Han solo's love

The Empire Strikes Back: Han & Leia - I Love You. I Know.

The Empire Strikes Back: Han & Leia - I Love You. I Know.1 Mar. 2015
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RIP Princess Carrie Fisher aka as princess Lea!!

Patricio Rey

Five years

PK Comedy

0:11 most gangsta moment in Cinema history. "I know"

Hououin Kyouma

I really can't believe it. I still hope it's just a bad dream which will end soon. I can't believe that she's gone...

Chaa Chii


B3 whytho

"anakin is darth vader"
I kn-- WAIT WHAT!!!

Love Is All You Need

At about 0:37 it sounds like Chewie said "Han" ouch my feelings

Jacobe Jackson

This scene is so empowering and iconic. The music is perfect for the scene as well. The scene truly hits you right in the feels.

Beach Boys20

“I love you”

“Fuck off”


Adam Savage is crying.

Ebony B.

Han Solo: I love you.
Princess Leia: I know.
Chewy: I love you more.
Vader: I don't approve.


Fuck off

Jennifer wellman

You could actually hear the sucking in that kiss, LOL ? if he wasn't careful he was going to suck off her face. LOL

So romantic, couldn't he have just said, I love you back? Was it really that difficult? I know that was just, Han

Bradley Hollywood

Family guy version is really Funny

Dr Wizzo

I love you


0:42 And from this day hence, you shall be known as Han Singular

Stella Cabaret

It's making me cry so hard right now


You need to go back to the 80s to find so much tension, drama and art in a blockbuster movie.

Onkarpreet Singh

this makes me cry

Gabriel Arruda

Momento mais triste e romântico do Episódio 5.


One of the few digital edits that improved the film (in the original there's a continuity error where Han has his vest back on during the close up for "I know").

101 Taker

R.I.P May the Force Be With you Princess Carrie Fisher :(


Snoothest line in the whole saga

Pre-Debut Era

Honestly, Chewbacca ruins this scene.

Fig Newton

Who else watching this December 27th.. :(

Teh Douglas

"Trump will win the election."

"I know."

Isadora Fonseca

“Daaaaaad what are you doing? Stop embarrassing me in front of my boyfriend jeeez”

Shirlee Hicks

"I know."

Han didn't mince words -- he knew what the deal was all along. That's what made it so cool.


Makes out with the daughter of one of the strongest Siths to ever exist in front if the man. Absolute madman.

(Yes, I'm aware Vader didn't know that yet.)

الأسود العنسي

Fuck off

Dylan Morgan

Iconic movie moment ???? And to think that "I know" was improvised by Harrison. Such a legend


The fact that this scene will never be recreated again by Fisher and Ford breaks my heart!!!! I was always wishing they will do this again for fans!!!! ????


We love you Leïa !


And now the world has lost its favorite furball. R.I.P., Peter Mayhew (the actor behind Chewbacca)...

Weely Cool

"You're funny af on Instagram" "i know"


May the force will be with you Princess...


Chewy is what kills this for me, you can hear his pain so much!

Joe Lagrue

Fucking han and leias love story is the best


Dedicating this message to my ex. I'll always love you and our babies. I hope you meet a high class woman, more than I am. See you on the other side.


Best scene in the trilogy.

Dao Yang

"I love you * off"

Shun Sorayama

Ex: I Hate You!

me: * nod * I know...


Still an iconic moment. RIP. :(


One of the most romantic moments in movie history.

Kayley Anne Fincher


Hedd McNekk

The most Alt Right video that ever existed...


"Jar Jar sucks."

"I know."

Nathan Russell-Raby

His bravery subtly masking his fear in this scene is some top-tier acting from Ford.

Bradley C

A beautiful scene. RIP Carrie

Radford Divison Railfan

Leia always did love him. RIP Carrie Fisher...

JakeMan Destroyer

han and Leia kissing
Darth Vader: ??? leia
Leia:shit dad’s here

D .B.T.


Jazzy Jeff Real Talk


Roman Loxley-Doyle

One of the greatest scenes in movie history, the mise en scene, the music pulling at your emotions and the dialogue breaking your heart. I’m 47 and I still get a lump in my throat.

hirai samo

Okay so who came here because of Minayeon FF 'Adore You' ???

