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The 16 Personality Types Expressed Through Iconic Characters

The 16 Personality Types Expressed Through Iconic Characters23 May. 2018
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How do the 16 Personality

How do the 16 Personality Types (aka 16 Personalities) make up your favorite characters? See more MBTI / 16 Personality Videos Below:

The 16 Personality Types as Game of Thrones Characters:

 The 16 Personality Types as Marvel Characters

The 16 Personality Types as The Office Characters

The 16 Personality Types as The Avengers

The 16 Personality Types as The Walking Dead Characters

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Comments (100)
Lizzy Wizzy

I feel like this video didn't really pay attention to INFP. They just picked out whichever character they wanted.


INTPs where y'all at?

Violet Evergarden

I don’t see much from sensors in the comments, even if they make up almost 3/4 of the population.
I guess they aren’t as interested in this as us intuitives are.
(Im ENTJ, also hard to find in the comments)


INFJ anyone ?

M Pasalic

Is Anakin Skywalker form Star Wars an entj?

Mr. Doot

> Kinda edgy, but wants hugs.
> So deep in thoughts that their couldn't hear your preposterous lollygagging.
> Tries to see many futures as Doctor Strange
> Makes plans to destroy Earth but can't communicate as a decent human being.
Source: me.

Elizabeth Reyna

im ENTP-A lol

Alejandro Pérez

How is it that INTJs are supposed to be reserved yet they never shut up about being INTJ on the internet?

Nick g

Just took mine I got ISFJ twice
So yeah no idea what that means

jay chery

No wonder I like John snow and the dragon lady so much, I’ve always said they both represent me in some way


INTJ & ISTJ the different between those types is literally one latter , but one likable and one shunned .


Another film INTJ example would be Palpatine!

Sorianyelis Rodríguez

I'm INTP (The Logician) this is so peculiar

Just an Owl

Heoyyyy! INTP as Sherlock Holmes...?

Kay B

Me with my 4 different personalities

Benita S

ENTJ here. That Tony Soprano quote was almost exactly what I told my friend when I decided to just stop going to therapy and then stopped seeing my psychiatrist altogether.

Pablo X

ENTJ here...anyone else or am I the only one ?

Lanna Victoria

ENTP We know we are your favorite characters lol

mohanad Ali

I got intj lol

Lucas Ochoa

ESFP? Anyone? I didn't see many of us in the comments so just wanted to see if y'all were out there? No? Ok.

Jochu’s Books

Actually INFJs are the most rare personality types, with a 3-1% of the population.

Deusa De Schäfer

It seems that I'm an INFJ according to the test. Didn't really realize it was rare. I took the test again and I got INTJ so looks like I'm a mix of INFJ and INTJ. Anyone else?

Naa ja



I am protoganist !!! ✌✌✌


İ am INFP and i wanna die every each day


not trying to be a typology elitist or gatekeeper here but damn, a lot of you guys dont know jack about MBTI. look up functional stacks and type yourself—dont let 16personalities do it for you because that site is wack.

Troy Hayder

I was never popular... But at least I'm not a puny brained brain weakling like the rest of you... Logician...


Well I am none of these.Now what ?

Bonk Shmonk

I'm intj & infj

Akash Biswas

I don't believe Tony is ENTJ.


I would place Tywin Lannister in the INTJ category.

Sahar Adham

I'm the mother of dragon

gas dozen

As an INTP I think Jack was stupid


16 personalities is shit. It's not a real MBTI test, nor does it even know what it's talking about. I wish it would just be taken down already.


ENFP here, but I lowkey dislike Michael Scott meh

akash ps

Jon snow is a mediator for sure


Dabater on a party be like "Hey there, no I dont need smalltalk, lets talk about how u said earlier ur a vegan, so what u think about all this vegan food is packed in plastic, and there cutting down the most endagered woods for farming up the engrediants on low costs and theyre producing it in contries what makes unneceessary pollution but workes are paid less there... to sell vegan food for a massive price what kicks far over any productional costs, what makes it pretty much a pretentious lifestyle food, and isnt affordable for most of the population beeing a workling class.."
Also debater: "Wait how are you offended, these are just some facts, there was no line i personally offended you anywhere, and Im even on your side?!"
Also debater: sitting at home and talking to him/herself because these are the only debates where noone gets triggered before argumantation even starts

Max Jerry

I’m between ENFJ and ENTJ. Did the test a while ago and got one, did it recently and got the other. And upon studying both I pretty much lie slap bang in the middle

George Kottakis

INTJ here, go f*ck yourselves.

skorpia g

I'm an istp female. Also rare. I use rational over emotion . I dont care how much I like a guy- if logic says hes not a sound mate i get rid of him. I dodged alot of bullets. Also I dont mind being alone. Arya and lisbeth salander..are istp. We break societal rules and dont care what people think.

