Fingered her asshole

Iggy Azalea gets fingered at her show + talks bedroom game!

Iggy Azalea gets fingered at her show + talks bedroom game!22 Apr. 2014
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Iggy Azalea gets fingered

Iggy Azalea gets fingered at her show + talks bedroom game!





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David Mastro

they made her feel so uncomfortable wth

Dr Kaese / fabianh

Canceled this video after a minute. She says that fans would try to finger her during shows and they are like "Oh my god, that is not ok. That is inappropriate". Like no shit Sherlock!

dyme mega

She fine tho?

El Aciiido

1:46 ebro funny as hell


The interview would never pass HR... Id be surprised if they didnt get called out

NW Cultsightings

rudest interviewers of all time..
and she has been sexually assaulted at her shows. wow. i hope they get caught. absolutely disgusting and sick.


I'm writting this for saying to you, Iggy's son, that I'm really sorry for this generation in wich you're born. It is not meant to be. Never was.

Noemi Basurto

These guys are pigs. Could've gone about the way they asked their questions or better yet, the interview in its entirety in such a different way. No need for this inappropriateness. Love you Iggy✌?️

Alexandra Roses

What the fuck is wrong with these interviewers? How intrusive and stupid.

West King

what a PG18 interview

osama bin laden gaming

I have not heard of iggy azalea 2017

king of Georgia channel

even i do have a crush on iggy i agree on what she said is not ok

nahom asefa

she's very down to earth I didn't know this about her I don't even know why she has so many haters

C-town's Own

I dont see why she gets backlash from people she is so beautiful...

Umunezero Jossy

ohh no!!

King James



WTF do they mean talking about she has her ass soad up, it doest operate anymore she doest poop ??? at all ?? hows that

George williams

people expect her to rap in an Australian accent? people are dumb ass fuck.

Sherry Behm

Om gosh she watches por


Imagine if this happened today. they'd both get cancelled


love you iggy

Mosconi Oni

Shitty low class interview

The HandProject

this was weird lol

Red Nova

there's a really high probability that the sluttiest girl in the world would like getting fingered by a total stranger or strangers

Youtube Dude

your australian be australian excuse me kangaroo jack

David Mayo

This is low-key sexual harassment...


guys r so dumb..Iggy is really sport and really smart with her answers..

M Perry

Wasting my life away in 2018

Ananthu Sekhar

lmao whats 9+11 u dumb fucks


I like that black dot on her chin...that makes her look more cute

Ze da

All pishtalk

Connor Lefler

Your music sucks. Sorry that people try and violate you. But seriously, stop blurting out the random shit your producers write for you. And when she got called out on the radio, fucking epic.

Jess G

Who are these sacks of human waste on this radio show? I've seen the fat white one before talking to Kari Faux and blAck pArty, he's insipid as fuck. Iggy seems out of her depth but she should have shut these two hackneyed bitches down


She is the fakest person ever! but fair play she making money - and her sex tape pretty hot

Jeff Reeds

This isn't Conan, this is hot 97. This is the content that they discuss during their interviews so if you're offended by this, simply don't watch it. Because all females of her type get the same treatment on the show.

Ghyda AlSuwailm

why she so stupid though


Please someone can explain to me what happen at the end 10:23 they ask for her using the bathroom and she says she doesnt ? that she nevers poops ? what i'm not understanding here ??

Paul Isaac

the irony... this bitch has a sex tape... maaaadddd hippo

Juan Valenzuela

Iggy is so beautiful ?, she's the best ??

Thurman Murman

Bruh these dudes are lame as fuck. Are they 12?


This is some Howard Stern shit right here?

Jose Luis Gaviria.

ou fat boym respect sansa

Swimming Duck

I feel bad about this, people should not try to violate her like that. I hope security catch these people after the shows and give them hell.

RJ Foyles

I still can't believe she ever got popular...fucking trash, only time she ever spit was on Work ? They only asked her sex questions cause her body the only thing she had going ? If Iggy was ever your favorite "Rapper" or in your Top 5, STAY THE FUCK AWAY from Hip-Hop!!! Just remove yourself from the culture


U horny assholes! What kind of questions are those??!?!!