Jean-Matthias Mnich

Carrie, i miss you. I´m so sad. Greetings from Berlin (Germany). RIP


When I think Star Wars, it's just think of the OT and pretend the rest never happened. Disney movies actually being as good as the OT? Please. It's sacrilege.

Aj Jingco

Rest In Peace Miss Carrie Fisher may God and the Force be with you!

Oracle of Pelham

Can Disney stick to shitty cartoons please... and thank u

Letícia Trein



I know it's not the focus of this scene, but damn if the music isn't amazing. John Williams was on point with this movie.

Foxy Apocalypse

You see this is probably Vader showing Leia how much he really cares, maybe he knew if she and Han hooked up they'd have a fucked up child and which would make Luke out of all people flake away like a sissy boy.

Daniel Blaney

I love all the star wars movies but this one is just a cut above the rest. By far the best.


May the forece be with you my princes

Anna Bruegel

Best line he's so smooth with the lines ? it's funny to watch ?


“I love you”

“Fuck off”

Paul Nettles

Probably the best scene in cinema

Rahul Patel

The worst thing a dads done to his daughters criminal boyfriend

AMF The Hedgehog


Nicola Balsamo

Rip Carrie ?


That's me when my gf says"i love you"?


"I love you."
"Fuck off"

joan poya

I wonder what was going on in Darth Vaders head at that scene

Bananablox Twoohone

35 - I just realized he smirked der

H. S.

the way he says "I know" is so full of emotion

Ed Lake

I met a new girl recently. Its all good. I told her I like her by text. She said "I know". What should I do?

George Hamilton

His hands were bound. Why did he end up with his hands raised once he was frozen?


Go f*ck yourself 2016

J-Bane 2

Fuck off

Darth Vader

I'd like to hear Shrek 2's "Magic Tea" as a rescore to this scene. Itd fit perfectly! Not that Williams' score isn't perfect! ?

joe greene

Rest in Peace Carrie Fisher. You will be missed

Mr. Tey

The new trilogy doesn't have iconic scenes like these.


lmaooooo savage


*"May the force be with you." pardon.

Skywalker's Family tree STAR WARS

Skywalker's Family tree STAR WARS18 Mar. 2011
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This is the genealogical

This is the genealogical tree of the Skywalker family. Made by me for my brother and all the fans who have only seen the movies and want to know that sused later. The photos are 100% authentic and recognized by fans.

In this video are not referred to the following families: Organa, Lars, Solo, Antilles, Attichitcuk (Chewbacca's Family), Naberrie, Captison, Fel, Djo and Hapan Royal. As you can see, the star wars universe is extremely vast.

Important Note: The book "Fate of the Jedi" are still in progress.

Hope you like it, comment;)


Este es el arbol genealógico de la familia Skywalker. Hecho por mí para mi hermano y para todos los fanáticos que sólo han visto las películas y quieren saber que susede más adelante. Las fotos son 100% auténticas y reconocidas por los fanáticos.

En este video no estan contempladas las siguientes familias: Organa, Lars, Solo, Antilles, Attichitcuk (Chewbacca's Family), Naberrie, Captison, Fel, Djo y Hapan Royal. Como puedes ver, el universo Star Wars es extremadamente inmenso.

Nota importante: Los libros "Fate of the Jedi" estan aún en progreso.

Espero les guste, comenten ;)

Comments (100)
Donovan Pitts

Anakin was born 41 bby not 42


disney: lets make leia and han have a kid named Ben Solo

Beatrice Parpaiola

Ben is Leia’s son

Cyanic Playz

Ben is a Solo not Skywalker

Macaroni Head

Wait isn’t kylo REN son of leia


Use my like button as dislike a Disney dislike button lol

lil pipan

is that Canon?

Noor Skywalker

uhm Luke did never get children, and leia and Han just got Kylo ren?

Los juegos con Aitor

Were is Ben solo


If anakin is 42 years old then obi wan is O_O

Iván Novák

JJ&Rian: What if, instead, they all just DIE?
Disney: That's so subversive, I love it

Mr. Gentlezombie

2:52 aged like milk.


I have COVID...

Tyler Willis


Lewis Jamieson

Wait where did the 16k dislikes come from?


