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10 feminine hygiene tips

10 feminine hygiene tips you need to know about your vagina.



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How do I check my ph at home.

Davina Pullen

I have tried sex during my menstrual cycle. I does relieve my cramps.


I love how you are so real!!! Love the video!

Nicole Ryan

How can you ?? this... ??‍♀️


Depending on what your issues with your period are look into getting more organic tampons/ pads. Most of the big brands have chemicals and stuff in them that can make periods worse or longer. Especially tampons cuz the direct contact allows your vaginal walls to absorb whatever is in them

Manaujai Umoneccia

Number 9 is true im a bad cramper and sex does work

Patricia Glover


Aggie_princess 11

You preached at 9:45-10:00. That is definitely what young ladies need to hear. This is something that was told to me before I went off to college several years ago. I havent heard that since! It is so important for young girls to know that bc thats how they get tricked and bamboozled. Love that you put that in there.

Livvy Marie Rose

Your Make up looks so pretty ?

Kourtnei Zellner

Notification squad ??‍♀️been waiting for more girl talk videos!!


Alot of this is common sense for grown women.

Davena Campbell

I love you ?❤️

Kendra Monice

That's why women should take probiotics regularly, which helps prevents yeast infections, uti's and BV

Shardonae Bartley

I love you

Grandma Shelton

I call mine punana ?

nyguy Claris

Why do you cry stranger things shirt in the back


As always, good info for your younger viewers. Also, I'm waiting for that eyeshadow/liner tutorial. ?

nyguy Claris

Why do you got to strengthen stroke in the back

nastasiya simms

Girllllllll self masturbation is everythingggggggg or penetration if that’s what you like for cramps

Aaliyah Andrew


Alicia Johnson

Most women bring their vibraters when they are going through labor to lessen the pain ftom the contractions

yvonne c

What age did most people go to the gynecologist?

Shantil Wallace

Gang gang

Nicole Ryan

?????? This was excellent girl. I’m sharing as I type.

Myrna J

Notification Squad!!??‍♀️? Love Girl Talk.?✔

June May

for your point 9 it's real . actually I got the same problem then you and weed or "helping" myself can save me from pain. medication is not helping me at all

Sandra Duru

This intro song gets me every time especially this part ‘ I won’t stop no no no no no no no I won’t stop I won’t stop’

Jasmine Valiente

Oh and condoms yall seriously invest in safer condoms. I'd never advocate for unprotected sex but these trojan condoms you can buy at the gas station are garbage for your hooha. Look for condoms that are nitrosamines free I love the sustain brand they have some the same size of magnums and dont smell or irritate me down there the way the lube on trojan condoms do.

kit to the kat

This is my first girl talk that I’ve had from you and I enjoy them. I also found out that meditation connecting with your vagina is super beneficial don’t get upset at your vagina meditate communicate with her ! @ earthmamamedicne taught me this


Am I the only one on YouTube that noticing every YouTube channel talking about the ?... like it’s not a big deal beside just go to ogbyn

Amanda Costen

We called it a Tutu when we were kids lol

Nickie Rasberry


Simply Mahoganie

I loved this video!!! It’s super important to always know things like this

Jia Thomas

I don’t have sex on my period but when I cramp before my cycle starts I have sex than and I stop cramping .

Julia Farrell

Okay so i’m 17 been dealing with terrible Oder for 5 years now and haven’t told my mom that I needed to go to the doctor cause this isn’t something we EVER talk about . By self diagnosis I have bacterial vaginitis and it’s really embarrassing when my sexual partners point it out but now that I think I know what it is I’m really trying to fix it anyone got any advice that’s not go to a doctor ?

Ps YES GIRL your cramps will literally disappear for a while and your probably gonna stop bleeding like a day earlier than usual cause you got all of it out HIGHLY suggest if you have severe cramping like me

Carson G

Oan, can we get a tutorial on how you apply your wing liner???

Mahogany BACON

I live in Mary Esther Florida

Brittney Lamar

Teach them young! My daughter is four and we have hygeine and self care talks NOW with appropriate vocabulary.

Brandy Reynolds

Is that her in the picture?

Brittney Lamar

Things that I love: mentrual cups, cloth liners and pads! I ALWAYS broke out during my period and it was commercial pads!

CC Campbell

Verbal consent?? ‼️‼️ THAT PART??

Amber Boxley

when i started birth control my period became soo much bearable. i used to feel like it was a massacre going on in my uterus every month.

Vanecia Miller Hidalgo

Oo clicked this so fast!
Love when you do different things, and you’re a Taurus so I know you gonna be
blunt/keep it real hahaa

Ciku Muriuki

I love you

Shantell Hines

For my cramps I take Vitex n ESTRO by dr. Sebi . It helps a lot .

The girl getting shot in her vagina

The girl getting shot in her vagina1 Feb. 2019
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Tory Shomo

What is the name of this movie????


Jezzzuuzz crist

asia brooks

this fake .


What the hell

Luca Zubani

Sti ca..i

For Families: Reducing Pain and Anxiety for Children During Catheterization

For Families: Reducing Pain and Anxiety for Children During Catheterization15 Dec. 2016
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Catheterization can be a

Catheterization can be a procedure that makes patients of any age nervous. This video demonstrates ways to reduce pain and stress for children through preparation, positioning, and the use of Lidocaine gel.

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Wandy The Wanday


Jagseer Singh

What's the girls age?? Please reply

Bunny Girl

Push this button and it will turn blue. I promise.

Henry Fu

Really hurts for male, imagine putting a huge tube into that small hole

Knut Holt

Rgis procedure is extremely common, during childhood and teenhood, yet very seldom spoken about. Yet, with a gentle approch it is less traumatic than most things a dentist do to a child.

Yishax GAO

Y'all should wish

Roblox Mastergirl

What is this?

ROBLOX with Ems

Kids get this... this was on my suggestions... KIDS GET THIS OMG... IN SCARED :(

Ella Woodward

i have it tomorrow and i am so nervous??



Fullmoon Phantom1412

Do children with catheters have them forever? If a person gets one, is it forever or can it be taken out when the use is no longer necessary?

Amy the chicken nugget

Wish I was a boy ???




Y’all ain’t doin shit to me try it. I’ll fuck you up

Denvy Playz

This is fucked up

Jake Jones

They're all concerned about pain when merely catheterizing a girl, yet have no problem slicing off part of a boy's genitals with NO anesthesia.....

Kelly Ruddy

Why is Lidocaine used?

subscribe u lil bitch

I'm getting one of these in so scared

Reggie Smith

this has me shaking

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Jayden the first

Im glad im not a boy

Qa Fan


Greg Louis Domingo

Massive legend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sthdvgsg Gshdvdgh

Yang milih allah like yg Mili dajal hirawkan 1:39.........m

Mirtunjay Kunwar


Abby Salw

glad im not a guy lol

Spencer Johnson

I'm a boy never gotten this