab

You are anu-ying dude..

Daryl Tang

Why are you always talking shit not related to your video title and think you are so funny and cool?

william declue



You are so annoying!!!!!

Keene Booth

Wow this sounds like fun! Have you seen Winestols Orgasm Secret? It also shows you some sneaky techniques to make her go uncontrollably wild in bed, google it for more!


David has some good vids on PUA.. glad to see it!


Okay. How about get to the fucking point already...

Paul Paul

What the fuck is up with this guy almost half of the video he is shit talking about how people say hi wtf


Really? Is there a vacuum in the background? I don't care. Just saying.


too much fucking bullshit, just get to the point and stop wastin time.

Harshan Perera

I found that really informative. I found this because my buddy came to be a lady-magnet - and he's overweight He began getting girls over night. He behaved as if it was natural for a while. He finally came clean on Friday. He told me he learned from the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it and you'll find it... He's dating a stunner...

Scott Turner - Ayahuasca Magic

they both are too old for this shit. should be married with kids. at this age its just embarrasing

Nick seldon

Dude you're so fucking annoying. If anyone here is gay it's you, you fuck tard.

Andrey K

Somebody is butt hurt :D


I couldn't even watch this Caz the dude wouldn't shut up with his ignorance and get to the point.

Zac J

I communicated with her about her feelings and she came instantly, thank you so much

Barry White Aesthetics

He is right everybody is gay today not necessarily putting dicks in asses or whatever just super camp

Samuel N

If you want to have a great time with your partner in bed, and have an explosive orgasm, that's awesome. But if you really want her to go wild, crazy wild (more than you could imagine), and have her hauling you back for more, check out Merle Winestol's website. He reveals a set o techniques to unleash your sexual prowess.


this guy's got mad flow.

Trevor Gowe

Holy shit. Adjust your fucking mic. 


2:50. youre welcome.


What is really stupid is saying you're gonna teach something and talk about other stupid subjects... (sorry my english is 2nd language)

Jedi Tanker19kilo

2:50 You mean i can make a girl cum just by communicating with her. That means I give dozens of women a day an orgasm. I never knew that, thank you.

Greg White

Oh yeah. I was wondering who the hell is lurking behind the camera, so she was the cleaning lady :) obviously she doesn't have any problem with g-spot orgasm or tickling clitorial one, she wasn't paying too much attention what you were talking about. Funny shit.

Richard Hilton

Easy to make a woman orgasm, show her my pay cheque !! lol

Meadowlark music

Alberto Acevedo agreed bla bla bla!!

zatara wood

David .. I think you are putting the cart before the horse ... most men watching this are probably at the 'saying hello to a woman' step ... not at the how to make her cum step.


I am going to unsubscribe. You are a doofus. 


Love this guy

Aktivly on the road

THE FIRST 2 1/2 Min of your video are completely,COMPLETELY Un nessary

Venom yeeett065

audio's all fucked up.

Jena Gage

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Jessica Gordon

they need some fabric on the walls to cut down on the echo. it is so difficult to listen to. the information was good but took way too long to get to it. the other thing that really annoys me and it is not just from this couple, girls are pre-menstruation females. Women are post-menstruating females. Talking about girls having orgasms is gross. Women have orgasms. When anyone talks about a male they say man. why are we downgraded to being girls? we are women.

Trenbolone acetate kaya

Hes not funny


you have a tupe

Bead Lover

for some one that's complaining about people being too loud you spent so much time gripeing about it i just moved on to another video


look i am a girl and this is good!! you know what to do !!! thaks for helpping other mans !!!

Colin Smith

Ur sayin u ignore negative comments... I want u to reply to this one cuz u r a homophobic piece of shit that doesn't know wtf ur talkin bout. We viewers came for help but ur not explaining anythin so yeah... Go fuck yourself

Lynelle Overby

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the illusive "neutral bar"

Elaine Hochberg

u are insulting. its not gay to scream and yell . ur creating a big social problem. i watched ur first video but have a prolem with ur insulting vocabulary.


The first 1 min of your video is total shit. Just get to the point of the video will you? And your overuse of profanities don't make you any cooler either hag brain.

"When did we become a society of wasting time where we can just get to the point?"


He glued his tupè to his head. It's the only explanation.


so long, headphone users

Yani Labiste

super duper helpful

Brian Yates Adventures

I thought it was funny as shit when she said "I thought it was the vibrator again".

