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First Look: Zane Lowe Interviews Billie Eilish and Finneas | Apple Music

First Look: Zane Lowe Interviews Billie Eilish and Finneas | Apple Music25 Feb. 2019
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Billie Eilish and her

Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas O’Connell meet up with Zane Lowe in Paris to discuss her album ‘WHEN WE FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?,’ making music together, and dealing with anxiety, depression, and sleep issues. Listen to Billie Eilish on Apple Music:

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Comments (100)

Woah I didn't know Billie and I had that in common... I'm so glad I can relate to someone about lucid nightmares and terrible recurring dreams! I thought I was alone in this. Now an idol speaks up about this and I can't even think straight because she's exactly what I needed! <3

Creative Caroline

The bra thing was an accurate prediction of the future...

Scarlett Davis

Wish my brother wasn't such an ass, they have such a good relationship

Tammy Brantley

Finneas is cool calm and collected. I don’t think he minds her taking the spotlight. I do think the interviewer should have addressed Finneas, he sort of ignored him.

Rebecca Cohen

I’ve watched sooo many Billie interview but i gotta say, I’ve never watched something like this. Wow. I’m speechless.

Mandy Griffing

This was a great interview

Fakhar-un Nissa

Imagine those people on that bench behind her find Billie on the web then realise they were like 3 meters away from her ???‍♀️


This is the reason for Madison Leinster aka Gazebeaux to disappear. Hope she puts her original musik out soon. Her song "Rain" is so awesome and i wrote a comment back then and asked for somebody please give her a record deal.

Shemb 1818

Omg I have the same problem with my nightmares, they always come back or really happen…

Natasihia Mcfarlane

CEO of watching this because if TikTok


I wish this interview could last forever.

Lilo Roro

They are in Paris???

I'm You, You're me

Every Musician:
"I'm so different"
"you will never understand my dreams"
"I cant explain" (because .. what they are saying is pretentious garbage that has been recycled musician after musician to give them a mystic that draws more people in for questions)

Kaitlinn barcellona

That’s my baby?

Lexie Raee

It’s crazy cause everything she feels is exactly how I am. I don’t know what you’d label it. Minus the sleep issues the feeling so sad and can’t say how you feel is so accurate it’s unreal. Mental illness is no joke and all we need is a brother like that in life to help us, she’s so lucky! I love her ♥️♥️

Canada's Cool Covers

Billie is very amazing and talented. She has a very strange, interesting mind, you know? Her creativeness. She's her brother is so amazing! I just discovered his music today, and it's so great! Wow!?

Bea Elaine Baldos

I love it how billie let finneas answer the question just by looking at him 9:50

Jordaan Te Whata

This is the only one true interview I've seen so far

happy kimma

billie eilish!!!!

Rilly Jo

Thought she was sitting there with dare devil

Ximena Macilla

5:32 awww i felt bad for finneas tho ngl

nintendou :O

why does he look like Liam Payne? Not Finneas,i mean Zane


ᶻᵃⁿᵉ ˡᵒʷᵉ ᵐᵉᵉᵗˢ
ᗷIᒪᒪIᗴ ᗴIᒪIᔕᕼ
ᵃⁿᵈ ᶠⁱⁿⁿᵉᵃˢ

I'm You, You're me

Fun Fact: "Idontwannabeyouanymore" was written by Finneas about his upset that he created this persona for Billie to hide in. And that he is behind the "talented Billie" that everyone loves. but he wanted to be able to have his own words be recognized for his identity. she is the face and the persona. she gets the love. he doesn't want to be her anymore because it is dejecting.

not to mention that anytime something shifts towards Finn, Billie jumps in, cuts him off, and tries to make it about her. typical high school girl

dana camren

I just love the both of you. Thank you for existing tho

Joanna Anderson

i seriously feel the idea of being a neutrally unhappy person - brilliant way to put it

Irony is waisted on the stupid

For you non English fans the interviewer is Zane Lowe a Radio1 host in the UK who's brought unheard of bands and acts to the mainstream for decades. He's the real OG muso and no surprise to us brits that It was He who interviewed Billie and Finneas ?

