How to know if a guy really likes you or just wants to sleep with you

He Doesn't Want Anything Serious But He Likes Me *YOU NEED TO HEAR THIS TRUTH*

He Doesn't Want Anything Serious But He Likes Me *YOU NEED TO HEAR THIS TRUTH*23 Feb. 2020
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HE DOESN'T WANT ANYTHING SERIOUS BUT HE LIKES ME \\Hey guys, in this video I share the truth about what's really going on when you are seeing a guy that claims to "like you" but yet doesn't want anything serious. He will give you vague answers or deflect the question when you ask where things are going between you two. He will often only contact you when it's convenient for him. Pay attention to these signs. In this video I share what is really going through his mind.

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Truck Light Build {back up buddy}

Truck Light Build {back up buddy}29 Jan. 2021
3 520
CountrysideSubscribe 438 721

I build a set of removable

I build a set of removable lights for the new plow truck and also visit Beau Enterprises for ideas

Visit my Channel for 100's of other videos:

Comments (49)
Edward Kane

Thanks for not being “that guy”... I appreciate you always replying to a comment.

Gary Cecil Garrison


Sure Cut Landscaping Inc

Great video

Alan Clouner

Spencer’s got it going on for sure and I would bet he would sell that Chevy for cheap! Great idea for mounting the LEDs, loving the how to’s man! Nice # on the comments ?

Paul Camara

Nice project. I always need to be building or fixing as well. I get it!!!

Kenneth Miller

I like your idea, I believe it will work the way want it.

Matt Mahns

Great video!

Calvin LaFrance

Who guessed the mower correctly from last video?

Patrick Greene

Id like to do something similar on my Ram 1500. Instead of having it plugged into the front, I am wondering if can get a inline connector that goes between the truck wiring harness and the plug on the bumper.

Jeff Pratt

You even hit the high notes. Beast mode. Lol.

Wayne Roland

Don't do that again stupid. If I had 20 bucks each time I said that. I would buy a new mower. Take care

6.4 HemiDriver

Again, that's a sweet truck bro. Glad the new truck/plow setup is working out for you.

I mount all my backup auxiliary lights (nothing fancy NAPA brand LED's) up on my headache rack (out on each side, amber in the middle). They give me all the extra lighting I need and I never have to clean them off. Just my $0.02 is all, good luck.

Money Making Mike G.

C'mon Man!! What a jip!! I was really psyched to see this thing wired up & running!! This is how wee dooo it!! Hoping all is well, Dirty Jersey out!! #broinlawns!!

Stevmstng 516

Make it work

Patrick Nesbitt

Great content

Tammy Hernandez

My husband and I love your channel. Great video on lights can’t wait to see final product. We guess your new mower will be a Scag 36in?

Kentucky Lawns

Driving around in a Chevy Silverado listening to country music and talking about Ford's. Hell yeah ? I just hit the like button and subscribed

John's Lawn Maintenance

Pretty nice welding. Your buddies shop about gave me boner. Hopefully one day I will have a shop instead of using my cramped 12x20 shed, but hey, it works for now.

Edward Kane

I just bought some leds for backup lights. Unfortunately I can’t do a hitch mount on my trucks as they both have tailgate spreaders. I’m going to mount mine under the bumper. I’m curious as to why you don’t have more commercial lots that want salt service. I would get out of the snow game if it wasn’t for my salt services. I have a handful of commercials that want salt even with a dusting. December was really good for plowing and salting here in NE Ohio. I’m lucky to have a few elderly folks that want plowed at an inch and want salt if we have freezing rain. I’m guessing they would rather pay me than risk a slip and fall...? So my January has good with a dozen salt runs. Looking like Sunday may be a nice close to the month and nice start for February. We have accumulating snow in the forecast for Sunday morning thru Monday evening. Local weather guy I follow on YouTube is saying a handful of inches. My trigger is 2” on all my accounts. I’m thinking maybe two rounds of plowing and some nice plow and salt $ on two commercials I have that are zero tolerance....

