How does it feel like to have sex

How to have sex, without having sex

How to have sex, without having sex4 Mar. 2013
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Mr. Booga

The girlfriend wants sex, don't give it, but give it when she is least expected of you. A woman always loves surprises, a woman loves tension and drama. A woman is both a tyrant and a slave and she know only, how to love you.

Eric DeBenedictis

The thing is I don't want huge muscles. And I wouldn't mind being short if I didn't have such small bones to make me even smaller. I have 6 inch wrists and even with some muscle, my biceps, flexed, are 12 inches.




I become smarter when I watch his videos.

Matthew Ray


nas and nia

I'm a kid


Research the right foods to eat to promote your growth.. Sleep for at least 8/9 hours a night REGULARLY (cant stress that enough HGH (human growth hormone) is highest at night. Exorcise. Something physical like rugby or Jui Jutsu/Judo (all that physical straining) Weights too..!! but don't over do it on squats and Dead lift LEARN PROPER FORM.. injured ppl don't train. No point making gains then having to watch them meant because you were stupid and got injured.


watch zyzz brah. takes time

Addie Butke

Thank you for your service


u help me a lot dude

Zaghum Sarwar


Eric DeBenedictis

By huge I mean I don't want bodybuilder muscles cause that looks gross. I would like bigger muscles, like 16 inches maybe.

Lorne Malvo

OWN it




? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

:::Real ozzy:::

Offcourse elliott would show up on the results !!

Serina JK

glad I can help


Wow...nice. Much better than I thought it would be :-)

Trin Herr

2020 ._.


Elliot bro, you got major balls to share some of the knowledge you have here on YouTube with such a huge following. Like with that video you made about transmuting and moving sexual energy and you spoke on qigong, you know you are going to get major backlash sharing this kind of information on bioenergy but you had the courage to put it out there and help those few individuals who were ready and receptive to the message.


My only advice to you would be to start hitting the gym daily and eating a lot of protein and useful calories (eat A LOT of eggs, chicken, fish, whey, etc.). I stopped growing at 6'1 when I was 14 and I was underweight throughout high school like you because I thought working out would stunt my growth. After graduating at 6'1 I realized I was probably done growing and I started hitting the gym every day and gained a ton of muscle. You will too if you dedicate yourself. Good luck!

Nickle Yarper

I don't know, I like to think of myself as a pretty funny guy. But i'm trying to figure out what you thought was funny about what I said


Sex is natural. Don't put it on a pedestal.. Its only going to lead to midlife crisis and could throw the marriage you were saving yourself for into turmoil one day.

Mateusz Czarnota

 I m starting counting Eliiot videos I watched. It's (40)


Awesome, bro! :)

Nickle Yarper

"it's not up to you to decide what's right or not" and yet "problem with that is: it's wrong." Please, explain how any of the beliefs that I hold harm me?

Untamed Man

Your the man

Jason DeMello



lol, good comment.

Corey Graham

You don't have to be tall or even big to have a good physique. Take Bruce Lee for example. He was hardly big or tall, but his ripped physique is something that bodybuilders to this day envy.


you're* good sir.

RA Jade

Legendary video

Eric DeBenedictis

I was like 5'3 and 105 lbs before I started lifting and a year later I'm only 120lbs and I'm 5'4.

Виталий С

Actually it's good proportions. Everything is about proportions. I was just like you, now i'm 24, i'm about 140. 5'7. Bones grow in length until you're 25 years old. f-g 7 years you got.. Build your bone structure first. Swimming is a perfect exercise. Hanging exercises like pull-ups, a lot of rest, stress management. Eat right. Basic stuff. THEN, look at your progress in height 2 years later, and start slowly building up your muscle mass. And don't rush things, take it like a hunter in ambush.