Fenny Lavein

I'm an INFJ but weirdly i dislike John Snow in GoT.

Hyper Webber

intp pog

Akash Yadav

You have some shitty data sir


Me,an infp: tries hard to look cool but ends up being the background character

Hassan Chattha

Infj here. We’re misunderstood.

parikshit shrimali

I think mhysa is INFJ but with bad past.

Sharad Gurung

Did I missed the INFP or it's not in the list ?!!

¿C'est What?

I'm Fox Mulder!! (INFP)

꧁Joy Byulharang꧂

ESFJ here :) hi!

Antonio Bronson

Here's a question , how do you spot one of these personality types when you are dealing with one for a limited amount of time lets say a day or week ?

Creative Principles

Which The Walking Dead character are you? (check my "Community" tab or polls or comment below on future series/character breakdowns you'd like to see!

egle LT

No, my favourite INTJ is most definitely Mr. Darcy.


Enfj anyone?

Ben Burnside

I'm starting to realize that people arent only specically one of these personalities throughout their lives. I think based off situations, people change which classification of personality that they are throughout the day, and perhaps on multiple occasions per day.

Its MyDyslexia

Man I enjoy being a INFP!


Okay, I'm INTJ and I loved it

Your fellow ARMY

I think what u described here is more of "the stereotypes of every MBTI." I'm an ENTP and I care about the outcomes of debates a lot. I wanna grow intellectually, I listen to the other side of the argument.

Arthur Felix

ENFP here lol


If there is someone else out there that is actually also an ISFP-A, I will poof myself into a duck out of excitement :)

Chaotic _

How tf does one know what they are? I’ve watched this like 5 times and I still don’t

cat with gun

INTJs: aight ISTPs, wanna cook something?

Amanda Smith

Mulder an INFP? I'll take it.

123 456

Really does these things matter or is it a waste of time??

Mansi Jha

Commanders assemble.


Micheal Scott what in the fuck

Pretty please With sugar on top

Who else is a campaigner ?


Where are my ICUPs?

S Buis

i’m an ENFP and i hate our representation in this video, examples i like to use are spider-man, rapunzel, aang, phoebe and cat valentine

Darth Vader

A personality test said I’m an ENTJ


Any ENFPs here? Am the classic example of what constitutes the ENFP personality type. Have switched between different jobs multiple times during the past 11 years. :P


Who else gets different results every time they do the test ???

Elijah Hayes

I find your lack of Star Wars characters disturbing


isnt the INFJ the rarest personality type?

Vicente Garcia

As an ENTJ, this is dead on!

Itz Riaa_the unicorn

im isfj-t so i turbulent defender

Anna S

Many people think that Michael Scott from The Office is NOT an ENFP.

Ben Burnside

I can be an INTJ, INFJ, ENTJ, or an ENFJ

Gabrielle W

esfj with an entp husband.

Sloth -d375

Advocate here. I did the test three times and got the INFJ. Though I would like to be the logistic one.

Aschalew Mesele

fucking james bond, i will take it!!

Precious Hernandez

Tell me, why is everyone want to be the rarest? Do we get an extra allowance or get to be in a VIP seat if we are one?

el o el

uhh any istp here ?


Normal personality chuck .. I.. I feel disappointed

Kalhi Puvitharan


Somebody Someone

You did Mulder so I'm asking myself what Scully would be now, please, the logician? Thank you ?

Tom Sandoval

Personally speaking as an infj i think jon snow and Daenery are the two sides of us our extreme good and our extreme bad(Jesus & Hitler)



Christian Joseph

I see comments for every other type but where are my ENTP homies at?

Bogdan M

Proud to be ENTJ! ! !

LaDrago Damultus

Which one is rare intj or infj

Defective Nomad


Matthew Hewes

Michael Scott is not an ENFP. He is a ESFP. He only cares about himself and ENFP put everyone else first. Many other things I could say, but it’s a mistake a lot of people make. Erin/Kelly is the only one in the office that is an ENFP

Sara Obando

im bilingual i speak english and spanish i made the test in both languages and suprised in spanish im a INTJ and english INTP so.... IM SMART SHUT UP

Shivi Garg

Esfp is not there i guess..

urvag Rawal

Biased view by an INTP - it sounds like INTP and INTJs are the best ones. Many be 1 or 2 others. But the rest are kind of boaring .....

Rich Lawey

My third type this year is protagonist

Chase MacKenna

Ayyy ENFJ is dope. I love it. Also I'm in love with an ENFP :/ oh boy.

Aaron Johnstone


Sunistha Chopra

The way I went from being an INFP to an INFJ ??