Harry Erhart

Oh my goodness you like to keep busy at the shop like me my wife asked me all the time what do you do there we make things better for our business and life easier for us and more profitable ???

Steel Fist

I always say, "A grinder and paint, make the welder I ain't!". On another note, stay far away from those solder seal connectors. That low temperature solder is just hype. You have the right idea, solder and heat shrink. Solder with lead in it, as opposed to lead free. It just flows better. Great video, stay warm!

Brendon Partridge

That will help you back up are plow snow because i aslo got one on mind truck i love it


I mounted my leds under the bumper and wired them into my reverse lights. Looks good what you are doing!

Austin Miller

I like your videos and you make great content

Wade's Lawn Care

Good job ??

Calvin LaFrance

What's Spencer's YouTube channel called?

chris pitts

Glad you got a lot of responses yesterday. Keep up the awesome videos and great ideas

Brandons Lawncare

Always listening to the good music in truck


don't think watching you wire it up would not be interesting. I would have loved to learn to do that. nice kit!

Brian Fuchs

Nothing wrong with going with a little Blackhawk to start the day. Solid list of tunes from them.

Thomko 2

Wow that shop is incredible, so sweet


Do you know that putting copywright music in your vids is going to get that video demonitized. Sorry to tell ya

Lawn Kings Landscaping

Love all the info as always!!! Here I am driving around in my truck watching a video of a guy driving around in his truck....what a time to be alive!!!!

J's Crazy Cutz, LLC

Another good one?


What welder are you using?

Scout's Outdoor Services SOS

Love how you will be able to plug and play with multiple trucks.

Calvin LaFrance

My favorite truck is not a Ford or a Chevy. It's a Toyota Tundra.

Calvin LaFrance

Great video, great light.

Tim J

Pull plow going on new truck? Update on the setup?

DeBloois Landscaping

Did anyone guess the mower correctly?

TJS Welding and Fabrication

I made a couple of these years ago. Put beepers and relays in there too.


NIce vid...thanks for all your content. in a future vid, i was hoping you could talk about plowing driveways with curbs in sub-divisions. I'm new to residential work. Also, I back-drag a truck length then turn around and push, but the seams from the ashpalt DW and the sidewalk catch the trip blade and ....POW! So now I just backdrag the entire way.

josh baker

Great idea, you have really good talent

Scott D

That calm music lately in your video's remind me of the sound track from the movie black rain with Michael Douglas its good you're keeping busy this winter I've been swamped with snow here in Northern Ontario Canada

Howard Clem

That’s the reason why I like you guys videos you always respond I appreciate that! And always telling the truth! I put in led light bulbs right were the factory reverse bulbs was! Works great for me!

Kodiak Wild

That's cool, brother. You ever have an issue with overlapping pieces like that rusting or anything?

Joey Nenna

Love the light. Love your vidoe.

Rick Anderson



Looks good, I would drill a couple of different holes to allow you to get the lights as close to the bumper as possible for the pin to slide through so they don't stick out far when backing up to garage doors etc.

My Parents Let Me Do Whatever I Want - No Rules For Me

My Parents Let Me Do Whatever I Want - No Rules For Me29 Jan. 2021
125 494
That's My StorySubscribe 438 721

I’m Gemma. If you’re my

I’m Gemma. If you’re my age or younger, you’ll probably think that what I’m about to tell you is unbelievable. For example, when your mom wakes you up in the morning, can you tell her, “I played Roblox until 4 am. I’m really tired. I’m not going to school today”? That’s exactly what I told my mom yesterday and she said, “Sleep tight darling,” and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