T Christine

I have sooo much respect for these two, and their incredible family for allowing the freedom for exploration and discovery. I have ALWAYS gotten shit for my "neutral state" or the fact that on any given day, what I crave and chase in life are things that inspire me and fulfill me are experiences that evoke a feeling of nostalgia, even for situations I may have never experienced, personally. "Why fo you always listen to such depressing songs?" Cause it has a notable emotional impact where very little things do. I have always been super sensitive to peoples energies, too. But honestly, I wish more people were familiar with Buddhist philosophy. Being in that state of "heightened energy" does that mean positive, happy all the time... it is the ability and skills to work through and release the energy which is not beneficial to us feeling fulfilled at that time.

Margaret Harvey

can lana del and billie please collab <3

Xan Bell

The interviewer going are you there for each other when not making music? Sighs and looks at Finneas hahaha what do you think man, they seem pretty close.

skot davis

Interviewer talks all over his guest, doesnt give them a chance to answer before he is speaking for them...jeez.

Nobody Knows

The interviewer is talking way too much about his life, clearly a set up for the next question. Way too long winded, let the person being interviewed talk and don't put words in her mouth or re-interpret her. Billie has plenty to say without your help.

Shiro to Kuro

Finneas looks like Van Gough :)

Shellany Diano

Zane Lowe's really good at asking good questions, so rare. The conversation is deep and genuine.

Frank WasBetter

The musical Cersei and Jaime Lannister


I am a 48 year old women.. and I have never heard anyone express as well as Billie and her brother my life, how I feel.. I don't think I have ever been out of neutral. Wow girl..

Delphine Joyce

I now have a favourite interviewer

Adrianne Ollivares

Old souls.... he writes she sings.. ok now i get it

Danielle T

I love being able to relate to her on a deeper level. I get sleep paralysis at least two times a week and have experienced it for 10 years now. I’m too scared to sleep but luckily I know now how to snap out of it

Betania Hernandez

Billie it's the most beautiful woman in the world.

Kyle Anderson

Wow... no words, so just ? ?

Mara Grace

Finneas hardcore looks like Matt Murdock here what the heck

Mamma C

13:09 her reaction to what he says is so pure and precious ??


Billies just wise and intuitive. She will find ground as she grows up, she seems strong

Canada's Cool Covers

Wow. That's strange that she dreams stuff and then it dude...SHUT UP!?


Dude I finished my degree, still have dreams about being in dorm and exams

michelle maria

BILLIE is highly empathetic <3 thats why the world needs her <3 the world needs more empathy <3

Porsche Vonne

I relate to this chick and I’m an adult (I think ?) Billie’s mind and willingness to be THIS outspoken regarding touchy (the world‘LL think I’m crazy) topics is AWESOME! I was 19 when I learned how to... ? I’m not typically a “fan woman” but DAWG I like this girl. ??


This is so good, Zane Lowe. I don't remember it as part of the longer interview at this place and time. Finneas is so insightful, and Billie's ability to use dreams and a surrealistic approach is so immense!


This is so weird, I've been obsessed with this concept for the last few months. My dreams have gotten so vivid that sometimes I can't remember what "really" happened in my life and what was a dream. They are so parallel with my awake feelings. Creepy, so which one is really real? Why are we naturally hallucinating? Or is this an alternate universe?

CrisMelo DotCom

She a bit self-absorbed and her bro's too humble. Is that cuz she's pretty? When he starts to talk she interrupts him to be all about her and a bikini. Poor guy.

Camille Harris

I hope this young lady takes care of her mental and doesn't let the Fame machine destroy her cause she's hella talented

I'm You, You're me

2:05 "You can't tell me why we ..."

yes.. many people who have studied sleep can. If you choose to reject the answers, then that demonstrates your grandiose sense of self. because in Billie's world, if it wasn't an answer that originated in her mind, its invalid. lol.

consolidation of memories/learning that took place earlier in the day in integrated into our minds while we sleep.

we respond to the light and dark by producing hormones to correspond with wakefulness or sleep. as we wake, adenosine provides an alert mind and activates systems in the brain stem (partially due to it being light outside working in tandem with a healthy circadian rhythm). as the day goes on and it gets later and darker, adenosine breaks down and melatonin creeps in with the darkness to say "hey, time to get ready for bed" (all of this dependent on a proper circadian rhythm).