Arnetta Armijo

Free Live Sex Cam Show, Exclusive Unlimited Access: BabeGirlsHere.BlogSpot------------------c0m

Abhi-Irina Perak

David! Just came across this clip...can I just say: You look and come across the sexiest and the most awesome in this scruffy look with glasses and wild hair...LOVE IT! My apologies for the lack of relevancy...

Dan Roberts

dude i think your fucking great!.lol.. keep lovin the haters . theyre just mad theyve got no personality..


What we don't like is when people take to long to get to the point! Like the first two minutes of this video


RIP headphone users

phillip nguyen

this was a shit video.

Veldee Banks

Thanks for this


@Brendy127 FYI not every girl is the same, only girls know their bodies more than everyone else. a guy couldnt just figure the girls G-spot or spots on her body that turns her on. if the girl told the guy to do this or do that to their body, it would help a lot more. this couple knows exactly how orgasms work with women. u clearly dont know how to make a girl have an orgasm. a message to all girls, dont be afraid to tell ur bf where ur sensitive spots are, communication helps

Jessica Gordon

you need a better partner. someone who is interested in your and making sure you are happy and not looking out for himself. (making an assumption (sorry) you are straight) you need to communicate to your partner and tell him what you need him to do.


thank you

Alberto Acevedo

Bla bla bla

Eric Wolfe

this guy has 22,965 idiots that like seeing his homophobic, ignorant, shitty...



Essene Sea

I hope you're not making ANY girls cum... Now women know how to cum all on their own, you just need to Be Present

Destiny Andujar

Lmfao wow...

acrhie mccallum

its buying handbags and shoes that produces the best ones, That guys a total prick by the way.

akeem anderson

i understand that you're a gr8 natural gamer that's why you cnt teach a non natural gamer but its a pretty good video sooo check out pua training with Richard Gambler

Janie Toves

No that do jot seem gay

Iddi Amadu

i think she looks very old for sex talk, thanks


i like it when you rant and rave.

Cody Morrissey

@Brendy127 How did u get 29 likes for something we already know shut the fuck up.


audio is soooo overmodulated and shitty i stopped watching 30 sec. into it. i advise you to do the same and thumbs this comment up so no one elses ears bleed. this is an audio ear rape. again, THUMB UP to keep at top comment.


LOL Neutral bar


three minutes of nonsense. get to the damn point. fuck your hair plugs

Harrison Butler

@Jerjerman become an unforgettable lover who can give a woman multiple explosive orgasms starting tonight… Go here ==>

Jim Wyant

If you punch her in the twat full force that will get her screaming right away.

Savory Icon

is this your crappiest video of ur david

Steve Elder

Also remember this and I think it's important...whether your male or female..but this for males mostly, if your significant other never initiates sex, run don't walk from that relationship. It will never get better..I could initiate sex and make her come countless times and she would be exhausted after its all said and done..but do you think she could ever say, hey lets have some fun? need that just as much as women do..we want to feel wanted and needed too

Terry Todacheenie

The dumbest fucking video! How about he shuts the fuck up maybe that will get a women off.


I would of been like WTF.....shut off the vacuum .

Andre Mag

dudes a douchebag


Manatee 7

first few minutes was lame...didn't need to spend that much time on hi, etc bs!


So girls actually orgasm. Whats the point in that?
Who knew.


so true guys listen


Be a man (as you often say), follow up and deliver on your video titles instead of wasting people's time by goofing around. Also, get a better mic. 

Matthew LaCroix

What a fuck ass boi

Al LaPlante



Use a long dildo on them because if they dont use that when your not around then their screwing around with someone else

A. Merico

what a waste of time. lol...4 minutes of some idiot talking about bs followed by "know ur woman"


I'd love to give her one, and not make her orgasm


Don't no but from your v cut t shirt glasses and baby blue hat u seen pretty gay!

Navel Nemins

Haha You guys are hilarious :)


i dont think he meant homophobic kinda gay, but i agree the media is just laugh out loud retarded and stupid


My ugly brother managed to make the most beautiful stripper I’ve seen in my life fall for him because he cheated by using the Cupid Love System (search in Google). I wish I’d been joyful for him but I wish an eye-catching individual would fall in love with me. I’m seriously green with envy. Does that make me a lousy human being?

claudius powell

love this

Peter Ghent

I totally agree with monet2434. Dude ask her a fucking question and shut the fuck up.


I can't believe I was dumb enough to listen to this rant. What does this old woman know about sex?

