How long does just for men beard last

Beard Dye - UPDATE - Did it last?

Beard Dye - UPDATE - Did it last?19 Dec. 2016
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In this video I discuss my

In this video I discuss my recent beard dying experience and answer the frequently asked question on how long it lasts.

The dye I used:

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Cameron Moynihan

The beard looks fantastic brotha liking the length

Cameron Moynihan

Ever thinking about making a video on transitional hairs and transitional to terminal hairs and how long it takes. Trying to research it but not finding much. Got a lot of those in my beard right now. Same with my friends in their early twenties love the vids Sam

Rashid Williams

Also do you still use minoxidil?

Rashid Williams

Are you using peppermint oil straight or mixing it?

Review Just For Men beard color | Beard Instructor

Review Just For Men beard color | Beard Instructor6 Mar. 2018
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You got gray beard hair? And you don't like them? Welcome to the club man! The solution for you might be a dye of your mighty face forrest. If you want to know how - watch this review of Just For Men beard color!


Additional info to this review on my blog:


How to wash your beard the right way:

Get the softest beard:


I'm a proud beardo since over 20 years now and my beard is one of my big passions. In 2016, I launched my blog and this YT channel to share this passion with guys all around the globe - I hope my experiences and tips will help to get your perfect beard ! If you like, give some comments or recommend to your friends. Thanks :)







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Mohammed El AZERY

It was soooo much better!!

Stephen Shelton

I used to dye mine and found that the JFM dyes marketed for beards washed out after about 6 days. The dye designed for scalp hair actually seems permanent and is cheaper. I tried to "phase out" of dying because I got tired of doing it, and I stopped late last summer and I can still see the dyed hair and where i stopped maybe 9 months ago.


What colour did you use?

Desert Pianist

Hi Sir! How many days / weeks does the color stay in when you shower daily?


Vielen Dank for the very helpful video, Matthias :-) Greetings from America. I've a yeard (13mos.), & am mostly grey. I'm afraid of screwing the coloring process up. You've given me a little more confidence to try. My German girlfriend will still HATE my beard, but at least I'll look younger.

Surfer Jay

Don’t use this product!!
FAARR too many guys including myself have had severe burning and itching, resulting with varied degrees of puss and sometimes bloody secretions lasting days if not weeks! All this after only 5 mins on your face!
This shit is brutal!!! It is chemical poison... Full stop!!
Not this many men could be allergic to this one product... Just do some research and you will see what I mean!

Saamer Mansoor

You have a really good beard in this video! I would trust my beard in your hands



BigD BigD

Be warned!! This product Will make your face swell and do chemical burn on your face!!!!

Fil Il Biondo

Jfm is good but I notice that don't last alot... What can I do for dye last longer??

Daniel Hardieck

Also deutsch is der bestimmt nicht

Craig Stallard

Yet another great video my friend! I suffer with ginger patches so when I do colour my beard I go with a light brown.... BTW been meaning to say your accent is so cool

Edgard Panca

I think gray beard is very charming... don't you think?

- Brent -

Use shoe polish.


Just tried and worked really well. Went for Light Medium Brown, just one shade darker than blonde, and it looks very natural. . . didn't want a magic marker drawn on beard. Did a good job of darkening the white patches, while still maintaining the natural blend of shades. Very happy.


thank you very much for the info :)

Hammada Mounir

Your advices are very useful!!! I know sooner you will be very famous on YouTube ?

David Edmunds

Don't use it guys, I did a skin test and it was fine, on the third application after a couple of months it made my skin sore and blistered in places, it's not worth the risk :(

spencer warren

Stay the hell away from JFM . I used it for 5 years up to this month nov 2019. Since June 2019 multiple accounts of what happen to me is happening to alot of patients with federal class action lawsuit against JFM. after using lt for 5 years I had in nov 2019 server burns to my face with massive swelling with clear fluid at first seping out then blood with scabs and then scarring. Also major allergic reaction on face and arms . This was one of the most painful things I have dealt with. They have changed the chemmicals and added the chemical PPD . Look it up. This is one of the most highly allergic natural chemical in the world. Guess what it is made out of petroleum. That is correct gasssssss. So go grab you a gallon of unleaded 93 premium and pour is all over your face. Same dame thing. JfM is getting their ass used off and I am one of them