as the melatonin runs its course and one makes their way to the bed, they lie down to begin the various stages of the sleep cycle. even as we lie there 'pretending' to be asleep, our brain is downshifting in wavelengths, so that we are able to enter into the first stage of light sleep. we enter light sleep and may still be able to have some connection to the surroundings as we drift in and out of a connection to consciousness (dog barking next-door, muffled voice from a youtube video on low, etc.) then stages 2 is still light sleep, and in stage 3/4 our brain produces delta waves, deep sleep, and hormones that are released - all of which are incredibly rejuvenating to muscles, tissues, and mind/body (which is beneficial for us to continue to live in life.. - so that is a big reason why we sleep ...) but when we fall asleep, many of us dream in the later stage of sleep known as REM sleep (which is also crucial at supporting rejuvenation for the brain and alert function the day that follows).

dreaming is mostly subjective in nature in terms of 'meaning of dreams'. but, the fact that it feels like "a second, but was eight hours" its easily defined. In REM sleep, a great deal of desynchronized hyper-activity goes on in the brain. and typically, if woken up in this state, the dreams are very impactful and memorable (many of us tend to wake up at the end of Stage 5 [REM sleep] as is). the average 'dream' last between a few seconds to near 20 minutes... But, since there is zero concept of time in dreams, we are forced to relate it to our understanding of time while awake. (time as we have learned to understand it, does not follow those same rules in dreams - hard concept to consider but continue reading if curious).

Time is a construct of the conscious mind. our brains are working constantly to ground us in a reality surrounded by time and laws of physics while we are awake. while dreaming, there is no time or adherence to that reality - so we are forced to try and relate the events of a dream to our understanding of time in a wakeful mind.. after we wake up.

In a dream you can travel the world, get married, go to party, etc - and it feels like a lifetime or days of events occurred within 8 hours (or a few seconds to 20 mins).. but thats only because as you wake up, you begin to associate how long those activities would last in a wakeful mind - and it becomes convoluted to consider. But, again, time is a conscious construct. we enter into a state that is beyond or below consciousness while dreaming (most argue below, but stages vary) - and we are only able to attempt to try to make sense of it while awake.

typical highschool mentality of "im so deep and not able to be understood because of the complexities I speak of" .. it will run its course. and as it does, hopefully that ideology leads one towards studying the question as opposed to being so self-obsessed.

x x

Let s raise a donation so Zane low can have an office with desk and chairs

Royal Shuvro


Vicky Thompson

This individual here... is... a genius.

Manogna Srinath

Billie: I really wanna go fast, but
Zayn: Something tells you...
Billie: Yeah
Wow, Zayn, you're awesome man! He's got her perfectly down

Lisa Nguyen

I’ve dreamt things that would happen in my life later would be very detailed and be exactly the same

cj phights

Love this I had a poetry teacher who would give you no more than a b-day if you didn't write about happy things and I have had horrible writers block because she was so critical that I wouldn't write fluff.

Juan da phrog

no one:

interviewer: mhm

Nallah B

Man, this interviewer Zane Lowe IS LIT


She is so young with great talent..she is just getting started can't wait to see what she brings next and Finneas is a musical genius !

Nicole Fernando

I love them ??

somali Bilow

Don't wear bikini yeah


Stellar interviewer, 14 minutes was not enough

Darcy Swanson

Finneas is so respectful to her. He does look super mature, and older than his 25 yrs!! So sweet

Kaitlinn barcellona

Can he be my therapist please❤️

BlackMarket DIY

All my dreams are lucid too and I used to get sleep paralysis almost every single night until I couldn’t take it anymore and looked up what to do and someone said try to stay calm and conscious of the fact it’s sleep paralysis, then move the smallest muscles like your tongue or eyes and it usually wakes you up as soon as you get control over a muscle. Not only does that work but I can usually fly BY CHOICE before I wake up. Like levitate. So now I actually like it- just figured I’d share if anyone is tortured by it. Staying calm and becoming aware of the fact it’s a Dream is the most clutch.