Comments (100)
aj gamez

I would like to live in a house with no rules it's awsome

Noni’s World

OMG I can’t do it eny mor if you keep on livening like this you will be inrusbosuble and regret it wen you are older I don’t mean a teen I mean an adult

kind cartoon Cat

If I was u I would ask my mom to get me an ps5

Avi Cohen

My story is like this
Since I broke my hand everyone treated me differently Hi my name is Ariel and when I broke my hand everything was different the day I came to school everyone looked at me like I was wearing a clown costume Some did not believe some took my bag to carry it and then it happened The strangest thing my enemy came to me and asked do you need help? I could not believe it because a few days ago he laughed at me in front of the whole class and then he took my chair off the table and he said if you need anything more I am here to help you and wait it was not the strangest thing after a few days the boys competed who will come first to class and then when they fought I came Second they told me well done you won us I did not even take the chair alone my best friend helped me and then in math the teacher no matter what always chooses me and then she said Ariel you notYou do not go to the board and then she asked do you want me to do your homework? what?! How after 10 years I study with him and then he comes and we get so nice I just can not believe but it's the full story bye

Jose Reyes

I watched over half of your videos

Keyanna Little

It’s in the wall house I guess you’re in the ?

Sebastian Cortes

3:46 how do they know for sure that will have a girl?

Stephen Lam

What’s your Roblox username?


I have rules I have to fallow

Kaitlyn White

Uhhh.... but parents are the boss of the house.... you need at least a few rolls or you could grow up thinking you can do whatever you want and maybe worse like you could do something to get yourself hurt. It may seem like you are your own bias but your not and that is extremely wrong. Parents are exposed to make rolls to help protect you so if they don’t have rolls then the Lilly hood of them actually caring about your safety is very low. I am sorry I’m just saying what I know and what the truth is. I am 18 but I look like I’m 12 and I act like I’m 6 so I don’t have the mentality of an 18 year older but yet I still know what’s right and wrong and I still know that parents should have rolls and if they don’t then us kids can get seriously hurt. I wouldn’t be saying this if this weren’t true m. I’m just trying to help and worn you of any possible danger’s before it’s to late.

That's My Story

The second part of "I Cry Real Diamonds" is currently in production. It will be published next week. Thank you for your patience. ❤️

Nazmul Haque


Stathis Tsiotras

I'm only 7 and everyone hates me for no reason

Giselle Stewart

I will love to live in a house with no rules

Catisajack Boy

Bruh I don’t have rules last weeks vid I sick of moms weird rules

KajaAnikethReddy 6328


Farhiya Maalin Kids

You need a rule

Julian Carter

I think it is sometimes unhealthy liek the video games strains your eyes and stuff like that

Jeedell Primus

There Bad parents

Invert Hacker

Uhhh my perants let me cuss and let

Erika Stpierre

I think it's so ? to have no rules


I love you too babe I hope to see you soon



jithender yadagiri

yes wo hoooooooo!!!!!!!

felicia giovanni

All most all ur vids talks about roblox but thats good

Sonia Babakhani

No I don't wnat my parents to say yes to everything because I know I will be a bad person

Pratyush Basnet

That's called spoiling

King vortex Gamer

Me.omfg howwww you are so lucky

You. Yeah I have a great life

Farhiya Maalin Kids

I need one rule

Islam Awad

I am free to

Icon butter

Did you know if you don't have any rules or discipline then you can really make bad choices and be a bad example in life and you can kill your self by hanging around with murderers and vapping and that could really kill you my parents would be mad if they heard this story. If I was you I would explain this to my parent and say why its important. And tell them thats why they had rules. They where loved and protected they had rules to teach them a lesson to know what to do when they are grown. Now they have spoiled you and I don't know what will happen In the future for you!!!!!?

Spicy Gaming!

I thinks it’s good and bad to have no rules because the good part is that you’re kids won’t have too much pressure and the bad part is going to bed late, and waking up late on a school day. Although that doesn’t really matter since we are remote

Gaming with Silas

morerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr freedom

Florence Sherylin Nila S CSA CBE



I want to be like her

aj gamez

U have the luckiest life ever and I don't have to much freedom

Stathis Tsiotras

I hate rules I want to live with no rules

Ismail Majdhee Hassan

its not good to be free, because if you have no rules,,well, my parents say you shold have rules ,,and thats how you will learn when you grow up. please they are telling the truth!