Say it with me everyone: FUCK DISNEY

Chris Grab

Um we know who Padres family is tho... https://youtu.be/DRoOE-N-5KA

Diana-Maria Mătrescu


Master TÜRK

1:14 than solo hasnt got 3 child so this video illegal

Grogu Dora

This was 9 Years ago. Leia and Han had one child, Ben solo. He became Kylo ren. Luke didn’t marry i think..

Angry Fade

where the fufu is kylo

Mooneyham Mafia

What about Ben solo?

Owen Fowle

Wait for theres gonna be a whole bunch of 9 year olds who are gonna say "but weres rey Skywalker "


In my choice Ben solo is last because after that all are not important.


I tough ben was the son of han and leia

Killian Breant

and rey skywalker


Totally offtopic:
Dear YT,
Tell your advertisers I will never-ever-ever buy a "Rey Skywalker" costume for this carnival, so they can stop recommending it, thank you.

Ronald Hill

Disney is on this council, but we do not grant it the rank of Master

Udit Rav

star wars legends: has a detailed and fully developed family line, with their own individual identity and backstories.
disney: Ctrl+x
disney: right before they press it "oh wait"
disney: copy pastes jacen solo

Alice Ellis

Lol the one black person who entered Luke's line like finally! lmao jk jk.

Aner 2006.

Te falto ben solo.

Axel Rangel

but and anakin mom

Alejandro Gutiérrez

Damn, I had no idea this lineage existed until I saw this video, now I understand why so many people hate Disney star wars. They even had the nerve to make Ben Skywalker a Solo AND join the dark side bruh...

Thomas valenti

Weres my kywo wen


Why is this on my recommendations? I thought they buried all the evidence of the old Star Wars Canon.

Not Jack

Disney might be your childhood but you hate them for what they did to star wars

Razvan Neacsu

hold up, Luke is 19
And that girl is 17



Que merda hein

Ddhd Nkdjdjje

Its fake

t a r i k d

i was so confused when i saw there was no ben solo lmao then i remembered that disney made him up and that wasn’t until 2015 lmao and this came out 2011

Anonymous Anonymous

Where’s Ben solo aka Kylo ren


this badly needs to be updated

Cooper Hurst

I was really confused until I read the date


Fans can make way better movies than Disney trash can

Quality Autism

Just noticed that this video claims Antares Draco died, which is factually wrong. He's still alive and Sia's lover by the end of the second Legacy series.
also a shame that this video came out a year before we got official Allana Solo artwork; and of course Ania Solo is also missing, she really never gets any love.


Isn't this cannon?

O Palitinho do bem

Tá tudo errado isso

End My Misery

Lol Shmi has a shit ton of grand kids

Ethan Johnson

I look at BBY and think “Before Baby Yoda”


The thing is tho this doesn’t have ben solo

samuel diaz meza

Record Leyends, Record

Bence Pozsgai

I dont understand ?

Daniel Toloza

This guy is a noob

Borys BM 19

Where is Rey ?


Technically this whole thing started because of palpatine

Edgar Eliseev

How many lies have I been told by the Disney Council?!??⚔?

Kamen Rider Wizard

What about Ben Solo?

Salih Ateş

I know ben is kaylo ren


2 bens in the sky Walker family Ben solo and Ben skywalker??

Duru Parım

Ben lie ve han ın oğlu bi kere

Yanlış mıyım

Быстрый Али

Skywalker because he loves to flying?


The family tree isn't 100% correct, since Smee Skywalker became pregnant after Darth Plaguis willed the force inside of her. Making Anakins father technically Darth Plaguis/The force itself. Which is why his mediclorean count is so high.

Sully Playz

This is pretty fake for me...

MysticStrike Force

It fascinating how the parenting is so garbage. Like you have those who didn't even know who's their parent or even have siblings our cousins till they either die or the other person dies. As I re watched all the movies. There is just so much confusion in the family tree of those who has bigger screen time.

Андрей Шурочка

Where are Chiss Sky-walkers?


han and leia has 3 children
before the dark times,before the disney

Mikołaj M

3:08 and they will never be described...

Ani Green

Where is my man Ben Solo? Is he supposed to be combination of Jacen Solo and Ben skywalker?

Micael Maarala

and where the hell is ben solo??