Casey Farrell

i don’t want to sound rude but it was like at times he was putting words into her mouth

Peggy Koko

9:48 and 12:27 are so special

Saoirse Hegarty

That laugh at the end though love IT??


6:11 when she said "I love meeting these kids that just like ........... ", I staright away knew she was going to finish it with "don't give a F*%(" ... so predicatble


Finneas's voice is so deep my phone is vibrating lmao ?


Is the interviewing guy kiwi


I love her so much cuz she is different in good way. She think all day about things that i would never think of and that makes me feel like we dont know everything about our soul. That just.... Idk what im saying.... ?

Omer Imtiaz

This is hilarious! I feel bad for the interviewer having to hear such drivel

Maddy Parker

Oh and finneas

Irina Ștefania

in this video her posture is more masculine, while finneas's is the one that's more feminine. xd

Erikka Juvonen

Omg I have horrible night terrors too my mom and my sister. My Dream world is straight up horror movie sometimes. Amd when they come true it just blows my mind. I'm so happy to hear that one of my fav new artists has the same problem. And Billies brother is an absolute genius who is part of the brilliance to Billies music. I'm not happy she suffers from night terrors it just makes me feel like I'm not alone and I'm glad she talking about it ..

Indigo Moon

Now THAT'S what you call an interview! A++++

Madi - L

Why do get this one a whole other level ?❤️

Monica R.L.

Any one had dreams of having sex with ghosts?

Daniel Potter

I'm a 41 year old guy and she described the way I've been feeling for years. She's an old soul.


The first and only interview of all the ones I've see for her that is really worthy. Maybe it was having Finneas there with her? Whatever, this is gold.

CrisMelo DotCom

I wanna know more about the guy on the left who's trying to speak.


8:23 - 8:25 SO TRUE

Queniesha Love

This is such a deeply refreshing conversation ???

Crystal Rose

Finneas O'Connell is to Billie Eilish like Taylor York is to Haley Williams

Tundra Mouse

she's a fucking punk. punk is an attitude not a style of music and she is a fucking punk, i love every last note of the album. and her attitude and finneas' production, their music is the absolute tits!!! and this is coming from a serious music snob


I love how Billie says we and the interviewer say you guys. It’s so important because finneas is a part of all these songs that Billie makes. Finneas is so underrated and he needs to be known as finneas, not billies brother

Rosie. xd

Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu are my strange addiction


It’s amazing how good their mics sound. Sounds like they are recording this in a studio, not outside in a park.

Jamillah Borum

I know what it feels like to
Fall asleep and I think about something really deep. Like the time I dreamed about shooting in the neighborhood Here. That’s when I thought about Billie and her album. She’s not lying. I even had those little scariest dreams.

Alexandra Rocha

I'm glad billie and finneas have each other

YG Guacamole

yo that finneas dude is buggin out but hes cool

Carla Cuccia


eila lab

Love u billie and finnies

Yap Rui

"When we talk to stranger about how we're feeling, they only hear our side & so they assume that they know what we're talking about. But... you know I've felt things that I try to describe & that people who have lived with me & are around are like... that's not at all how you're feeling. I can see how you're feeling & you know I think we just all lie to ourselves."

Latifah Azzahra

this is so intense

Dayana Maciel Cervantes

Her faces @ 13:07 lmao I love her

Aladin and Liam Meet-Up at a Bathhouse | 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way

Aladin and Liam Meet-Up at a Bathhouse | 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way23 Sep. 2019
528 720
90 Day FiancéSubscribe 438 721

Aladin attempts to have a

Aladin attempts to have a man to man talk with Liam by taking him to a bathhouse, a tradition for the groom and his friends on the last day of the wedding.

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Comments (100)
jannah pink

Aladdin is handsome❤️?

Haha peace LAURA?✌️

Mirakuru Panda

Liam tryna tell us something. i wanna make sure Aladin knows whar he gets into, hmmmm

ash Hus

Bath house... gurrllllll ahhhhh

John Clowney

Liam's smirk is so freaking annoying.