Dioxi Livin' the Dream


Parker Beck

This video should shown in church. Too bad it never will be. It's too raw.


hang by the arms for 15 mins a day (or even x2 or x3 a day)

phenol k

MY BRAIN: :///////// ://////////////

Jase Johnston


Kar Weng

I feel you bro. I have the bones of a female (maybe even smaller and lighter) and I was literally having an anorexic figure when I was 16. I never started exercising in my teenage years until I was 17. I'm 19 now, 5'5 and around 55kg and have been lifting for some time. It has changed my life miraculously in many ways, so never give up bro. Always aim for the best that you can be and don't compare yourself with others.

Dr. Stranger danger

My penis: oh yessssss
The rest of my body: fuck you, stop being a dick.


but hey if you decide one day that old believe about no sex is silliness. tap that shit son.


I'm from the Dominican Republic !

Makeveli The Don

DAmn this video is quite hard to understand


nice one bro :)

Kathleen butterfly

You guys are Bella nasty I am reporting this


Elliott Hulse A.K.A Morpheus.


U should have at least another growth spurt in there.. you don't stop until 21 or even 25 for some ppl. Ifs perfectly possible that you are a late grower so build your life style around doing the healthy things that will promote your natural growth. You should


Just relax and let go. That's all. People want to be held and loved a lot more than they want to be fucked. Love is the bond we are seeking. The deeper you can hold yourself, the deeper you can hold another, the closer you become. It's not about penetration. It's about depth. True and genuine contact. The heart is the instrument of depth. You want to go deeper? Open your heart. Let go of judgment. Against yourself and your beloved. Let go of fear. See the innocence in yourself and your beloved. Be willing to forgive. To let love in. To soften soften soften. Make conviction be your softness. It is the softness of the river that carves the mountain. This is true penetration. Become one with life itself and allow all your boundaries, all your separation to dissolve. All your resistance to love to release. This is the end, the heaven, the peace we all seek. Let go and allow The depth of peace and love inside you to fill you up. Relax & let go. Free your mind free your love free the world

Nickle Yarper

there are many, many arguments for why we shouldn't believe anything we see, hear, or touch is real. I can't argue about the "freedom" bit. I don't believe that is what freedom is. You can still understand how the world works, even understand quantum and relativity theory and believe in God. But anyway . . . thanks for talkin :)

Chris Vasquez Vasquez

where did you go to college because you are a genius!!!!

Serina JK

I find that exchanging energy and thought through a meditative state helps a lot when you're waiting in a relationship. It also opens up a stronger path for communication.

Mr. C

Elliot chooses to help others. His own choice. I admire him.


Ahhh it feels soo good

Nickle Yarper

1st: that's not ironic. And if you ever think that Christians don't question their faith, that's asinine. Many of us have come to the conclusion that following the Bible is worth the lack of "pleasure." It leads to a more fulfilling life. Many of us come to that conclusion BY OUR OWN THOUGHTS. Not because someone else told us so. Thinking for yourself does not always mean coming up with your own, original worldview. It can mean simply deciding if an existing one is right

Izaak McCullough

Lol I'm in pretty much the same situation only I'm 18


I was getting smacked around and all that shit for my first year and a half of HS. Picked up lifting my freshmen year and by the time the second half of my Sophomore year rolled around I was absolutely dominating EVERYBODY in the weight room. I outlifted, by far, little punk asses who had 50+ lbs on me. 5'4-105lbs -> 5'5-135lbs. That all brought on attention from girlies who I *probably* could've had with little effort. But I much preferred being in love. Even girls who had 9"+ on me liked me:)


I was like you, about 5'5 when I was 17... 55kg... I'm 26 now. I started lifting at home at about 21/22. It's been about 2 years in an actual gym. I'm 78kg and 5'7. Idk to you, but working out, getting stronger with my body, also made my mind and spirit stronger, also great self-steem. This is one of the things that worked for me. The iron did wonders for me, and I hope the same applies to you. Sure there are others ways out there, but this is my experience. Hope this helps, bro.


The title is the language of gods

Tyler Lahey

no way that girl of his has not had sex for 3 years while dating this dude

Chester Solde

thumbnail is pretty confusing though





Sur Vun

FBI : "FBI Close your door"

Systems Realty Team

really helpful to realize this, since i'm waiting

Praw Merld

That's so true! Bless your soul.