Sincerely Yourstruly

why they brung up schoolboy Q like that ?

cinnamon girl

These interviewers are disgusting

Patrice Evans

I'm A OG,OG of the, OGG'S of Old School: I"m up on A lot Young Old School & Young , Middle School,& Young New School:We Old OGG'S, keep it On the, Clean Side, from:Jazz, Latin, Bach, Beethoven, R&B, POP Rock, Soft Rock, Hard Rock, Country, and Originate of All Music "GOSPEL" The ☆'ROOT' 2 its All Our TribaL Inheritance' Is the, DeaLTH of "'DEEP"' "'Yahweh"' the, MOST HIGH "'G.O.D"' ONE1LOVE#1MediatorbetweenGOD&Man!!!♡♡♡○○○☆☆☆♤♤♤3N1MaMa'P" 07/17/2020VISIONARY''' P.S. You young lady's has no Respect for the, Game, & the, gods In You:Doggie alley Kat's & Cat's show off taking off, In your' Face, up high, down low, back it up, upside down, on Four's, head & Toes, backdoor, around the world,and 69 was A Good YEAR' MaMa'P' 7/17/20 No more Imagination: BUTT's Naked...fulfillment GOP....


No talent trash

John Hodgetts

Apart from the disgusting inappropriate questions which are none of your god damn business, what really pisses me off is how you keep thumping the mic stand. Either keep your hands off the desk or use the bass rolloff switch on your mic or desk. Fucking amateurs. Listen through decent speakers and all you'll hear is THUD, THUD, THUD.

Arianna Davis

what is up with her


making Australia proud!

T La Rocks DaOrigino DJ Louie Lou

Nicky Minaj would have flipped on them if these questions were aimed at her.

Mhozes Johnson

so she's a soft porn person @iggy


PAUSE “How swaggy is his p” still pausing in 2019


?????? why am I just seeing this


Bitch is a Psycho!!!

Arjun Lal

Imagine doing an interview just to have it posted as "Iggy gets fingered at her show" SMH...

Jo Momz

wtf is wrong with her not wanting to "promote" her man's genitalia? Why do you guys act like she's some kinda psycho for keeping her bedroom life in the bedroom?

Why are you pressing her on her sex life?

monty_gamer23 gamer_aka_23

Iggy my number one priority fan


WTF is wrong with you white plp and females this is hot 97 they talk like that to everyone. I'm actually surprised Iggy and Ebro are actually getting along in this interview with respect to their previous history. These questions were made for Iggy in oder for her to get comfortable with hot 97. Ebro and Rosenberg have been doing interviews for years and are good at interviewing plp especially celebrties.If you think Ebro and Rosenberg are bad at interviews then your shitheads and deserve to choke on your own blood.

Roman Torres

shame that she went to shit now-a-days

Larry Kelly

Nothing justifies such a violation... Do not put yourself out there and check the world... It gets real ugly real quick
Maybe some caveman wanted to fact check her just to see if she did have the best

Jose Luis Gaviria.

Snd!!! not porn t
lyal bour er


at the end she says that she doest poop ? WTF did i understand right ?



Mrs. Jimmy Two Times

They need to make a female version of a cup.

Anshuman Sharma

Wow america stoops this low. Wonder what the world looks upto them for


What a childish interview lmao Shes too clever to give these kind of people interviews

Sam Luckman

This is a dumpster fire


Creepy E

Beatriz Munoz

they're fucking disgusting


"You like ya ass eaten?" Cringe cringe cringe

Dorian Williams

She is so junk,

Teriqua Jones

I wish she would get those moles removed from her face.

Mark Ant

iGGY ONLY HAS SEX WHEN SHE`S DRUNK. Bad in bed and leaves before he wakes up.


WTF IS THISSSS ???????????

Phukk Yoo

Lol at all the Karen Women getting triggered yet still watching


Would u please watch it with me Iggy cos you’re so beautiful❤️❤️❤️

Glenmore The Gamer

the 2 stupid cunt guys are very stupid who the fuk these 2 dude? OMG!! why dey asking a girl wt all sex story non sense?? da fuk!!! you call yourselves d.j??? OMG


My question is whether her friends call her Iggy or Amethyst.

SPookS Paranormal Society

Throw urself into an audience, and you are in their hands...literally...If she doesn't want inappropriate behavior, then stop encouraging inappropriate behavior and stay put on the stage that s there to protect and be a boundary against those who come to watch...Doh !

Deborah Hardaway

You all sound disgusting ,this is suppose to be a interview,sounds like Trump an Cosby.Your talking under her clothes an in her bed too much.Cut the crap!