10 Cute Things INFJ Girls Do That Guys Find Attractive | The Rarest Personality Type

10 Cute Things INFJ Girls Do That Guys Find Attractive | The Rarest Personality Type16 Dec. 2019
173 111
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10 Cute Things INFJ Girls

10 Cute Things INFJ Girls Do That Guys Find Attractive | The Rarest Personality Type. The INFJ type (introverted, intuitive, feeling, and judging) is said to be rare. It’s not a common combination that comes out in the Myers and Brigg’s Personality Test. There are certainly other fun personality types featured in the test, but this type has its own character too. If you happen to know (or love) someone who’s under this personality type, you might want to look out for these little (or maybe not so little) cute things that they do

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Sometimes what an INFJ needs is just a simple gesture be it a smile or a hug from you. INFJs can be full of contradictions at times and can be hard to understand but the mere fact that you are just there for them is something they will appreciate a lot. And, sometimes, your presence is just the thing they need.

I hope you haven’t had enough of the INFJs yet. They are great companions and good people to tap into for counsel. They may not always be the life of the party, but they prefer making deeper, more meaningful relationships. They might keep you second-guessing at times, but you can always get real with them. Just 100% organic and plastic-free.


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Comments (100)
Observer of life

Hi ?‍♀️ Question... I am new around here, and in my channel surfing I have noticed something odd. The only channels "I" have seen so far that are talking about personality types are people who are INFJ. Do any of the other personality types do their own thing? Or is it just the INFJ'S who really find this stuff interesting?

Enda Merrick

Those Girls are so rear, I'm starting to think they don't exist. I've yet to meet one. They must be a mith like Unicorns. ?

Ciao Ana!

We are old souls!

Vannara Loch

Yet we are still single ??

Keshab Bhowmik

Is anybody here an INFJ-T?


These are so true for me because I always listen to people and try to listen to both sides and give the best advice I can. I’m guessing his goes with all of us so I’ll speak for all of us. I’d always understand if something goes wrong. I’d always go the extra mile to make the people I love happy, and sometimes I like to make strangers happy too! For number 3 it cant be more true. I love the good people in my life soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo- much. It’s indescribable. And number 2 is also true! I love going all out for my friends and family! And for number one it’s true. I just wish people wouldn’t take my love for advantage and instead cherish it.

From Purple World

My personality type is INFJ-A( Advocate)

Lobsang Tharchin

It's new generation no more impressing all junk peoples. Sorry.

Otto Maguire

I thought opposites attract but that sounds so good.. wow.. I use to be embarrassed for being an infj man when I first found out 30 years ago.. now I embrace it and don't feel too different.. being a man infj I was told I didn't have enough Bravada/manly characteristics now I realize most people fake those characteristics I'm happy to be who I am.. I think an infj woman maybe almost too good to be true.. I am not looking for a woman now but if I was it most certainly be an infj.. now I believe my mom was an infj.. I was so blessed

B Love

I'm an INFJ. I give my husband pedicures which is just one of my loving treats for him . How many girls do that? Lol.

Megha Das

You do not know how an INFJ appreciate your little thing..

Marina Marina

Forever Single Infj squad ? i can't even have crush these days?

Connie Merkel

So there’s a chance my weirdness won’t scare a man off?! I’ve grown accustomed to avoiding relationships all together bc I can’t handle rejection AGAIN

Underscore _

I am the infgj and i am not like other girls x3

G. D. D.

no one:
cc: I enough Jase

Dikshita Rajkonwar

If you wanna agree or not I don't care but I feel like those who are saying they are INFJ are totally not INFJ?

nur dini Ahmadi

We can give all to the one we love. But we don't expect more from the people we love. Just be there for us meant a lot. Because most people don't understand us

Larry Fowler

This is so me , lady fowler

Maria Sparrow

As an INFJ, I feel like my qualities are discussed like a breed of dog for people who are planning to adopt one.


Infj is the original female personality type... Designed for a time before civilization. Everything special evolution fought to preserve... A personality destined to have the potential to understand and decipher all things


I thought that I would change myself because everyone don't really care about me ......but from this video I feel better .....and I will continue to live as myself worries .....I love myself even more now .......thank you 4 Ur vid helps me a lot ???

Katherine Foster

We also look intimidating but we are nor we are warm people.

Sarah Heinz

Wow. Thank you for this. I feel like you described me perfectly. It was a great video to send my boyfriend as a summary of what to expect. Lol

Edna Lavares

I wonder how this type of pwrsonality is so rare...

Numariq Nazir

feels good to see there are so many ppl like me out there

Small_drop in_the_big_ocean

Yes, only these INFJ videos are the only thing that ever validates my feelings and I feel understood. T.T

Shine Dream Smile


Jack Willow

To be honest,i would be happy to find a girl like this. Im also INFJ personality type so...i think would be nice to find a me :) Also friends that have this personality type :) People that...kind of understand me :) And maybe help me to understand myself :)


Omg, leave us alone.