Luvenia Preston

I would love to have parents wo give you no rules and besides that would be amazing

Samir Hindaileh

Me too

Isaac mwangi

To much

Layla Muhammad

i think children do not have rulers but also don't have
everything they want

Daeshia Freeman


ivan tan

your so lucky!!!!! i want to play roblox day and night but my mom keeps making stupid rules and all sorts of bla bla bla and other bullshit

Billy Stafford

I like ur videos ur the best

Clowny Pun

I don't think you'll be able to make it in life if I have no rules

Cacai Rivera

Actually i dont get punished

Maviro Linger

Yes dome

Funny videos and more

No one? Not even you?

How do they know the child was gonna be a girl? They said SHE

A-2-K All Day

no rules my mom got mad at something that did not have nothing to do with me and somehow i am grounded for two weeks i am sneaking to be on youtube right now she does not know!


Hi girl

jaqueline tejeda

Hm so u are 14 and mom and dad have no rules why I have rules that’s not good that you have no rules


I would love to live in a house where there are no rules and Iaso play ROBLOX

Charlie Fowler

Same with 0:30

felicia giovanni

Well i think its better no rules i can play all night long

Nazmul Haque


Jada Gijvore Hall

What no rules that's not far to other kids and teens ??

Colin Main

My dad is adi

Sergio Siordia

I want her life

Mahsoor Harroon

Ther should be no rules

Andrew Lisoukov

My dad doesn’t want to play Roblox until it is Night

CS Perocho Vlog

Yes I want no rules


You don't have enough freedom


Wtf blow up

Cyusa Tunga

you have to mach freedom you need to talck with the polic

Jack Lillis

no fair

Evange Tan

Who goes to school just because they want to play?

Nour Gamal


Ëmiłÿ Čøøkie crumbłe

Well your lucky;-;

Andrew Lisoukov

My dad doesn’t want me to play Roblox until it’s night

Luka Stojanovic

Reality can be whatever you want

Roberts Z.

I have terrible rules and your lucky ????

Liliana Olof


Gia Alvarado

You have to much you have to rules so you don’t get hurt because you don’t have rules

Karmen Games

Like I say "you can never have to much freedom" ☺️☺️☺️

MaryGrace Sulgan

Wow i never see that my mon alway give me rules

Lovely Fox

No you ard right

Mikchen Kyarong

I also want a parents like you I am 8 and never let me do anything but only something


I havr ruls and im adicted to roblox

Funny videos and more

She is spoiled

Edan George

The board game was Quelf

Leilani Hernandez-Barraza

No rules


oh my gosh why dont leave your room for three days striaght you could have gone to the movies instead

Jing Qiao Niu

I wish I was you

Megan Morris

Yes I would

Sheila Getigan

Look but..i'm sick of the rules ok i'm soo mad?????? i'm crying???

Avengers Endgame

Bruh your so lucky

SR Trendy Jewellery

I am normal

Jam Zan

your too much but
for chores need to liitle bit nice for the kids ;)



Gianna Freehauf

I think it would be ok for there to be no rules but not getting a tattoo that young or getting anything pierced that young

super god goku

This is best having no rule

Briana Cepeda Vargas

Ur so lucky

Mariam Gasim

Well I know my mom is better so you don’t want to be that mean

Brian McGonagle

I think there should be at least some Basic rules like you have to go to school do homework and make your bed and to be nice help your parents

Samuel Y

Yo you got to much freedom just to much i have some freedom but not all the time

Mohammad Khayr Shariff Tapsi

I am so confused ?‍♀️

Cel Escobar

Your friend is right

Charlie Fowler

Wow 0:15 is just ... I have no words for it

Alex Parra Parra

Rule usually help. Stop complaining- you're lucky to have rules.
Example: You can do something dangerous without knowing its dangerous.