Mr Keep the peace

Poor Iggy they treated her like A whore. Its entertainment she talk all that freaky shit because we want to hear it. Just like future talk about molly because you want to hear it.


who's looking back at this shit n just remembering how irrelevant u can become within the period of a short amount of years


She was so fine before all the surgery and botox. Now she looks like a crack doll. ??‍♂️


the intervier with beard is a rude mother fucking cunt,not professional at at and all the questions were violating inappropiate and unnecessary.


Would smash tho ?

25 Dads

and the douchebag rewards of the year goes to....

Luper Repul

lame ass clickbait title. really though youre interviewing iggy azalea you dont need to clickbait for more views


this bitch can't be serious! when she said hip-hop is evilving!? you dumb bitch your trash!

MaRc _CaCaL77

Iggy you suck at solo stop


And now she has a son ?


Rosenberg no lip ass nigga. Can't stand the way he articulates and talks. Respect

Italian Made

I put my finger in my friends girl at a Keg party too when I was 16 Ebro and I are crazy

Puber T. Snatches

damn "you that jealous?" "well...." this was 2 years before it fell apart lol


her hand and her face r 2 different shades

snoop dogg dank kush

Playboi Carti

You don't see an old man havin' a Twix

She can not rap for SHIT


Her hand/arm is a completely different color than her face

WETLANDS Trailer (Hot) - Most NSFW Movie Of The Year

WETLANDS Trailer (Hot) - Most NSFW Movie Of The Year15 Aug. 2014
468 128
sam danielSubscribe 438 721

Here’s the Trailer for

Here’s the Trailer for the Most NSFW Movie You’ll Watch All Year

Have you ever seen a movie where the lead character cheerfully describes herself as "a living pussy-hygiene experiment"? No, you haven't, because there's never been a movie quite like Wetlands, the insanely outrageous sex comedy that lit up Sundance earlier this year. Based on the novel by Charlotte Roche, this German-language film follows 18-year-old Helen (Carla Juri), who sticks a finger up her ass in the very first scene and spends the next one curiously rubbing her nether regions all over a pee-stained public toilet. "My mother told me it's really hard to keep a pussy clean," Helen explains, and after that, who could argue?

Unabashed in her exploratory pursuit of pleasure, Helen engages in several sex romps: one with an anonymous food-stand patron, another with some food itself. (Cucumbers are a decent masturbatory aid, though nothing compares to a carrot). Helen has to put the hookups on hold, however, when she ends up in the hospital after an anal injury incurred from shaving. There she meets a cute male nurse who's intrigued by her predilection for perversity, and things take a surprisingly sweet turn between the two of them ... while still remaining super gross, of course.

Suffice it to say, Wetlands is truly and gleefully out there, and if you thought that raunchy comedies were only for men, Helen's got a stinky finger to wag at you. You can check the film out September 5 (with theater listings found here), but until then, Vulture's got the exclusive trailer and poster premiere for you. Prepare yourself and dive in!

Initial release: August 22, 2013 (Germany)

Director: David Wnendt

Story by: Charlotte Roche

Cinematography: Jacub Bejnarowicz

Screenplay: David Wnendt, Claus Falkenberg

Comments (16)

:0 no

Mackenzie Polanco

My friend told me to look this up on Netflix and i was watching it then she started putting vegetables in her vagina and i was like HELL NO BITCH?

Azz Azz

I'm confused


add me on snapchat fishman909

jon jon Brasileiro

thats why you loose WW2

Shubham Patne

Chi chi chi


this film is soooo gross, like im extremely open minded but this is grossss


Gross. No way.


humanity gone down the drain

Ggh Bgtdg

I got a strong hipster vibe from this


wow, so imaginative haha

Melissa derp

it's a pretty bad movie don't waste your life on it


As an avid youporn user i'm pretty sure this is not the most nsfw movie of the year.


Germany wtf have you done

1 day ago

I get a strong desire to rate this 1 star on imdb without even having seen it.


Hipster gross.
That's what this it.

Ass getting fingered

Ass getting fingered29 Jul. 2013
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Richie LawSubscribe 438 721

Comments (5)
Harry Liffen


Don Moore


xò fxlishaa

Thats is legs or something..If it isn’t,Holy crap that is some hairy ass



Harry Liffen