Beautiful video good info bro

Zoe Hibbard

I got a question me and my girl want to have sex but she dousent want to give birth to a kid is it possible she could have sex with me without getting pregnant

Pink Crystals

How to have sex with no partner (GIRL):
put a belt up your vagina and ass then get on top of a pillow then pull the belt HARD then it will feel like a cock in your vagina
How to have sex with no partner (BOY):get a belt then put it up your ass then get onto a pillow then pull HARD then it will feel like a vagina rubbing against your cock

Malte Frejd Pålsson

how do you do

Nepali Joker

How to have money whitout having ? ????


The title was slightly misleading..


You will grow man! 17 years old is young. Just make sure to exercise and eat clean, you will grow naturally till 21


It's good progress, dude! Make sure you're always learning though, eating better and more, better exercises, etc. So far it's taken me about 5years. :D Keep it up, brother.

lost psych


Amir Ketabi

I saw this on my recommendation

Martin Uzunov


Nickle Yarper

Maybe I do misunderstand a lot of what Jesus said, he did talk in parables much of the time. But, I was not "taught" by many people. I wanted to know about the Bible and 90% of what I've learned, I've learned on my own through reading the Bible. Believing something does not mean you don't have an indication for it. . . for instance, people BELIEVE that science holds all the answers. You can't know that until all the answers have been given. People believe that the world is real, yet . . .


Bro, you are 17, dont worry you ll sprout out man.. I m 24 now and I am 5"3.. way too smaller but what can I do about it..? can't complain, thats the way I am made.. all I try to do is to make my spirits taller, higher man.. you lift harder, run faster, fight with the giants in sports, that s where I let loose the thing about my height factor.. the way I see it, when you swim with sharks alive you are as good as them no matter how tiny you are.. live strong by the values and spirits mate!!

Troveboy 101



like... how to make money without getting paid

nathan mandeno

hold your chest high. Be confident,you will look bigger/taller but mostly more confident.

Henry Hoelter

u r g a y h o m e s l i c e


Yeah But Im not "Skinny" anymore. I have muscle.

Flipping out no.1

Let's dumb it down (MASTURBATE(

Colt Snell


Marcin Nalborczyk

Check out Nick Vujicic. He's more than enought of the man that most of us will ever be. It's all about the attitude. That strength and self esteem is ALREADY inside of you man. Realize that. Change the focus on things that are more positive, what you have rather than what you dont. Practise gratitude. DO IT EVERYDAY - in 21+ days you will be another man. Good luck!:)


I am the total opposite of you Bro :(. Im 6'5 15 years old. Dont listen to anyone's shit. Words are words and ONLY WORDS. 2 years ago I was 5'9 and called a String bean, Skinny "Bitch"(How did they come up with that), etc. Now Im 15, Football D-Tackle, Strong and Huge. People say shit when I walk by. I'm me and no one else. You are you. You need to be DEDICATED. Work at it. Work out, eat right, HAVE FUN. Emotions are what kill you in body building. But can also fuel you. DRIVE YOU. Take it andgo


okay, so im 4'10"...anybody got any suggestions?

Systems Realty Team

this is actually a VERY good point! I'm in a similar position to this e-mail sender. I'm in an abstinent relationship (until marriage). It's been 4 years and it's difficult with all the temptations... But I'm glad you brought up the term "conviction". It's really reassuring, realizing that conviction and the strength of character found within a vow for abstinence is such a supreme form of sexuality.

Xavier López de Arriaga Candiani

Magnificent reinterpretation.

Gamer Alpha

how to eat food without eating food

Kunal Negi


thug_ sponge_

Speech 100


you look like Vaas from Far Cry 3 (-:


Gr8 vid, next up: How to breathe without breathing


Sex is real??

The Chad Pill

My guru Elliott Hulse

Tony Pierson

That was really good. Thanks!

Dim H

Elliott- I take my hat off to you. That was genuinely a very wisdom-filled answer. Thanks for doing what you do