Mil mil

I found new respect for Liam after his talk with his mom and his apology..He said he decided to grow up and give it a chance..Liam if your out there congrats to you...Your a man now...not some spoiled jealous kid worried about attention..Look beyond your needs and let mom be mom...we all make mistakes and the old saying is true..What won't kill us only makes us stronger..carry on my friend


Aladin really cares and i love that about him


Why did he come to Tunisia then?


Liam is so weird his jealous of her mother having another kid like if his 10 or something ? it is true his mom can’t have kids but his not worried about his mom’s health his worried about his mom don’t giving him attention ?


I dunno why but I'm so bothered by people who smile all the time?

Lisa Scales

Awe his feelings hurts but I'm a intervert and I don't like go to these types of parties deals

Aryanna D

Alladine needs to fix that hair line asap

gp g

Son knows its all BULL shit. in the end


I wonder if he cringes looking back at his cowboy hat yet

Yanira Mccutcheon

Lol, green card is the name of the game.?

Odelay Derado

Why is he wearing a cowboy hat also I thought they were Canadian not American

Tee Bee

The way he kept staring at Aladin I thought he was in love with him.

crazzi-j north

I used to work in a place like his in the U.K. akadin is adorable


whoa the haircuts

The Master of Lion

This sounds like a gay porn title

Lincoln Jude

I thought this was a gay couple. ? Next ?

Rodrigo Mota

Did they have sex there?

Dan Valle

Liam wanna get laid by Aladin

Lina Ben dhia

Y'all are simping HARD for aladin

Saturn Reign

Liam has a shit eating grin and I HATE IT SO MUCH

Petti Labelle

This is not what Liam thought it would be like in a bath house with Aladin

Al Espinosa

Liam is an idiot. Did you see all the girls at that first party. What a Putz. Aladdin looks like John Travolta. Liam should’ve gave that cowboy hat to Aladdin

Mar P

I like Aladin's voice when he says "so, what's going on man?" 1:04 ?


He looks like a combination of syndrome and the pickle guy from sponge-bob combined

Valentine M

As a gay guy I was expecting something different from this video


Aladdin is peng idc bye

Aeron Corpse

Aladdin is really handsome and gorgeous


His smile and eyes remind me of Tupac

Rylan A

Alladin seems nice, forward while being considerate. That slimy “kid” though seems unbearable


Liam looks like private Pyle from full metal jacket ??

T.s Lkr

There is a new word Jiggy Jiggy in google dictionary ???


How can this lady find such a fine man and I can't even get a text back


Many fake smiles here


i wish they mentioned childrens age as well

rellie miranda

Liam is a gay. And Liam wants Alladin to be his boyfriend not his mom’s husband. Lol. He might be thinking that Something romantic will happen to him and Alladin. Maybe he already research that arab people loves man also.

Tracy Miscellaneous

the most passive aggressive conversation ever. ever.


Shit I’ll go to a bath with Aladin anytime

Venus Serafico

this means seems to be a nice guy?

Cold Sweat

Look at mommy’s lil boy!...

kodie watada

her son is so annoying !!! Aladin was tryna be nice and understanding and the son was being a dick about everything

Keanon Gee

He was busy nerd gaming

Bennyboom boom

This dude can easily date with Kyle or Kendall or Rihanna Lol

Justin Luong

Thought TLC had a gay couple


Maybe Liam didn't want to hear his mom say jiggy jiggy all the time. He probably felt gaggy gaggy.

Oscar the Staffie

The son is a turnip


Omg if his mom can get Aladin so can I ?

Ruman kharangarh

He was Jenny's son too

Norimar Santiago

Too many females drooling over Aladin lol being hard on Laura and Liam. Yes, Liam isn't being okay with the situation, and it sucks, but he said so himself that head always had a difficult time accepting his mom's relationships. But he isn't being rude or mean about, he even went to the baths with him, put on a smile, and, most importantly, he's there! He isn't dissing Aladin, he isn't telling at him, giving him a stink eye. Anyone would feel weird about their 50 year old mom marrying a 29 year old!!!

As for Laura, she has been accepting his culture, even when she doesn't like it or feels ridiculous. An actual rude person wouldn't even consider it. Honestly, she isn't that bad of a person.