FireMonky YT

Where is ben solo

SolomonGuy X

I lost myself at 1:10


Creo que esta bien que haya varios que no conozcan la cronología de Legends, quizás son muy jóvenes o solo se quedan en que Star Wars es una franquicia de películas, al final no están obligados a saber de Legends. Pero de ahí a decir que el contenido de este video es falso, sin siquiera mirar la fecha en la que fue subido, decir cosas como que el video está mal, o insultar al que hizo el video o a los que se toman el tiempo de explicar todo, creo que hay una gran diferencia, en si no me extraña viniendo del fandom de Star Wars, el cual tiene algunos puntos bastante tóxicos, pero creo que todos esos que se enojan porque este video hable de Legends y no del canon de Disney, debería calmarse un poco, y entender que hablemos muchas personas en el mundo que conocimos este inmenso Universo Expandido y que para muchos esto sigue siendo nuestra cronología favorita, y no por eso insultar como estupidos.

Por último felicito a los usuarios que se nota que entran día a día a este video a responder a todas las personas confundidas, incluso a los más agresivos, hacen un gran trabajo.

Viraj Sandela

honestly if its other then the mandalorian and after the OT i dont count it as canon, even if it is

Ebbe Roos

Ben solo???


where is ben solo?

roblox Episode and more

The kids and the end is not true only

Елена Пименова

Спосибо за красивое видео и обалденную музыку

Sanaa Rishi

Disney ruined the fact that anakin was the chosen because REY? killed palpating not anakin so Disney ruined star wars


Who is vestara khai

Enzo Zuñiga

ben solo? LUL

Pedro Gomes

Algum BR?

Phoenix SatoV

I remember when I thought this was canon

Nathan King

What of rey

Lukáš Votýpka

is fake Ben not skywalker Ben is Solo and leia have ben this vidio is fake

Booker102 Is Cool

Ha ha lies

Aspartan 008

Wait where's cade Skywalkers twin brother I forgot his name but he become revan


canon is simpler


where is KYLOR REN

Ryan Patrick

Honestly legends ruins Star Wars Anakin solo come on people

Quality Autism

Since 5 Minutes it's 2021 in Germany, happy New Year everybody!
Here for another year full of "where's Ben Solo, where's Kylo Ren, This is Fake" comments!

I Silviu

Ben solo?

luke Skywalker

Soy Skywalker xddd


The guy forgot kylo or ben solo and rey they r children of leia and han solo


Keep in mind, this was canon until 2014

Landon Wallace

So wrong dummy

Leo Jemison

Non cannon right?

Камінська Анна

Что это за семейное дерево такое ? В фильмах такого не было . Там у принцессы Леи и Хана Соло родился один сын Бен соло который стал Кайло Реном , и погиб спасая Рей .( Тем самым перейдя на светлую сторону силы )

MysticStrike Force

Apparently anekins mother actually possess the force that's why she was insalved and in guessing thats how palpatine knew about the Skywalker.


Totally OT: what the kriff is happening in Washington DC? Has POTUS just proclaimed "I am the Senate!"?

Matias Moreira

Do you create all of this ?

Ben Solo Saves Rey Scene | Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker HD Movie Clip

Ben Solo Saves Rey Scene | Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker HD Movie Clip26 Mar. 2020
446 357
Action Cov3Subscribe 438 721

Ben Solo Saves Rey Scene

Ben Solo Saves Rey Scene | Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker HD Movie Clip

Plot: When it's discovered that the evil Emperor Palpatine did not die at the hands of Darth Vader, the rebels must race against the clock to find out his whereabouts. Finn and Poe lead the Resistance to put a stop to the First Order's plans to form a new Empire, while Rey anticipates her inevitable confrontation with Kylo Ren.

TM & © Disney / Lucasfilm (2019)

Fair use disclaimer

Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit or otherwise educational portrayal of the content recognizes it as fair use.

No copyright infringement is intended.

#Rey #KyloRen #Starwars

Comments (100)
Jordan-Patrick Eisenhauer

Oh my God ? that was so bad ??????? so bad


Three movies and we only got a kiss that lasted for 7 seconds?????

Samuel Candelario

This scene show me how Disney can destroy a good saga trying to make it romantic, star wars was not a princess film

Alexander Peck

im playing love is gone by dylan matthew while watching this and its sooo sad

Luke Passos

But he dies right after. Lame .

Edbert Agathon

If the force can revive death people, anakin doesn't need to go to the dark side and just use force heal to save padme

Choky Natanael

1:12 wait a minute it is just me or rey is realy pregnant?