Marilynn Court

Someone make this guy some coffee!


Oh boy i love your accent

chich aria

honestly my ideal type is a fellow INFJ or an ENFP. the former being that we can understand each other so deeply than any other. they are nurturing, calm, reflective, understanding, and passionate, like me. the latter being that I have always been attracted to someone who is so different yet so in tune, the concept of "opposites attract" have always appealed to me. they are kind, optimistic, open-minded and open-hearted, and a necessary person to have in my life. I do like other types, but these two are who I long for the most!


Hi There! INFJ here

Nery Barao

I'm an INFJ-T girl and I adore my beloved INTJ. Since we're in LDR, I always tell him I love him and that I miss him a lot. INFJs are so romantic. In my case, I will buy him gifts and everything I see makes me think of him. I also love dedicating love songs to him. I constantly stare at his photos with admiration.

Artistic Optimism

We r quite amazing

Kaitlyn Montgomery

How about clairsentience

Delta Radiance

I'm an INFJ I've learned not to Help if person is not my child or somebody who helps me too- equal give and take or I will help a stranger knowing it's a once off thing and probably won't see them again. I learned Not to advice if not asked or if I feel like I'm being taken for granted, Not to Always be Available for people but Always available For Me and Not to be understanding when I see a pattern of dysfunction, Not to accept Less from people I have High expectations for Everyone who wants to stay in my life or beGone. All that attracts Narcissists and abusers. I'm an abuse survivor and Toxicity FREE and I would like to keep it that way. My peace is more important than being an INFJ .


The no. 1 is so true......we don't always need special things, even some decent gestures r enough at times

Infj-t guy

Idk... I've learned alot about chicks in 2020, all the lies n manipulation, havin side guys n not payin 4 dates or at least goin half n half, I just dont know about wemon these days, but I'd love to b proven wrong, I'd b willing to date short term but I'm really not lookin forward to bein dumped because she found someone better or havin any possible kids taken away, I'm willing to try


Being infj myself, these facts are very accurate

Andrea Randall

I am an INFJ girl when I feel some one taking advantage of me then I judge and I am done but you won't know right away ? the. Empath in me doesn't. Want to hurt you ..... Yet ?


any other infj’s get bored of certain people easily? Yes ik that sounds harsh ?. Like initially they’re cool and all but soon come to find there’s these things that irritate you so much about them now or they just don’t even interest you anymore

Victoria Gee

Infj is supposed to be rare but everyone I know is one. ? I am one as well.

Laurie Berry

I think that my friend is an INFJ. She loves animals. We like to be quiet around each other. We just like our company. She does things that make her happy. She never shows anger around me. She is emotionally strong. When I felt hated, she got me through it successfully. She seems like the only person who can not be overwhelming. The best part is that she is very good at agreeing and making people feel understood. I don’t know what I am.

Spring Rolls

The guy I like now is an INFJ like me...


What happens if two INFJs fall in love?

Imani T Robinson

Yes, we are ?% organic and plastic free!

Hồng Ngọc Vũ

5. They can go with the flow
4. They're always up to something nice and good
3. They'll love you more than you know
2. They go "all out"
1. You don't have to go "all out" for them

Paradise Awaits


Maria Navarro

I understand now more my personality

Nicole Prowse

For me boundaries have been one of the hardest things. I've done some growing up & I'll be damned if I'm gonna let anyone cross my shit again..they do that door is gonna hit them in the ass! I would rather be alone than to go through the crap I've been through again. Taught me how to stand up for myself...
Everything happens for a reason.
Take that lesson & learn from it & live & love life! Most importantly I've become comfortable in my own skin & fallen in love with myself...flaws & all!
GOD made us a little extra special is the way I see it now & I'm embracing it!

Cristiane Rodrigues Neves

It seems to me, someone is reading my soul ?

Dental study Tips and basics

I m Infj

akm nazmul hasan

No 1 understand me ?

The Seven Deadly Sins

Hi! An INFJ here!

elvira ambretiour

please start involving into cognitive functions in your videos! many parts are misleading!


This sounds like an exhausting and one sided relationship. Why are all the “cute” things about helping the other person? INFJs are people too and don’t want a relationship where they just take care of the other person. They need to be taken care of too. Some of this list is true, but I feel like this is why we get taken advantage of.


This is why u don't need a therapist when you have a friend who is an INFJ

Nur Mawaddah Binte Mohamed Nizar

Yep, INFJ's think that helping others as their purpose in life.

Amber Brittany

This is very accurate.