Why Can’t This Girl Make Me Cum? Ft. Gina Darling

Why Can’t This Girl Make Me Cum? Ft. Gina Darling17 Aug. 2015
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Special Thanks to Our

Special Thanks to Our Guest & Friend:

Gina Darling





Commentary by:

• Joe Jo:

• Bart Kwan:

• Geo Antoinette:

• Gina Darling:

• Edited by Nelson Nguyen:

Submit Questions Here:

Artwork by Nina Faelnar









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Comments (100)

Yo who else noticed that the clock has XVII instead of XII in the beginning of the video?

The Fringes

Gina doesn't mind if guys last 2 minutes, I finally have a chance.


lmfaoooooooo bart is so stupid i canttttttt

The Church of Lucio

geo and bart FUCK


Don't feel tender when doing sexy time feel good about yourself.


ginatitts is so sexy


I'm emotionally attached to my right hand :) ehhh I need to get laid lol


I could've sworn that was vvvortic

E.J Prescott47

some times the key hole isn't a good fit for the key. you need a new key hole my friend with a nice door and beautiful pattern. marble maybe?

Harold Davidson

2:43 As a fellow ex-Marine, I approve Bart's message.

Json Coding

this happens to me.... like bat is attached to fucking... but like if u not attracted to a girl its not a turn on


bart lives in hentai world XD 2:30


That is the name of every white fat kid that plays xbox?

Rogue Q

Gina's personality is so fucking sexy. If she was in my social circle we for sure would be homies.

Nica G

Gina: "America!" spreads arms wide and hits Joe in the head


If they add Julia to the show , she may try some stuff on Tommy. Some next level shit

victor bendel

I’ve actually had this issue with one girl

Sierra Jones

I think the world knows TOO much about Bart and Geo's sexlife.

Cunt Rubber

Because she doesn’t care....Care boils down to overall effort....she doesn’t care enough to put forth the time - concern so why would the guy be interested? No interest = no hardon

Alexandre Savard

Can you change the intro? My porn thinks I'm watching my mother.

Stephanie Martin

Geo's seductive blinking @3:30<3

L Lawliet

200,000 view omg

Aaron Amoso

Gina is so cute!!!

last first

Damn, Gina's laugh is hella cute

F metalhead

have sex with her but imagine another girl if u came then you should break up with her or whatever

chris lee

theres also the deathgrip, where you masturbate with a too tight of a grip and when you have sex, it isnt stimulating enough.

Lindsay V

is nobody gonna comment on that A1 patriotic af editing?

Ryuu Djinn

you dont mess with the zohan!! hahahaha

Json Coding


Tuga Huga

Actually i've had the same problem. even now with my girlfriend, I can have an erection but if i'm not psychologically turned on it just won't come out. And it's not like i'm enduring it, i just don't feel the desire to

Thayne debortolli

Whereeeeeeeee's Tiff?????????

Justyn Mebane

Surprised the editor didn't make the fireworks squirting

morgan ******

I loved how that flag KEPT just trying to sneak in ;)


That laugh at 1:01 :)

Artur Avanesov

hello i am a 15 year old boy and i have a crush on this girl who is also my friend and i really want to be more than friends but my other friend has also had a crush on her a while ago he maybe still have one so i don't really know what to do. please help me :)

kurai Okami

So true.. Nature. Why you so cruel???

Felix Ebanks

Cumfess your love


Gina has the best outro yet


Popped too much E makes you not be able to cum? Shit, when I popped too much E, I just to beat the fuck out of everything. This couch, that table, the wall, my friends' faces, didn't fucking matter. Drugs are bad, mmmmkay? Seriously tho, that's fucking weird, drugs are weird.

call me randumb

That sub count thou 333,555


it could also be other tension. when i was a teenager and active, having to worry about making too much noise can take out some of the pleasure. if there are issues similar to that involved with a girl, it can cause that problem


what does "popped too much E" mean? Does it mean "popped too much Ecstasy"? Or something different?

Justin Nguyen

@ 1:06 How does Gina know that anyways o-o Don't tell me she has a dark past T_T


If a chic is bad at sex i wont come. Sometimes its hard if you have anxiety or over think

wenzo lin

0-cumming real quick.

Sakuri Sake

Casual hook ups suck dick, sex is not gonna feel that good. Certain guys seem to think casual hook ups are better.

morning star

love u guys

Daniel Book

very true. if I'm not mentally intrigued, maybe this come with age, but if I'm not amused then I'm more or less like. Oh k? haha

Sakuri Sake

Is it too much to ask him to not do casual hooking up? If he can't cum from hooking up than it may be the hooking up.