Calvin G.

Who Knew?



Amara Winchester

How it should have ended:
Rey dies
Ben comes out of the pit
He holds her and she vanished
Ben takes the light sabers with him and leaves
Ben is on another planet
A fight begins and Ben takes his light saber and prepares to fight evil!


Kylo was a way better character than Rey?

Zoey- D.

What if they figure out a way to bring this sith back and the Sith brings back Ben then they kill the Sith then Rey and ben can date if they ever do make a new movie

Armando Cuevas

But Ben aka kylo and Rey are cousins and kissed so.......WHAYT

Charlotte Diggory

He sadly died after sacrificing his own life for Rey??

Bobby Berro

rey dies

Ah victory

Styli __

Man Ben should have been the one left alive

Alex Garcia


Smiłe :]

So they rlly forgot abt Rey kissing Finn in Episode 7 ?

Sailor Neptune

I screamed






The most awkward kiss in movie history. He goes from trying to kill her to kissing her. Smdh Good Job Disney

Erica Brodie

Finn and Rey should of gotten together romantically in this movie instead of Kylo/Ben and Rey they had zero chemistry together. Finn and Rey had better chemistry romantically than these two.


And thus passes the only good character arc into the next life. Fare thee well, Ben Solo.

Ryan Keefe

“I will even learn to stop people from dying”
“I will finish what you started”

ECS Reis

Just remember a thing

they're technically cousins

Jeremy Dominguez

Action Cov3 I Expected Kylo Ren To Die In The Rise Of Skywalker


Am I the only one who thinks Ben not only healed Rey, but (not meaning to quote Palpatine btw) also somehow used the force to influence the midichlorians to create a life inside her womb there at that moment with how his hand was placed on her abdomen? A Palpatine giving birth to a Skywalker, how poetic.

Maximo Estrella



Ahhh, I'm dying with the amount of cringe in this scene.

Joseph Dragonheart

We want Kylo Ren/Ben Solo in Quadratum

Dante Aditi

What the hell? this sames like Frozen...

Isabel Reyna

I wasn't even tempted to see the Last Jedi after the 2nd film. I saw another video about Rey and Kylo Ren's story... But I don't feel anything for the story or the characters. It's a shame... But to be honest, I think it's a terrible trilogy.


Did she kiss a corpse? Wait she fell in love with a corpse...


This new star wars trilogy is teribble shit, but mandalorian is perfect ;)

Graczyq gfx



This is a nice scene and all
But I feel Ben should've lived and Rey should've stayed dead
Not in a bad way
Just it's called Rise Of Skywalker
And Ben does have Skywalker blood in him so it would've been him rising from the ashes of Kylo Ren
And it would've made for a great Disney+ series

Choky Natanael

0:10 wait a minute it is just me or rey is realy pregnant or too fat?

Robert Walt

I can't believe Rey's kiss was so toxic it killed Ben

Sierra Clark

When they kissed I heard a little bit of Han and Leia’s theme ?

Milo Walter

Wait if rey calls herself a Skywalker that means that she must be the child of luke Skywalker BUT leia is the sister of luke and the mother of ben that means that rey and ben are Cousines...

And they kissed...

Sweet home Alabama

Doctor Zecky

Ben: I thought you were dead hehe..

Rey: Yeah um... Uno reversed

L Grace Irwin

In the words of Luke Skywalker . . .

Noah Graham

This really makes me sad smh....
I think the series should’ve ended with what Ben saw in Rey with them two ruling together bringing a new rightful order to the galaxy and Rey bringing Kylo ren back from the dark side with them two with a happy ending. Regardless of what kylo ren has done. I can see them being a better a couple then Rey and Finn but in all ends I know this is the last movie to this series.??? Any thoughts?

João Amado

Unpopular opinion. It was more logical and would serve better the saga if Ben survived and Rey died by killing Palpatine has a sacrifice. Ben should continue what Anakin couldn’t after the Return of The Jedi.

Hebrb Hhrhrh

Ren reviving Rey is the worst part of star wars

Daniel DoesGaming

Ironic, he could save others from death, but not himself.


Honestly disappointed that they killed him off. Right when he changes he just dies? Imo they should’ve lived happily ever after, after all they’ve been through.