Single and an INFJ , anyone? It's so hard to connect with people these days

Hasnath Ka

Most of the INFJ 's are single.and its not even a myth.from what i have realised, the special traits and uniqueness of INFJ personality makes them single.Even though they are quiet handy when it comes to relationship advices, when it is time to move the card for their ownside they just filter their thoughts through their whole list of high standards.Their analystic capabilities sometimes turns out to be their enemy..Since they hardly date or gets into a relationships, they dont necessasirly have the skills for dating..again less number of relationship records brings the tendancy to do extra research and in this constant or process of analysing and filtering , their standards for an ideal types upgrades unconsciously which makes them even harder to find a partner.And one of the other thing that i have find out about why infj's struggle to get into a relationship is the obssessive one sided love that they might had in the past..Trust me its a whole diffrent story when an Infj secretly loves someone..They might continue this one sided thing for so long.after some point they might even get comfortable to do so, or its more like they just feel like, this you dont have to worry about rejection, commitments and fear of cheating- and i think an unhealthy infj's tend to do this mistakes so often..This kind of thoughts and the how long they had this kind of feelings will surely determine the probability of an infj 's likeliness to get into a relationship.This happens because they tends to arrive at conclusions by searching a patterns in everything in the genral statistics leave a strong impact on everything an infj does..Its also an underrated fact that infj's prime source of fact check is the statistic reports.

Hello, we are stAr!

Infj's: Don't like attention
Leo's: Love attention
Me: ???

Ana Luisa

People are so into hook ups nowadays. Where can i find another hopeless romantic INFJ???

Robert Hipolito

I am an INFP and a lot of the stuff you mentioned is true for me too.

Where I live everyone is so extroverted and rarely do I come across another introvert, much less a INFP or INFJ.


That's only the good parts.The worst parts of INFJ women are:

Her cynical thoughts of which makes you want to argue but she'll already won with her unarguble facts that she called hard truth.

Her near-perfection idealistic view of everything will make her ended up disappointed and can't let go easily. She would disappointing herself before the world disappoints her.

Her Superhuman sense of smell and taste of which her critics would makes Gordon Ramsey blush. Her high standard of exquisite quality is what she craves for and the sky is her limit.

Her brain is so fast, like she augmented herself with quantum neuron processor that act on her own impulse, of which you will have little to no time to prepare.

And every words she said will BURN you and destroy your pride and accomplishment, with a garnish of how to make it better.

And I found it AMAZING. She's the kind of woman would make your straps on the rollercoaster ride between Hell and Heaven And suddenly she dissappears...
And for no reason she would come back again.

Infj woman will hit you hard. Her test will be tough but I hope the risk may worth the reward. Despite I said so negatively about infj woman, she is the type of woman who needs love and compassion the most. Her perfection and her expectation is nothing compare to how much you understand her intention and care about her.

So don't give up if you found one like I do.

MKay C

Loved the video! I Feel understood and touched!


I did all these to guy, and he exchanged me for a girl who had been whore and exotic dancer, for real. I don’t think all guys really want this or appreciate it.

Jama Rush

Please address the INFJs who are also psychic.

Yingrak Muansawad

Any non-single INFJ here?

Cat Ears Girl

kekeke ive allways wanted to be cute. but now i know i am cute

Oliver Rudd

Hello infj's and all other types here... My opening statement ("just f#c@ing yikes!") I have only just learnt that I am not an alien I have always thought I was alone when I found out studied it and repetitively done the test as to be sure that I definitely identified as introverted thinking & extroverted feeling type infj-a, my name is Oliver and I am not an alien haha I probably seem weird now but Its just so soothing to say now that I know.. I have never had even a quarter of a sence of identity and won't go into it too much but I was given a violent alchaholic for a father I was no exaggerations from my heart locked in my room for days without food. I was often made to hold two plasticware mugs full of water at shoulder height for hours on end being beaten by a very big intimidating man that I knew as daddy every time either cup had moved just below shoulder height I would cop a flogging and sometimes if it was noticeable enough be made to lay in bathtubs full of ice so that my bruises and swelling wouldnt be noticeable at school he would religiously load his illegal firearms Ie sawn off twenty two at the kitchen table in front of me and then proceed to tell me to open my mouth so he could put the barrel in my mouth that is where I began to dangerously challenge him as my "gut" told me he was never going to do it as he was fearful of getting court or at least he couldn't for some reason I was over some pretty intimidating types of fear at a very young age but at times he would still attempt to instal fear within me I started to smile with the gun in my mouth in the end.. sorry to go there it's a short and brief summary of some of the circumstances compared to the three life sentences he is now serving buy this is where I leave that part of my statement...