Shemar Collier

I like my girlfriend she sexy smart cool funny but she just can’t make me cum I keep seeing people say stuff like the keys to small but that’s not the case my dick is 8in and it’s a struggle every time I put it in it’s crazy tight I literally could be in her for 1hr and not even see the sight of cuming I need help

Judy Chao

I had an ex who wouldn't cum and the doctor said he's fine lolol


maybe he's demisexual...?


does anyone know the name of the song that gina was humming at the end


sounds like vvortic

Felipe Braga

Ejaculating is not the same as having a true orgasm.


You watchin too much porn ... desensitized your mind and slim Jim


The questions are getting stupider and stupider... Your guys' answers ?

Flow State

Depends on the guy, seems like the guys on JK can have narrow views, as if guys are just basic physical creatures, and that is really not so.


I make me cum.


i mean one time i wasnt able to cum during the third round of sex. but i think it was because i was tired.


I love Gina; she is so adorable.

Robert Daniel Curtis

Yeah, I just watched Gina on the entire outro without clicking on the other video..

Melanie Abreu

Am i the only one that doesnt like gina

Rusty Shackleford

I had this same issue when I lost my virginity. I had sex with her many times and never could finish with her. Then one day I just got my stroke down just right and was able to do it. Now i'm giving her ALL KINDZ of creampies every time. I think it was just me being nervous with the girl. I was so worried about performing well and making her orgasm (which I did) that I could never finish. Might be as simple as nervousness. Relax

Geoffrey Butler

I see they didn't get money involved like last time...

Jewcey Jewce

God damnit the fucking cleavage it's distracting me

Christopher Palladino

3:42 armpit hair


my last boyfriend was like that. he had trouble cumming during sex in general. he came about 1/2 of the time we had sex. he said he actually came more with me than anyone else, so his previous girlfriends had it even rougher. it was a psychological thing with him, i think. he is too focused on pleasing the woman and can't get out of his head. also, it probably didn't help that he wasn't very healthy- he ate crappy foods, drank daily and didn't exercise. all of those things leads to less than stellar sex.

Angelo Ariel mejia

Lol Gina's patriotic outro was on point!! XD

Nathan Lam

im the same way if im not doing by myself and im having sex. if im not into the girl its really hard to cum and the more i like the girl like gina said the faster it comes.

Krutartha Nasit


Michael Lee Bennett

LOL!! at BART's Cup analogy at the beginning

Kris Patel

Do a tiff and put a pilow over yourself, pretend its an ex


Honestly I think it comes down to what your standards are and what you've experienced. If you've been having sex with really hot girls and then have sex with an average or below average looking girl it's going to be naturally less stimulating. Not having any emotional attachment isn't going to help either.

Marcelino Paniagua

sometimes guys give themselves a mental block unintentionally and you just don't finish. but it sounds like they're right Lol if your not that into her you just don't finish


Gina is hilarious on these vids Lol.


Barts first statement is false.. im living proof


What's the opening song?


Gina is so pretty!! I love her hair and her dress

Melanie McGuinness

Maybe he has a death grip✊


Wow Gina cleavage is so pretty.

Flow State

Depends on the guy, seems like the guys on JK can have narrow views, as if guys are just basic physical creatures, and that is really not so.


I could never cum when I have sex, lol it's too hard for me XD

Nica G

Gina: "America!" spreads arms wide and hits Joe in the head

Harley Gallocker

Gina your bewbs, hide them. I can't concentrate

Zinny 999


Official Clintrix

Is gina and joe dating too?

Michael Lasby

i know a guy that had a threesome and never came and no girl has made him cum (we are 17)

Sublime Music Channel

Gina's got so much personality. Beautiful, too, obviously, making her seem like the complete package.


All these 11 year olds be like "Does that mean I love my hand?"


Gina thts the american dad theme song

Nobbylad JR

Ey Gina is fucking fit bro

Tsab Xyooj

Bart and Geo have an interesting sex life. Lmao xD


make more vids pleeeeaasss


i feel like gina is just there to found out about bart and geos funny sex life  ;3

Nica G

Gina: "America!" spreads arms wide and hits Joe in the head

Zinny 999


Goldies Gems

anti depressants can affect it as well....

Cristopher Mercedes

they posted this video like 3 months ago


Here's a solution: Be more imaginative. This will not be fair to the girl, okay, but imagine a hot girl and make believe she's the one you're having sex with. Given much practice, you can even 'superimpose' that hot girl's image in your mind's eye even if you don't have you're eyes closed. If you're not imaginative, then slap a picture or magazine over her face.