Slippery Vlogger

They killed the only thing that was good about the sequels

AJE Eventing

Bro I thought they were cousins


Rey should have stayed dead smh

Marcin Różański

Why he was still alive?


it’s sad to see this is the only time kylo smiles is right before his death, a truly amazing character

André Felipe A.Pontes


Chris aviles

This movie is a shithole compared to the prequels the fight scenes were garbage in the force awakens last Jedi and rise of skywalker the movies made no sense kylo ren and Rey would get killed against Ashoka

Lily B

Very romeo and juliet

Joshua Regalado

Oh anikin you dumb shit this is all you had to do for fucks sake

Mandalorian Grievous

I hoped so much?❤️
But then Kylo revived her ?

James Rivera

He died, not because he saved Rey, but from the cringe that was this trilogy. His force could no longer bare it.

Xam HeHeHe

It was a kiss of death. That's why he died.

Hayden Deming


Law and order


Ania X

Ren is my favourite bad jedi


"I fucking hate Star Wars"

the Greenman

Ben is such a bad character its kinda funny when you rewatch

Emmie Grönkvist


Captain _Oreo

I didn't see this part at the theaters

Thecrimson witch

2:56 Yasss finally!!!
Three seconds


i remember watching this in the cinema and when he died I started bawling so much and people were giving me weird stares.

Roy Phil

nooo she was so close to dying :(( really wanted the true skywalker to live on

Sophia Casas

When I was watching this in the movie theater when Ben saved ray somebody yelled: s i m p

Gabriel Dos Santos


Girl From No where

You could've just stopped after they kissed...


I saw them mostly as brother and sister so I was kinda shocked and weirded out when they kissed, like the look away type of kiss

An Nguyên

This thing is like a tragedy love story :(

Amanda Harrold

Ahh, Leia’s gonna be pissed

Luke Richard

Its interesting that Ben became one with the force and Rey who was dead a while didn’t.


Like a true Disney movie Love's first kiss Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Enchanted, Rise Of Skywalker

Harrison Williams

If the endin was the other way round it would make more sense

James Bruno

Suprise....Finn is Force sensitive

jose ramos

So he learned the power what anakin failed to learn, but at the price of his own life... I still disagree with them kissing, it's not a very "aww" kiss it's more like a "oh what the?" Kind of kiss if any of y'all know what I'm talking about when you first saw the movie in theaters, right? I can't be the only one thinking this.

Maggie Walsh

Me in theatre when he saves her: “kiss!”
Me after they do: ??

noodle 0705

What the fuck. We never saw something like that in the original trilogy or in the prequels. And now disney wants to tell us that this shit is possible?

Fox Guy

Wait. I just noticed. So Rey defeats Palpatine, but do you know who else defeated Palpatine? Anakin. And, Ben fell down a pit and survived, you know who else fell in a pit but still survived? Palpatine. Are you sure you aren't getting this whole family thing mixed up Lucasfilm?

Nethu Shane

Kiss of death

Astrid Glogovski

I cried for an hour after this. I was rooting for Ben since the beginning and this just aint it. I WANT BEN back *sobbing hysterically *

jim bob

I honestly think the movie would’ve been better if somehow he couldn’t save her, but instead carried on her legacy and Luke’s legacy. That would be my dream episode 10, 11, and 12

Richard Norman

Rey don’t Deserved to die

starchar x

They declared their love for one another, he literally gave his sole to her to save her life and she kissed him and ppl are saying this isn’t romantic??? also jj f u for killing one of the best characters Ben solo deserves better

Amazing Guy



In the end he did what Vader couldn’t. Managed to bring a loved one back to life ?


Kurumuş boğazım

Emil Carter

Rey should’ve stayed dead. Ben/Kylo is a much better character

Allison V

I’ve watched this movie 5 times and I have cried at this scene EVERY SINGLE TIME. Not really sure why I am watching this YouTube video?
Guess I just need a good cry :)

Adan 2988

That me save katia managan with my ruby healing gem to save her to fight quill weave

Kylo Ren

2:55 see she kissed me OK


Am I the only person who didn’t ship these two? They are RELATED people! If you take away some generations like the force does, she is his great aunt but if you don’t then she is his cousin! EWWWWWW

Jals super sonic

Look at my reylo shirt!
Look at my reylo shirt!
Look at my reylo shirt!so gangsta!


These comments are pretty cringe. Are all of you people Reylo shippers?


That's love, bitch!