The blur between my unique upbringing and now.. ⚠warning ⚠ warning, system overload:

error code 3231 ⚠ alert ⚠ alert trying to skip giant mass of unproccessed data "missing way too many events are you absolutely doubly tripley sure you don't need to relay any of the data information stored in this server tower ?
Are you sure want too compete this request" [ ?] [?] basically I had a very reserved childhood as much as possible which is supposedly where I found I had never understood fully but just knew

Ahh what it let me skip it Yess It skipped all that... and that guy hasn't been confused af yet ? It worked it actually fardking working fardking! It not make me relay stupid gibberish and try and show him manually how all fifty five thousand eight hundred and fourty two dots connect to make correct algorithms mmmwah haw mmmwahahahaaaa! This time be easy yes? Sorry I had fun with this mini written visualisation which I'm hopeful any infj would somewhat relate too lol BTW this wouldn't work as a working explanation of how some of the key functions within our inner brain workings with any other type or group but hey I'm more than sure some could even fully

I am now thirty three years of age, I have only just learnt of the terms counselor or sage.. I have always been on my own, since a young boy and have my whole life it's how these gifts have grown...

Zelphin 124

my goodness no wonder why I have a lot of guy friends. I did these things and not even knowing it!
I always hated myself because I was always contradicting myself and so different from myself no one understood me. But now it just makes a whole lot more sense and I'm so thankful now to know who I am.
I did all of these things tho and I'm like... "shoot no wonder why all of my friends are guys."

Ikram Kermadi

I'm an infj and it's not easy for me to find an understanding partner

Virginia Chase

Better not piss us would be bad. Door Slam cause now you don't exist. Tired of the narcissistic takers I'd rather be alone. I really think INFJ should be with an INFJ.


Yes i am n infj

Kira Ji-eun Lee

As an INFJ woman, I feel appreciated, although I still think many people prefer more outgoing and edgy women

Lubna Manir

I'm 1000% an infj

Lupus Divinorum

Infj here.
Gotta say, that brunette girl with glasses is so appealing!

Parul Gupta

Let's make this comment section a dating platform for INFJs ?

Andrea Michelle Torres

It’s so insane how accurate this is! I cried when I found out my personality type because since I think differently than other people it’s so nice to know I am not the only person who thinks the way I do!

Renee Goadey

Thanks for information.Made my evening God Bless you,keep up good work .

Haraku Xperia

Sadly I don't think I'm that attractive. I'm quite serious most of the time-- a bit tomboyish. It's not a surprise that guys don't find me attractive or cute.

Riddhi Singh

Absolutely true ... I would like to add ... infj love to pamper near dear one according their taste n Neva put own taste to another

Ilsa Ashfaque

am an infj... and as an infj.. i am. so true, simple and innocent that i tell my little of things to my close friends.. it happened a time when one of my classfellow and male bestie who has been loving someone else for past 11 yrs said me that your simplicity sometimes make me fall.. and you are rarest of girls i ever met.. he said i trust him. so easily that i tell him. every thing and he get amaze at how much importance i give to him

Autistic Stimming Vlog’s

I don’t Make Coffee. Lol But I AM an. Infj we will Listen and Yes We Can pick up on. Peoples Emotion’s and Feel them without a Word being said. We can offer Good Advice usually and we will try to Lighten the Mood. ? infact ? . We do Care .

A Khaan


Wan Xinru

I am INFJ-T and eventho I agree that we like to help people but at the same time I think it's more like we help those we care and valuable for us. We hate to waste our time to help those who are not giving us positive life or income. Some people might think we are helper but tbh we give 100% only to those who are valuable for us and we cut people really easily when they mistreat us or do us wrong doesnt matyer who the person is even the closest person like bestfriend, partner or even family member. We dont like to waste time to something that dont bring us good. We are quite selective and if the person choose to leave do not ever expect us to run for it and chase him. In fact some might be conflicted because we appeared to be obsessed to the person and suddenly become heartless when they do us wrong. at least that's what happen to me maybe because i am turbulent and i am not a laid back person and overly concerned about things that could go wrong.

mike odonell

i am an infj male and i need some infj female friends cause they can understand me.

Yvonne Campbell

INFJ in one word: Forgiving.....


«Dream girlfriend» ?
Wonder what is the guy like who’s deserving all this?

Night Reed

I'm an INFJ, this is really right and most of the comments are spot-on.
Yo my INFJ fellas. I finally found out that I'm the only who feel those stuff. This kinda comforting finding about more about your True Self.

simran Rana

I am being overwhelmed, questioning why am I even looking up things like this cause next time I will be actually acting the same I'll be thinking I am like this because of my personality type this that etc!