Aladin is a bit sketchy. Sometimes he looks like he's super in love with her and then other times.....doesn't really look like it. He's nice, for the most part, but if things aren't done his way, he throws a fit. Also, that ego though! Lol.

Oh, and just because you're an old person doesn't mean you can't enjoy life and be with an attractive person.

αɴαнαтα love

oh god when aladin said that right before the wedding the guy takes his friends to the bath house to relieve stress i was thinking a whole other thing. then i remembered they were in another country with different traditions.


Aladdin is fiiiiiiine ?


Liam is so sweet

Brown Sugaaa

Liam has a punchable frikin face !

Chrystal D Sinor

Liam sounds selfish when it comes to his mom sorry to say that

RVboy Junior

I was waiting for Aladin to get naked...

Katherine Wilder

Someone who don't watch the show that video title can mean something entirely different.....

Hello Hi

Aladdin is too good looking for that granny

susan joynes

How embarrassing you date a playmate for your son

Rahul Ghosh


Anita Rai-Tiwari

So people like Aladdin cos he’s handsome and authentic and don’t like Liam cos he’s immature and fake. Period.

Danyiel Says

I wanna go to the bathhouse with aladdin too?

Valerie Moore

You can definitely say you dont like something or someone without being rude “i dont like this” “i dont like your relationship with my mum” etc


I don't understand why such a beautiful man ??wants to be with her?????????

Maxine Hoggan

Her son has the most punchable face, like why does he keep smiling there’s nothing funny going on here


Dude Liam and Laura are the worse. So rude. Holy shit all I’ve seems aladin do is try his hardest and they’re both never happy. Poor Aladin

Lauren A

I'm getting Roz from monsters inc vibes from the son

Foreign Spice

Liam is a spoiled entitled brat! How can he tell his mom’s husband to make sure she doesn’t have another baby?? He has a weird obsession with being the only person in his mom’s life

Breezy Animate

If anything he is weird looking and Aladin seemed like a sweet heart.

Mohamed abd al bar

I think Aladin just like the older ladies ..its make him hot


So where the hell is the bath scene

Delsy Gutierrez

well it's impossible to play with the american boys, they also love their cultures ?

Niki Shaly

Its strange how most pf the Times you can spot if they are gay . Like liam he is 100procent gayyy

yoo jin jan

I'm sorry this is making me laught soooooo much

Tommy Serrato

He wants Aladdin for him lmao...

icebear with an axe

'' it's weird right " said the man marrying a lump his mother's age


Isn't Bathhouse for gays? Not that I have a problem with it.


If you're lucky enough to marry Aladin, he can show you the world that's shining, shimmering and splendid.

Ayo Rozay

liam looks like steve w.e his name is from American Dad ??

Cálin Sorrise

from the thumnail i thought it was a gay couple

Jude23ت تقديس

Liam saw the unequal yoke in their marriage proposal.

Gemma Longsworth


Matty Dudak

Hahahhahha I love how Arabs are so frank ahhahahahha

Liv G

Someone tell danielle to pick up her lost son. Lmao

Christian Galesias

Liam wants some of the aladin

Lingardinho LD

And now they are saying aladin is gay wtf is wrong son and mother,
30 just want have children that is all.
Leave her she call him gay

Kai and potatoes

Aladdin was actually real nice to him tbh

Mimi Iman

He stole her money

Syarif Alkaf

Okay now put some sean cody logo on top of the video

Aeron Corpse

Liam is gay and secretly wants Aladdin


0:28 What's funny ?

Wsn XX

Why r people commenting about how hot aldian is their is a lot of Arabic people who look like that

Michelle Perkins

Aladin is soooo gorgeous! I literally stared at him the whole season!!

ElizaUK Samad

What a green card can do the man is selling his culture integrity disgusting..Hope program gave him enough money to stay away from USA

Zeeshan Dogar

Liam looks like he committed secret war crimes.

Glen-Roy Anderson

I thought this was going to be the start of a gay porno. Disappointed.

Zarmin Drow

Men go to bath houses for a different reason in Murica.

Bompangpow TV

Brooo im not gay but this guy is handsome asf ????