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How To Keep Your Erection Hard

How To Keep Your Erection Hard1 May. 2014
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Shop Tracey Cox Edge male

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Created by renowned Sexpert Tracey Cox, the EDGE range has been designed specifically for men to help them boost stamina and performance during intimate play.

With a huge range of external influences on your intimate performance, such as age, lifestyle, stress levels and confidence (as well as loads more) erectile dysfunction effects almost all men at some point or another. The important thing is knowing why, and how to deal with it.

Here, Tracey Cox explains what you should look out for and how you can tackle performance issues head on. Part of her EDGE collection, Tracey introduces two of her simplest cock rings which are especially crafted to boost your endurance. An adjustable silicone loop, and a set of three chunky silicone penis rings.

See the EDGE Maximum Control Adjustable Stamina Ring here:

Visit the EDGE Supreme Endurance Triple Stamina Ring Set here:

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Ifkaar Alam

The Resident Erection Expert!


What foods I can eat to keep me hard when I need to. Please give top 10 thank you!

Flash Man

An erection is a great indicator for ones health. If it's bad its because your heart is weak, your sugar level is too high, your triglycerides is off the chart and you have the muscle tone of an infant.


th donut rings look to small my penis is 5"" round when hard and soft


This video is awesome.


Do I really need to get one can't I make one from home or something because I had birthday sex today and my dick wouldn't stay strong


she has the perfect name for this show


i need to use very moderate lube to keep an erection going cause i really hate doing it dry and using spit is kinda nasty

Blair Case

What age is recomended


How to last erection longer normally, without external materials???

KeMiKM d

do these hurt at all ,I am considering on purchasing one . also debating on which style so many

ElectraStim ElectraRings - Single Electro Cock Rings

ElectraStim ElectraRings - Single Electro Cock Rings9 Mar. 2015
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Uni-polar electro cock

Uni-polar electro cock rings for use with any ElectraStim stimulator. One included in each pack, choose from:

32mm (approximately 1.25 inches in diameter)

34mm (approximately 1.3 inches in diameter)

46mm (approximately 1.8 inches in diameter)

48mm (approximately 1.9 inches in diameter)

56mm (approximately 2.2 inches in diameter)

64mm diameter (approximately 2.5 inches in diameter)

Available from (worldwide) and (UK & Europe)

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Daniel Powers

I have these and they hurt to use.

Gentleman (cock) Rings

Gentleman (cock) Rings20 Oct. 2020

Cock rings are rings that

Cock rings are rings that are worn around the base of the penis and sometimes the testicles to make erections harder, bigger, and longer-lasting. They come in different materials, from flexible silicone and rubber to leather and metal.

While maintaining a hard erection is the primary function of a cock ring, bells and whistles, such as vibration or anal beads, offer up other fun uses — no penis required.

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Yb 138

Weighted balls on the balls?