10. They’re Always There To Help
9. They’ll Know How You Feel
8. They Won’t Complain If You’ve Got A Lot To Say
7. They Can Offer Sound Advice
6. They Can Go With The Flow
5. They’ll Do A Lot Of Things To Make You Happy
4. They’re Always Up To Something Good
3. They’ll Love You More Than You Know
2. They Go All Out
1. You Don’t Have To Go All Out For Them


In a nutshell, INFJ is loved because they are nice people and they appreciate everyone's happiness ✨

The hippi dippi

Any other INFJ's watching this to feel better about themselves?

Persephone Black

I'm always told I'm a hard to read contradiction, but that I'm warm and welcoming. Haha Which is true. I'm both distant and helpful at the same time. I can read emotions very well, but I sometimes forget the exact details of a person. Despite all this, it's very hard for me to be in/find a relationship.


Someone explain me why HITLER was an INFJ

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Comments (100)
Soukayna E.

Never related more to an ENTP skit. I literally had the same exact convo... I hate that I'm that predictable smh

Zixian Chen

Yo Timmy, one question, who are you exactly and why do you keep appearing in Frank James' ESTJ skits? ??


INFJ stahp. This is getting eerily accurate lmao


not keeping up with family is such a me thing to do and im an intp-t

Sophie Bugg

ENFP is SO accurate it’s scary

Raheeq Suhaib

Omg I literally knew MINE when I saw it! And it really is me! ? An ISFJ-A here! ??

Alaina D

Me wanting to protest the fact that ENTP sisters call the other siblings names...
Also me asking my sister to hand me my computer charger so it doesn't die while I'm responding: Hey stupidmaniacalidiottoadface!

Yuki Hotta

I am so INTJ lol


Damn you called me out (INTP)


ENTP is 110% accurate lol...I said dat yesterday too...

Faith Piper

Nailed the istp loolll so relatable

Asmita J.

I'm the INTJ sister and I know I'll be saying no to makeover and explain why we should outgrow it. Coz I don't want to expose how bad I'm at it. I'm surprised the wig he's using has same hairstyle as me ???

Bianca Berry

Im an infp and that is word for word what I have said. How you say things is super critical haha I swear

nevin yiğit

entp couldn't be more correct



Melissa SS

I always want to call my brothers to give them advise. But I overthink it too much and end up not doing it. Also always worry if my advise would've keep them from getting into trouble (trouble in my mind) and text them to see how are they doing. They say they are ok but They don't know that I know. INFJ

QueenJennie_KweenJade Videos


Amelia Steynberg


Aly Annan

INFJ sister: “I need someone to compulsively take care of” Amazing simply amazing.

Kelly Segura

My mom is ENTJ and she literally does that, omg

Laurichu 17


Talita Oliveira

OMG! This video is so accurate! My oldest sister (ESTJ), youngest sister (ISTP) and I (ENFJ) are just like that!!

Duru Nacak

how did you get this sister thing too correct ???

Ngoc Linh Nguyen

Now tell me, I'm an INFP and my big sis is an INTJ, are we screwed?


Bruh that ISTP one tho is so accurate. Having to sit in a car driven by a woman really makes me crazy


as an ISFP i can say, yes i personally would say something like that-

Lynn Ke


Toni Ursić

Does he look like a Jesus with that wig? ??

eggs Benedict idk

1:52 you really called me out


“only say to ppl who are closest to my heart

you stupid b!tch”

ENTP here and i literally relate too much :)-

Kim Mills



As an INTP, I feel so targeted.

Variane 2008

The INFP one is accurate. extremely accurate

galaxy _

With this wig, he seems like Jesus

Chitra Sahai

INFP life is a stressed life !!

Jeannine Ross

I can’t handle this ???



Chelsea Miracle

Oml I'm an ENFP for sure. When the snacks came out of the purse...

Ana Ajiaco

You know is ESTJ when ir says Timmy

Sharifa Al-balushi

My sister is an ESTP and can definitely see her hosting a secret fight club in the basement.

callme donya

" I was only joking when I called you stupid bitch"

Me all the time.

Érick M. Valencia

An INTP sister, and Yes!!! That wasn't an exaggeration.


I'm ENFP and I buy food for people all the time ???

Anggita Novianti

Subtitle Indonesia please..

elika sebti

ENTP is too accurate...

Jelly Sso

Literally cracked up with INFJ. So me. ?

Laurence Trudel

ENFJ was spot on! And ENTJ!! Hahahahaha!


How the f*** should I keep up with all of this?!
- I'm anticipating the INTJ's response carefully!
- I'm anxious that the ENFP's and ENTP's would suck because they're my type's best match!
- I'm awaiting the hilarious ISTP's as always!
- I have to impersonate all of this from a women's perspective cause I'm a man! LMAO
- Oh, and I still have to somehow believe that this is all just comedy! ??
I can assure you, my CPU's efficiency right now is literally at its limit! XD

Moonlight .Z

My ISTJ brother: Google Calendar is the secret to any form of success.

Me, INTJ: How do you manage to make this gatherings even more sufferable.

Aruka Nerd

I have a ENTP sister and accurate

Carl Wheezer

infj here. always asking my friends if they need me to help them with something when I'm anxious or stressed haha

You'll Never Guess

I feel so incredibly called out ? I’ve been stressed out of my mind for the last while and I’ve spent the entire time taking care of all my friends’ problems to cope ?

Toni Idowu

I have never felt so READ in my life

Scarlett Morgan

As an ISFP and the oldest child, I agree with this entirely

Jennifer Gerard

if i was an extrovert ESTP would be true for me
but so is the actual ISTP even if i crash the car i have to drive

Helena Haferkamp

how you look like jesus

Mitch Burns

I was hoping to get an idea what type of personality my sisters have from this, but nothing really fit for either of them. I think it is because you didn't show it from a perspective that I'm familiar with at all.


i love this channel but it's sad how they see isfjs as people that only give homemade cookies, takes extra care of you like a mother, and are people pleasers like- aren't we more than that

Justine Castillo

as an INFJ,,,,,,,,, yes

Gus tavo.

ok the esfj is accurate XD

Madyson Moore

When you're right at the mid line between INTP/INFP you just routinely go into hiding and have to update your Facebook status once a decade with "I'm not dead." :'D


Family unit lol.

As an INTP, I relate so hard lol


Well i think there goes my infp sisters traumatic experience with me, an intj. At least at the end of the day she got tougher while growing up w me? I tell her act like me if anyone bullies her haha

Ovi Singh

"You broke literally the first rule" ?

Kamila Jankowska

I'm ENFP but I'm ISFP

Sienna Cook

INFJ me always stressed: calls friends to give advice
My friends: annoyed

Teddy Bear

0:44 INTJ

Allison Scanlan

Hahah these are on poooooiiint

lubaba jasmin

He looks like Jesus.


As someone who is MOST DEFFINATELY an INFP, i've gotta say the INFJ one was really me lol. I would never ask like that, but when im having anxiety, if somebody comes to me with their own emotional issues, my anxiety (temporarily) goes away, or at least fades into the background.

Bethany Brookes

- goes to relatives house after not talking to them for ages
-judges their home decor
-insults their skills
-gets upset at them when they did nothing wrong
yep, that sounds like me

the great great duck

I'm INTP but I relate to INFJ

Mira Aljarrah

What do you use for ur hair its so glowy ?

cornelia reese

As an older sister and an ENT/FP I feel very understood

Isa Oost

1:46 my sister in a nutshell??

Bizzo L.

I love how ESTJ’s entire personality is just having a vendetta against Timmy

bria harris

2:01 I'm not an extrovert but I have the STJ and sure as hell is me. And again this mysterious vendetta against Timmy ??? I'm an ISTJ

•. ᴍᴀɪ .•

me a entp showing I care by criticizing you

Kaoru Moritaki

I'm an ENTP and a sister
I totally agree with this

Aa Zi

what da... i just did that infj part when im stressed out that day, i asked ppl on my status if they need some counseling to waste my time.. but im related to infp too

the real reason is... i just want to hear their story

Asmita Mohanty

As an infj I agree on a spiritual level

Frank James

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Juliana Montes de Oca

Entj is my entj sister

Hiromi Lock

My sis is SOOOO an entj.

Emergency Food

I’m an INFP but I really only relate to ENTP ?


I'm usually more INFJ, but sometimes I seem to be more INFP. Both are pretty accurate in this case XD


“How about instead of giving each other make-overs for sister-bonding time we...not do that”
So true XD I hate that as an INTJ

Elsie Lemons

I feel attacked for the 500th time after isfp

Tactical_ Cat_

My sister being an ISTP and me being an INTJ is just perfect in this video lol

Upulie Han

You remind me of a golden retriever




i feel exposed



Neko Kitsune

Me as a istp to my brother
Close the door and don’t bug me
Man up stop crying
No you do not need candy right now eat real food

Gvantsa Sakaruli

How about we... Don't do that


Siriously Mr. James where are your cameras ?? I literally just told that to my brother hahaha (F for me) -INFP

Pastel Rain

I love my sister

but I can see me just chilling at her house and the only thing we do to bond is watching f.r.i.e.n.d.s on the couch while eating doritoes


Enfp here, I always bring good Snacks to a movie sleep over at my sisters place ??

Colleen Murau

Intj definitely doesnt wanna do what crazy stuff u suggest.....wait for her to suggest crazy.....


i'm actually scared 1:45 is me (entp) and 1:56 is my sister (infp)